Sans was a pretty cool looking skeleton boy. He always walked to the store during thanksgiving to pick up a big delicious turkey so he could eat it with his beloved. When he walked into the store he went straight to the frozen meats section because he liked meat the best out of all the things. when he saw that all the turkey was gone from the section he went to the manager who was just standing there like an asshole and sans talked to him real polite like. "Hello can I have the turkey please" said Sans and the manager was like "Sorry dud e, all sold out" this made sans cry right there on the spot because he was a huge baby who couldn't control his emotion. Usually his beloved was there to help him funtion like a reasonable adult but he was all alone this time and basically cried until it was closing time. at thaty point he walked out the door into his home. he no longer lived in that snowy place i forget the name of and instead moved to the waterfall area. he did this because papyrus was a big jerk to him and it damaged him emotionally so sans moved far away with his beloved. it was then he had realized that he had no turkey to bring home. this disturbed sans so much that he almost didn't go home that time but he did anyways because he felt like it. he walked into his lovely home and was greeted by his beloved who said "Howdy!" because his beloved was actyally flowy! but sans did not mind because he thoguht that flowy was super cute and nice flower man :3 flowy asked sans where the turkey was but sans got scared and said "I got none" whic h angered flowy greatly "U useless skeleton, you can't even by a turkey you stupid idiot!" and flowy hit sans really in the face, knocking him over. sans started cry and ran up to his room.

he wished that things would go back to normal, before he went to undertale world. he remembered when he was just a human boy, so innocent, so pure. he wished he could go back, back to the past to play the shitty games that suck ass and also be happy. he got on his knees and began to pray at the the cross he had in his room "God, are you there? its me, sans. im going through some trouble now, can you help me. ive been loyal to you since i was a little kid. just this once, please." and becuase sans was a good christian, jesus himself appeared before sans in his own room, sans instantly bowed down before the lord and said "Lord jesus, what are you doing here ?" jesus came up to sans and put his hands on his shoulders "Sans, or should i say, Ness." Sans was surpised that jesys knew his REAL name, but remembered that jesys knew all and he should be respected, anyways jesus continued "Things may look down, but look around you and look at the good things in your life, and you may find that your life is better than you think ot is." With that, jesus kissed sans on the cheek and dissapeared. sans thaougth about what jesus said and thought about the good thing in life. he thought about how hunky and loving flowey was and became happy again. he decided that he should apologize to flowey so he went downstairs. "Flowey, im sorry i failed you buy not getting the turkey today." flowey smiled "I accept your apology. im sorry for hitting you sans, i promise that ill never do it again." sans had heard this before, but he knew flowey was telling the truth this time. so flowey and sans came close and shared a deep kiss, and remembered the love they shared and why they moved in together as lovers. flowey began to move his root/tentacle thingys up sans' sweatshirt and caressed his nonexistamnt chest. then frisk burst in through the front door as they were doing this and frisk said "How embarassing!"