Samara set the pace for the walk back to Karthwasten. She could've easily used a teleportation stone to get them all back into town quicker, but after explaining to Barry that the stone required a large amount of spiritual energy that would leave her fatigued, he refused and was content on using the two days walk as an excuse to get her strength back.

While she guided the group on the ground, Krosis kept vigilance in the sky, along with Superman, Hal and Shazam, the latter of the three attempting to get the Avian to 'speak' to him in the same manner as Samara and Barry.

Barry, for his part, was keeping his distance; still within reach but was respectful of the woman's need for independence. Ever since Krosis crept into the blondes' mind about how much he knows how Samara valued space, Barry was starting to feel annoyed towards the bird masked man and inadequate of Samara's affection. He was also worried as to how she felt about him; the woman was just about as easy to read as a rock.

Batman was aware of the speedsters sulking mood, easily pin pointing the cause to the tanned humanoid in the sky and sighed in annoyance. Honestly, they were on a mission, now was not the time for childish middle school love triangles, if that was even the case.

Wonder Woman found the entire thing fascinating. Dragons and kings, romance and war, it was all much more enjoyable to live out compared to reading. Plus, it was nice to have another woman to talk to on the team, even if it was only temporary. Sure she liked the JLA, but talking with a like minded woman was a good change of pace not to mention, Samara reminded Diana of an Amazonian, so it helped quell some of that home-sickness she's been feeling the last two days.

Walking in step with the hooded brunette, the raven-haired princess had to ask, out of curiosity and slight boredom, "So, when did you figure out you were a Dragonborn? Was it something you've always known or was it learned through battle?"

Samara looked up to the sky in thought as she answered carefully. "Hmm, a bit of both I think. Growing up, I've always known I was a little different. I was faster than the other kids, stronger. Mother said I was special like my father, despite my never knowing him. It wasn't until I was twelve and killed a Dragon did I realize how special I truly was."

Diana recalled how large those beasts were in shock. Over a hundred meters tall with teeth as large as Superman, all muscle and power capable of destroying a city in minutes. "You defeated one of those beasts when you were still a child?" She questioned in awe.

The white armored woman shrugged. "Like I said, I was different. After that, I was taken in by Greybeards - you would call them monks - to learn the dragon language and use my Thu'um. I took in random quests here and there, mainly bandits or giants until Abaddon came. By then I was around 21 and already vanquished at least ten – fifteen? – problematic Dragons."

Those within hearing (which was everyone) listened into the conversation with great interest. Barry was shocked at how young Samara was when she first became exposed to this type of thing, and on a daily basis. Cyborg was analyzing her heart and brain waves for if she were lying or not (which she wasn't, which made it all the more impressive). Superman and Shazam were impressed and amazed. Hal was slightly intimidated by the girl ('remind me not to piss her off'). While Batman and Krosis continued to look on, both already knowing how capable Samara truly was, by experience and observation.

Diana kept the conversation going, invested in the conversation as it provided profound insight to the girl they are currently working with. "And Krosis? I heard the villagers mention how Avians are supposedly natural enemies to Dragonborn as they are a type of Dragon. How did this partnership come to be?"

Barry listened intently, moving to walk behind them without making it too obvious. Of course, Batman noticed but saw no reason to point him out on it. Again, he thought the rivalry between the speedster and Avian was childish.

Samara glanced up at the tanned man, who still maintained vigilance above her head before she spoke. "I found Krosis when I was a little girl, before I became the Dragonborn. I was climbing the mountains by my village when I came across a strange fully-grown man with wings. Avians are immortal, so he hasn't changed much since I met him, but I do recall his wings being duller the day we met. His wing and arm was trapped under a particularly heavy boulder that day and I just helped him." She smiled fondly. "He had such a nice voice back then. He knew straight away that I wasn't normal simply because I did not throw myself at him or worship him." She giggled. "Instead, I started chastising him about flying during a windstorm and set off on my hike." Her smile faltered. "Later on, the Dragon came and he helped evacuate my village while I went and fought the Dragon with the City Guard; foolish, but worth it. Krosis was then banished from his clan, stripped of his voice and has been with me ever since."

"How noble." Diana noted, looking up to the diamond winged man hovering high above. The sky was still shrouded in a gray blanket, snow slowly starting to fall, but even so, those wings shimmered with a light of their own.

Samara could only hum in acknowledgement, lost in the memories of Krosis and her growing up together. How Krosis was the one who taught her the bow and arrow, long sword and what a Dragons weak points were. He was a good teacher, and a good man. "Can't imagine a world without him by my side." Stopping at a random base of a tree, the brunette glanced around. "This looks like a good place to make camp. We shall rest here till dawn."

The group gave a grunt of agreement before setting off to work gathering firewood, Krosis conjuring warmed blankets and Samara taking out the packed dry meats.

"So, Samara," Shazam called out, munching hungrily on a strip of jerky, smacking his lips together. "What's it like being back home?"

Samara gave a sad smile, gazing into the fire. She hugged herself while the clouds started to grow darker due to the escaping sun. "Tiresome but, fulfilling. I didn't expect things to get this bad before I got here."

"A real leader wouldn't allow his people to suffer over petty pride," Wonder Woman commented sharply.

Superman nodded his agreement from beside the Amazonian. "She's right; if he had just called you sooner, a lot of people could have been spared."

The cognac eyed woman sighed, her breath coming out her mask like white smoke. "Perhaps..." She trailed off suspiciously. The group remained puzzled, so she explained. "The Demon, Phenax, is able to take any form he can. Abaddon was easy to find because he could not change his form. But Phenax is the Demon of Deceit, he's smarter than that."

"He can be anything, become anyone," Batman mused. "Even a king if he wanted."

Samara tapped her finger to her chin, brows furrowed under her hood. "Could he be? It is possible… Then again, he could just as easily be Gregor, the king's advisor."

Hal quirked a brow, thoroughly confused. "You're the only person in the world who can kill him, why would Phenax want you come back?"

"Conquest." Cyborg inputted neutrally. "His victory will mean nothing if he cannot subjugate a being of immense power. For him, besting Samara in battle will only solidify his claim in this world."

"So, the chances of it being someone from the court is pretty high. What do we do?" Barry asked, leaning over from Samaras left to look past her hood.

Linking her fingers, Samara sat upright with a smirk in her voice. "I suppose now is a good time to show you our capital. Solitude."