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A man, lean and beautiful, half sat, half leaned against a small mossy boulder at the stem of a large tree. His bright golden eyes coldly looked in the direction of a hot spring nearly a mile away, as his long fine silver hair fluttered with a nearly non-existent wind. His overly sensitive ears could hear her giggling and splashing around in the water, and his eyes could pick up her form just barely as she bathed. He unconsciously put his hand to the soft pelt that was hung around his shoulder as the girls giggling changed focus to someone who was near. A rough squeaky voice followed in many grumbles. She had run out of soap and needed more. The man almost wanted to smile, ALMOST, as the toad grumbled his annoyed response. The two had been more or less quarrelling ever since he took the girl in, and their fights were amusing to him. Most of the time. Other times it just plain annoyed him, and they always at least, noticed when it did. The toad would always be the one to end the fight, giving in to the girl, pressing his face to the ground begging for forgiveness, and perhaps for his lord to take mercy and not throw him into the nearest tree? Which nearly never worked for he usually did anyways, never caring who truly started the fight. Perhaps it was because he felt contempt towards him, or perhaps, he just loathed the annoying little toad, which insisted on following him continuously. The girl usually just bowed to him, softly muttering a 'gomen nasai, Master' as a light smile of victory pressed itself on her face as he tossed his annoying servant into a tree. He started to think back to when he had met the girl and suddenly a sigh escaped his lips to spite him.

It was about eleven years ago, he thought, that this girl wandered into my life... he had just lost a humiliating battle with that wretched hanyou InuYasha, which had nearly taken his life. He had lain there, vulnerable for the first time in many years, bloodied and nearly unconscious. After laying there for what seemed like days he smelled her. A human girl, most likely staring at him, and preparing to go get the villagers to come and kill him. He would wait for it to leave, and speed his recovery, or, more likely, find enough strength to move enough to find a better concealed hiding place until his wounds healed more. Perhaps due to his diminished state, he had not heard the human come up close enough to touch him, and the thought had never occurred to him that she would have actually done such a thing. That is, until he felt water being poured upon his face. It had startled him and he showed his most animal reaction. He sat straight up, bared his fangs and hissed. She had stepped back, a grimace of surprise on her face, which soon melted away into a small smile. He lies back down, feeling his sudden movements had aggravated his wounds. He heard her set something on the ground, and then, after lingering for a while, left him. After he was sure she was nowhere near, he looked to see what it was the girl had left him. It was food.

For reasons unknown to him she came back the next day, and the day after that, each time bringing him food. The fact that she returned at all confused him, let alone bringing him food, thinking that it would make it better, even though he vehemently declined it every time. Demon slayers and many other demons never truly dared come near him; the only demon that was willing to be near him enough to serve him was that wretched toad Jaken. And the fact that a human child was near him and trying to help him was enough to make him very curious about her.

But it was the next day that nearly made him feel sorry for her. She of course, brought him more food, but she was completely covered in bruises. He asked her how she got them, she never said how, but he guessed when she smiled and him happily. He guessed at how she got them, her own kind must have given them to her. When she left him -Finally- he noticed that he was recovering. He could smell the disgusting scent of a demon, that of the stupid toad Jaken. He slowly got himself up and headed towards the thing. When he got to him, the wretched beast -dared- to question his actions with the Tenseiga. He had muffed out a smart remark (which he could no longer remember) and proceeded to throw a couple of rocks at his head (Which he rightly deserved) At just about that time the wind changed its course, and he could smell the faint smell of wolves, then blood. At first, he took no heed to it, but as the smell got stronger, his curiosity hit him like a ton of bricks. He knew this blood scent; it was the human girls.... Almost needing to know the fate of the child that had tried to help him, he followed it until he reached her. She was being gnawed on by wolves, and he couldn't hear the thing breath, nor her heart beat. ~She is dead? ~ He felt a light sadness fall over him. He frowned slightly over the feeling and pushed it aside. It's not that he cared, after all why should he? She was just another pathetic human that would die before she had a chance to live anyways...But still.

He felt a throbbing sensation next to his thigh. ~Strange...~ He put his hand down and was surprised to feel the Tenseiga pulsing in its holster. He pulled out the worthless stick, and held it in front of his face, bringing it in front of the girl. It stopped pulsing. ~ It wants to save her? ~ Before he could muster a logical thought to dissuade him, he pushed it down and through the girl's body. Had it been a useful and worthwhile object, it would have sliced her in two. Instead, the blades pulse went through her body and revived her. He had knelt down and found himself half holding the girl as her life returned to her. When she woke she smiled at him, which caused him to stand, dumping the girl on the ground with a light 'thud'. Jaken had been yelling and questioning him about what he did. He tuned out his idiotic servant, wondering himself why he had saved the girl. And, for some unknown reason, he had ignored the fact that he heard another pair of small feet following him as he started to leave. In doing this he came up with an excuse to himself and deemed her as his possession, that he owned her.

He continued to watch them as he remembered. It had taken him a while to get her to blurt out her name -Rin- and even longer before she actually spoke on a normal basis. He only noticed he was actually starting to become attached to the child after she was kidnapped by that bastard Naraku and she was nearly killed. He had gone after her, and saved her again, this child. After that, noticing that the one thing he always boasted as a major weakness, he now had, and attempted to rid himself of it. Many times he meant to just abandon her, and leaver her to her own devices. Before the kidnapping, he had left her alone for her own safety, so leaving her alone afterwards felt no different to her than before. Unfortunately for him, it never turned out. Sometimes he could sense she was in danger and would head back to help her, and others, he just couldn't bring himself to do it. Perhaps it was that he remembered how she was killed, or perhaps even unconsciously thinking he wanted to have her there still. A few times he even had seriously thought to give her to a mate, but none of them were worthy enough for her. Kohaku was probably the closest he came to giving Rin to, because she cared for him, but he was too weak. His mind had been so easily controlled by Naraku, and once, nearly killed her because of it. -And he seemed to lose interest in her. After that, he settled down and found another to become his wife anyways. Over the past eleven years she had gone from being his possession, to his pet, to his pup, and to a new level that he despised to even acknowledge. No, he would never give in to his weakness, not like his father had. Never would he purposefully taint and shame the family again. There would never be another InuYasha, especially not from him.

Suddenly the splashing stopped and he noticed her exit the water, strain her long hair and then return to her kimono. He sat there a moment longer, lingering in the silence, before heading back towards his companions. He used to stay closer to them, before she had reached maturity, while she bathed. But now he could not trust himself. He was naturally a dog (all pleasantries taken away) and had the self-control of an Ox. But there was something about Rin's body that made his nerves twitch. No, he definitely could not trust himself.

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