"Everyone under their desks! Now!" Ms. Bustier ordered as she turned off the lights, locked the doors, and covered the windows. All the students hid under their desks just as she had said while she hid under hers.

It had been at least a whole week since Cat Blanc and terrized Paris. Every night he attacked a certain area and injured certain people. First it was the Agreste Manor where he put Mr. Agreste in coma, then the Bourgeois residence where he broke the mayor's arm. Due to this Paris was placed on a strict night patrol and residents were advised not to stay out after dark. Marinette as Ladybug tried to stop him but the problem was she couldn't find him.

But today was the first time she would see him, all the students had stayed after school to help clean up some damage that had been done there by Cat Noir. They didn't plan on staying after dark but they had lost track of time now he had entered the school.

"No one make a sound." Ms. Bustier whispered.

Nobody said anything and they all held their breath when they heard footsteps in the hallway. It just kept going step, step, back and forth as if whoever was out there was pondering weather they should enter or not. Suddenly the locked door faded away from a simple touch and standing at the door was someone Marinette couldn't recognize. His eyes were golden and they held hatred and wickedness, his hair was jet black, and his suit was white.

"Knock-knock." He said grinning. "Sorry for breaking down the door, dreadful etiquette I know but I didn't know how else to get in."

"What do you want?" Ms. Bustier said.

"I'm here to punish."

"Punish? Punish who?"

"Everyone who has ever wronged me."

"Wronged you? Dude what are you talking about?" Nino asked.

"Yeah what did Mr. Agreste and the mayor ever do to you?" Alya asked.

"If only you knew." He grabbed Chloe from under her desk. "This girl along with those two men have given me nothing but misery!"

"No! Don't hurt me! I'm rich!" She cried.

"Do I look like I give a damn?"

Marinette couldn't let this happen.

"No! Stop! You can't!" She cried stopping his arm which he used to summon cataclysm. "Please don't do this!"

"Get away from me!" He shouted. "She deserves this! They all do!"

"I understand you're hurting but why? I don't understand."

"Why?...All I wanted was love but no one ever really loved me! Not my family! Not my friends! Not my lady! Nobody loves me! They all hate me!"

"That's not true!"

"Yes it is! Only one person has ever lived me and she's as good as dead!"

"I don't believe that. I'm sure Ladybug loves you very much maybe not the way you want her to but she does and I still don't know what Chloe, the Mayor, and Mr. Agreste have to do with this?"

"Chloe is a spoiled brat who is cruel to everyone and uses people and her father is a spineless fool who will hurt others just keep her selfish heart happy and Mr. Agreste is a cold and unfeeling man who doesn't love anyone not even his own son!"

A new fear entered her.

"What did you do to him?"


"What did you do to Adrien Agreste?"

There was a moment of silence before he answered.

"Why do you care? He's no one important!"

"You're a monster!" Alix shouted.

"Paris made me a monster! Because while everyone else here was loved I was forced to sit alone in the cold dark and suffer quietly! How is that fair?"

"It isn't." He turned back to Marinette. "It's not fair at all. Everyone...deserves to be...loved."

"Is that what you think?!" He growled.

"Isn't that what everybody wants? To be loved?"

"Are you loved Princess?"


"Do you love someone?"


"You're so kind Marinette, so selfless, and so sweet. I bet you could love anyone, even me." He gently grabbed her chin and looked at her face. "You're such a beautiful girl Marinette, I don't think I've ever noticed how beautiful you are until now."

"Tha..Thank you."

"Tell me, could you love me?"

"I...I...I could. Maybe...Given some time I think I could."

He continued looking at her, all was quiet and fearful hoping that maybe she appealed to his better nature.

"Please tell me what you did to Adrien." She pleaded.

He looked at her and gave her a cruel smile.

"I killed him."

The crowd of students gasped and screamed, Marinette instantly fainted. The thought of her kind, sweet, wonderful Adrien being dead was too horrible for her to comprehend. As she fell toward the floor, Cat Blanc quickly caught her falling body.

"Don't hurt yourself Princess." He said lifting up her body. "You are coming with me."

"Marinette!" Alya gasped. "Put her down!"

Cat Blanc just smiled wickedly at the unconscious girl then he pulled out his staff and threw it out the fuse box killing the electricity. In the dark no one else could see except him of course so it was very easy for him to escape into the night with his princess. He had plans for her. Yes he would bring Paris to it's knees and make everyone who's hurt him suffer but Marinette...She would be spared.

His beautiful, kind, sweet, innocent, and loving princess. He would not dare subject her to his hatred and vengeance. She was his now and he would love her and she would love him. She had to because she was his only hope for love.