Chapter 18: Raising Hell

Momon was still stuck greeting adventures like it was some social event at work, which painfully reminded him of his time as a human, and couldn't get out of it because Nabe was still sleeping on Hamsuke.

"Your armor is so cool!"

"Thank you."

"How do you lift those huge swords?"

"I work out."


"Meh? Why did you even bother coming over here?"

"Can you really beat Jaldabaoth?"

"I certainly hope so."

"You look like you've done this before," a certain short magic caster spoke up the second he finished speaking to a fire mage with pink hair. He had a stupid grin on his face. Dragneel or Dragnite or something…..

Dammit. His face is just….. I don't know why but I just really want punch him in the face until his skull caves in.

"This? Oh, it's nothing really," Momon said dismissively, ignoring the unhappiness in his nonexistent heart at being reminded of his past life yet again.

"Well, I think it's the best attitude a leader can have," Evileye chirped. She always seemed to be increasingly happy whenever she was within his immediate vicinity.

"Thank you, I suppose, but I am just doing my duty," Momon said with false friendliness.

"I had a feeling you were a generous man, Sir Momon," Evileye said happily.

It's annoying, but her attraction to Momon could be manipulated in the future. Maybe I could even get her to join my side. She is a vampire after all. There is much I could use to persuade her.

"Oh? It seems Warrior Captain Gazef Stronoff, has already left," Evileye commented. "I understand he's a busy person, but he should've at least said hello to you." Momon suppressed the urge to roll his eyes. Personally, he didn't care if Gazef greeted him or not. Under the effects of [Mortal's Mask], his voice changed to match that of whoever's face he was wearing so there wasn't much of a chance of Gazef recognizing that Momon was Lucifer Dracul. Still, mannerisms were things that were difficult to fake and even more difficult to hide so he should still be wary all the same.

"It's not a problem," Momon said before Evileye could offer to go retrieve him. "Like you said he's a busy man and with the situation we find ourselves in, I imagine he has much more to do than usual."

"I see. I hadn't thought of that," Evileye said with her sparkling eyes hidden under her mask. Momon mentally frowned. He was usually very good at reading people, but that mask Evileye wore limited how he could employ his skills. He could smell her hormone output, but that was really it. She was undead so she had no pulse for him to sense when she was lying and the eyes, which were the windows to the soul, were hidden behind that mask making it nearly impossible to discern her true intentions. His only advantage over her was that she was very bad at hiding her emotions. Quick to anger, prone to jealousy, and was full of moments when her emotions would make her accidentally blurt something out. Still, it could be an act. It was unlikely, but Lucifer and Momon had remained two separate entities so far because he had been cautious.

"So, Ms. Evileye," Momon began.

"Just Evileye to you Sir Momon," she interrupted. "You saved me from Jaldabaoth. You don't have to be so formal." As she said this, she held a faint hope that this conversation could lead to them having more than just a professional relationship.

Whatever. I don't give a damn.

"Very well. Then I'd ask that you just call me Momon," he replied, keeping up his friendly appearance. That was when Evileye's hormone production level went through the roof.

Seriously, is she going to need a change of clothes by before we even start the fight?

"I would like that," Evileye replied, delighted by his response, before grabbing onto his arm. "Come with me. The others are waiting," she said as she pointed towards the room where Blue Rose, the princess and her subordinates had entered.

"Are you sure? Shouldn't we wait for Nabe?" Momon asked.

"She's right there," Evileye stated as nudged her head in the direction behind Momon. Momon looked and, sure enough, there was Nabe, or so everyone thought. The person before him did appear exactly like Nabe, but there was one minor difference. She had a pleasant smile on her face. That's how Momon knew that this was in fact Pandora's Actor.

"Very well then. Let's go," Momon said although Evileye had already started dragging him towards the room. "Nabe" followed them with a curious gaze fixed on Evileye. As he was dragged down the halls he could hear people praising him from the room he just left. Momon scowled as he put his helmet back on, thinking about how quickly their opinions of Momon, or even Evileye, would change if they were found out to be bloodsucking monsters.

Entoma smiled under her mask as she took another bite out of the man's leg. Deep within the Market District, Demiurge had opened a [Gate] to start sending resources back to Nazarick. Solution Epsilon had been placed in charge of rounding up survivors and keeping them under control while they were transported, CZ2128 was assisting Mare in capturing members of the Eight Fingers, Avenir was jumping across rooftops looking for anyone who might be hiding to assist Solution, Lupusregina was helping Demiurge set up false evidence, and Yuri Alpha was tasked with gathering gems, money, jewelry, and anything else that else that could be converted into a currency. Meanwhile, Entoma had been tasked with overseeing the gathering of corpses. She was particularly happy with her job because when she had asked if she could snack on the bodies, her master responded with:

"As long as you leave the bones untouched."

This was a cake job. Hell, it wasn't even a job. It isn't work if you love what you do.

"Entoma!" a scathing voice called out. Entoma turned around to see Demiurge tapping his foot impatiently. "Put down that leg and get your designated uniform! It would be inconvenient to say the least if anyone connected Jaldabaoth's subordinates to the Pleiades of Lucifer Dracul!"

"Yes sir, Lord Demiurge!" Entoma replied as she hurriedly finished her snack.

"You and the other Pleiades members are being tasked with assassinating HVTs within the Royal and Noble factions in order to further destabilize the balance of power in the Kingdom," Demiurge told Entoma. "We want to ensure that the Royal faction becomes the side that the commoners end up siding with while the Noble faction becomes more despised than they already are. This is a direct order from Lord Dracul! Failure will not be tolerated! Leave no witnesses!"

Momon glanced at Evileye, who was entirely too happy from being next to him. It was for the best though, as long as her attention was elsewhere, she was less likely to notice the Shadow Demons that were infiltrating the Royal Palace. He and Evileye were gathered around a table within the Royal Palace with Princess Renner, Climb, Lakyus, Brain Unglaus, "Nabe",and Tina. They had been going over backup plans, checkpoints, quickest routes to objectives, and, of course, best methods on take down the demons they would face, especially the massive Stygius. Momon let out a sigh and looked over at a window on the other side of the room.

To think that just a few hours ago, I was in this room throwing some jackass out that window.

It was 15 minutes until the adventurers moved out when Climb spoke up.

"Princess, I know a man who may be able to help defeat Jaldabaoth," he said. "Momon is skilled I have no doubt and if the two of them work together, I know they would be absolutely unbeatable!" Momon narrowed his eyes momentarily as he turned his gaze to the boy. What had Renner done to make this idiot so loyal? Clearly Renner trusted him. Could he be useful?

"Climb, whoever you suggest will probably just get in Momon's way," Evileye scoffed. "Momon is the strongest warrior who has ever, and dare I say, will ever exist!"

Miles away in Arwintar, a hooded man sneezed while he was examining some armor and weapons. As he recomposed himself, he looked around for a moment to check if anyone was watching him.

"Somebody is talking shit about me," he muttered before looking back at the armor he was considering purchasing.

"That might not be so, Evileye," Brain finally spoke up. "I've seen the man Climb is talking about. He took down a member of the Six Arms without any effort."

"You're Brain Unglaus, right?" Evileye asked. Momon finally realized why the man looked so familiar. The hair, the eyes, the devotion shown to a single person, and the name. Avenir Unglaus, Brain Unglaus. He was too old to be Avenir's brother, father perhaps?

"Yeah, that's me," Brain shrugged.

"Since you're stronger than Climb, your words have more weight, but that isn't enough to guarantee this man's strength," Evileye said haughtily before adding in a snide remark. "Besides, didn't you lose to that hag, Rigrit Bers Caurau?"

"So did you, idiot," Tina interjected resulting in Evileye whimpering. Momon racked his brains for information on this Rigrit woman. She was a member of the Thirteen Heroes, still alive, skilled at controlling the undead, close friend of the Platinum Dragon Lord, current location unknown.

"So who was this man?" Momon asked, although he had a feeling he knew who it was.

"His name is Sebas. I bet he could even beat that monster, Shalltear Bloodfallen," Brain replied. Momon's brain immediately went into overdrive. How did Brain know Shalltear? Was he the skilled martial artist who had escaped her? He had heard rumors that Brain used to run with a rough crowd so it was possible that this "rough crowd" were the bandits Shalltear had encountered. Since they hadn't given any names to the Black Scripture and the rogue who reported the vampire had watched from a distance too far to hear anything, this was the only logical conclusion.

"I see. I have not met him so I do know which of us is stronger," Momon said while he mentally assigned himself the task of creating a cover story for Sebas. Originally, he hadn't needed to as his orders were to blend in, but now that Sebas' strength had become known he would need a good cover story. A retired adamantite adventurer would be a fitting cover, but he would have to steal an adamantite plate from Ainzach's office to serve as proof.

"Of course Sir Momon is stronger!" "Nabe" proclaimed confidently while Evileye nodded in agreement.

"For now let's just assume he's on even footing with me," Momon said with a sigh.

"That is a very mature response, Sir Momon," Lakyus spoke up. "My companion here can learn a thing or two from you. Not only does she lack height but adaptability as well." Momon silently analyzed her gear while she and Evileye started talking about making arrangements to visit Gargan and Tia in the infirmary. High quality armor, though not as good as the Black Scripture's gear, and that black sword she had was one he recognized from the Swords of Darkness: The Demonic Sword Kilineygram. They said it capable of destroying a small country. After casting a silent [Appraise Magical Item], he saw that while being able to destroy a country was an exaggeration of its abilities, it was immensely powerful, even by Yggdrasil standards. But what really caught his eye was that it overcame class restrictions.

Even if I'm not using [Perfect Warrior] like I do when I'm acting as Momon, I would be able to use that sword! I need to get my hands on that sword!

Before he could continue this line of thought there was a knock at the door as Zanack and Raeven entered the room.

"Everyone, please leave us," Renner asked. At the princess's command, everyone stood up and left the room. Ignoring the petty politics that they would no doubt be discussing, Momon turned his attention to Evileye as they left the room.

"Please excuse us. My partner and I need to discuss something in private," Momon said, making an excuse to talk to "Nabe" without anyone listening in.

"Oh….. okay," Evileye sulked, with an expression under her mask that would make one think of a kicked puppy, as she continued to follow Lakyus and Tina to the makeshift infirmary that had been set up in the throne room. Momon and "Nabe" rounded a corner into an abandoned corridor that had all the windows shattered during the initial attack as "Nabe" transformed back into his real form.

"[Anti-Intelligence Magic Wall]. Now that there isn't anyone listening in, what do you have to report Pandora's Actor?" Momon asked the faceless creature who now stood before him.

"Mein wunderbar gott!" Pandora's Actor said with a salute. "Demiurge has sent me to inform you that we have nearly finished rounding up all of the menschlich, in the Market District as well as all the resources we needed in order to strengthen Nazarick. Most of the false evidence has been planted so everyone will blame the Eight Fingers for this kalamität. Additionally, Fluder Paradyne has contacted the Adventurer's Guild requesting the services of Momon." Momon grinned evilly under his helmet. Everything was finally coming together.

"Go wake Nabe and tell her it's almost time for our fight with Jaldabaoth," Momon ordered. "Once we're done here in Re-Estize, tell Jigsaw to mobilize the Clockwork Soldiers in preparation for Nazarick's ascension and that he can soon begin construction of the Dead House." Upon receiving his orders, Pandora's Actor saluted again and started to walk away only to turn back to his master after a few steps.

"Mein Führer?" he asked. "Who was that short vampire with the mask?" Momon raised an eyebrow at this question.

"She is an adamantite ranked adventurer named Evileye. Why?" he questioned.

"She's cute," Pandora's Actor deadpanned before walking away like he had said nothing odd. Momon stared after him as he transformed into a random guard in order to blend in and walked out of sight.

That's what he's into? All those times I left him alone with Shalltear… I'm not going to think about this anymore.

"Welcome, Sir Nigun," Zur said as Nigun took a seat at the table. They had pulled up an extra seat in addition to the usual thirteen. "I am sure you have figured this out by now, but we are the inner circle of Zuranon."

"Why is your base in the heart of the Slane Theocracy?" Nigun asked the Overlord.

"It's the last place they'd ever look isn't it?" another man at the table who was clad in a purple robes spoke up.

"I believe this would be more effective if we introduced ourselves," Zur stated. "I am known as Grandmaster Zur and these men around you are known as my Twelve Executives. Founder of Zuranon and 3rd seat on the Black Scripture. I have an offer for your true master Lucifer Dracul."

"How do you know who I serve?" Nigun asked.

"You and Sir Attano have been dumping plague rats in the sewer for some time, Nigun," Zur responded. "This is our domain down here. We take notice of such things." Nigun sighed before he finally nodded and decided to play along.

"My name is Nigun Grid Luin, agent of the one true god, Lucifer Dracul," he said as he locked eyes with Zur.

"Very good, Sir Nigun," Zur nodded. "We would like to have a meeting with you master to discuss the possibility of an alliance, nay, I would like to offer him our services." Nigun widened his eyes and if it wasn't for his undead status he would've started panicking. He had been sent to the Theocracy for the purpose of spying on the enemy and sabotaging them. He didn't know how to handle this!

"Why do you want to assist my master?" he asked, deciding to start with something basic.

"I was present when your master attacked the Black Scripture. It was extraordinary work and, if I was to guess, only one of the many operations he has running behind the scenes," Zur said before nodding to one of the men in purple. The man nodded back before he took a scroll out from the folds in his robes and rolled it across the table towards Nigun. "This scroll contains the compiled information our spies have gathered regarding the backroom politics of each nation. Your master has truly upset the balance of power. We want to help. Consider this a show of good faith."

"I'm sure my master will be pleased," Nigun said as he took the scroll and tucked it away within his black and white robes. "However, I cannot claim to know what he would say to your offer. I will make contact with him and inform him of your proposal, but I make no guarantees that he will accept your offer."

"Deliver our message to him. That is all I ask," Zur stated with a slight bow.

The adventurers were assembled just outside the firewall, which Momon had been referring to as the [Flames of Gehenna]. Momon, Evileye, and the real Nabe, who was as grumpy as ever after being woken up, were mounted on Hamsuke at the head of the formation in the slums while Lakyus and Tina had already led the other adventurers from the residential center into the target area in an attempt to draw some of the demons away from Momon.

"While the [Flames of Gehenna] will not harm you, they will immediately alert Jaldabaoth to our presence," Momon shouted to the people behind him. They nodded with determination in their eyes, ready to face whatever horrors lay on the other side. While the [Flames of Gehenna] only served as a security system, the countless fires that were still raging throughout the capitol were not nearly as harmless. While some of the fires had gone out others had instead spread to other buildings and until Jaldabaoth was dealt with, many mages were unavailable to assist in putting out the fires. Now there were fires, big and small, all over the entire city with the only people doing anything about them were volunteers, the local Mage's Guild, and a contingent of troops sent by Zanack and Renner. Prince Barbro was hiding inside the Royal Palace like the worm he was while the king and Gazef were at an undisclosed location.

"We are ready, Sir Momon," Nabe grunted.

"Let's go send these monsters back to hell!" Evileye exclaimed as she raised her fist.

"This king will brave whatever dangers lie before us and crush those in its way for its master!" Hamsuke proclaimed. Momon gave Hamsuke a quick pat before unsheathing one of his massive swords with his right hand while his left hand gripped Hamsuke's reigns. After a few more seconds of waiting they heard the sounds of battle echoing through the streets from the other side of the firewall. Lakyus' group had engaged the enemy.

"NOW!" Momon roared as the adventurers charged through the flames and into the barren Market District with Momon leading the way. Out of all the other districts in the capitol, this place had taken the worst of it. Many buildings were nothing but burning piles of rubble, the night sky had been completely hidden by a massive cloud of smoke made by the raging fires, blood splatters and debris littered the streets, the buildings that weren't destroyed had their doors busted down, and there were strange demonic symbols written in blood on walls, floors, and other flat surfaces. The only source of light came from the countless fires spread throughout the district. There were some stray demons near their access point. Most were attacked by the adventurers while a few of them attempted to flee and regroup with the rest of the demons. Momon, with the flames reflecting onto armor, rode up alongside five of the runners on Hamsuke, leaned over the massive hamster's side, and with a single slice that curved upward, cut all five of them vertically in half. It wasn't long after that little skirmish that Hellhounds began to converge on the adventurers and slow their advance. As the Hellhound charge towards the adventurers, Momon continued to charge towards them on Hamsuke. Ten of the beasts pounced towards Hamsuke only to be intercepted by Evileye and Nabe.

[Chain Lightning!" Nabe yelled as the a bolt of lightning struck one of the Hellhounds, killing it and using as a conductor for two more lightning bolts that vaporized the two Hellhounds that were next to it.

"[Maximize Magic: Shard Buck Shots]!" Evileye cried as dozens of small crystals appeared out of nothing and shot out at the Hellhounds, piercing their bodies and killing six of them. The last on tried to latch its jaws onto Momon, but when it got close enough, Momon's armored hand grabbed it by its maw, jumped off Hamsuke, and smashed its face into the ground killing it instantly. He looked up to see a Demon Swarm accompanied by Gazer Devils and three Devourers approaching the group. Cocking his head to the side to crack his neck, he drew his other sword.

"Move the dead back to the checkpoint so Lakyus can heal them! Archers and mages take cover in the abandoned store! The rest of you form up on me! These things are between us and the Stygius!" Momon barked out orders as he and a large crowd of warriors charged to meet the horde.

Brain, Lockmyer, and Climb snuck through an abandoned building to get closer to the warehouses. They had been tasked by Renner to search the area for survivors, but no luck so far. As they crawled through the wreckage of what used to be someone's home, Climb opened the door to a bedroom and suddenly started gagging.

"Climb? What is it?" Brain demanded, concerned for the boy.

"Brain, you better take a look at this," Lockmyer said as he peered through the door. Brain walked over into the room to find a man, a nobleman from the looks of him, eviscerated. The corpse was covered in some kind of slop, looked like it had been chewed on, and had its limbs removed.

"Holy shit," Brain muttered. As Brain continued to stare in horror at the mutilated corpse he heard a noise from underneath the bed. Slowly, Brain bent down and checked underneath the bed to find a little boy staring back at him. "Hey, Lockmyer I found one!"

Fuck, this kid must've seen the whole thing go down.

"C'mon out kid," Brain said as he offered the boy his hand. Just as he stretched out his hand, one of the many fires cast the shadow of a being with massive spider legs sprouting out of its back saw that crossed Brain's line of sight. "Everyone get down!" Brain whispered harshly. Nobody moved, except for the kid who started shaking when he saw that shadow.

"Let's see," a cute voice came from the direction of the shadow. "That's Duke Kado, Marquis Pespeya, Count Jhemen, and Marquis Raeven's wife all dead! I hope my lord will be pleased with me." Brain slowly turned his head to glimpse a figure in black robes with spider legs sprouting out its back. Underneath the black robes it seemed to be wearing, what Brain thought for just a brief moment, a maid uniform and was gnawing on a human arm. After a few more minutes of waiting for the creature to pass, the group slowly got to their feet.

"I thought this was just a demon invasion," Lockmyer spoke up. "So why are they targeting nobles and their families?"

"Do I look I know?" Brain snapped. "Take the kid back to the checkpoint, Climb and I will do another sweep."

Momon jumped to a spectacular height, dug his swords into the head of the last Devourer and let his bodyweight pull the swords down, cutting the demon vertically into three pieces. With the last demon taken care of, Momon remounted Hamsuke and sped off towards the Stygius. The Stygius reared its ugly face, maw dripping with molten material, and glared at the humans with light green eyes. Its massive light gray body turned towards the approaching adventure, with its large rib-like spikes scraping up the earth as it moved, and let out a gurgling roar.

"All archers and mages need to keep their distance from that monster and give me covering fire! Everyone else needs to keep the other demons off them!" Momon shouted to the surviving adventurers. Knowing the plan, the mages and archers began unleashing a constant barrage of arrows and spells on the gigantic creature while Nabe and Evileye used [Fly] to provide air support and the adventurers who specialized in close combat engaged the demon swarms in a brutal melee.

Hamsuke continued to speed towards the Stygius crushing any demons in its path underfoot while Momon continued to hack and slash at the demons who came at them from the sides."Hamsuke stop now!" Momon suddenly shouted. Hamsuke wasn't sure why Momon had given that order, but out of loyalty to its master, Hamsuke followed its orders nonetheless. Momon jumped at the exact moment of Hamsuke's abrupt stop causing the momentum to allow him to travel further than he would have if he had simply jumped. The combined momentum caused Momon to fly like he had been shot out of a cannon, did a midair flip, and landed onto the back of the Stygius. He plunged his swords into the creatures back and ran up to the beast's neck creating large gashes across its back. About halfway there, the Stygius realized he was there and bucked like a bull to throw Momon off. Momon thrust his swords in deeper and held on to avoid being hurled through the air. When bucking didn't work, the Stygius turned it head 360 degrees and started snapping at Momon who avoided being swallowed whole by removing his swords from the monster's back and jumped towards the side of its face. He stabbed on sword into its skin to steady himself since at this point he was hanging from his sword and with his other sword he made a forceful stab right into the creature's big green eye. The Stygius lifted it head towards the sky and let out a bloodcurdling screech while Momon took advantage of its momentary distraction and detached himself from its ugly face causing him to fall right towards its neck. With a downward slash, Momon cleaved through the demon's entire neck, decapitating it. As the Stygius collapsed, Momon, covered in blood and slime, landed on the ground below creating an impact crater where he landed. No one made a sound.

"Holy fuck," someone said. Momon ignored whoever said that and equipped his necklace enchanted with [Fly].

"Hamsuke, you and the others should go regroup with Lakyus' group," Momon said as he started hovering towards Evileye and Nabe. "Now that the Stygius is dead there is nothing to stop us from approaching Jaldabaoth from the air." And with that he flew off.

GODDAMN I FEEL LIKE A BADASS! I hope I looked as cool as I thought I did.

"Momon?" Evileye spoke up.

"Yes Evileye?" Momon responded.

"That slime you're covered in really stinks," Evileye said with a deadpan expression under her mask.

Seriously? That's all she comments on?

Meanwhile in Evileye's brain:


Climb and Brain stared in awe as the watched the Stygius get decapitated. They were watching from a distance so it was probably a lot more impressive up close, but that thing was so huge they didn't think anything would kill it, much less cut its head off.

"Well I'll be damned, they actually did it," Brain said quietly.

"Of course they did," Climb said. "They had the princess's support!" Brain rolled his eyes at that statement.

"I didn't see her down there," he muttered quietly enough for Climb not to hear. While Climb surveyed the area for more survivors, Brain felt someone's eyes on them. It was a presence similar to Shalltear's, but not quite exact. He looked up to the roofs and saw a woman with blue hair who appeared to be in her late teens or early 20s was staring at them from on top of a destroyed blacksmith's shop. "Climb keep looking around, I'll catch up," he said not wanting Climb to panic or run off to do something stupid. With that, Brain started climbing up a pile of debris. The strange blue haired woman hadn't budged when he finally got onto the roof. The only change in her position was that she had turned to face him.

"Are you lost?" she asked as she innocently tilted her head. Brain wasn't letting his guard down. Those eyes of hers reminded him of Shalltear Bloodfallen.

Another vampire. By the gods that hair looks familiar….

"What are you doing up here?" he asked, deciding not to invite hostility like he did with Shalltear. That said, he still kept a hand on his katana just in case.

"Watching," she said with a shrug as she went back to watching the struggle betweem Lakyus' group and the demons. Brain winced as he turned to see what she was watching.

It was brutal.

Hellhounds were feasting on a man who was still alive causing him to feel every ounce of pain. A man knocked down an Imp with his shield before stomping on its face repeatedly. A group of guards were being swallowed up by a Devourer causing their faces to appear under its skin. The only sight that gave Brain any hope was Gazef and his warrior band arrive on the battlefield cleaving through demons left and right.

"You watch this for fun?" Brain asked scathingly.

"No," she responded. "I hate it. But master says I need to be acclimatized to the reality of mankind's violence before I'm ready to see how real battle is conducted." Brain raised an eyebrow.

"So you're not with the demons? You don't serve Jaldabaoth?" he inquired.

"No. I serve the God of Life and Death," she stated without elaborating on what she was talking about. Brain narrowed his eyes but didn't press the subject any further.

"What's your name?" Brain asked, not sure what else he should say. She didn't seem hostile, but she was still a vampire who couldn't just be left to her own devices in the middle of Re-Estize.

"Avenir Unglaus," she replied, not taking her eyes off the battle. Brain's eyes widened. He didn't have a family. No siblings, no cousins, he didn't even have a pet.

"Where did you get that name?" Brain asked while trying to keep himself from freaking out.

"My mom," she shrugged as if it wasn't important causing Brain to let out a sigh of frustration.

"That doesn't really-" Brain started before looking back over at her to see she was gone. He frantically checked his surroundings but she was nowhere to be seen.

Am I losing my mind?

Jaldabaoth looked around at the hellscape he had created and let out a satisfied sigh. Ah, if only everyday could be this much fun. Still, the desires of the Supreme Being came before all else.

Now if my calculations were correct, the master should be arriving right about…..

He looked up at the smoky sky that now hung over the Market District and saw three figures descend from the sky at high speeds. The first was big, armored, and held two swords. The second was slender and was dressed in a tunic-robe combo that portrayed her as a skilled magic caster. The third one was a lower lifeform so who care? Back to acting.

Momon, Nabe, and Evileye landed before Jaldabaoth who gave them his usual mocking bow and politeness while leering at them from behind his twisted mask.

"I was terribly worried about you, Momon," he said in exaggerated politeness. "I was beginning to think that you wouldn't make it here."

"Sorry to keep you waiting," Momon replied curtly while Evileye prepared a spell.

"Between the three of us, I'm sure we can defeat you, demon!" she exclaimed while thinking about in a few hours this nightmare would be over and she would be free to what she wanted with Momon. As if she could hear Evileye's thoughts, Nabe glared at her.

"Your birth was a mistake," Nabe muttered so that nobody could hear her, except Momon.

"Yes, I do believe you're right," Jaldabaoth said as he glared at Evileye. "Unfortunately, this will not be a three on one fight." The moment those words left his mouth, the Evil Lords of Nazarick's 7th Floor emerged from behind the nearby buildings. "Keep the females out of this! This is between me and Momon!" Having been given their orders, the Evil Lords went on the offensive. Lord Envy and Lord Greed went after Nabe while Lord Wrath charged at Evileye.

"[Maximize Magic: Shard Buck Shots]!" Evileye cried sending countless crystal shards towards Lord Wrath, but he folded his wings to cover his chest, blocking any damage that may have been dealt to him. Out of the corner of her, Evileye watched Nabe take a hit from Lord Greed's evil looking scythe causing her to be blown back into a burning building. Lord Envy and Lord Greed didn't give her second to catch her breath and immediately started chasing her through the building. Meanwhile, Momon, his blazing cape no longer a brilliant red do to the blood and dirt that had accumulated on it, was engaged in a vicious melee as his swords clashed with Jaldabaoth's claws once more. Lord Wrath swiped at Evileye with his massive claws forcing her to back away. "[Fly]!" she cried as she took to the sky. That didn't keep Lord Wrath away from her however seeing as his response to Evileye's flight was to spread his own blazing wings and take off after her.

"[Unholy Ray]!" he bellowed as he shot a purple beam of evil energy at her from his hand. "Die maggot!" Evileye narrowly dodged the attack but it still grazed her. She hissed in pain as she felt the unholy energy deal its damage. Thankfully, as an undead, she was considered unholy herself so it wasn't nearly as damaging as it would've been if it was holy magic.

[Enhanced Maximize Magic: Crystal Dagger]!" Evileye chanted as a small dagger made of crystal appeared in her hand. "[Crystal Lance]!" she exclaimed as hurled a spear made of a bright blue crystal at Lord Wrath who laughed as he smacked it out of the way. But what he didn't notice was that while he had his attention on [Crystal Lance], Evileye had used [Teleport] to get right behind him and stabbed him in the back of the neck. Lord Wrath roared in pain as he lashed out with his claws at the termite to dare lay a finger on him! Evileye glanced at Momon and Jaldabaoth once again to see Momon tackle Jaldabaoth and send them both into a partially collapsed building. She and Nabe has to keep these monsters away from Momon! She hoped Nabe was doing alright….

Meanwhile, inside the house Nabe had been knocked into, she, Lord Envy, and Lord Greed had sat down and were having tea while they were supposed to be fighting to the death, or so Evileye thought.

"Are you serious Lady Nabe?" Lord Envy asked. "Those human adventurers never have Tea Time?"

"Never," Nabe said as she took a sip. "Although I suppose tea is not suited for such inferior beings."

"Well said!" Lord Greed proclaimed. "Filthy barbarians the lot of them!"

"Animals. Simply animals," Lord Envy commented. "Have they even heard of personal hygiene?" Nabe simply shrugged in response. "So Lady Nabe, what's it like to work together so closely with the master?"

"It is awe inspiring to see his genius firsthand," Nabe said proudly. "Truly there is no one better suited to rule the Great Tomb of Nazarick!"

"Must be nice," Lord Envy grumbled.

"Now, now Envy," Lord Greed spoke up with a sinister grin. "You mustn't covet what isn't yours."

"We should drink our tea quickly," Nabe said. "The order to pull back will come soon and I'd hate to spill any when we damage eachother. We do need to make this convincing after all."

"Yes," Lord Greed nodded.

"Indeed," Lord Envy added as she sipped her tea.

Momon blocked two more strikes from Jaldabaoth's claws before swiping them to the side and tackling Jaldabaoth into a building. Once they were out of sight, they stood up and walked into a room were Mare was waiting for them.

"Any trouble with Avenir?" Momon asked.

"She doesn't like what we're doing but when I asked her what she would be willing to do for Ruvik she said: "I would hunt down every man, woman, and child alive if it meant saving Ruvik". Silly girl," Jaldabaoth smirked. Momon simply nodded as the two of them sat down.

"Now, when we created this plan, we had five main objectives," Momon said as he took off his helmet. "How many of them have we accomplished?"

"Five? I was under the impression there were only four," Jaldabaoth said.

"Irrelevant, tell me what you have accomplished," Momon demanded.

"First: All the humans we could get our hands on have been transported back to Nazarick, my lord," Jaldabaoth assured. "Their blood will be used for dark rituals and experiments, their meat will go towards the more carnivorous among us, and there bones will be used to create more soldiers for your army."

"Good, then we will finally have the numbers we will need," Momon chuckled.

"Second: Everything of worth here in the financial heart of city, and dare I say the entire Re-Estize Kingdom, has been looted and taken to Nazarick, filling our coffers to the brim and providing us with an enormous stockpile of other resources."

"Jigsaw will be thrilled to know he can start pursuing his more outlandish ideas," Momon said.

"Yes, now if only he could learn to clean up after himself," Jaldabaoth scoffed as he remembered when he stepped in the intestines Jigsaw had just left lying around. "Third: Jaldabaoth's infamy will increase drastically because of this event and Momon's fame will reach new heights. The fear of Jaldabaoth will tie in nicely when we take the Holy Kingdom of Roble. Fourth: We have covered up our involvement in the Kingdom, most notably being Sebas' actions against the Eight Fingers and the nobles you instructed us to target. All of those who were involved in Sebas' actions were killed when the Stygi made their initial assault and the specific noble targets were murdered by the Pleiades once we were done gathering everything. The survivors were rounded up by Mare and CZ2128 and we are initiating them into the ranks via the Black Capsule. Now you'll have to explain this fifth objective to me because I am unaware of any other tasks we might have carried out."

"Demiurge, you know what I keep saying about humans, yes?" Momon asked with an evil smirk.

"Yes, they are more easily conquered when they are divided," Jaldabaoth responded.

"Precisely. There is a reason we set the Royal Faction up to appear to be the hero of the people," Momon said. "Tonight we have laid the groundwork for when we fully conquer the Kingdom. While the Royal Faction hired all of these adventurers to fight demons, the Noble Faction cowered in their homes and left the city to rot. This will make the commoners sympathize with the Royals who will gain power and the support of the people while sowing seeds of mistrust and hatred towards the Noble Faction."

"I understand my lord, but I fail to see how this ties in with taking the Kingdom," Jaldabaoth said with an eyebrow raised.

"When the time comes for our war with the Kingdom," Momon began. "The Royal Faction will lose power but keep the popular opinion of the people. After all, they will fighting an undead monster like myself. Meanwhile, the Nobles will have majority control but will still be hated. The political tension will rise until someone lights the fuse and then….." a look of realization dawned on Jaldabaoth.

"A rebellion against the nobles will break out!" Jaldabaoth exclaimed with a twisted grin.

"Precisely. And then we'll swoop in and save the people from their oppressors while also taking the land for ourselves," Momon finished as his eyes momentarily flashed red. "Now with that out of the way, what do you plan to leave behind as the item Jaldabaoth was hunting?"

"This," Jaldabaoth said as he held up a statue of a demon that held six gems. "This statue contains the 10th-Tier-Spell [Armageddon Evil]. It is certainly powerful enough to draw Jaldabaoth's attention." He stared at it with a frown before adding: "It was a possession of my creator Ulbert Alain Odle."

"Don't leave that, Demiurge," Momon interjected as he pulled a similar, cruder looking, object out. "This was made by Ulbert in Jigsaw's workshop. It was a prototype for his attempted replication of a WCI. It's weak by our standards but very powerful by the humans' standards. They will be none the wiser." With that he handed the item to Jaldabaoth who took it with trembling hands.

"Thank you my lord!" Jaldabaoth exclaimed with a bow as Mare copied him. "I will prove myself worthy of such benevolence!"

"I'm sure you will Demiurge," Momon said with a nod. "Now, I need you to scratch out my eye and damage my armor." Jaldabaoth looked up at his master's false face and stared in shock. "Do not worry Demiurge, I will not feel a thing since this is not my true face, although it will permanently alter how this face looks when I use [Mortal's Mask]. My true face will remain unscathed. We need the battle between Jaldabaoth and Momon to be extremely convincing and add wounds to each other for their coming grudge match." Jaldabaoth looked uneasy but nodded in compliance nonetheless.

"Very well my lord. As you command."

Evileye was exhausted. She had used every spell in her arsenal against Lord Wrath, but no matter what she used, it just hadn't been enough. Lord Wrath was about to launch another brutal assault when a lightning bolt came out of nowhere and knocked Lord Wrath away from Evileye. She turned and let out a sigh of relief as she saw Nabe was alive. Battered, but alive. Suddenly, the sound of a window breaking filled the air and helmet came clattering to Evileye's feet. Nabe and Evileye gasped.

It was Momon's helmet.

It was covered in scratches and the worst part was a massive gash that looked like it cut through the visor and left some blood on the helmet. Nabe frowned slightly as she thought of something.

The master doesn't bleed unless he wants to so this must be part of the plan.

The next thing they knew a wall exploded and a figure was sent flying before tumbling to the ground. For one moment, Evileye's heart sank as she thought it might be Momon. When the dust settled, Evileye's spirits soared as she realized that it was an injured Jaldabaoth. She turned her gaze back to the hole that had just been put in the wall and, sure enough, there was Momon. He looked like someone had thrown him into hell and he had beaten the shit out of every demon that got between him and the exit. He was gravely injured though. His suit had been dented, pierced, scraped, and burnt. His face was had a nasty bruise forming on his jaw and slight trickle of blood flowed out of his mouth. There was a large gash on his face that matched with the mark on his helmet that left him missing an eye. Despite all the injuries he had sustained, he was grinning.

"That was the most fun I've had in ages!" Momon laughed as he flourished his swords with his tattered cape flowing in the wind, ready for round two. It was at that moment Evileye realized that Momon was a battle maniac. "Don't tell me that was all you got Jaldabaoth?" Jaldabaoth stood up, glaring bloody murder at Momon. Now that he was standing, Evileye could see his injuries more clearly. His once fine orange suit was in tatters, there was a noticeable crack in his mask, a deep gash across his back, the claws on his left hand had been shattered, and he had been stabbed through the midsection with what looked like the leg of a table. With a huff he pulled the table leg out from his midsection. Evileye frowned as she noticed an eyeball impaled on one of the claws on his right hand.

"Truly you are a warrior of impressive capabilities that I had never expected from a human," Jaldabaoth sneered with his usual false politeness. "It's obvious that I will not be able to beat you as I am, so perhaps now is a good time for us both to take a step back from the abyss."

"Coward!" Evileye roared. This demon brings so much death and suffering to Re-Estize and now that he's about to be beaten, he wants out? He was the lowest of the low.

"You really should reel in your comrade," Jaldabaoth tutted. "You wouldn't want her to be responsible for all the innocent lives lost, would you?" Evileye's eyes widened. "Yes, throughout this entire battle, my forces have been preparing to strike at the rest of Re-Estize and are awaiting my command. I need but give a single mental command." He grinned evilly at them from under his mask. "You have two options: kill me and let thousands of innocents die or let me go and my forces will withdraw."

"It's not even a choice," Momon grunted with his usual frown now that his battle crazed grin had faded. "Get out of here!" With that, Jaldabaoth gave a final exaggerated bow before taking to the sky.

"Farewell, Dark Knight! Rest assured we will finish this another time!" Jaldabaoth proclaimed.

Stereotypical villain exit, nice touch Demiurge.

As if called forth by Jaldabaoth's departure, the smoke filled skies cleared and the sun finally began to rise giving birth to a new day. Evileye, however, was panicking.

"Your eye!" she exclaimed pointing at the empty socket.

"I'm fine," Momon waved her off. Evileye wasn't having it. She examined the wound closely. She could sense the unholy energy emanating from the wound. Even if Lakyus used her best healing magic, his eye would not regenerate. Nabe picked up Momon's helmet and carried it for him as the group walked back to see the rest of the adventurers. After walking up to the top of a collapsed building, they found themselves overlooking all the others who had taken part in the battle. Gazef, Brain, Climb, Lakyus, Tina, Lockmyer, all the other adventurers, and even Gargan and Tia were finally up and about. Everyone was looking at Momon.

"They're waiting for you to lead them in a cry of victory," Evileye whispered.

"This would be so much easier with my helmet on," Momon muttered. "Now they can see how messed up my face is." Evileye gave him a deadpan expression before she let out a small laugh.

"You're the one who led us to victory," she said after quickly recomposed herself. "The honor is yours." Momon nodded at her before he thrust his sword towards the sky and let out an earthshaking war cry. Everyone else copied him and pointed their own weapons to the sky as they let out their own war cries.

The demonic disturbance was finally over.

Bonus Story: Uncle Cocytus

Lucifer Dracul practically kicked the door down when he entered his room in Nazarick. It was one thing to keep up Momon's friendly persona every time he put on that armor, but dealing with Evileye had made him tense since he couldn't discern her exact intentions. Just as he was about to get into his coffin he found, and he shouldn't have been surprised, Albedo waiting for him. This was the third night in a row she had pulled this.

"My looooove," she cooed as she patted the area next to her. "Come to bed." Lucifer's eye twitched. Every night she tried this he would either make an excuse or slip away. But tonight he just didn't have it in him.

You know what? I don't owe that traitor Tabula shit! I don't owe any of them shit! I spent my entire life a virgin. I'm tense, I need to relax, Nazarick will have "guests" tomorrow, and I am NOT spending my entire unlife as a virgin! I made her this way and now I have to, as they say, "take responsibility. I guess I owe her. Doesn't mean I can't enjoy some benfits.

"Very well," he sighed. Albedo's eyes lit up like a Christmas tree as she smiled.

"REALLY?" she exclaimed. Lucifer didn't answer her and just got in.

Demiurge was writing a report on the current makeup of Nazarick's forces while Cocytus was sharpening his swords. Everything was completely quiet. Peaceful. Until an expression of shock crossed over Demiurge's features as he stood up and slammed his fist on the table.

"Cocytus!" he yelled.

"Demiurge. What. Is. Wrong?" Cocytus asked, slightly shaken by Demiurge's sudden change in demeanor.

"My virgin senses are tingling! It's happening!" Demiurge shouted.

"You. Mean." Cocytus didn't have to finish that thought.

"YES!" Demiurge declared. "WE WILL HAVE OUR HEIR!"


Longest chapter I've done yet. Little more than 8.5k.