Altered version of Skyrim as some creative differences have been placed. I attempted to keep things as they were, but did add some things of my own for fun. Also, I favor the Justice League War movie over the 52, so yeah (cause Shazam is in it and he's just the sweetest lump of pie).


Also known as 'the Old Kingdom' is a vast region in northern Tamriel that became occupied by traveling Nirns. It was the first region populated and is protected by warriors and magical beings alike, bordered by the Kingdoms Morrowind in the East, Cyrodiil to the South, Hammerfell to the South West, and High Rock to the West.

Early in 4E 199, a darkness plagued the land. Civil War started between two factions, the Empire and Storm cloaks (see Civil War of Skyrim for more information) and a Demon known as Alduin, the Demon God of Destruction (see Demon Gods for more information) threatened to tear apart the already fractioned land of Skyrim.

After the defeat of Alduin in 4E 201 at the hand of a mysterious being, who used the Dragons to end the Civil War and place a new King on the throne. The existence of a people known as the Dragonborn (see Dragonborn for more information) was revealed and more studies were thrown into finding out their abilities and powers.

"This is no game, girl!" The child bellowed, slamming his fist to the gilded throne, his golden branch crown set askew. Shutting his enraged blue eyes for a moment, the Child-King of Solitude reopened them after a calming breath, though all in the court were not fooled.

Many of the royals stood on batted breath, eyes flickering between their disgruntled King and Skyrims savior – the Dragonborn. The Dragonborn was loathed by many nobles, as she herself was a lower class, however many peasants worshiped her as the Dragonborn managed to do the impossible: Kill the demon that plagued the lands for over a hundred years, Abaddon.

Because she was of no allegiance, the purpose of this ceremony was to tether the Dragonborn so she may serve the royal family but the unprecedented happened. The Dragonborn refused.

"I am to be bound to no man," The Dragonborn declared as she stood. Though the armored woman used no Thu'um, her voice still carried great power. Greater than the king. Though her white hood and mask obscured her expression, there was no doubting the fire of her brown gaze. "I am the Dragonborn, I will protect my people. All of my people, not one child."

"You dare-!" The young King exclaimed, though before he could continue, his advisor/older half-brother stepped in, looking none too pleased.

The blue eyes only the royal family share stared down at the Dragonborn with disappointment. "Dragonborn," He started, sounding both respectful and condescending. "You do realize that shall you refuse binding yourself to serve and protect the royal family, is treason."

"And binding myself would hinder my efforts to aid the people."

"You are a stubborn woman," The advisor sighed. Straightening up, he lifted a hand. "Death would only cause us troubles in Skyrim, so we must do the next best thing."

Melding from the shadows appeared a large group of mages, all cloaked in purple robes with black trimming. While many in the court broke out in gasps, the Dragonborn stood still and ready.

"You leave us no choice." The advisor stepped back, revealing a smug child in posh robes to stand and bellow:

"Samara of Kingscreek, Dragonborn of Solitude, I hereby banish you from Skyrim into the world beyond! You are forever forbidden from returning!" The boy king crossed his arms and nodded.

As the mages prepared to start their spell, a strong gust of wind blew from the entry way.

All turned and cowered at seeing a man with taut tan skin stand there, his diamond wings twice his size having blown the doors off their hinges and a large skull of a bird covered his face as a masked helm. An Avian, everyone recognized as his azure gaze locked with the boy king. Krosis he was called, the Dragonborns loyal and silent ally since she was a child.

Before the winged man could act, the Dragonborn rose a hand in a halting motion. "Leave it be, old friend," The Dragonborn declared, nodding with a defeated smile in her voice. "If we fight this, it would be the people who suffer. Best if I just go."

The Bronze toned man stabbed the blunt side of his spear in protest, as Avians outside of their clan are unable to speak, conveying his anger and remorse.

With a nod, Samara allowed her gaze to linger towards her friend. "Keep the people safe."

When the Avian did not move, no longer a threat, and when the Dragonborn nodded to the mages, the twelve masters of mystics shouted collectively: "Nahl Govey Vus!"