Author Note: Ah this insanity. A story bordering on the edge of crazy so often.

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A yawn emits from Miki's mouth as she sits up. She instinctively glances at her legs to make sure she's not pinned under objects. Upon verifying that nothing is pinning her down she stands up and glances around the room. The room she is in appears to be a simple office. A desk sits overturned on the left side of the room. A second desk is on the right side of the room. A set of filing cabinets sit against the wall closest to the door. A locker with a simple key lock also sits there. Miki shakes her head before looking over the walls. No windows and only a single door. A door that after having the handle jiggled is verified to be locked. Miki shakes her head before approaching the overturned desk. She pushes it upright before checking over the drawers. Two of the drawers are locked. The third draw's lock had been broken when the desk had been knocked over.

"Bingo. Let's see what you have." Miki says as she opens the drawer. Laying haphazardly in the drawer is a set of metal picks. A syringe with a blue liquid is also in the drawer. Miki carefully removes the syringe and places it on the top of the desk before removing the picks. She hums to herself as she begins picking the lock of one of the other drawers. She pauses upon hearing a static click. She opens the drawer and sighs. Three more syringes were in it. A second blue one, a yellow one, and a glowing green one with a biohazard symbol on it. Miki stares at this third syringe in shock. An electronic click makes her look around the room for the intercom.

"Morning Miki! Are you enjoying your escape the room scenario?" Misshistsu asks through the intercom. Miki laughs lightly before holding up the green syringe.

"Why is this in play?" Miki asks. The silence that comes from the intercom is not reassuring. After a few minutes Misshistsu finally speaks.

"Well then. A Radiation Syringe this soon. Well, have fun with having one guaranteed kill. I'm not bothering to take that away." Misshistsu says before giving a drawn out sigh. The intercom then clicks off. Miki shakes her head before picking the lock on the third drawer. Laying within this drawer is a scrap of paper and two 9mm handgun clips. She places the two clips with the other items laying on top of the desk and glances at the piece of paper. Scribbled on the note in red ink is the simple note of Yellow = Petrify. Miki grimaces as she glances at the yellow syringe. Miki then notices that the desk has a pencil drawer. She pulls at it to test if it's locked and is surprised as it slides open. Before looking into the desk she glances around the room again. She pauses upon seeing a poster on the wall detailing simple office safety tips. She then glances back down at the desk in particular the note. She sighs upon realizing her mistake. She then looks in the three already opened drawers. A quick search nets her another blue syringe, two red ones and a purple one. The purple on is thankfully labeled with a crossed out skull which is a very good indication of its effect.

Miki smiles as she looks in the pencil drawer. Tucked neatly within the drawer is not only another set of metal picks but also a wallet like object. Miki ignores the picks in favor of grabbing the wallet. She flicks it open and smiles. Tucked neatly in a slot in the wallet is a pink vial that is labeled as Med-Stim. A LED screen reveals that there are three in total. Miki quickly puts the yellow syringe in the pouch and labels it Pet-Poison when the prompt to label it is offered. She then takes care to enter the other syringes. After making sure everything is sorted she grabs the picks and adds them to the ring that held her other ones.

"That's this desk searched." Miki says as she walks towards the second desk. She pauses to look at the safety poster. She smirks upon noticing an error on the poster. She glances up at the intercom and waits. After about three minutes the electronic click of it turning on is heard.

"What is it, Miki?" Misshistsu's voice asks.

"I want to know something. As I have reasonable cause to believe this I ask to not take any sanity degradation." Miki says. Misshistsu can be heard sighing.

"Let's hear your case. I'll decide afterwards." Misshistsu says. A snicker can be heard on the intercom as well. Miki tilts her head before nodding to herself.

"The blue syringe is the Med-Stim one. The pink syringe that is labeled as the Med-Stim one is actually the Ven-Poison one. I have already found a blood note which indicates that the Yellow one is Pet-Poison and no other poison would be in play this soon." Miki says. Misshistsu laughs.

"And what leads you to believe that the blue syringe is Med-Stim?" Misshistsu asks. Miki casually points to the poster on the wall.

"Safety rule number three on this poster. If injured use a Med-Stim. It depicts a blue syringe not the pink ones that are labeled that way." Miki says. Clapping is heard from the intercom.

"Bravo, Miki. Yes the blue one is Med-Stim. Yes the pink is Ven-Poison. Yes you will be walking away from this one with no degradation. Well besides what the blood note did." Misshistsu says before the intercom clicks off. Miki smiles to herself as she goes to check the next drawer.

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