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So I've been getting the occasional PMs asking me "when will I update?" or the review that begs me "PLZPLZPLZ MOAR GIMME A NEW CHAPTER THISISTOOGOODDON'TLEAVETHISASITIS!"

Don't get me wrong. I'm not angry or annoyed at any of you for sending me those types of messages. In fact, I'm flattered that you feel that way. After all, you did take the time and went through the trouble of showing your appreciation to this fic in the only way you knew. It's these messages that encourage me to keep on writing.

So to sum, the problem isn't with you guys, it's me. After rereading all of my stories in order to jog my memory on where my stories are heading and what I wanted to do with them, I realized that my previous attempts at writing out my fics COMPLETELY SUCKS ASS! So many things went wrong, and so many cringey moments that should never exist. (Seriously, what was thinking with how half-assed the Ring Battles Arc went? And don't get me started on how I portrayed Hadrian's character!)

So I decided to just rewrite all 15 chapters. The story will remain more or less the same, but there will be some major revisions. Let me make this clear right now. I am not abandoning this story. EVER! It would be a betrayal to you and a grave insult to my pride as a writer to do that. However, I will say this. I'm not going to update Acedia until I have chapter 17 written out and ready to be published. This message will be deleted and replaced with the final version of Chapter 16. And once I come back, over half of the current story will be completely different. So I recommend treating this like a rough draft of what my plans for the first two Arcs are.

When will I be coming back you might be asking? ...Well, I promised myself that I will finish my revisions by summer or possibly towards the end of the year, but now I'm still not sure...

If you haven't read the message on my profile page, once again I apologize to all my readers. I'm really sorry to have to be that type of author, but please keep in mind that there are some things that have happened in a person's life that you just can't control. To all my patient and loyal readers, I thank you for sticking by my side this long. This isn't a goodbye, but a "see you next chapter."

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PS: I wasn't sure if I should include this next part as it's still a work in progress, but I feel like such a dick if I just leave you hanging after all this time without anything to look forward to.

Oh well… Enjoy the sneak peak to what will happen in Chapter 16~

Since Neville Longbottom, Fred and George Weasley, Draco Malfoy, and Luna Lovegood were all "legally dead people," new names and identities were needed if they wanted to relocate without anyone becoming suspicious.

Luna took inspiration from her parent's honeymoon. After Xenophilius and Pandora married, they went to Japan and were fascinated by the island nation's extensive array of Magical Creatures. The legend of Kaguya-hime was their favorite folktale. In honor of Xenophilius who had to let go of his wife's surviving legacy in order for his daughter to be happy, and Pandora, who taught her daughter not to fear the unseen world around them, Luna Lovegood became Kaguya Tsukihime.

Much like Luna, Draco also wanted to honor his parents and his heritage. While the Malfoys aren't the best of people, they weren't totally unredeemable. Their love for each other was proof of that. Following his mother's family tradition of names, he chose "Gargouille Serpens" as a reminder of who he was and where he came from.

Surprisingly, Fred and George took the longest to decide. On one hand, this was their chance to become their own individuals rather than be seen as a set. The thought of no longer being "Fred and George" instead of "Fred" and "George was tempting. But on the other hand, they took pride in being identical twins. Both of them can barely imagine life without the other. They weren't ready to let go of each other just yet. In the end, they finally decided to become Vardøger and Eidolon Doppelgänger.

Neville wanted to choose a name that suited him the most. However, he wasn't as creative as the others when it comes to their naming sense, nor could he think of something that would make his new name more meaningful. So he just took out a map, picked out a random country, and chose his name based on the mythological creatures of that area. And thus, Leimakid Hyades was born. (He didn't realize it at the time, but he was the only one who had thought that there was an unspoken pattern to their new names. Turns out, it was just a coincidence that their chosen names happen to fall under a specific theme.)

Once their new personas were constructed, they quickly relocated far away from the United Kingdom and its festering magical war. Within a month, a new apothecary opened up in Sicily, one of Italy's biggest hotbeds of Mafia activity. News that the strictly neutral owners catered to Flame-Users spread and the small shop quickly gained notoriety. When asked why a group of Flame-Active civilians refused to align themselves to any interested Famiglia no matter how prestigious they are, their answer was always somewhere along the lines of this:

We are looking for our Ruling Aspect.


Jaws dropped as Leimakid pulled out an impressive twenty-inch collapsible weapon from his messenger bag. It wasn't only in a disturbingly familiar shape, but it was rainbow colored but with a hint of glitter to make it pretty hard for people to miss even in a large crowd let alone a dark alley. (Which might be the very reason why Leimakid even chose that particular object as a weapon.)

The poor Mafiosi didn't even get a chance to get over the shock before their bodies and their pride were both bludgeoned bloody and blue. By the time, Leimakid was done with all of them, he was nonchalantly wiping away blood and other miscellaneous fluids off of his newly-revealed preferred weapon with a handkerchief stolen from one of the grunts.

"Var, dearest brother?" Eidolon said after he collected his jaw from the center of the Earth.

"Yes, Ei?" Vardøger replied a moment later.

"Did Kid just beat up a bunch of hardened criminals with a giant dildo bat?"

"I thought he was supposed to be the plain one amongst all of us-"

"The unshakable everyday man-"

"The token hetero normie-"

"That one background character in those action cartoon shows who just happen to appear on the scene."

"I guess being stuck with us for too long made him develop his own questionable quirks."

"Maybe we should leave, my not-as-handsome twin. Our little rabbit looks about ready to jump his bones- ANNND they're snogging so let's hurry up and get going... NOW."

"Last one home has to taste-test Gar's new gender-switching potion."

As the red-haired twins quickly vacated the scene of absolute destruction, Gargouille looked gave them all a long-suffering blank stare. "...Why am I even friends with all of you?"

"Because your life would be boring without us to spice things up."

"Shut up and get back to playing tonsil hockey with your girlfriend, Leimakid! And for your information, I only put up with all of you because you grow the best Potion ingredients with your Copper Aspect." The blond-haired Storm snapped at him without any heat. He then dramatic turned his nose up and added, "And besides, housing is expensive so splitting the bills between your housemates is very cost efficient."

AN: And with that, I'll see you all next chapter! Now enjoy the following notes that you may or may not care about~ *~ (ゝ。∂)

Kaguya Tsukihime: Kaguya is a reference to Kaguya-hime (or Princess Kaguya), the main character in the ancient Japanese folktale of The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter. In the story, Kaguya-hime was a princess of the Moon sent to Earth for her safety until the Celestial Beings can reclaim her. Hence where the surname, Tsukihime, which basically means "moon princess," comes from. I'm thinking of making this version of Luna a low-key otaku. Hopefully, I can write her as a likeable anime trash instead of a cringey weeaboo.

Leimakid Hyades: Leimakid is the name of a subspecies of land nymphs who reside in meadows. Hyades, on the other hand, refer to a group of nymphs sired by the Titan, Atlas. They are credited for causing rain to fall. Was I being too uncreative when I decided this will be Neville's new name?

Gargouille Serpens: Draco's first name, Gargouille, refers to a legendary dragon that Saint Romanus of Rouen killed with the help of a death row convict with nothing to loss. Serpens is not only a constellation that can be seen in the northern hemisphere, but in Greek mythology, it is the serpent that is associated by the Greek god of healing and medicine, Asclepius. By the way, is it bad that I decided to make him a tsundere?

(In case anyone is confused by his existence in the sample chapter, the inclusion of Gargouille is one of the major changes I'm making in the story.)

Vardøger and Eidolon Doppelgänger: The twins surname refers to a supernatural double of a living person often depicted as a bringer of bad luck or death. Vardøger is the Scandinavian equivalent only instead of bringing death, they are more or less the embodiment of déjà vu, where the spiritual double appears or does something in advance of the living individual. Eidolon is an apparition in Greek thought. They are the spiritual image of a person, living or dead, that projects the idea that the person exists, however, they are not actually present at all. You know, with ominous names like theirs, I don't think they'd even need their own Varia codenames, right?