Once they arrived back at Daryl's home, Amity made quick work of taking over the man's kitchen.

She used him as a resource for hunting down the pans she would need before shooing him out, advising him to go hit things with a hammer or whatever it is men like him did when they had a moment to themselves.

That had pulled a scoff and an eye roll from the man which had her laughing before truly threatening him with the spatula in her hand if he didn't get out of her way.

It was only once the chicken was breaded and frying and she turned to find a strainer so that she could drain the boiled potatoes that she realized Daryl hadn't gone far.

The man leaned against the entryway between his living room and kitchen, apparently content to stand there in silence and watch her cook.

Their eyes met when Amity turned, the woman's going wide at the realization of his presence, and the mechanic had enough mind to look sheepish over being caught.

Considering him for a moment, Amity hummed to herself before smiling.

"If you're not going anywhere then you might as well make yourself useful." She told him, gesturing for him to join her before turning to put the strainer in the sink and dumping the potatoes into it. Afterwards, she transferred them into a bowl and hunted down the potato masher.

Turning to Daryl, who had now wandered further into the kitchen at her request, Amity held the potato masher out to him and he eyed it like a snake.

"Come on, Chief. Put them biceps to work." She said, teasing him even as she pressed the masher into his hand then snagged his wrist to tug him over to the bowl.

"Leave them a little chunky and if you're unsure, just ask and I'll take a look, but I'm going to be doing my damnedest not to burn our chicken for the next few minutes," Amity explained before flitting off over to the stove and leaving the man in her wake.

Daryl did as directed and got to work mashing the potatoes as Amity fried the chicken.

He would admit only to himself that he enjoyed the quiet collaborative roles that they had fallen into. They weren't chatting one another's ears off but they were working on two parts of a whole and there was something nice about that. Something... domestic.

Daryl glanced over at the redhead once he believed he had finished mashing the potatoes and stayed silent so that he could simply watch her. Her auburn locks had been pulled back into a high ponytail as soon as they had all of the groceries unloaded. He assumed doing anything with that much hair to get in the way couldn't be easy.

The woman carefully transferred a few pieces of chicken from the pan onto a plate, obviously taking care not to burn herself, and Daryl wondered if he should intervene and help, but he refrained.

In no time, Amity had a plate piled high with fried chicken and had corn heated up on the stove. When she looked at Daryl, he quickly dropped his gaze to the bowl of mashed potatoes and snatched it up, holding it out to her for her approval.

Amity jabbed a spoon into the mash to test its consistency then smiled.

"Perfect, Daryl! Thank you!" She chirped, spinning around to the cabinets and opening them in search of more plates.

Reaching over her, Daryl easily lifted two glass plates off the shelf that was just out of her reach and handed them down to her with a smirk of amusement.

The woman narrowed her eyes at Daryl's amusement before sticking out her tongue, grabbing the plates, and turning away.

A few moments later, they were sat at the table with their meal in front of them.

The man went to tuck in immediately but paused when he noticed Amity folding her hands and bowing her head.

Though she hadn't asked him to pray with her or even wait, Daryl felt uncomfortable beginning to eat without the woman who had done most of the cooking so he sat quietly until her blue eyes were opening to meet his once again.

Upon noticing that he had waited, Amity offered him a grateful smile that made him that much happier about his decision to wait for her.

The first bite of chicken had a groan escaping Daryl's lips before he could stop it and Amity laughed.

"That good, huh? I worried that I was out of practice. I cook for my daddy and brother when I can, but I haven't really cooked a proper meal in years. Cooking for one is less fun." She explained, taking a bite of the mashed potatoes as she shrugged her shoulders.

"Ya don't cook for your boyfriend?" Daryl asked before he could stop himself and Amity gave him a flat look.

She had already informed him that she wasn't married and there was no ring on her finger. She thought that the boyfriend-less thing was assumed from that point on but apparently not.

"He doesn't have much of an appetite seeing that he doesn't exist," Amity told him, gauging his reaction as she took another bite of the meal.

Daryl pressed his lips together at her answer, his eyes dropping down to the plate of mouth-watering food as he considered what she said. It made sense that she was single only because of how she was hanging around. He doubted that her boyfriend would have been thrilled with her spending the night in some random guy's place, but still, he didn't know how her and whoever could have operated.

Just knowing Amity made it almost unbelievable that she could be single. He swore up and down that he had never met a woman like her before. She left him breathless with the way she looked up at him with those cornflower blue eyes. She was witty and didn't scare easy, not to mention she was one of the most beautiful damn things he had ever witnessed.

"What about your girlfriend? She doesn't mind that I'm staying around here? I guess I should have asked that before I strong-armed you into sharing a bed with me." Amity said, pulling a face at that.

She wasn't a man stealer. That wasn't her style, but she was stubborn and sometimes had a one-track mind and had just only realized the issues that she could have caused.

"She don't mind much seeing that she don't exist," Daryl said, echoing Amity's earlier smart aleck comment and making her smile.

"Good then, no angry significant others for the either of us then." She said, her voice softer than it had been, shyer as she dipped her gaze.

Daryl eyed her for a moment, noting the slight pink tinge in her cheeks and writing it off as everything under the sun other than a blush before he began to eat once more.

"A car wouldn't blow up like that." Daryl commented as he watched the giant explosion on his television screen.

After his claim, he felt something hit his cheek and turned to see that Amity had chucked a piece of popcorn at him for his skepticism.

"Just enjoy the explosion, Daryl. Enjoy that things go boom in movies because movie life is always cooler than real life." Amity told him, shaking her head.

In response, Daryl threw a piece of popcorn back at her which hit her shoulder, landing in her lap where she picked it up and plopped it into her mouth without hesitation.

"They should still try to make it at least sort of realistic," Daryl grumbled.

After dinner had finished up and they cleaned up the kitchen the best that either of them was willing that night, Amity held up the movie that she had bought at the store before tossing it at him and prompting him to put it into his old ass DVD player.

She had gotten the first of the car movies she had mentioned earlier and despite his skepticism, Daryl was admittedly enjoying it.

"You know there's like five of these?" Amity commented and Daryl looked at her with surprise.

"Five?" He echoed disbelieving and the redhead nodded.

"Yep, apparently cars, crime, explosions, and hot girls sell movie tickets. Who would have thought?" She said, laughing as she adjusted her feet a bit.

Early on in the movie, Amity had thrown her legs over Daryl's lap without much of a care.

She had paused after the action, checking his response and once determining that the mechanic was only confused by the action instead of uncomfortable, she settled into that spot with no plans of moving.

Daryl had noted that her socks were burgundy with small golden circles with wings spattered across them. He thought about asking her what the hell it was that were decorating her socks, but he had a feeling that would lead to another movie that she would tell him he just had to watch.

Not that that notion was one that particularly bothered him.

Daryl was finding that he liked spending time with the lively redhead. He liked the way she teased him and smiled at him. He liked that she seemed to move through life without judgment.

What he didn't like was that he knew she was going to be leaving and that made his chest hurt in a way he didn't like to think too much about.

On screen, two cars had just peeled out onto a strip of road, signaling that another intense race was about to go down just as the door to the trailer swung open.

Amity jumped at the sudden noise, tensing dramatically while Daryl felt his mood instantly deflate at the sight of his brother striding in like he owned the place.

"Well don't the two of you look damn comfortable?" Merle drawled out and Amity immediately scoffed at the man.

She pulled her feet from Daryl's lap, figuring that the younger of the brothers was now going to be uncomfortable with the gesture so she tucked them under her instead.

"Make that past tense," Amity said a bit sourly.

She had been very content and wasn't all too happy with the man who broke her car ruining it.

"Lose the attitude, red," Merle responded, his tone a bit sharp for her liking and she immediately readied herself to spit back at the man, but Daryl intervened.

"Shut it, Merle. Man, just leave it." He told his brother who looked at him before snorting softly.

He walked into the kitchen, muttering all the while as he pulled open the fridge and grabbed a beer.

"Ya cooked, girlie? I know Daryl didn't make no damn fried chicken so you must've." The eldest Dixon called back to them, apparently having found the leftovers in the fridge.

"Help yourself, just leave some for Daryl for tomorrow." She called back, not thinking twice about it but wincing when she realized how... involved that had sounded.

"You packin' him a damn lunchbox too then?" Merle called back, apparently having caught onto that as well.

Amity bristled, more from embarrassment than anything else and quickly scrambled to her feet.

"I'm going to take a shower if that's okay." She told Daryl, her words coming out as more of a rushed mumble and the man eyed her.

Now he was officially beyond irritated with his brother. He wasn't sure why, but for some reason, Merle's last snide remark had gotten to the redhead.

"Yeah, sure. Towels are under the sink." He told her and Amity wasted no time in rushing off down the hallway and grabbing her bag before closing herself in the small bathroom.

Once the water had turned on, Daryl looked at his brother who was sitting at the table with a beer and a plateful of the food Amity had made.

"You're a dick," Daryl told him hotly and Merle scoffed.

"I didn't say shit but the truth, little brother. The woman's been stayin' with you for what? A day? And she's cookin' for you and makin' sure you have leftovers for lunch?" Merle said, his lips pulled up into a sneer. "Actin' like she's got a place 'round here or somethin'."

"She was bein' nice, Merle." Daryl countered, but his brother wasn't buying it.

"No one's that nice. She's wantin' somethin'." Merle reasoned but Daryl shook his head.

"I don't got shit to give her. I'm fixin' her car that you broke to keep your ass from gettin' charged. Ya saw that car. There ain't shit she can get from me, or you." Daryl said.

"It ain't right, Daryl." Merle pressed and as much shit that he was talking about the redhead, Daryl noticed that he didn't have a problem scarfing down the food that she had made.

"You don't know shit for shit," Daryl grumbled.

"Ya fuckin' her then?" Merle asked crudely and Daryl bristled in response.

"Told ya this mornin' that it wasn't like that," Daryl replied.

"You told me shit," Merle said, leaning an elbow heavily against the table as he took a large gulp from the beer he had snatched out of Daryl's fridge. "The girl's stayin' in your place so you should be gettin' somethin' out of it too. Don't tell me she's a coc-"

"I'm fixing her car. She don't owe me shit." Daryl said quickly, cutting off whatever crude remark his brother was going to direct towards the woman.

He heard the water in the bathroom shut off and turned a sharp look to his brother.

"Leave her be, Merle. She's been nice to not press charges on your ass, so leave her be."

Merle rolled his eyes but sat back in the chair, seemingly resigned to doing as Daryl asked.

Letting out a silent breath of relief, Daryl leaned back on the couch and waited to see what the redhead's next move would be.

He knew that Merle had upset her, he just wasn't sure how much.

A few minutes of near silence had passed before Amity popped around the corner of the hall, her eyes finding Daryl's as she pointedly ignored Merle.

Her auburn hair was dark and weight, looking wavier than it did when it was dried. That evening she had changed from her day outfit into a pair of black leggings that fit her legs like a second skin, making Daryl have to put some effort behind not allowing his eyes to roam their long length and a flowing white tank top with some phrase on it that he didn't understand.

It looked like another language so he dismissed it and raised a brow at her expectantly.

"I think I'm going to go to bed. Feel free to finish the movie without me and uh-" Amity hesitated, not sure how to phrase her next words with Merle looking at her, or at least looking at her legs. "-go to bed whenever. I'm a heavy sleeper." She finished, offering the best vague explanation to Daryl that told him that he shouldn't worry about waking her up when he came to bed without outright saying that they were sleeping in the same bed.

"Night, Daryl," Amity said quickly, deciding it was best to press on rather than leaving the words hanging for Merle to sort through. "Goodnight, Merle." She added, glancing over at the ogling man before turning sharply on her heel to disappear back down the hall.

The bedroom door clicked and Daryl weighed his options before his brother's voice interrupted his train of thought.

"If you don't hit that, I'm gonna have to try, boy. Ain't gonna be able to sleep at night if I don't try." Merle drawled out and Daryl felt his hands clench without prompting from him.

"Shuddup, Merle."