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Trapped From The Storm

The antidote Haibara had given him worked really well, however, it wasn't perfect. Well, since Shinichi had stuck being a child for the last 3 years, the ability to grow taller ceased. The shrunken-scientist had said it was one of its side effects, thus the Heisei-Holmes was in the same height forever. Ran told him she was going to be taller than him, the detective just laughed at the impossibility, he earned a glare from her at that. Shinichi told her about his secret, of course. Before Haibara had given the antidote, he made sure to get the Black Organization behind bars, he didn't do it alone.

Ran was upset when he first told her, she was so upset she didn't talked to him for a year. He had been telling her his reasons, his apologies to her, and never did a day had passed when he wasn't standing outside her house. It worked out, obviously, but it was never the same as before. Before Shinichi had become Conan, he and Ran could speak to each other freely. Now, it was more awkward. They still hang out as friends, but there was a wall that was never there before to block their comfort with each another. Shinichi knew Ran had moved on, and begrudgingly, he had too. Their friendship had grown distant, and even if his feelings for her came back, Ran's wouldn't.

Tonight, Shinichi was personally invited to investigate the murder case at the mountains. Winter had come, and the snow wasn't shy to reveal it's coldness to everyone in Japan. The owner of the hotel told the detective that his costumer's family members would dissappear at night, then their bodies would appear at the woods the next week, with the absence of their organs in their bodies. Based on the families', the victims went out for a smoke, went back to grab what they left in the car, and looked for a signal for their devices. Before they went back inside the building, they were already taken away. The owner would find tracks of blood on the snow in the morning. The kidnapping was smooth, making sure that no one could hear the victim's scream for help, and their weren't that much disturbance in the area for the kidnapping to be more than 1 person. The Heisei-Holmes had guessed right when he saw Yuuto-san, one of the guests in the hotel, went out for a smoke when a shadowed man slowly appeared from the bushes, and dragged the businessman from behind and into the darkness. The man had thrashed violently, screams muffled by the culprit's hand. Shinichi had told inspector Megure before jumping out of the window from the third floor, and landed on top of a pile of hay before dashing into the woods while Megure shouted for him.

The case was unheard of from the people who weren't a part of the operation, the culprit didn't know the police would come. It was that, or he was so desperate to kill another person, that there was no choice but to do it while in their presence. That was what Shinichi had to find out.

The detective panted as he ran through the snow, pale face flushed and his lips chapped. Shinichi had to find them really soon, more snow were piling up from the ground, and there was the possibility of a storm. The footprints he had been following was quickly being covered by the snow, it would be a matter of time before they completely dissappeared. Every time the detective exhaled, his breath would come out of puff of clouds, it was getting colder.

"Crap." The Heisei-Holmes narrowed his eyes. There were no more footprints, they were completely hidden. This wasn't good. The wind wasn't friendly as it violently blew cold wind into the forest, the snow was also making his vision blurry, there was nothing to see there anymore. His eyes searched around, for something, anything. Finally, he spotted something from afar. Shinichi shivered as the wind blew on his face, not even the clothes he wore helped a bit. With much effort, he slowly walked forward, until the shadow from the distance formed into a cottage. It was better than nothing.

The Heisei-Holmes realized, his muscles were getting really heavy, he better get inside before he collapsed from exhaustion. For a split second, Shinichi was certain he saw a shadow peeked from one of the house's windows.

After making it to the door, he slowly pushed it open, leaving a creak at it's wake. The sound of boots echoed inside the house as Shinichi slowly walked in, there was nothing inside but wood. Out of the corner of his eyes, something shifted. He dodged the knife he was expecting and kicked the man's shin. The culprit screamed in pain and surprised, before aiming at Shinichi again.


Shinichi kept missing the man's knife.

"You can't dodge forever!" The man laughed maniacally. The door closed.

"I would appreciate it if you stop aiming your knife at him."

The man turned around and has his eyes widen.

"Kaitou KID?!"

Chink. The man fell down, unconscious. The Heisei-Holmes had his arm raised while his dart watch aimed at the thief.

"Decided to chase down murderers KID? Last time I check your attention was only on jewels."

KID grinned, standing between the only door of the house and the detective.

"You got it all wrong, meitantei. I only wanted what this man have in his pockets. I'm not a detective, you are."

"What makes you think I'm just going to let you escape?"

With a snap of his fingers and a puff of smoke, the culprit's jacket dissappeared from it's owner's body, as it appeared on the thief's hand without moving from his place.

"I'm sorry, meitantei, but you lost this round."

KID slowly froze when realization hit him. The Heisei-Holmes smirked.

"You're wrong KID."

The jacket fell down to the floor with a thump, and placed his gloved hands in his pockets casually.

"You're right. As you always are, meitantei. That's why I like you."

Shinichi slowly lowered his arm.


"So, where is it?"

The detective looked at the thief like he was stupid. "You think I'm just going to tell you?"

It was so fast not even Shinichi had expected it. There was blur before KID's face was inches apart from his.

"Was that a challenge?"

Shinichi narrowed his eyes, and thanked the heavens the blush wasn't shown on his face. "You have five seconds to move your face away before I kick you in the shin."

"Hmm, it's not on you then."

Shinichi blushed when he realized the thief had just checked him. He aimed at the thief, who grinned and dodged all the detective's painful kicks.

"No, I don't have it."

They both knew they couldn't leave until the storm died down, they also needed to save their energy. Who knew how long they were going to be stuck in there. So Shinichi ignored the thief for the time being, and got Yuuto-san from the attic, who was unconscious. He wrapped him with some blankets he had found. He also wrapped the culprit with blankets too, with a rope tied around him. It was enough blankets for the both of them, except for Shinichi and KID.

The thief had found firewood, it wasn't much, but it would be enough to keep them warm for a little while. Shinichi sat beside the door, at his left side, was Yuuto-san, tucked warmly in his blankets. At the right, was the culprit. KID sat motionless in front of him, the only sound was the crinkling of the fire and the snow storm outside. The cottage was sturdy enough to stay in place from the violent wind.

Even with the fire, Shinichi was still shivering, but not visibly. And it got harder for him to stay awake. His eyes looked up at KID, who had his legs stretched out in front of him, staring blankly at the fire. The detective took a glance at it too, it was getting smaller. They had no more wood. There wasn't anything they could burn with.

A minute passed, and the only light in the house died down. Almost an instant, the room grew colder. It was pitch black. Silence. 10 minutes passed, Shinichi was shivering more now.

Footsteps could be heard, coming towards him, as the Heisei-Holmes felt something soft surround his shoulders. It was KID's cape.

"Oi, you don't have to–"

"If you say something and refused to let me help you, I will burn those blankets. Understood?"

Shinichi widen his eyes. The cape was warm, and really comfortable.

"Don't be stupid. You need this more than I do."

"I can practically hear your teeth chatter, meitantei. Don't be so stubborn and just wear it alright?"

Before the detective could protest again, the thief walked back to the other side and sat down.

Now Kaito was starting shiver. Well, as long as the detective stays warm. It was really so like of Kudo Shinichi to go after the culprit when there was a storm coming. KID had planned to get the jewel from Yuuto-san, but then he was kidnapped. Well, after he saw the detective went after the man, Kaito had to ran after him. The blankets he had with him, were being used by the two unconscious people. He really was going to burn the blankets if the detective refused.

A sigh and Kaito's head perked up when he heard footsteps coming towards him. He felt annoyed, was he going to give it back to him again?

"Hey, didn't I say you use it?"

"I know. I just thought it would be better if both of us didn't freeze to death."

Kaito was surprised when the detective sat beside him, their shoulders brushed, as Shinichi wrapped the both of them with his cape. He felt warmth on his face, and something else. He could feel the other shivering beside him, he was still cold.

"You're right, it is better."

He reluctantly placed an arm around the detective's shoulders. Even his neck was cold.


Kaito had thought he had done something wrong, and was about to put his arm back and apologized when the detective stopped him.

"Look, just.. just for tonight. Alright?"

He surveyed the detective for a moment, thinking if this was a joke or something. When silence only greeted him, he nodded. He was serious.

"No worries, meitantei. None of this happened at all."

He wrapped his arms around the form of the detective. 'He's really thin..' Kaito noticed.

"Thanks, I really appreciate it KID."

Meitantei was surely full of surprises tonight. "Don't mention it."

None of them said a word, 10 min later, the Heisei-Holmes was out like a light. Turns out, he was really exhausted. Kaito hummed a song he had remembered and slowly drifted into lala land. The detective was no longer shivering, and was just sleeping in the thief's arms.

"What were you thinking meitantei? Running into a snow storm."

He yawned then placed his chin on top of the detective's head. He smiled.

The feeling of him in his arms, was amazing. Kaito didn't know when these feelings grew, but he wanted this moment to last forever. Tomorrow, after the storm, they'll be back to their usual lives. However, Kaito wanted Shinichi in his life, as much as Kaito want to be in his too. But not yet, after everything is done, he can't let Shinichi involve in his mission. He already had his plate full, after putting the most dangerous organization behind bars, the detective deserved a break after everything.

Kaito intertwined his fingers with Shinichi's, and placed a kiss on his forehead.

"Someday.. I will tell you. I love you, Shinichi. In the meantime, wait for me."

The storm outside continued, however none of it's winds managed to come inside, as the theif joined the detective to sleep. Everyone was asleep, warm, and comfortable.