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Chapter Two – A Definitive Moment

Harry has decided. 

He figured that whatever Malfoy's response was going to be, at least it would be better than this.  Day in, day out, staring into space, staring at him.  Harry desperately wanted to be near him, to touch him, to be able to have a civil conversation with him.

 He had to do something about this. He was desperate.  The only solution there seemed to be was to talk to Malfoy.

'Even Malfoy's ridicule would be better than this.  At least I would feel like I've done something about this…this feeling.' Harry thought bitterly.  Though he knew that the only reason that he was approaching Malfoy was because if he didn't, he would eventually go mad.  Yes, though Harry was a Gryffindor, the house for the brave and all that, he would have been quite content to not talk to Malfoy, to not act upon his feelings, to merely seat back and act as before, before this feeling had accosted him.  In fact that was what Harry had originally planned, but of course nothing ever went as planned.

At first, Harry had been quite convinced that if he ignored it, it would go away, or at least fade away.  That didn't happen.  If anything, by trying to not think about it, he had thought about it even more! 

Then Harry had thought that maybe he could take his hormonal-charged teenage brain off him by directing his attentions elsewhere.  He had flirted with Parvati, Lavender, Ginny, even Hermione! But all that accomplished was a lot of extremely pissed off housemates, weird looks from Ron and Hermione and his own nausea and disgust at himself.

 Harry rubbed the bridge of his nose with his thumb, he was both tired and frustrated, for the past week or so, he had hardly had a full night's sleep.  'Right this has got to stop. Tomorrow morning, double Potions, I'll make my move then.'  With that, Harry fell to sleep.


There was something wrong with Potter.  Draco was sure that for the few days or so, Potter had gone out of his way to avoid him, or more precisely Slytherins in general.  Potter had also gone on some Don Juan-esque crusade, fancying himself as Hogwarts' Casanova.  It had actually been quite amusing for Draco and the other Slytherins, watching the various reactions from his pursuits. Some had fainted with flattery, others wrinkled with disgust, and the Mudblood had nearly gagged when Potter had used his charms on her during lunch the other day.  That had been Draco's highlight for the week.

But now, Potter was staring at him, he can feel it, the green orbs burning holes at the back of his head.  It made him feel uncomfortable, but at the same time…oddly satisfying. 

Snape had paired his class into partners, instructing them on the art of brewing the complex truth potion Veritaserum, a potion which Snape had assured them that they will fail at, consequently meaning that they will fail the Potion NEWTs well, since Veritaserum was to be one of the key potions been tested on.  Of course this statement excluded his favourite Slytherins.

Draco was not worried however. During the summer, he had privately brewed all of the NEWTs potions, and had found them dreadfully simple.  He wished that Snape would forget the syllabus and teach them some more intriguing and complex concoctions.  He had found some that he had thought quite interesting recipes in his Most Potent Potions: What a Potions Master Needs to Know book, but due to his lack of some of the more…explosive ingredients could only imagine the pleasure in brewing the potion in his mind.  He had thought of asking Snape for assistance but had resisted the urge with the knowledge that Lucius would hardly approve, in fact, he'd probably urge the school board to fire Snape.  There was of course the option of borrowing these ingredients from Snape's personal supplies, but somehow Draco couldn't bring himself to take any of the Potion Master's supplies without permission.  Draco sighed, if only Lucius wasn't so against Draco's dreams of becoming a Potions Master, for without his father's approval, Draco couldn't even purchase the ingredients for double their value at the Apothecary.  Yes, Lucius had connections, the only Apothecary that stocked any of the ingredients that Draco needed, just happened to be a minion of Lucius'. 

Meticulously, Draco chopped away at the Friodeaus Plant; he was partnered with Goyle, so naturally he had to do all the work if they were to successfully brew Veritaserum. He only hopped that Goyle would remember to stir the potion anti-clockwise for thirty eight strokes before changing to clockwise, stirring until the potion turned clear.  He would have preferred to have worked with Blaise, though the other boy didn't share Draco's enthusiasm of potion brewing, he was competent enough to brew a potion without a supervisor.  However, Blaise was currently instructing Crabbe on the method to stir the potion.  At that moment Blaise glanced over at Draco, meeting his gaze, he gestured towards Crabbe and rolled his eyes, then with his brows raised nodded towards Goyle.  Draco rolled his eyes in return, and they shared a smile.  They understood each other, well that was to say, Blaise understood Draco as much as anyone could understand a Malfoy.


"Harry, aren't you coming?  We're going to be late for History of Magic." Hermione said, impatience weaving in her voice.  Hermione and Ron were standing at the door to the Potions classroom, looking expectantly at Harry.

"Err …you guys go ahead, I just want to ask Snape something."

Hermione raised her eyebrows, Harry knew she didn't buy it, she wasn't the smartest witch in the school for nothing.  Feeling a deep flush creeping up his cheeks he stared determinedly at Hermione, urging her, begging her, to go with his eyes.  Eventually Hermione seemed to relent, with a last gaze at Harry, she dragged Ron away.

Harry sighed, relieved, he'd have to think of an excuse to tell her later. But for now he needed to talk to Malfoy.  Malfoy and the rest of the Slytherins had already left for Charms; Harry would have to run to catch up with him.  Running out of the Potions classroom, Harry was just in time to see the Slytherins begin to turn the corner, spotting the familiar blonde head Harry took out his wand.


Malfoy's bag split.  Quills, inkbottles and parchments spilt out.  Even from down the corridor, Harry could hear the curses spilling out of Malfoy's mouth.  The other Slytherins were all falling over each other trying to help, even him, Harry hoped they'd go away, especially him.  He needed to talk to Malfoy alone, but if he was there Harry knew he would probably loose the ability to speak, then what'll he do?   Thankfully Malfoy waved them off, he seemed to be more frustrated that they were trying to help him than that his bag had split open. 

"Go" he commanded.  Reluctantly, the Slytherins wandered off, him included.  Harry sighed in relief, for once he was thankful for Malfoy's bossiness and the Slytherins regard for tradition and power, obeying Malfoy, simply because he was a Malfoy.

"Potter, you seem to have made it a habit of making me late." Malfoy drawled.


"How did you know it was me?" Potter asked, suspicion written over his face.  Stupid Potter, he was such a bad liar, Draco had heard him lie to the Mudblood and the Weasel after Potions, and had felt Potter's eyes on him during the majority of class.  It didn't take a genius to figure out that Potter wanted to speak to him, and since Malfoys were known for their intelligence, Draco had made the connection straight away.  Plus of course, a few days ago, Potter had made him late to Arithmancy, because he wanted to talk with Draco. 

"Potter, you are so stupid, and about the most unsubtle person I know.  Did you think I wouldn't notice the way you were staring at me during class?  What is it Potter, you have a crush on me or something?"

"No! No, of course not.  Eww …Malfoy, that's gross!"

"What? Great Harry Potter, a homophobe? I would never have thought the good, righteous, noble and fair Golden Boy of Gryffindor would be so discriminative."

"Shut up Malfoy, I have nothing against homosexuals.  In fact I… wanted to talk to you about it."

"Look Potter, if you need to talk to someone about your identity crisis I suggest you pay St. Mungos a visit.  Better yet why don't you…"

"Malfoy, shut up!  Look, I know you hate me, I don't really mind because the feeling is mutual.  But I…"

"Potter, as much as I enjoy standing here been belittled by you, I have better things to do, like get to class."

"Malfoy, wait. You're right, I'm sorry.  I'm just… look, I need your help." Potter was turning really red now, in fact Draco didn't think anyone could possibly turn so…red.  He probably should be teasing Potter about his coloring right now, but Draco was in a good mood, after all the grand Harry Potter had just apologized to him, a Malfoy! Wait until Lucius hears about this.

"Malfoy… IhaveacrushonBlaise."  Oh this was too good to be true, Potter has a crush on Blaise. Ha! Blaise Zabini!

"I'm sorry Potter, what did you say?  I didn't quite catch that." Potter was squirming, and if possible turning redder.  'This is so worth been late to class for!' Draco loved this, Potter was so funny, if only he could provide entertainment as good as this every day.

"I… I.have.a.crush.on.Zabini." Potter was pronouncing each word carefully, his green eyes alight with rage.  Draco loved it.  He loved how worked up Potter was becoming, he was so angry, so pissed off, so passionate, all because of him, Draco Malfoy.  Potter's reaction to Draco gave him a sense of power, of control. 

Draco was confused though, when he had insinuated that Potter might have a crush on him, he had actually half believed it.  It all made some sort of sense.  All these attempted talks, the staring, the blushes, they all pointed to Potter fancying Draco, not Blaise.  Not that Draco wanted Potter to fancy him or anything, but it had left him with a feeling of power over Potter, a sense of control. And Draco loved to be in control, to have power over others, he was used to it.  So Draco wasn't completely sure how he felt about Potter fancying Blaise, he wasn't even sure if Blaise swung that way! 

"Malfoy, all I'm asking is that we call a truce, and maybe be civil to each other from now on.  I mean seven years Malfoy, we've been fighting for seven years.  I'm tired of it, and I'm sure you are too. I don't expect you to set Blaise and I up or anything, but I just want to be able to talk to him, civilly for once. Maybe then – " Potter shrugged, he looked helpless yet hopeful, not at all like a savior of the wizarding world.  Draco didn't know what he felt. All he knew was that if he called a truce with Potter, he would loose the little power he has over Potter, his control over him. But a little part of him, a part hidden away for seven years, wondered if he dared to hope that maybe under this truce, Potter and he could become friends. 

"I… "

"Lets bury the hatchet Malfoy." Potter's eyes were pleading, staring unblinkingly at Draco.  In them Draco could see exhaustion, frustration, and a challenge.  A challenge that said 'Are you afraid?' And Draco wasn't afraid. Malfoys, though not known for their bravery, are known for their determination.  A Malfoy will never back down, a Malfoy will never quit.  And Draco was fully intended to follow the tradition; he was not going to back down from Potter's challenge.  Potter wanted a truce, fine.  Draco will give him a truce.

Draco stuck his hand out, just like seven years ago on the Hogwarts Express.

"What do you say Potter? After seven years, what do you say?" A look of understanding dawned on Potter's face, without taking his eyes off Draco, he reached out and grabbed Draco's hand.

"Nice to meet you Draco Malfoy."

Green on silver, pale skin against tanned, neither boy suspected that it was this moment, this moment of union between light and dark, Gryffindor and Slytherin that would decide their future, and the future of the wizarding world.


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