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My dick swells against the zipper of my jeans, and I yank her closer, gripping her arms, slamming my mouth down onto hers. She moans, and I am desperate. Desperate to feel her around me, desperate to get Bella out of my head, so I can prove to myself that I still love my wife.

I strip her out of her clothes and lay her across the counter top. I leave my clothes on, but push my jeans down my thighs. Reaching up, I run my finger through the folds of her wet pussy, and she cries out, begging me to fuck her.

Jerking her forward, I slam inside of her, watching as her tits bounce. I fuck her hard and unforgiving, my fingers gripping her too tight, but when I close my eyes I see Bella.

Her long, dark hair.

Gorgeous brown eyes.

The way she scrunches her nose when she teases me.

Her giggling with Max and Low.

The way she loves and nuzzles Leo.

I shake my head, fucking Tanya faster, harder, sweat dripping down my forehead. I fuck my wife, not Bella.


Not Bella, who cooks me dinner almost every night, who hides sweets in her house for me and Max because Tanya won't buy them, who wants me to build her a house, who invites me to lunch at the diner just because.

I don't fuck Bella, the girl next door who crashed into my life, stealing a place in my heart.

I fuck my wife.


I squeeze my eyes tighter, slowing my thrusts as I imagine Bella laid out beneath me, her tiny little body yielding to me, her hands running up my arms, loving and caring, her sweet voice whispering "fuck me harder, Edward."

I gasp, grinding my dick inside her, watching as she throws her head back, her mouth parted as she comes around my cock. Groaning, I jerk inside her, coming harder than I ever have in my life.

"Edward," Tanya says, her hand running through my sweat damp hair. She's not Bella, and I fucking feel sick that for one second I thought she was.