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Breach of Faith

Ryou woke up first. With a yawn and a small stretch he moved off of Tristan who made a small noise and curled up on his side. Ryou smiled at the other boy and rolled him back over to face him.

"Tristan, wake up. The others will wonder where we are," the pale-haired boy spoke quietly.

Brown eyes opened and blinked, trying to clear the haze of their owner's mind. Tristan dully realized how much his ass hurt, couple this with the still very cold floor and he was mildly uncomfortable. He took a deep breath and managed to sit up with a smiling Ryou in his lap.

"Are you all right?" the smaller one asked.

Tristan nodded and stretched, forcing himself to stand. His back hurt, and was probably bruised. He started to pull on his clothes when he felt cool hands forcing him to look up from tying his shoes.

Ryou leaned down and kissed him, Tristan complied but maintained dominance, slipping his tongue into the other boy's mouth. Ryou made a pleased noised, and Tristan pulled away after a moment.

"You seem happy," he observed, turning away to finish with his shoes.

"I am," the smaller boy confirmed with a small smile, and then looked worried. "But you don't…"

Tristan pulled on his coat, turning to see that Ryou was dressed as well. "How could you lie to me, Ryou? How could you lie to everyone like that?"

Ryou's face darkened at the other's tone. "It's not like that--"

"It's exactly like that!" Tristan said, his voice betraying the hurt that was just under the surface.

Ryou's face fell. "It's not," he said finally. "I care about you, and even the others. But every hero needs a bad-guy, right? It's not my fault that my other half is the evil one…" Ryou trailed off as he started down the stairs.

"You don't have to be!" Tristan yelled down the stairs as he made to follow the boy.

Ryou stopped and looked up. "Don't I?"

Tristan watched, his eyes softened.

"Come on, Tristan. The others will get worried."

Tristan started down the stairs. He hoped no one had noticed they were gone. He vaguely wondered just how long they had been asleep. The sun was still out and shining very brightly. So they had either slept through an entire day or only about forty-five minutes or so.

He sighed and ran a hand through his messy hair. What would Joey say? They had been best friends ever since he could remember. If he should be able to talk to anyone about this, it should be Joey. But just what would the blond say?

Whatever Yugi told him to, Tristan finished bitterly.

Ryou sensed the unrest in the brunette. He thought for a moment that maybe it had failed and that his one chance to have a companion had passed. They had moved too quickly, taking the element of surprise too far. Ryou shouldn't have done what he did…but it had felt so good.

He is not lost.

Isn't he?

You doubt me, little one?

It doesn't matter.

Ryou felt the world shift again, and the room seemed to turn into liquid. He realized that Bakura was trying to take over, and gave in. The room retained its solidarity and then he was in his soul room. Bakura walked by and smirked at him.

Tristan glanced at Ryou when he saw him falter at the bottom of what seemed like the thousandth staircase they had come down. The boy had been stubbornly silent, and Tristan was feeling bad for pushing him. Maybe he didn't understand his situation.

Suddenly Ryou had him against the wall and warm lips were covering his own. Tristan wanted to protest the action. He wasn't done arguing with Ryou at the moment. He also wanted to kiss the living daylights out of the other boy. Choices, choices…

A warm tongue pressed against the seam of his lips and Tristan stubbornly pushed his own forward. The two tongues pressed against each other between open mouths, as the two fought for the better angle to take over. Bakura finally gave in, only to bite Tristan's tongue as it come into reach.

Tristan made a startled noise and pulled back. "Ryou…!"

Bakura grabbed the other boy by the front of his shirt and forced him back against the wall for a second time.


The spirit smirked at the surprise and anger in the voice. He moved a hand to thread it into hair that had long since fallen out of its usual spike-ness. The darker one came forward and licked slightly parted lips, only to feel surprise at a pair of equally enthusiastic lips against his own.

The two kissed heatedly, tongues warring and the two only parting for air. Tristan was wary of the demon's teeth, and soon submitted the round of kissing to Bakura who took advantage of it and let his hands travel from the other's coat to his neck, turning his captive's head to an angle more complimentary of his own.

Bakura finally pulled away with a grin. As Tristan was about to say something he cut in.

"Don't think. What do you want?"

Tristan panted a moment and then met the other's eyes. "More of that."

"Good. I assumed as much," the spirit said, turning towards the steps. "Let's go. I can't risk your friends noticing how long you were gone."

Tristan felt a bitter twinge. "They probably didn't even notice we were gone."

Bakura looked over his shoulder and gave the other a particularly evil grin. "You're probably right."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Yugi looked up from his cards, feeling the dark spirit receding from his conscious.

He had won the duel with Pegasus. Said man was slumped against his dueling station making pitiful noises and scrambling through his deck that was scattered about the console. Yugi heaved a sigh as the platinum haired duelist ran from the arena, and turned to face his friends. Only…someone was missing. Tristan? Where was he?

"Yugi! You did so well!" Anzu said standing back behind a Joey who looked to be struggling with words.

"Yeah, man, you were great. What I mean is—"

Anzu pushed forward and hugged Yugi. "What he means is we're so proud of you. You were wonderful."

Yugi nodded and continued to look around. Where was Ryou as well? What had become of his friends?

"Heh, sorry guys, I'm just a little tired. Dueling in the Shadow Realm really takes it out of you," the young duelist said with a grin.

Joey grinned, "But at least you're okay, right Yug?"

Yugi looked up and smiled, "Yeah, but where are Tristan and Ry—"

The lower level door flew open as Tristan burst through, his long legs carrying him in powerful strides to the others. Ryou followed closely behind, with a grin that Yugi would have sworn he had seen before. And was Ryou taller?

Yugi couldn't put his finger on it, but something was different. Ryou was walking with more confidence, and Tristan was smirking. Not his usual smile, but a full-scale confident smirk. His steps were self-assured, and he walked as though nothing could touch him. Ryou, as well, had an air about him, as though he was above it all.

"So Yugi," Tristan said walking over. "I take it you won, like always."

Yugi didn't normally get instant feelings about people, but he knew he didn't like the tone that Tristan had used. Tea seemed to feel it as well as she turned to Yugi and raised a sculpted eyebrow. Joey, however, was oblivious.

"Man! You got to ask?" he said with a laugh and gave Tristan a high-five. Tristan returned it, but his eyes didn't hold the usual laughter at his friend's antics. Now they had more of a predatory glow, like how a cat would watch a mouse that it knew it could catch.

"Well," Yugi began, taking a step backwards putting himself behind Joey and Tea. "I need to go collect my prize from Pegasus. I just have to find him first…" he trailed off looking at the doors that the platinum-haired man had left through.

"Yeah, we should, unless he tries to leave or something before we can get our hands on that prize money!" Joey said with gritted teeth.

"And free Grandpa's, Seto's, and Mokuba's souls." Yugi added with a smile and started for the doors. Tristan started to follow, but the spirit's hand grabbed his sleeve and pulled him back. He gave Bakura a questioning look, but the spirit just smirked.

"Come on, guys." Yugi said turning to find that Ryou and Tristan weren't following.

"I don't think so, Yugi. Me and Ryou, we're gonna stay here and wait for you guys."

Yugi frowned but nodded, following Joey and Tea through the doors.

Tristan turned back to Bakura. "Why aren't we going?"

"Because, my pet, we have other things to do."

"Like what, and don't call me pet, will ya?" Tristan asked, his hand going to the front of his shirt where his cross still hung. He remembered the feel of Ryou's cool fingers on it and shivered.

Bakura watched his hand. Mesmerized by the human's faint grasp to his morals even now. He met Tristan's eyes and gave him a delicious smile.

"You'll see."

Tristan stood there a moment, looking after his friends still holding the cross through his shirt. What had all of this stood for? Trust, sacrifice? Yugi never did those things for him…not even for Joey who at least deserved that much from him.

Tristan took a deep breath and reached into his shirt and ripped the cross along with chain off his neck. He stared at it one more time and then turned and hurled it off the side of the arena and watched it fall into the darkness.

Bakura smiled at Tristan who looked vaguely uncomfortable with what he had done.

Tristan stared at Bakura and remembered Ryou's words: "But every hero needs a bad-guy, right? It's not my fault that my other half is the evil one…"

Had the devil asked to be the devil? Had God wanted to be God? Had Yugi asked for the Puzzle? Ryou for the Ring?

"Come, Taylor. The hunt is on, and I sense an unguarded Millenium Item."

Tristan nodded and followed the spirit into the halls. Just like every hero needs a nemesis; that same hero needs a sidekick, a love interest, and yes, even a Judas.