"Destiny of the Descendant"

Disclaimers: I do not own Xena: Warrior Princess...or any of the characters that may be mentioned. This is my own storyline and I do however Sofi.

Slowly the beeping of machines faded out and the sound of my mother's quiet weeping waned from my ears. Moments later I felt warm sunlight on my face and I realized two things: I felt...healthy and I could breathe freely. Sitting up in the soft grasses that surround me I saw a young boy making his way over. He reached a hand down to me and for some reason I took it without hesitation.

"Hi Sofi. My name's Solan."

"Hi." I looked at him warily. "How'd you know my name?"

"You are a descendant of my family. I'm here to guide you along this part of your journey."


"All in due time…" He grabbed my hand and led me through the grassy fields….

Meanwhile atop Mt. Fuji:

Gabrielle was pleading with Xena to allow her to place her ashes in the fountain.

"Please Xena! We're running out of time!"

"No Gab, this is the way it has to be."

Before Gabrielle could respond, the pair was interrupted by a blinding flash of light.

"Hurry Gabrielle, do it!" A familiar voice urged.


"I don't have time to explain," the goddess looked behind her at the sinking sun. "For the love of the gods, Gabrielle! NOW!"

"But the forty thousand…" Xena protested.

Never before had either seen Aphrodite so angry. "Damn it Xena...Akemi was wrong!"

With those words barely spoken, Gabrielle flew into action and practically dumped Xena's ashes into the gently bubbling waters in front of her. A swirling mist began to rise from the waters and surround Xena's ethereal form.

Both Gabrielle and Aphrodite watched, mesmerized by the sight before them. When the mist began to fade back into the waters, the goddess quietly returned all three to Greece.