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Valentine's Day

With a swift kick, the detective aimed the soccer ball towards the grinning thief, who dodged it effortlessly. Creating another one, she sent it flying through the air. Yet again, KID avoided it. Pulling out his card gun, he shot a dozen at the detective's way. Shinichi ran behind a wall, protecting her from the sharp edges of the cards.

"Really meitantei-chan," She heard KID talking behind the wall, at the same time, her eyes darted down when she saw an alarm clock. The hand was three seconds away at twelve thirty.


"You've got to do better than that." Before it exploded, Shinichi quickly moved to the side, saving herself from being covered head to toe with glue and glitters.

The Heisei-Holmes smirked, standing straight, as she created another soccer ball.

"Is that all you've got?" With much more effort this time, she kicked the ball towards the thief, making it fly even faster.

Both hands in his pockets, KID swiftly took a step to the side, avoiding the projectile easily. "You still haven't learned, meitantei-chan."

"I think it's just you." Said Shinichi, never losing her smirk. KID realized the ball she sent to him earlier, had bounced at the wall behind him, and was now close to making contact. There was no way to dodge it, so he shot it with his card gun. The thief noticed a presence near him, and was shocked to see that the detective had managed to get behind him so fast. He then blocked her powerful kick to his face with both of his arms as a shield, next he moved his upper body backwards to avoid a punch, as well as getting a black eye. KID looked at her all bandaged up fingers.

"You sure have gotten a lot faster, but times up." Shinichi heard a timer had set off behind her, as many ribbons tied themselves around the detective.

She tried to test the bindings when it didn't even loosened, except it tightened the more she moved so she stopped. Annoyed, she glared at him. "What the heck KID?"

The thief grinned at her dismay. "Don't you look cute now? Blue does suit you."

"I'll give you a painful kick if you don't get me out of this thing right now."

"Why? I prefer you more this way."

"KID." Shinichi warned.

"What got you so fired up tonight meitantei?"

"You really want to know?" At that moment, the very pavement they stood on began to shake, as well was the screaming were getting even closer. Shinichi made a deadpanned looked. "I was just being told to stall you."

The metal door that was used to reach the rooftop was busted open by none other than Sonoko."KID-sama!"

Behind her, was all of his fans. The moment they saw the white caped thief, they all screamed at the top of their lungs.

KID took a bow. "Thank you for coming, I hope you all had enjoyed my performance." With just that, all of the girls melted.

'Oh boy..' Thought the detective.

"KID-sama, It's Valentine's Day, and I have something for you." Said Sonoko with sparkling eyes. All of the girls started waving their chocolates to the thief, each pushing their way towards KID.

"Kaitou KID!" Nakamori came out of the door, followed by the other Kaitou KID task force.

"I will not let you get away!"

With a snap of his fingers, all of the chocolates disappeared from their hands.

KID suddenly appeared on the railing. "Thank you for your gifts, I will never forget them. Farewell, my ladies." He then jumped backwards, followed by his fans' cheers.

"Get him!" Shouted the inspector, as they make their way to the edge. A helicopter that was ridden by one of Nakamori's men, followed the thief who was flying away in a handglider.

"Damn you, KID." Nakamori gritted his teeth, he then faced the crowd. "What are you all still standing around here for? Go home!"

At that time, Shinichi has removed all of the ribbons around her.

"Hmph!" The girls started to head downstairs.

"Shinichi!" Sonoko ran to the detective's side, and patted her shoulder. "I appreciate for what you did, now KID-sama will notice me!"

'She never gives up..'

"No problem."

"See ya." Everyone left except the inspector, the KID task force, and the detective. Shinichi felt her left pocket had became heavier than it was several minutes ago, taking her hand inside, she was a bit confused when something solid hit her hand. Looking down at it, she saw the jewel in her pocket.

"Kudou Shinichi!" Shinichi saw the man walked up to her front and glared her down. "Not only you have let KID get away, you also didn't get the jewel. It would be better if you don't show up at KID's heists anymore."

"If I hadn't come along, it would be too late before someone could guess where KID's next target would be, and we both know that we're both after KID so you can't tell me not to come to his heists anymore." With every word she said, she sensed the inspector's heated glare rising.

"I'm the only one that can capture KID!" Shouted Nakamori, hands forming into fists.

"It will be a while before you do, so you'll need someone else's help. And KID didn't got away with the jewel." Although still angry, that got him confused. Shinichi took out the shiny ruby necklace and gave it him. "He put it in my pocket."

He stared at it for a second.

"Fine, you can come to his heists, but next time, leave all the work to me. We'll call you if we really need you." Nakamori glared at her one more time, before he and the rest of the KID Task force left.

With no one around, the detective hesitantly put her bandaged fingers inside her right pocket, and took it out.

'I forgot to give it to him..'

The wrapper was all white, with a silky blue ribbon tightly secured around the small square shaped box.

'What was I thinking?' She stared hard at the neatly wrapped box in her hand, demanding it to answer her questions. Her gaze then landed to her watch, it was almost one. It was also getting really late, she still had school tomorrow and three years worth of homework waiting for her back home. She wasn't looking forward to it.

"What a waste." She moved her hand to grasp the end of the ribbon, intending to open it and eat it herself. "KID wouldn't like the chocolate I made anyway."

"You made that for me?"

Shinichi felt her body went cold at the sound of KID's voice beside her. He was on top of the railing, with his knees bent in a crouched position and was facing the detective, who really wanted to leave right now.

"W-Why are you still here KID?" She placed the box back in her pocket.

The thief smiled. "I didn't plan to leave just yet."

The detective narrowed her eyes in suspicion, however, KID just continued to smile at her that made reading his expression utterly difficult.

Shinichi sighed instead. "You know what? It's getting really late and I really don't have enough strength in me to waste more time with you." It was the truth though, she had went through a lot of paperwork, cases, and other things today that left her completely exhausted. Besides, they got the jewel. All Shinichi wanted was to sleep in her bed.

The detective made her way towards the door, and didn't stop even when the phantom thief continued to talk to her. "Where are you going?"

"Where do you think? I'm leaving."

"But don't you have something to give me?"


"Really? Then what about this chocolate you made for me?"

Shinichi had a feeling that the chocolate was no longer in her possession. She stopped herself from gripping the handle, placed her hand inside her pocket, and when what she felt was proven right she turned around to face the thief with wide eyes.

He was no longer in a crouched position, rather, he was standing on the pavement as he leaned back on the railing. Swiftly walking back, the detective quickly grabbed the box from a grinning KID. "It's not for you."

She didn't looked at his face as she head back towards the door.

"You're lying, I heard you meitantei-chan~."

Shinchi felt her face getting hot, still, she didn't stopped from walking. The sooner she gets home, the better. "I'm still not going to give it to you."


The detective opened the door, and paused. "Because, I don't know what it will taste like."

Shinichi heard the thief walk towards her, and stopped just a few feets away.

"Just give it to me, and I'll tell you." KID held out his gloved hand.

The detective was still unsure of herself. Most of her cookings were not good, this was most likely no different, she just followed the recipe from her mom's cook books.

This was a bad idea.

Hesitantly, she gave it to the thief's waiting palm.

When she saw that he was beginning to open it, nervousness washed all over her. "Save it for later."

"What's the harm of eating it now?" KID asked, as he opened the wrapper with care. He then took a bite of it.

It was a 'thank you' gift, for helping her friends in the past. As well was saving her, many times. Shinichi stayed her gaze to the side, as the silence went on, so was her nervousness.

The detective was about to leave when KID spoke. "It's not bad." She finally looked at the thief's face, to see if he was just lying, but all she saw was a genuine appreciation of a treat.

"It's very sweet, I love it."

The detective felt her face grew even hotter. It was the first time she ever baked for someone, due to always busy with school, her job as detective, and especially when she got shrunk as a kid. She never had the time to learn to cook for herself when her parents where away, or when Ran wasn't available.

KID took both of her hands. "Is it the cause for these?"

He landed a kiss on her bandaged hand. Shinichi couldn't stand it anymore. "It is."

She pulled her hands away and turned around. "See you later, KID." She began to walk away, but before she could take another step, she felt her hand being pulled back.

"One more thing, meitantei-chan."

KID turned her around and kissed her, Shinichi just stood there, dumbfounded. Several moments passed by, KID leaned back a little to speak.

"Thank you, Shinichi." Before the detective could land a kick, he jumped on the railing, and winked at her with the chocolate in his hand. Shinichi glared daggers at him, however, with a very red face it was losing their usual heat. Instead, she created a soccer ball and aimed it at him, at the same time, KID dodged it as he jumped away and left on his handglider.

Shinichi wiped her lips, when she pulled her arm away, she saw a bit of chocolate on the back of her hand. Deciding to give it a taste, she took a lick of what was left on her lips, as delicious sweetness spreaded all over tongue. Her heart skipped a beat. "Stupid thief."