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Daria Gender Flip Diary

A/N I have been working on my original work, published on Amazon Seth Quillet, but want to get back to FF. But... I don't have the time to do a full FF. That, and The Other J-D did an amazing job with his own Daria GF. So I decided I would do a Daria/Drake GF, but in a diary form between Drake and Jane. Cutting out all of the side stuff/character will let me do it much faster.

Other than that I had to make another choice. Do I make Drake the male version of Daria, just Daria with a penis, or would being a male change Drake more? J-D had his GF be Daria, with a penis. This led him to get beaten up a lot and just take it. Daria, I feel, wouldn't put up with that. So neither would Drake. And... Not gonna spoil Other J-D story, but I don't feel I'd make Drake like, that, either. Bleh, I've had this idea for awhile and finally getting to it.

Also, read The Other J-D stuff, he is a great FF author.

Yo, Journal

A New kid started class today. He made me chuckle a bit when he made Mr. D's eye bulge with the right answer. And hey, surprise surprise, he's in my self esteem class. Drake something or other. His hair is super long and almost looks like a woman from behind.

His face though, framed by these super thick glasses, would make for a good sketch. I'm not sure how he's gonna handle Lawndale High if he's as smart as he seems.

Dear Diary

New school, same type of people. History teacher hates me because I know all the answers.

To top it all off, I'm stuck going to self esteem classes. The teacher there is so monotonous I almost fell asleep.

A girl, J... J something, told me to ignore him and do whatever. I finished my homework so I wouldn't have to do it while watching Sick Sad World.

Gah, I don't have low self esteem for me, just everyone else.

Yo, Journal

I decided to take mercy on the new kid. Told him I have the answers for getting out of class while we walked home. He asked the question I'm sure you're asking, why take it when I have the answers. Interesting faces and time to do more sketches. I told him I'd give him the answers if he'd sit down for an official sketch of his face. He seems weirded out but he took the deal.

Getting to talk to him a bit, he watches Sick Sad World. I thought I was the only person at Lawndale High that watched it.

I haven't noticed him talking to anyone else. Well, Jodie and Mack have but they talk with everyone. Even me, sometimes.

Dear Diary

Jane is an artist. She wants to sketch my face with me actually sitting down and posing for it rather than trying to do it in the middle of class. Weird, but she also said she'd get me the answers to get out of self esteem class.

I haven't noticed anyone talking with her. Maybe she has no friends? Been there, done that. With my mouth, hell, I had to take self defense classes. New glasses got expensive the tenth or twentieth time my mom and dad had to get them. Jeet Kune Do classes were cheaper.

Maybe I shouldn't have tortured my parents by going to Pizza Forest. Hell, who am I kidding, it was great.

Yo, Journal

Drake and I got out of self esteem class. Mr. O'Neil, being him, decided to have an assembly because of it. I took my chance and acted all dramatic. I think it got a smile out of Drake at least.

Who, as it turns out, has a little sister. She hates him, ignores him, and acts like he doesn't exist. I swear I heard her tell someone she was an only child while walking in the hallway. I didn't know who she was at the time or I might have paid a little more attention.

Well, maybe.

I asked Drake what he would be doing now that he wasn't going to self esteem class. He mumbled something about making his family suffer one more time. After making them take him to Pizza Forest I wonder what he will do next.

Dear Diary

Why me? I get stuck sitting next to Brittany Taylor in art class. I have to show her how to draw a cube. This leads to me getting an invite to her party.

I don't want to go, but when I mentioned it to Jane, she seemed interested. Why? She's not friends with any of these people.

Hell, I wasn't going to go, until Quinn mentioned the party to our parents. This led to them asking me to keep an eye on her.

What did I do to deserve this?

Yo, Journal

Drake got invited to a party and I'm tagging along. He doesn't want to go and I get it, he's antisocial, but imagine the posers. I'll get a lot of good material for my sketch book.

Even better... Well, I haven't been to a party since I hit puberty. I know stuff like seven in heaven happens at parties. Or is that just on television shows? I bet lots of cute guys will be there. Maybe I'll have the courage to make out with one of them.

Dear Diary

Jane's brother, Trent, gave us a ride to the party. He dropped us off at the gates. I was invited so I was allowed in but Jane had to make up a name.

Once inside... The music wasn't very good, the snacks okay, the company below the third circle of Hell.

It was okay, I guess, when Jane kept close to me. Then she walked off with some guy and...

Anyways, I got to embarrass my sister. Of course, then we needed a ride from Upchuck after the cops got called. That was entertaining at least.

I was really tired though. Not use to dealing with that many people. Almost fell asleep in the car. It was quiet except for Upchuck giving us a so called guided tour.

And, bonus sock.

Yo, Journal

The party was cool. I got lots of ideas for sketches, made out with a guy that thought my head was a lollipop, and watched the police bust up the party.

Drake was pretty quiet on the way back. We were riding with Upchuck since my brother wouldn't be showing up for another hour, if he did at all.

Maybe he was upset about... Well, he hasn't made any comments or mention of like liking me. Why would he care I went off to the make out room? As far as I can tell he likes me as just a friend and I like him back just as that. IDK if I can handle him getting jealous of other guys.

Dear Diary

My parents want me to take college prep classes. Why? I'm a sophomore.

If I was interested in these classes I would want to take real ones. The ones my parents are signing me up for sound useless.

Jane and Quinn are being sent to the same ones. Hopefully Jane knows these are useless.

Yo, Journal

I'm going to some college prep classes. Not sure why, I might not go to college, but I might go. Drake will be there too. His parents are sending him and Quinn. My parents aren't sending me since they aren't here. I just want to go. See some interesting faces.

Dear Diary

The class was stupid, and now we're going on a trip to Middleton College.

For some reason, Jane wants to come along. I figured she'd go to an art college. Middleton is definitely not that.

Yo, Journal

I'm going on a road trip! With Drake and his family. I figure seeing all of those people in college will help inspire me. Or give me new faces to add to my sketch book.

Going with Drake, plus. His family... Neutral.

It is nice having a friend. I haven't had one in... Ever. I'll just have to take the good with the bad. Except I don't really know his family, they may not be that bad.

Dear Diary

College is not what I was expecting. I mean, it can't be that, just, that. Those students... I did make a nice profit and made sure to send the extra payments to Jane's when she pointed out if my parents saw, at least my mother, she'd probably confiscate it.

To think, just a couple of months ago, there would be no one I'd trust enough to do that. Sending almost two hundred dollars to another person? Never. Somehow Jane made it over the wall I built. Glad she did. Nice having a friend to talk with.

Yo, Journal

Wow. Drake didn't even notice the way the tour guide was looking him over. Heck, it gave me reason to look him over again.

He's... Different, still. His face, with the glasses, and long locks of hair, is different. Feminine in some ways but masculine in others. He told me his parents made him take self defense classes because he kept getting beat up. He still does some exercise. Nothing like what the football team does but enough to keep him in shape.

Kind of like my running. Maybe I can get him to go running with me sometime.

Dear Diary

Never speak in O'Neils class again. Now I'm stuck doing a story at a coffee shop I didn't even want built in the first place.

Well, I could have sold some chocolate bars, but I would have murdered a woman if I had.

Looking back on it... No, it would weigh on my conscience. Probably.

Yo, Journal

Well then, that was entertaining. Seeing Drake on stage, riling up the people, until they marched on the Russian Embassy.

If we had one. We don't, but it was entertaining to watch. I wonder what else he could get these idiots to do if he had the stage. Maybe tear down Lawndale High? School's out for ever then.

Dear Diary

The Mall of the Millennium. A concrete and glass temple built to praise capitalism and greed.

Kevin and Brittany's teen spirit made me sick.

The Doodad shop was stupid.

Seeing my sister and convincing her to do my chores for a month was cool.

Was a little cramped with all of us, Jane included, in... The guy's car. Never got his name. Doubt Quinn did either and she was the one who got the ride in the first place.

Didn't our parent's ever teach her not to accept rides from strangers?

Yo, Journal

The Mall of the Millennium. Not that bad. Well, as bad as I thought it would be.

Excellent food court. Not that Drake felt like eating much after puking. More cheese fries for me.

And a ride home with his sister and her friends. Not the best idea, being stuck in a small car with too many people, but better than the bus.

And was just me or did I notice Stacy checking Drake out? She seems, sweet, compared to the rest of the Fashion Fiends. Maybe she likes him.

Dear Diary

I hate Lawndale High. Now we have a modeling agency coming in. Watching Brittany strut around class in a dress was... Well, hell, I am a teenager, but not what I want going on in class.

Even worse, Quinn is interested in it, and my parents want me to go. I made a deal, leave my room alone, and I'll supervise.

Bleh, this is going to be stupid. I need a way to mess this up. Hmm, where is that fortune for hire magazine at...

Yo, Journal

Lawndale High spends too much money on football. So, to raise funds, Ms. Le decides she's gonna have some modeling agency come in.

Actually though... I was surprised when they noticed me. The guy even liked my drawing. Maybe, at least he isn't, as shallow and stupid as one might think.

What I thought was even funnier is that they dismissed Brittany for having too big of boobs. Yet they liked Drake's unique style. Not that he has a style, but they don't know that, or him. They just like his mish mosh of feminine and masculine looks.

Dear Diary

Yep. It was stupid. Jane and Trent were there, Why Trent, I'm not sure. Jane wanted to laugh at everything with me.

Hell, it was funny when Kevin got to go up on stage. Leaving Brittany with us losers.

Even funnier, was watching Ms. Le's reaction to the guys taking their shirts off.

But, for the win, was when the mercenaries came in a couple days later. I didn't tell Jane. I didn't want to spoil the surprise.

Yo, Journal

Holy hell. Drake called in some mercenaries. Right in the middle of the assembly. It is probably one of the funniest things I've ever witnessed.

I almost... No one is going to read this. I almost hugged him. It would have been weird, wouldn't it? We're friends, but he is a boy and I'm a girl. Friends hug, don't they? If Drake was a Dora or something it wouldn't have been a big deal if I hugged her.

He's my friend, my first real friend, I don't want to make it weird between us.

Dear Diary

Kill me now, please. I'm stuck working on a lab project with Kevin. Just, no. Please. Why?

Dear Diary

Working with Kevin isn't that bad when you pawn him off on the Pigskin Channel. My sister waits on him hand and foot. I'm alone, the way I prefer it, working on the project.

Jane hasn't been around. Probably doesn't want to run into Kevin. I don't blame her.

Hell, it is a little weird not hanging out after school. We're friends and we use to every day or almost every day.

Maybe she is using this as an excuse to stay away from me? She was a loner before I got here and maybe she wants to be a loner again.

Damn. If so, it was nice having a friend. I guess I'll be a loner too.

Yo, Journal

Drake is stuck babysitting. He's never done it before. I tried to give him tips but he doesn't seem to be listening to me.

After his science project he seems... Distant. I knew he was in a bad mood because of Kevin but the project is done. Why is he still acting like this?

Dear Diary

Babysitting the Gupty's was the worst experience ever. I thought about asking Jane to help but being a girl, even though we're just friends, I doubt the kids would understand.

So I had to ignore my urge to call her. Damn, I haven't been talking to her as much. Kevin and the project, caught up in my head about babysitting, I should give her a call. Or walk over.

Yo, Journal

The big lug finally came over and talked. He had a lot on his mind, apparently. Glad he finally got it off his shoulders.

He overthinks everything. I paint or sculpt when I'm in the same mindset. I guess he isn't used to having someone to talk to.

Hell, neither am I. I should have told him I was worried about him. He was acting distant but I didn't want to bother him.

Is this what friends do?

Dear Diary

My sister, the impossibly cute one, is concerned she isn't cute enough. Some girl got a nose job and now all Quinn does is talk about getting plastic surgery.

Unfortunately, no amount of surgery can fix her crappy personality and shallowness.

Was a little weird when Jane was called to the office and never came back. I called her after school and she said she'd tell me tomorrow at school.

Yo, Journal

Wow, what a head trip. Dr. Shar tried to tell Quinn she needs thousands of dollars worth of work. Then tells me I need a boob job. Like, what the hell? Teen girls are pressured enough to look good and this quack is telling us we look wrong.

The modeling agency noticed me. Sure, they were just as big of quacks, but the guy did like my drawing.

Besides, I don't need big boobs. B cup is already pushing it for running. Any bigger and I'd need to get expensive bras or risk knocking myself out while running.

Although, she gave me a pair of fake boobs to take home. Can't wait to show Drake my boobs tomorrow at school. Hmm, that came out wrong. Funny, but wrong.

Dear Diary

Jane is doing her best to embarrass me. She showed me fake boobs and was all Look at my boobs. Why she thought it was funny I have no idea. I'm glad she sold her boobs to Upchuck. The fake ones, not her real ones. Wow diary, that came out wrong. I can't think right now. Not because of Jane's boobs but, damn it, don't think about that.

She's my friend, don't think about her... Damn it Diary, her stupid joke is now making my face red. And my arms. Whoa, my legs too. What the hell is wrong with me?

Yo, Journal

Drake had hives or something. Nothing too nasty but kinda like the ones I described in class to try and get him out of the mall trip.

Doctors have no idea what caused them. He's okay, thankfully, but I wonder what caused it. He's my friend and I worry.

I never had to worry about this stuff before. My brother Trent I'm sure has had sores because of some of the women I've seen him with but that is none of my business. Drake... No, these were all over his body and the doctors would know if it were something like that.

Too bad he was in the hospital. Mystic Spiral had a pretty good concert. We didn't get back until super late. Drake probably would have enjoyed it. Or at least made fun of the band with me.

Dear Diary

Jane and her brother are going to Alternapalooza. They invited me. It could be fun.

Except... Once I got out of the hospital, when my hives went away, Jane came over to check up on me. She was wearing her normal outfit but... I hope she didn't notice where I looked. I mean, I'm a guy, I know she is a girl, hell. As soon as I did, the hives came back.

Can I be in the back of the tank, supposedly a van, with her? If the hives come back... Why did Jane have to joke about her boobs, fake or otherwise.

I'll probably go, if I can control my hives.

Yo, Journal

Drake didn't seem like he wanted to go to Alternapalooza. He hasn't really seemed like he wants to hang out with me at all lately.

Ever since his hives started he's been keeping his distance from me. Even when we are standing next to each other he seems to look everywhere but at me.

Does he not want to be friends anymore? What the hell did I do or say? Dammit, the trip will suck if he doesn't want to be friends with me. I better confront him before then.

Except... If we stop being friends, I go back to being alone. My brother is great, don't get me wrong, but after experiencing what life is like with a friend, I don't know if I want to go back to my old life. But if he doesn't want to be friends with me do I want to torture myself like this? Him like that?

Dear Diary

Whoa, what a day. Here I am worrying about the trip to Alternapalooza and Jane comes at me with all these crazy accusations. She thinks I don't want to be friends with her. I do, just, she made it a little awkward. I tried explaining it without telling her everything but she just accused me of lying.

So, I told her the truth. Before, she was a friend. Being a girl didn't matter. After her show you my boobs thing I can't stop thinking about, that.

We sat in silence for too long. She finally said she was sorry for making me uncomfortable. She was just telling a joke and didn't think about it like that.

We talked a little more but... I want to be friends with her. I just have to stop overthinking things. She's still the same Jane I made friends with when I first came to Lawndale.

Yo, Journal

I messed up. My stupid joke messed everything up. Drake still wants to be friends but my stupid joke messed things up. He can't stop seeing me as a girl with boobs now. I caused his hives. He never had them before my stupid joke. I should have figured it out. The hives are a mental thing and his mental thing is thinking about me as a girl.

The trip to Alternapalooza will be too weird. I'm not even going anymore. I feel, sad. Depressed? Is this what it feels like to be depressed? I messed everything up with Drake over a stupid joke. He says he wants to be my friend still but... I feel like I'm losing him. Over a stupid joke.

Dear Diary

Jane says she's not going to Alternapalooza. So I'm not going.

I'll just stay at home like I normally do.

Well, on the weekends Jane and I would hang out. I want to hang out with her. Kind of. No, I do. She's still my friend. It just... Well, my hives have been better. Maybe I should go see her.

Yo, Journal

Drake came over to see me. While my brother was with Jesse going to Alternapalooza.

He's been in my room dozens of times before. This time feels different. Now that I know what made him uncomfortable, what caused his hives, it makes it different.

He now sees me as a girl. I see him as a boy. Before... No, he was just a friend. A guy, but a friend. Now I give him hives because we are a girl and guy and not just friends.

Could we... Would we... We do like each other. As friends. More? Can I kiss him? It would be so weird, wouldn't it?

We talked and stuff but the difference... Finally, he came out and said we should just ignore the last month happened. See if it works.

I hope it does.

Dear Diary

Jane and I came to an agreement. We'll act like nothing happened. The last month or so just didn't happen. Just, make it all go away. My hives, my thoughts, just not our friendship.

I can't lose her. She's my best friend. My only friend. If I can't ignore her, womanly attributes, then I will be alone.

Yo, Journal

Drake went off with his family for a camping trip. I think it is a good thing he goes off for a weekend. Yes, we agreed that we'd forget the last month, but it is still a little weird.

A trip away... Like what Trent and I were supposed to go on. I didn't even want to go and neither did Trent.

With all that has happened I felt even less like going. Trent was my ride, so I sabotaged his alarm, and he didn't wake up in time. We missed our flight and I got to stay home and paint.

Dear Diary

After all of the nutty, or berry, stuff that happened, I was actually looking forward to school.

Until... Some old jock was being honored. The guy was an asshat to everyone. Including me.

The asshat was on my locker, I asked him to move, he said no. I confronted him, he took a swing, I used my self defense classes and put him to the ground.

Ms. Li threatened me with suspension but my mom took my side. I am a minor and an adult assaulted me. I had every right to defend myself and if Ms. Li were to take it farther my mother would sue for creating a dangerous environment.

Even better, the goal post they were putting up in his honor, fell over.

Yo, Journal

I got to see Drake use his martial arts today. Amazing how quick he is when he wants to be. His arm muscles flexed and he moved and... Whoa, get those thoughts out of my head.

I can't be thinking about him like that. We just went over this. Stop it!

Journal, wtf am I going to do? Drake is an awesome guy. Guy. Not just a friend but a guy. Aaaa! I can't do this right now.

Where's my blowtorch? Welding usually makes me feel better.

A/N And so we end the first season with this! A cliffhanger.

Anyways, this was faster than doing a full GF and I can still focus on my Amazon books and my YouTube Channel(James the Lesser Express Lane) and work and friends and everything else while still doing some FF writing.