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Chapter 5

After our food arrives, we eat, and then I shower. For some reason, I don't have any fear of Edward. I've never really been around many people in a small space though. Other than Dad, Embry, Mrs. Cope, and a few of the guys at the station, no one else really came to our house after my mom died. I've never been a social butterfly, that's for sure.

I step out of the shower and dry myself off. I get dressed and towel-dry my long hair. I decide to not bother using the blow dryer, so I part my hair and braid it. I put a French braid on each side and look in the mirror. I sigh when I realize I now look like I'm twelve. I brush my teeth and quickly pick up my mess.

Going back into the room, I see that Edward is stretched out on his bed reading. I go about putting my things away before walking toward my bed.

"So, what are you reading?" I ask politely.

"Just this pamphlet about student housing. I'm not sure it's what I want. Actually, from looking at this, I'm pretty positive it is exactly what I don't want," he says tossing it into the trash can. "My parents had been trying to convince me to share an apartment, but there's no way that'll happen now. So student housing may be my only choice, but I hope not. I've been told that finding off-campus housing can be hard, if you want to be close to campus."

"I was very lucky to get an off-campus apartment that is what I was told, anyway. If you can't find an apartment, what are you planning to do?"

"Well, if I can't find something close to campus, I'll stay in a hotel, close to campus until my belongings arrive along with my car. When that happens, I'll find a place a little further away and just commute."

"That doesn't sound like very much fun. I mean, I don't hate to drive, obviously, but daily commutes in traffic around the bay area could be nerve wracking, or so I've read."

"I suppose it can be, but hopefully not, though. So why do you have an off-campus apartment as a freshman instead of living in a dorm?"

"Remember my selection method?" I ask with a giggle.

"Yeah, I suppose that does throw a wrench into things, doesn't it?" he laughs.

"Yeah, I applied before the rest of my class graduated, but I still was considered to be a late admission. My grades have always been good, but I never had any plans set in stone, until my dad died."

"I'm sorry," Edward says and I can hear the sympathy in his voice.

"Don't feel sorry for me. I mean that in a nice way, but I can hear the empathy in your voice. It sucks that I had to lose my dad, but honestly deep down, I know he is happier now. I know he loved me, but when my mom died, a piece of him died, too. I'm sure that they are both happily reunited and watching over me."

"I'm sure they are. I'm glad you're going to be in Frisco; it'll be nice to hang out sometime, if you want?" he says.

"Yeah, that would be great. The way things are going, if you can't find a place you can always crash at my place for a while," I say in a joking manner.

"Bella, you're entirely too sweet. I can't imagine imposing on you like that. I feel bad enough imposing on you like this."

"So far, Edward, I've been more comfortable around you than I am around most people. I haven't felt as if you've imposed on me at all. On the contrary, here you are running from a crazy girl and then you get stuck with me."

"I can deal with your kind of crazy," he laughs.

"Yeah, well you haven't heard me talk in my sleep yet," I deadpan.

"That ought to be epic," he says with a grin.

I roll my eyes and pull back my covers and fluff my pillow.

Outside a loud clap of thunder rumbles, and suddenly a bolt of lightning strikes something nearby. This causes the whole building to tremble. I shriek, at first everything gets really bright and then the power goes out. I exhale in relief as the emergency light above the door comes on.

I look over to Edward with my hand covering my mouth and he looks slightly amused.

"Are you laughing at me?" I ask in a tone that screams I'm upset.

"No … well … yes, but not because you're scared. I chuckled because you shrieked really loudly, but when the emergency light came on you let out a huge sigh, like that little battery-operated light is the saving beacon to your pending doom."

"It is. I'm ... I'm-kind-of-scared-of-the-dark," I say the last part really fast.

"Bella, it's okay to be scared of the dark, but I will protect you. We clearly cannot watch a movie now, and reading by that light isn't feasible, so sit down and let's go back to asking each other more questions. What do you say?"

I hurry up and jump into my bed and cover up. It's times like this, I wish my dad was still alive; he was always able to sooth away my fears during big storms. "Well, I think we should start with basic questions first. You start – ask your question, but also give your answer, that way I don't have to ask the same one. What do you think of that?"

"Is that your first question?" he asks.

"No, I said that you could go first."

"Fair enough, but since I was lame and wasted my first question on something dumb, it's your turn."

"Edward, what in the world will I do with you?"

"Hmm, interesting question, Isabella, but I'm not quite sure how to answer that yet. I can think of lots of things you can do with me, but I think we should get to know each other much better first."

"Are you always such a flirt?"

"Are you going to answer the last question?"

"Fine. I'm not sure what I will do with you, but right now I'm glad you're here with me," I answer as the wind outside howls and thunder booms fill the air.

"No, I'm not a flirt, not intentionally anyway," he says.

"I think you are and just don't realize it. I'm personally not much of a flirt, but then I'm not really a social person."

"Not social, Bella, you're one of the nicest and most caring girls I've met in a very long time."

"Thanks," I reply shyly. "What is your absolute favorite comfort food?" I ask trying to step back from personal questions.

"My mom's meatloaf," he says with a sigh.

"Her meatloaf must be good if it gets that kind of reaction," I giggle. "My favorite comfort food is Lasagna."

"Good Lasagna is not easy to find."

"I make my own, from my great-grandmother's recipe. What is your favorite color?"

"I like a lot of different colors, but I think shades of blue are my favorite."

"I'm partial to green myself, but then I did grow up in the greenest area ever."

"What is the best book you've ever read?"

"You're going to laugh at me," I sigh, "but it is Pride and Prejudice."

"So, are you looking for your own Mr. Darcy?"

"I'm not sure what I'm looking for; now what is your favorite book?"

"Great Expectations is my favorite book. I really like how Pip is so passionate, yet idealistic. He always expects more of himself than what's rational."

"Do you see yourself as a modern day Pip?"

"I find we have similarities; however, I don't feel any of us can live up to the characters in a fictional masterpiece. We all have to forage our way through life and make of it what we can."

"Yeah, making dreams and desires become reality is our biggest life goal. Sometimes I wish I knew exactly what it is that I want to do the most. I grew up so sheltered, I just have no idea. I guess that is why I chose where I would go to college the way I did. The adventure and the surprise is what make it easier for me."

"Well, I for one am glad you blindly chose San Francisco, because meeting you has reaffirmed my belief that there are truly worthy, and loving people in the world."

I can't say anything in return because I am overwhelmed with the feelings of butterflies in my stomach brought on by the kindest words I've heard from someone who wasn't related to me.

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