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Chapter 7: Realization

            He waded into the stream carrying his clothing, happy that he was near it after he obliterated the invading youkai bastard.  He brought his hand through the water, cupping it as he did so, and then letting the cool liquid seep though his claws in pink droplets.  He frowned at it, then at his clothes.  No longer were they the cool white that they had been, but were stained into a deep red.  The sun was now high in the sky, and he had just finished off the youkai.  He had lost track of time while his anger clouded his vision.  He tried to remember then, everything that happened.  He growled and lifted his lip back into a sneer as he recalled raising the Tenseiga a second time, but from there it was a blur.  It was all a damned fucking blur.  He went deeper into the water as a new emotion crept into his veins without warning.  Shame.  It was a feeling unfamiliar to him, and he hated it.  The last moment he had remembered was still in the middle of the night, and it went from that to the feeling of sadness at the fact there was nothing at all to revive.  Nothing… 

That was when his mind and senses returned to his body.  That was when he seen the blood.  It wasn't even from just the creature he felt revenge for; there were the scents of a few small animals and a male human in there as well.  Not that any of that was recognizable after he was through.  The field was no longer green, instead it was a long expanse of deep red soaked into everything, and spotted red trees just beyond the clearing.  He had reduced every living thing that had wandered near the field into mere blood.  He shivered from the memory of him just simply regaining his mind to find the nauseating mess.  He remembered nothing.  Nothing at all… How many times had he revived it?  How many other things did he kill during his mindless rampage?  He didn't know.  Never before had he lost control of himself like that.  And he felt shame.  Yes, he definitely hated this new feeling…  He quickly ducked into the water, and his blood-soaked hair quickly turned the water red.


            Jaken hobbled over Rin with a fresh container of water.  She had been a bloody mess the moment he had first seen her, lying on the ground and somewhat twisted.  He had felt his heart lode into his throat; he had been afraid for her.  Then he had walked up to her, and noticed she was still breathing, weakly, as well as being perfectly healthy- outside the fact she was covered in blood of course.  The part he couldn't figure out was that it was HER blood.  His Lord Sesshoumaru must have healed her then…  He gave a half laugh, knowing how his lord despised using that sword, yet had used it twice already on this girl.  He carefully removed her tattered clothing.  "These are no longer useful, good thing that this Jaken, Lord Sesshoumaru's ever faithful servant, prepares for things such as these." He frowned slightly, knowing he made it sound as if he were expecting something like this to happen.  "Well, perhaps not these things exactly…" He fished in the pack he was carrying that belonged to Rin, and pulled out a kimono, it was older and worn, but it would have to do.  "Mm, yes…" He set it aside, then continued his ministrations to remove the caked on blood from the human girl's skin.  After several minutes of excruciatingly slow progress, the girl was free of all blood, and he sighed, looking towards the clothing.  Setting his jaw, and rubbing his hands briefly, he set out to dress her.  In the middle of his half-hazard attempt at doing so, a figure appeared into the miniature clearing that Sesshoumaru had left her.

            "What is it you are trying to do Jaken, maim her?" Jaken looked up towards him, startled.  What he seen before him, made him scurry away in fear, as he had never seen his lord like that before.  Though his clothes, skin and face had come free of the blood, his long boa still was stained slightly red, as it would come out so well.  The toad youkai opened and shut his mouth a few times, yet no sound came forth.  His lord must have truly lost his temper to have been so drenched in blood.  Sesshoumaru glided over to Jaken, pushed him roughly out of the way, and dressed her in one smooth liquid motion.  He slipped his arms underneath her body, and stood holding her limp body as he stared to walk.  "We are going home.  First, we stop at Tani Tora."  Jaken's mouth dropped.

            "B-but Lord Sesshoumaru!  Why…" He stopped, not bothering to look behind him to Jaken. 

            "You will see soon enough."  He then continued walking, ignoring the toad's protests.  He knew what he desired now.  The bath had given him time to reflect more on is actions to see what had truly set him off.  Rin.  He dared a glance down to the sleeping girl within his arms.  It was because the youkai had been right, and he hated that.  It was no longer any use to keep it a secret, especially to himself.  If that youkai had figured it out before he allowed himself to acknowledge it, who knew how many others knew about it as well…  Care for her?  Yes, he now knew for sure that he did, and there was no denying it now.  Love her?  Perhaps, but he wasn't going to commit to that yet.

            Slowly they made their way to the valley that homed the small town of Tani Tora.  After reaching a clearing, he stopped, setting Rin upon the ground.  He stood a moment watching her with his expressionless face, and lamely brought a hand up to his soft pelt.  If he was turning back, it would have to be now.  He turned away from her then, silently leaving the two of his followers behind.  No, it was impossible to turn back, even if he had the desire to do so now.  He knew what he had to do.  He had to see HER.  She who he truly hated, well, second most of all females on this world.  The insolent creature thought herself above him, and it was unforgivable, but he would not kill her.  Unfortunately, she knew this.  Perhaps this was why she never took care of what she did around him.  Damned humans, filthy creatures really.  He passed by the town in the center of the valley and continued until he seen HER house.  It was nothing special, or large, but it housed one of magnificent talents.  The only reason he put up with her insults.  He was about to go to the place, when suddenly the memory of what happened the last time he came returned to him.  Oh yes, she DID want him to kill her then, strange creature, refusing to do her work for him.  Begging him to take her life instead of having to do her work for him.  He sighed, falling back to the tree behind him.  No, she wouldn't do as he asked.  Perhaps there was a way to trick her into it…

            He sat there, contemplating within his head what it was he should do, when an all too familiar scent filled the air.  Inu Yasha.  A growl erupted from deep within his throat; he was in no mood to deal with that disgusting hanyou sibling of his.  He looked back down to the small dwelling before him, and thought crept into his mind.  Tetsusaiga… Did he truly need that blade?  It had been the object of his obsession for so many years; he had never really stopped to think if he really WANTED this object before.  Before, it was just because he was outraged at the fact that his father left it to HIM, and not Sesshoumaru, that and his thirst for more power.  But how much more power would it really bring him?  Inu Yasha was unworthy of the blade, which would always be true… But… He was now starting to understand why his father had done such a thing.

            He fingered the Tenseiga, placing his hand on the scabbard.  He finally realized what his father had given him.  He sighed, releasing it, and facing towards the direction that Inu Yasha's scent was coming from.  It was time to seek his brother and swallow his pride.  The damned hanyou better appreciate this…

            As he neared their camp, he picked up one other scent.  Youkai… Yes, he thought that miko demon might be here, she seemed to love this Inu Yasha, though why she would, was beyond him.  He circled until he was downwind from Inu Yasha, to lure him out.  With luck, this would be a civil, and quick meeting between them, as he was in no mood to fight.  There was no time really, he needed to return Rin home so she could get well… Rin… A smile formed lightly at the thought of her… It would be soon.

            He heard mumbling between the two lovers, and then heard Tetsusaiga's ring as the hanyou drew it from its sheath.  How extremely silly of him, he never DID seem to care much about secretive assaults…  How the creature actually believed he was sneaking up on him, was yet another mystery.  It would have been just as effective to haul out and yell, "Baka, Sesshoumaru, I am here!"

            "Ohayo Gozaimasu, I see you have finally arrived." He heard a grunt, and then turned to look behind him to see a rather angry looking hanyou emerge from the trees.

            "What the hell?!" Inu Yasha held the Tetsusaiga in attack mode as he cautiously peered at his elder sibling.  "If you came for my sword, you're not getting it." He growled, baring his teeth to Sesshoumaru, who looked just as calm as always.

            "Iie, brother dear, you can keep your sword, I am not here for it, nor am I in the mood to fight right now.  There are more important things for this Lord Sesshoumaru to do this night." Inu Yasha sniffed at him.

            "Feh, I'll believe that when Naraku comes back to life, apologizes for everything he has done, and asks me to mate with him, and I don't see that ever happening." Sesshoumaru looked at him thoughtfully.

            "It is not that I have lost interest in the sword, brother dear, it is that I have a conflict of interests.  I happen to find the other of more importance, and have thus decided to surrender my pursuit of that sword, though it is rightfully mine.  Though, you will do me a favor, in return of this.  If you choose not to, then I will be forced to take back what is rightfully mine.  To this, I give my word."

            "So, all I have to do to get you to leave me alone is to do this little favor for you?  Might I ask what in the hell this favor is?"

            "Simple, to deal with a human for me…" Their conversation continued on, formulating his plan, and Inu Yasha's eyes grew wide at the end of it, and then smirked.

            "Now if that's all irony.  As much as you boast, I'm the one with a Youkai, and you lose it over a human." Sesshoumaru growled a moment, and then forced himself to calm down.  No use getting worked up over something trivial, when trying to get what you wanted.

            "Perhaps, but isn't it true, your mate was a human once as well?" Inu Yasha blushed, and then nodded before turning away from him.

            "I'll do what you want, DEAR BROTHER, though I don't know why she would listen to me anymore than she would you."  He ignored the comment from Inu Yasha.

"Meet me back here in three days time.  I will expect you to have what I desire." He nodded slowly, and then left.  Sesshoumaru sighed.  Well, that wasn't as painful as he thought it would be.  He shuddered, he was actually working with his hanyou half brother, the world must have finally come to an end, as that was always what he told himself when that would happed.  He turned back to the place he had left Rin, knowing that Inu Yasha would take care of this for him.  Knowing that hanyou, he would rather get a small thing from a spinster than face him in yet more countless battles, over his sword and heritage with him.  Once again he found himself gripping the Tenseiga… Rin.  He headed back to them.  He would carry her back to the densha now, no matter how that old toad protested.  Tonight, he would prepare a new room for her, and let her finish healing, ease her out of her shock.  And in three days time…  In three days time, his plan would be complete.  It now depended entirely on the vile Inu Yasha, and how well the hanyou kept his promises.  He felt a sinking feeling in his stomach.  He hated having to rely on him for anything, especially something this important.  It was downright disturbing.  Erasing the thoughts of his errant half brother, he found himself back to the place he had deposited Rin.  Without a word to Jaken, who sat intently watching the girl, he came and took her in his arms again, and started once again in the direction of the densha.  He would get there this night, and nothing would stop him from doing so.


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