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Chapter 12: Reined out part2

In downtown jump city the Titans and their guests stood off against vortex, wind, and water. The storm above had grown worse, thunder rumble, lightning flashed, rain began to fall, and gusts of wind. The tension could be cut with a was leaning on his brother for support. Danny had moved to float near the front of the group right beside Robin.

"Well, well,[wheeze] the ghost-child. So the rumors [wheeze] of you moving to a new haunt, were the truth. Lucky me! [wheeze] I get my kids in line and I finally [wheeze] get my vengeance against you!" yelled vortex as he shot a massive ghost ray at the group.

"Titans! Move!" order robin. The group scattered. The fight was on. Danny, ember, Vlad, and Cujo moved in to attack vortex. The titans plus lighting and Thunder moved to engage and subdue Wind and Water. Meanwhile, poison ivy had positioned herself to support both fights.

Beastboy shifted through several forms (bear, lion, snake, and gorilla) trying to attack Wind. but she dodged all his attacks flowing around him.(Think Ba Gua Zhang.) she would circle beast boy and strike out at tried creating some distance. However, cyborg fired his sonic cannon at her. She dodged cyborgs blast and pulled out her fans. She sent a blast of wind at cyborg and beast boy respectively. Beastboy was blown away but quickly recovered. Wind then moved to engage cyborg. Cyborg threw several punches none landed frustrating cyborg.

"Would you hold still!" growled cyborg. Her response was a giggle as she lept over cyborg and released a massive blast of wind right into cyborgs back. Throwing him right into Beastboy who was rushing over to help his buddy. The to end up in a heap. Wind backflipped to avoid a car that was thrown at her by Raven. But before she hit the ground a blast from Lighting threw her into a wall. Wind moved away from the wall just as a bunch of vines reached for her.

Robin and Starfire were more evenly matched. Robins used his bo staff and martial arts to attack Water. Water deflected or blocked his strikes she would then counterstrike.(she fights using Tai Chi.) But he was not trying to land any hits. He continued to attack. Water never notice Starfire until star's fist made contact with her jaw. The blow causes Water to go flying. She skipped against the street a few times until she recovered. Water seemed to make some movements and several fire hydrants exploded, gushing water everywhere. The torrent of liquid flowed around the girl then she released the torrent right at Robin and Starfire. The attack took up most of the street. A solid blue beam of energy hit the wall of water with the boom of thunder making it lose momentum and simply soak the two titans. Robin looked at the source of the beam and saw Thunder leaning against a car one hand glowing with energy.

"Good shot Thunder." complemented Robin. Thunder gave a small smile.

" Thank you. But prepare here she comes." said Thunder. Pointing down the street. Water was riding a wave of water closing fast.

Flying above Danny, Vlad, and Cujo was in a semicircle around vortex. Ember was slightly behind them guitar at the ready.

"Pack tactics. Daniel. Ready?" said Vlad charging his hands with his pink ecto energy.

"Ready." said Danny as he brought out the Stopwatch.

Vlad ecto-sword in one hand and blasting ghost-rays with the other closed the distance and tried to strike. Vortex blocks the blade and turned to face the older halfa, only for him to cry in pain when Danny thrust the Stopwatch as a spear into his flank. Vortex tried a retaliate with a sweeping strike. Danny backpedaled from the strike. Vortex tried to pursue only for Vlad to strike. Danny and Vlad fought with incredible coordination one creating an opening for the other to use a clear result from Vlad's lessons. Cujo would also harry vortex and ember shot waves of music from a distance though they didn't seem to do much. The combined assault was slowly pushing vortex back away from the rest of the fight. Isolate them then overwhelm them with numbers. Ember was getting frustrated at her lack of effectiveness and decided to change that she got closer as she turns the dials on her guitar.

"Hey! Dipstick gets lost I got a show to do this week!" yelled ember strumming a chord on her guitar sending a wave of energy right into vortex's chest causing an explosion. When the smoke clear vortex wasn't too damaged.

"Ha! You call [wheeze]that art? try [wheeze]this!" replied vortex as he released a Sonic Shriek the sonic blast resembles Danny's wail in appearance but was more like a cylinder as opposed to Danny's more cone shape. The shriek hit ember almost point blank sending her flying toward the ground. Thankfully mere yards from the ground she was caught by a bunch of vines and other plants cushioning her impact. Ivy used her plants to bring ember over to her. Ember was pretty banged up and dazed.

"Thanks for the save." said Ember as ivy's plants helped her up.

"No problem. If you'll excuse me." replied ivy. As she turned her attention to a chunk of a building that was going to crush Robin. Ember nodded and returned to the fight keeping her distance.

Vortex was again being push back. He notices how his daughters had been pushed back to back and were surrounded and seemed to be losing their advantage. But he was too far to effectively help he needed to get closer. Vortex then notice ivy helping some civilians find shelter, he gathered a giant ball of ice and snow in a hand and pretended to fire it at Vlad who phased through the attack. The ball zoomed at the oblivious ivy. Ivy screamed in pain as the attack hit. She laid on the ground bleeding from several cuts and barely conscious. She shivered, extreme cold was not good for her. All her plants in the immediate area were frozen solid. Vlad upon hearing ivy's scream turned to see her. Vlad let his emotions get the better of him as he abandoned his fight and tried to fly over to ivy's prone form. But vortex blasts him in the back with a bolt of lightning sending Vlad crashing right into a store that then partially collapsed on top of him.

Danny, Ember, and Cujo tried to keep vortex isolated but without Vlad and Danny's coordination and ember already injured vortex was gaining ground and fast. Votex the sent a gust of hurricane force wind right at Cujo sending the canine flying into a parked car. Cujo gave a pained yelp. Danny engaged at vortex let his angry fuel him and lashed outputting Vortex on the that changed when vortex was able to send a luck ghost-ray from his eyes disarming Danny sending his weapon down to the street the spear tip embedding itself in the street in the middle of the fight between the Titans and the nature aspects. Vortex the grabbed Danny in one of his massive hands.

"You and your[wheeze] mortal friends are powerless against me. Observer." taunted Vortex as he fired a red beam from his offhand. The beam was heading straight for Lighting.

"Brother!" yelled thunder as he tackled his brother out of the way a got hit by the beam. But instead of being hurt Thunder's eyes turned red. With a mighty thunderclap, he sent all the Titans flying. He then walked up to the dazed prone form of his brother and lifting him up by the neck.

"See your[wheeze] resistance is foolish. Now all my children [wheeze]shall be brought in line![Vortex blasts Lighting causing Lighting's eye's to become red and start attacking the Titans]. Now to[wheeze] end you!" said vortex as he began to crush Danny and then started to electrocute him eliciting a scream of pain. The scream drew both ember's and Raven's attention. Raven was able not to be overwhelmed with emotion she still tried to move to free her friend only to be cut off by WInd. who wagged her finger at Raven. Ember, unlike Raven, was overwhelmed with rage. Her fiery hair rose several feet and her eyes went red with rage.

"Let go of Babypop right now!" yelled ember as she sent a giant fist-shaped energy beam at vortex. This caused him to stop electrocuting Danny but not lose his grip on Danny.

"Begone! You [wheeze] insolent siren." said vortex. As he uses his heat vision and blasts ember. Ember crashes into the street in the middle of the ground fight creating a small crater and loses consciousness. The Titans had been corralled and were now fighting more or less within a few arm's length of another titan. Lightning, Thunder, Wind, and water all charged a blast of their respective powers and fired them all simultaneously.

"Azarath Metrion ZINTHOS!" chanted Raven creating a dome shield around the Titans and the others. Raven grunted under the strain, the shield started to crack, and she was forced to take a knee. but the shield held. Vortex gained an evil smirk. And force Danny to look at his friends direr situation.

"you shall witness your friends[wheeze] perish before you follow them!" said vortex as he summoned a lightning bolt from the sky. That was heading for the shield the image of a destroyed nasty burger flashed through his mind along with a very familiar laugh.

"NOO!" yelled Danny as his eyes changed to a pure ice blue. Vortex's arm flash froze causing him to release in pain. Danny vanishes in a puff of blue smoke and reaper as in front of the Titans but still within raven's dome shield just as vortex's lighting hits it. The added power to the already combined attack breaks through the shield. Danny takes the hit shielding his friends using his own body. His scream of pain is suddenly silenced as he blacks out. The beam stops covering the area in smoke. The Titans immediately moved to his side. Danny was heavy injured gashes, burns, and Arcs of electricity jumped out of his body. occasionally he'd twitch or spasm and when star attempted to touch him she got a noticeable shock. Vlad appeared as he teleported next to them caring ivy in his arms. They both looked worse for wear cuts bruises and the like covered them. she was wrapped in Vlad's cape and clutching his chest. But she still was shivering.

"Do not let them[wheeze] escape!" ordered Vortex from out of view.

"I believe. A strategic withdrawal is the wisest course of action." stated Vlad. seeing the state most of the teens were in.

"Agreed. Cyborg get Ember. Beastboy, Cujo. Raven get Danny." commanded robin as he walked over to the Stopwatch which was still embedded in the street and with a bit of effort pulled in free. The weapon immediately shrank down to its 'dormant' state and robin clipped it to his belt. Once everyone was gathered Vlad teleported them back to the tower.


The group reappeared in the ops center. Cyborg gently places ember on the couch before he quickly turned on the ghost/human shield using the interface in his arm. The blue/green sphere formed around the island. Raven was using her powers to hold Danny aloft. Vlad reverted back to human and despite his shaky legs he did not drop or lose his grip on ivy.

"So um. What do we do now?" asked Beast Boy. Beastboy places Cujo gently onto a pillow.

"We can't let vortex run free. Who knows what kind of damage he will cause." said Cyborg.

"But friend Danny is badly injured and do not have the proper knowledge to treat such wounds." commented Starfire.

"We have to do something." said Raven.

"You get some winter gear and get ready for a trip." said Vlad.

"Where are we journeying too?" asked groaned and slowly sat up.

"We're going to see those fuzzballs aren't we?" said Ember as she slowly stood.

"Yes, you are. They are the best equipped to help the little badger as well as have knowledge that could assist you." explained Vlad.

"Us?" questioned Robin.

"Yes. The far frozen would be the worse place for ivy at the moment. There's also the fact that I need time to recover, and that I am forbidden to step foot in the far frozen." answered Vlad.

"Very well. Titans gather what you need. We're leaving in 15 minutes. Vlad could you show Cyborg how to operate the speeder?" said Robin. With a nod, the injured were placed down and the able group members left to collect all that was needed.

Later in Danny's lab. The group minus Vlad and ivy was loading into the phantom speeder. Raven made sure to grab Danny's damaged cloak and the post-it note on it. She then took a seat in between cyborg in the pilot's seat and Robin in the copilot/navigator seat.

"Alright we're ready to go into the ghost zone." said cyborg powering up the speeder.

"Fallow close I will lead you as close as I can. Don't open any doors and be careful there are a lot of dangerous beings in their." spoke Vlad seriously. He received nods from all of the teens.

"Well into the abyss then." said Vlad in an unnerving way.