Ranma finds the idea of sex disgusting.

Akane: "I tell you, it just is not right."

Nabiki: "Sis, you were the one that kept calling him a pervert. Well now you know for sure."

Akane: "What can I do? Father and Mr. Saotome have forced us to marry. If I divorce him it will reflect on both my honor and our families."

Kasumi: "Akane, you are just going to have to accept it. Your bedroom is his bedroom now too, and he is the husband so his rules are the law."

Akane: "Maybe I should tell Mrs. Saotome, she will surely make him change his behavior or commit seppuku."

Kasumi: "So you would like everyone in the neighborhood to know too? Just deal with it."

Nabiki: "Well, you used to be so jealous of Shampoo, Ukyo, and Kodachi. You at least should be happy he is sleeping with you and not one of them."

Akane: "Yes, but I wanted children. He starts turning green and throwing up if I even mention having sex."