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Time line Danny phantom stops around Claw of the Wild. So no Phantom Planet however Danny did not make his parents forget at the end of reality trip so they know and accept him. But only them the world only knows phantom.

The teen titans time line starts during season 1 a little after nevermore but before "Switched" Also during. Ps: clockwork constantly shifts his form I will not specify which he is in most of the time.

Ps: I'm talking suggestions for Danny's weapon. I was thinking something time-related. But if the suggestion is good I may use another name. The weapon can change form by the way. Thank you .


Danny 16

Robin 15
Starfire 15
Raven 15
Cyborg 17
Beast boy 14

Prologue : The Journey begins with a single step.

Deep within the ghost zone, isolated from the many doors and lairs of the other ghosts of the zone. A clock tower stands alone in the swirling black and green of the ghost zone surrounded by giant gears. The building is filled with time-related objects such as clocks, gears, and bells. The sounds blending together in harmony almost as if the tower itself was playing music. In a room containing "windows" that clockwork uses to view other times and places.

Standing in the center of this chamber is the aforementioned clockwork. He wears a violet-cloak and carries a long purple staff topped with a floating clock on top his time staff. He has a pale blue face, a scar that runs across his left eye, and a grandfather clock embedded in his chest. Clockwork stares with his red eyes at the windows that display the teen titans in several possible time lines. He's form constantly shifts between a child form , an adult form , and an old man form.

"Hmm …. they should be here in 3...2...1." the door to the chamber opens to 4 beings.

A small green ghost dog with a black spiked collar with a black tag a stylized C and P in white on it, rushed in barking happily flying around the time master. CW chuckled at the dog antics.

" I thought you said he was trained?" said nocturne the master of sleep. In a sneering tone. Nocturne is a very tall ghost, clearly over 7 ft his body looks like the night sky, bright black with shining dots in it like stars, he has two curved purple goat like horns, his eyes are red and he has a slightly curved hair line scar going through his right eye. He has pointed fangs, a small goatee,and has tentacles for legs, similar to an octopus.

"Watch your tongue, or should I remind you of respect!" said the Fright Knight aggressively. Fright knight looks like a knight in black armor a green sword with a pumpkin pummel at his hip. Glowing green eyes in a darkened helmet and a mane of purple fire that flows down below the knees.

The two ghosts stared at each other . Nocturne with energy glowing in his hands and the fright knight's hand at his sword .

"That's enough you two. "said 16 year old Danny phantom.

Danny phantom wears a cloak that is black with light blue designs of snowflakes and runes from the Farforzan. The clock has a clasp on the left side in the shape of one of clockwork's time medallions with his logo on it. Underneath was phantoms black and white hazmat suit. On his hip a short metal rod with a small clock on one end similar to clockwork's own time staff. The ring of rage on a his finger and floating above his head a crown of ice, fog flowed off the crown similar to that of dry ice.

The fright knight and nocturne turned to the teen. "As you wish my lord." said fright knight. As the two ghosts relaxed.

"Hello clockwork. Cujo heel." said Danny as he approached and gave clockwork quick hug. While the other two stood behind him. The ghost dog quickly moved over and sat at Danny's side .

"Hello Daniel,fright knight, Nocturne. Welcome." said clockwork. "So brother why have you summoned me? Your young apprentice and his guard I understand. But you very rarely ask for Pandora or I or any of our other siblings." questioned Nocturne.

"Ah yes you see I have a task for Daniel." said clockwork as he waved his staff, several time windows began showing five teens fighting various criminals. "These are the teen titans they will face a dangerous foe in the future, they will need your help."said clockwork.

" But that still.." said nocturne being interrupted by clockwork's raised hand.

" Daniel needs your help for the first step." said clockwork. A window then changed showing raven in here room clearly in the middle of a nightmare.

"As for you Fright knight you will be needed to help defend amity park in young Daniel's place."said clockwork.

"To defend my liege's home and family is the honor and duty of any knight."said fright knight with determination in his voice, while looking at his young lord.

"Thanks fright knight I know that there in good hands." said Danny with a smile to the black armored knight.

Danny step forward and the windows encircled him. He examined the windows one by one seeing the titans adventures and day to day lives to that point. His eyes finally settled on raven shifting wildly in her bed in a cold sweat. "Always looking for the best outcome. How can I help." said Danny with a chuckle as he turned to face clockwork.

"You will need to join the titans. The first step is to stop her nightmares. " said clockwork as he gestured to the sleeping form of raven.

"Now I get why you summoned me brother."said nocturne crossing his arms with a toothy grin.

"You can take the crown and ring for the first step. But after you return to gather your things and tell your family what is going on. You will have to leave the crown and ring here." said clockwork.

"OK clockwork I understand. "said Danny with determination. Danny then sheepishly said" Oh and Clockwork can I..." clockwork interrupted. "I know what your going to ask and the answer is yes." replied clockwork with a smile.

Danny's face gained his trademarked smile. He reached for the short rod on his hip. Danny held it in his hands and concentrated for a moment before it extended into a staff almost identical to clockwork's. The only differences being it was black and white in color and it was sized proportional to Danny's height.

With an excited smile Danny pointed the staff at the time window of raven. His hands glowed a purple similar to clockwork's cloak. The clock on the top of his staff also glowed with the same shade of purple. A portal opened up in the same fashion as clockwork's usually appears. Danny suddenly leaned on his staff winded. He turned to the other ghosts in the room with an accomplished look on his face.

" Alright lets go nocturne. I be back soon, and Cujo stay" said Danny. "I wish you good fortune my liege"said fright knight. Danny gave a nod and then walked into the portal, Nocturne following right behind him.

In titans tower a portal opened up in the dark titans room. From the portal Danny and nocturne stepped out the portal closing behind them. Danny took the time to exam the room. The room was spacious one side of the room had a book shelf with a ton of books, and scrolls. There was a dresser with a large mirror. The other side had a trunk, and what Danny assumed to be a closet. Through out the room were selves and pedestals filled with mystical artifacts and sculptures if the feeling of supernatural energy coming off the stuff was any indication. As Danny was getting closer to a sculpture of tragedy and comedy.

"you'll have plenty of time to satiate your curiosity later child." said nocturne with amusement. Danny jumped and quickly move to the side of the circular bed in the center of ravens room a blush on his cheeks.

"Lets begin." said nocturne placing one hand on Danny's shoulder and the other on ravens forehead. Then both ghost and halfa entered ravens dream. Her tossing and turning stop and she laid still.