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Prologue: An Unexpected Connection


"I've finally… caught you~"

"Homura-chan, don't! You'll rip me apart!"

"I told you, Madoka. I'll never let you go again."

"Sayaka-chan, everyone… somebody please… help me…"

Hello, who's there?

"Huh, who are…?"

Falling. No, sinking, yes, she was sinking, deeper and deeper into a watery abyss, far from the surface that was the waking world. Madoka could feel the warm and soothing water around her, slowly she opened her clouded eyes as she felt her descent coming to an end. She felt no irritation in her eyes, the feeling of water dissipating as she came slowly falling onto a bright, glowing platform, the moment her feet touched down she felt as if she was standing once again on dry land.

I am a sleeping heart.

"Sleeping… heart?" Madoka replied to the mysterious voice.

Yes, I went to sleep to reclaim something I lost.

But then, I heard a cry for help in the darkness, and followed it here.

"…I cried for help?" Madoka said quizzically.

You don't remember?

The young pinkette struggled to recollect how she had gotten there, but nothing came to her. She shook her head in response before hanging it disappointedly.

But you're heart.

It's been fractured.

"It has?" Madoka said. She looked around and realized that the floor she stood on truly was just a small fragment of what seemed to be a much bigger, circular pillar. "Oh, you're right, I guess… something must have happened." She deduced, deeply troubled that she couldn't seem to remember. Suddenly, she was brought out of her thoughts by the feeling of an eerie presence. From the very edge of the fragment, a dark haze began to form and spread around it, slowly forming into the shape of the missing piece of the pillar. "What's happening?"

Your heart is being rebuilt.

"Oh, thank goodness." She said with a sigh of relief.

But… this terrible darkness…

"Huh?" Madoka gasped with concern. Suddenly, she felt a cold aching in her chest and a pounding in her head as the darkness continued to spread beyond what was missing and into the small fragment of light that remained. "What… what's happening? Stay away!" Madoka cried as she stepped away from the creeping darkness. She clumsily tried to keep her balance as she nearly stepped off of the platform. She looked over at the dark abyss that awaited her with a single misstep and couldn't help but step away from the edge, her foot sinking into the darkness that engulfed the fragment.

"Ahh!" She cried as her other foot sank as well. She desperately tried to remove her appendages from the black sludge, but the struggling only made her sink deeper and deeper. "No, I'm… I'm slipping away!" She said as she began to struggle to even keep consciousness the more she was swallowed by the darkness. She could feel it, fabricated memories flowing into her, suffocating her, consuming her. Pretty soon, there would be nothing left of her true self.

"No, no please stop… I-I don't want this, I'm scared!" She pleaded to the empty void, reaching out her only free hand. Tears weld up in her eyes as the darkness swallowed her face, blinding her and threatening to drown her, to silence her for good.

Here, I'll help you.

Madoka felt a warm hand grasp at her own; her vision obscured by darkness one moment was now blinded by light the next. As she struggled to keep her eyes open, she could make out the faint shape of a person, taking hold of her hand and heaving her out of the dark. The light faded slightly once she was on solid ground again, she saw the light of her fragment begin to grow, to chase away the darkness until it covered about a third of the space, seems that's all that could be saved.

Our hearts have joined.

Suddenly, the light and darkness both shined a bright pink, Madoka looking in awe as the space turned into a stained-glass floor, depicting herself sleeping on a rim of strange teardrop shaped symbols. The background depicted a panoramic view of a cityscape at night as seen from a field of flowers.

Somebody else's darkness has filled your heart.

But don't worry.

Until you can free yourself from it, I'll help you protect the part that makes you "you".

"…Thank you." Madoka said with immense gratitude, clutching her chest as she enjoyed the warm, comforting light that filed her heart. Her clouded, golden eyes came to life again as they flashed a deep blue before fading into a bright pink that matched the color of her hair.

It's time to wake up now.

See you again…someday.

Madoka let out a small gasp as she woke up from her slumber, clutching a stuffed rabbit in her arms with her hair and bed sheets a mess. She sat up on the bed, letting out a tired sigh as she snuggled up against her sleeping companion.

"What a weird dream." She said as she struggled to recall the details. She looked around at her room, there were still boxes left unpacked, but she had already begun to fill the room with her personal belongings, slowly but surely turning it into a comfortable abode for her. She glanced over at the clock on her nightstand before letting go of the rabbit and crawling over to the window, pulling apart the blinds and opening it up, letting in the cool spring breeze.

"Well, I better get ready, don't want to be late for my first day of school." She said as she admired the nostalgic sight of the rising sun against the buildings of Mitakihara City, completely oblivious to the unnatural half moon still shining brightly in the sky.

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