On Sunday Night, Danny and Rachel went out to dinner to celebrate the opening of the bookstore tomorrow. The pizza place was crowded but they found a quiet booth in the back of the restaurant. After getting their order and talking a bit Danny raised his glass.

"To tomorrow going well, and the grand opening of the Lost Love bookstore." They clinked their glasses together and drank to the toast. Danny chuckled and set his glass down. "This is the best I've felt in ages." He pointed at Rachel. "And it's mostly thanks to you. I could never have gotten the store ready this soon by myself. I don't know how you got the shelves in so fast while I was out, but thank you."

Rachel shook her head. "It's nothing, they were easy to put together." She got the smallest of smiles on her face. They ate pizza and talked for a while before getting up to leave. As they headed out the door, the sky lit up and something crashed into the street. Danny jumped back, got into a defensive pose, and looked around for Rachel who he couldn't see. He dodged the people running past him and looked toward the smoking pile of rubble that was the street. A figure rose out of the hole in the ground and screamed in rage while raising her hands in the air. Danny noticed she had restraints on her hands.

"Slopforn ivortmat! Slopforn! Ond gudshik zerrole!" The figure yelled, her arms waving around when a guy tried to take her picture. Danny saw a wall of people heading toward him and went intangible so he wouldn't get knocked down, making it look like he was dodging them for anyone paying attention to him. Once the crowd was mostly gone, he jumped behind one of the overturned cars and watched everything that was happening in the street. The girl was swinging her arms around and smashing everything in sight while yelling in a language he couldn't understand. Thinking about Rachel, he hoped she hadn't been hurt by the crowd, and that she had gotten away safely.

Danny watched her stop hitting cars as she looked around and suddenly she was speeding past the car he had hidden behind towards the pizza place and smash against the pillar supporting the balcony.

"Zop! Yark! Mesnef!" With every swing, she yelled the same strange words repeatedly. He watched as it shook and the people on the balcony held on, hoping it wouldn't fall. Danny tensed and prepared himself for a fight he didn't want to participate in. He wasn't ready to get back into hero work, but if it saved his new town.

"Who are you?" Danny paused to look for the voice before peeking out of his hiding spot to see a guy standing on top of the car next to his. He was dressed in a red, green, and yellow outfit with a cape. The girl jumped at him instead of answering and he dodged, right towards Danny's hiding place. The car next to him crumples like tissue paper and the caped guy threw some disks at her. The disks explode in her face though she kept swinging at the caped teen as Danny ran towards the nearest alleyway to get out of the way.

Across the street in another alleyway, Rachel watched everything from under the hood of the cloak she was now wearing. Silently she was apologizing to Danny for leaving him, but she hoped he had gotten out the area all right. She watched the girl pick up a car with her foot and kick it at spiky hair. The guy pulled a bo staff out and swung at her. She went flying across the street impacting the car Danny had previously been hiding behind. As the cloud of dust from the impact started to settle, the warrior girl smiled at him maliciously.


She jumped at him with the intent of crushing his skull, but before she could connect a green big horned sheep rammed into her from the side. The sheep transformed into a small looking boy with green skin. The boy turned to spiky hair and saluted him.

"Ex-Doom Patrol Member Beast Boy, sir! How can I help?" The green teen looked the other boy over and his eyes grow wide with realization. "Wowzers! You're Robin, aren't you, sir?" Robin looked at Beast Boy and then looked down the street as Beast Boy kept talking.

"Beast Boy, was it?" Beast Boy nodded as Robin pointed down the street. He turned and saw the girl from earlier recovered from the attack and holding a bus over her head. They ran in opposite directions as the bus was thrown at them. Beast Boy turned back towards where the bus ended its flight to see a figure had halted the bus in its tracks. When the cloud settled, the figure hurled the bus off to the side, his one red eye gleaming.

"Yo! Who's here messing up my neighborhood?" The larger figure asked before Beast Boy pointed at the warrior girl.

"She started it." As Beast Boy talked she hit the ground one more time, causing the ground to shake, nearly knocking the three guys off their feet. When they looked at her, they noticed that the restraints on her hands had finally fallen off. As they watched, her hands lit up and she sent barrage after barrage of green energy bolts at them, causing them to run for cover. She blasted everything within a half mile trying to get at them. As she stopped firing and the smoke cleared, she fell to her knees.

Danny had been watching from the shadows in the alleyway and as she fell to her knees, he nodded. They seemed to have handled the situation, so he turned his back on the fight and faded into the night towards his apartment, he had a big day tomorrow.

When the warrior girl stops her attack, the three guys start running towards her. Before they get halfway, a wall of black energy springs up in front of them, stopping them in their tracks. A giant bird made of the same energy appeared behind them as a form appeared next to the boys.

"Maybe fighting is not the answer." They turn towards the figure in the cloak and she drops the wall of energy for them to see the kneeling form of the girl hands still smoking from her attack. Robin heading towards her and she hauled herself to her feet aiming her hands at him. He put his hands up in a form of surrender.


"Easy. My name is Robin, and I don't want to hurt you. I just want to help." He reaches for his belt and pulls out a small tool.

"Gokta! Gokta buhovna!" Robin doesn't blink as he holds up a lock pick.

"Easy, I'm going to help you." She stared at the object in his hand before lowering her hands as she seemed to calm down. He set to work using the lock pick on the cuffs on her hands. "There you go." He says as the cuffs fall to the ground. She rubs her wrists and looks at him.

Before Robin could even move, she grabbed him and pulled him to her. She kissed him, and he was so shocked that he dropped the lock pick. When she pulled back, she shoved him hard enough he fell to the ground.

"If you do not wish to be destroyed, you will leave me alone." She demanded, her eyes glowing green as she looked him in the eye before quickly flying off.