James The Lesser Presents

Daria Gender Flip Diary

A/N I have been working on my original work, published on Amazon Seth Quillet, but want to get back to FF. But... I don't have the time to do a full FF. That, and The Other J-D did an amazing job with his own Daria GF. So I decided I would do a Daria/Drake GF, but in a diary form between Drake and Jane. Cutting out all of the side stuff/character will let me do it much faster.

Yo, Journal

I love art, and there is a competition. Drake said he'd help me with it.

I made a beautiful picture of a girl looking at herself in the mirror.

Drake added a poem to it. One that changes the picture completely. For the better. How this girl is so pretty but she gets it because she has an eating disorder.

It makes me think about body image. Quinn and I going to that Dr. Shar. The stupid boobs joke I made. I can't make that stupid joke go away. Somehow something makes me think of it.

Dear Diary

Jane and I got called in to the principal's office. My poem got us in trouble. I stand by it, Jane stands by it, after I explained it again.

Ms. Li wants us to change it but we both refused.

So she's entering it against our will.

Thankfully, Jane and I have an idea.

Yo, Journal

Wow! We vandalized my painting. Ms. Li was pissed. She wanted to expel us.

Except... Drake's mom saved our asses. Used whatever legal mumbo jumbo to keep us from getting in trouble. It was pretty awesome.

Dear Diary

I hate field trips. First the mall and now paintball. Why does Ms. Li even think it is a good idea to teach us to shoot each other?

Jane and I see a billboard for some great white shark. That might be a lot cooler.

Yo, Journal

Drake and I ditched the paintball trip and went to go see the great white shark instead.

The walking with Drake was more interesting than the shark. It was just a tooth and the woman retold the story of Jaws. So stupid.

But, like I said, walking with Drake was interesting. We talked since we had nothing better to do. He said something about how he wasn't bullied as much here as he was back in some hellhole in Texas. I made a joke about the people here weren't paying attention to him. He responded with how I paid attention to him.

This made me blush. I mean, I try and ignore it, but I do pay attention. A little more than I should, at times. Like when he dealt with that lughead QB that tried to punch him.

He didn't mean it like that, just that we are friends, but it made me pay attention to him again. I don't like it. He's my friend, it would be, it is weird. I need to stop thinking about him like that.

I got so lost in my head Drake had to stop me from wandering into the road as we walked back to the paintball camp.

Dear Diary

My sister wrote an essay. It isn't even that good. Somehow she got an A on it and made people think she is smart. She isn't. What the hell? Now she's going around acting like a brain.

Jane said it is just a phase but she doesn't understand. I'm a brain. It is what and who I am. If Quinn takes that... I don't even want it but it is something I have that she doesn't!

If I lose it... Well, I'll at least have Jane. She won't let my sister take her from me. At least, she better not. Why am I thinking about that? Jane would never be friends with her.

Yo, Journal

Drake is upset because of his sister. She wrote some essay and people loved it. I tried reading it and I was lost. So stupid. Why is Drake taking it so hard? He is acting like he's losing something. What? I'm not sure. None of this makes sense. I'm worried. Like, really worried. What do I do?

Dear Diary

Please, God, Budda, if any of you are real, kill me. My cousin is getting married. My mom got my sister in the wedding party but couldn't get me in. So, her brilliant idea was to make my aunt allow me to bring a date.

Of course, I don't date, and have no one to take. My mom said Jane. No. So she took it out of my hands and made it clear that I am to bring Jane or for some reason I'll be grounded. How? Why? I tried telling Jane it is okay if she doesn't make it. She seemed to agree.

Yo, Journal

Drake's mom invited me to a wedding. I said no of course. I'm not being Drake's date. We're just friends. This is not something you bring a friend to.

And... I have nothing to wear. Wind's many marriages were Lane marriages. Casual. This is going to be fancy and I have nothing fancy to wear. My family isn't poor they just don't waste money on that kind of thing. They paid for a house, other things, just not fancy clothes.

Dear Diary

My mom left and didn't say where she was going. I know she is stressing over the wedding. Why does she care? I don't see my aunts that often, or grandma, because of some history. Going to this wedding is stupid and I don't want to go. Why do we have to go if my mom doesn't want to go?

Yo, Journal

Mrs. Morgendorffer came over and took me dress shopping. She never said it, but I know she was thinking it, that she was doing me a favor. She didn't. I don't want to go, told her that, and she just said "Don't let Drake turn you off from this." Drake isn't. He doesn't want to go but that isn't why I don't want to go.

Even worse, she kept dropping hints that if Drake and I are dating it is okay to tell her. I didn't deny it but I feel I don't have to.

Is that why? Wait, if she thinks we're dating does she think dragging us to a wedding will out us? Or if we aren't dating then making us go to a wedding will push us together? Hell, now I really don't want to go.

Dear Diary

My mom made Jane and I go. Jane... Looked different. She said my mom took her dress shopping. The dress was, uh, wow. But, it was wow because of Jane.

My mom harped on me to get a friend for years. I finally do and now... Is my mom trying to make Jane my girlfriend? Weird. It, that is weird.

I just got over the show me your boobs thing and now... Wow. Jane looked, wow. I wonder if anyone got a picture of her. Not that, no, that would be weird.

Yo, Journal

Wow. Drake really cleans up. I'm sure his dad, or his mom, made sure he got a suit that made him look as sharp as he did.

The mood in the car was uncomfortable. No one seemed to want to go and yet Drake and I were being forced to go.

The wedding was different from any I've been to. This one involved money and no pissed off father in law with a shotgun. Okay, maybe Wind's weddings haven't been that bad...

The reception was cool. Drake refused to dance with me which was a little disappointing. I mean, not that, well, slow dancing can be nice.

Of course, then a huge brawl broke out, the cops were called, holy hell it was a disaster.

Thankfully, one of Drake's aunts, Amy, took us out for cheese fries at a bar. She seemed as disinterested in the whole ordeal as we were. She's pretty cool. She didn't even ask if I was Drake's girlfriend like Aunt Rita did. Beats any of my aunts.

Now I'm trying to kill time by writing in you. Drake went to use the bathroom and Amy went to do, something. Oh, she's back, I better stop for now.

Dear Diary

Going to the wedding sucked. The wedding sucked. There was a huge fight at the reception between my mom and my aunt.

Aunt Amy took Jane and I out for real food.

The ride back home was better than the ride there. My sister fell asleep, my mom did too, while my dad focused on the road.

Jane fell asleep after a bit. It was a little awkward having her lean against me. I didn't want to move so I wouldn't wake her up. I also had to make sure to keep my head turned so I wouldn't be looking down her dress. Gah, I hate being a teen sometimes.

No, I hate being a teen all of the time.

Yo, Journal

The ride back was... interesting. After a conversation with Amy about Drake, it got me thinking more about... him. She said he was always a quiet kid. His nose in a book all the time. The pictures Helen sent her always had a book in Drake's hand.

Seeing him with me made her happy because he finally found someone outside of a book. I'm not sure she meant it to sound like it did but it makes me think. Makes me look. What about me is so special that he would be friends with me? I saw his first reaction to seeing me in this dress. He was surprised. Was it because I was in something new or because I look, good, in it? Did he think I look good in it?

I leaned against him, felt him tense up, but he didn't move my head. I actually fell asleep like that. I didn't wake up until he nudged me, telling me we were at my house. He stayed still the whole trip back. He could have woken me up, had me move. He didn't. Did he like me leaning against him like that?

Dear Diary

Invasion of the hippies has commenced. I want to flee to Jane's but I can't. Gah, being a boy and her a girl makes it impossible for me to spend the night.

So, I'm stuck dealing with... son of hippies. I should learn his name. Maybe.

I stuck Quinn with him to learn stuff about mom and dad.

Yo, Journal

Some old friends of Drake's parent's came for a visit. He wants to run away but he can't come here.

Well, I wouldn't mind. I doubt Trent would notice. Wind's room, or Penny's, is open.

Of course, if he stayed in my room... In a sleeping bag, on the floor. Not my bed.

Gah! Stop it Jane Lane! That, him being surprised when he saw you in that dress, was just surprise because you were in something different.

Although... He knows I am a girl. After the fake boobs thing, maybe, his aunt Amy said, stop it! Don't think about it.

Think about the flea market you're going to with Trent and Jesse. Jesse is cute. Of course, he's too old. Like, sixteen will get you twenty old. Maybe. What are the laws here?

Why am I even thinking like that? Hormones. Why now? Is it because of Drake? Now that I have a boy that is actually interesting and cute and smart and, stop it!

Dear Diary

Jane told me about the disastrous trip to the flea market with her brother and Jesse. Sold nothing, and then robbed when she went for food and the other two slept through someone taking everything.

We were talking for a bit when he touched me on the arm and then went silent. It wasn't much, just her hand resting on my arm while she laughed. Something, maybe static electricity? She didn't act like she got shocked. She just went silent.

After that, she said she had to go, and left. I'm confused but she didn't give me a chance to ask what was up.

Yo, Journal

What do I do?

Dear Diary

Jane is avoiding me. I try and ask her why but she says no.

We were supposed to go to a movie, but with her avoiding me, I went alone.

Now we are supposed to do a film for class. Jane would be my go to partner for this but she won't even look at me.

Instead, I decide to branch out and talked with Mack. He said no, he's partnered with Jodie.

I asked the teacher if I could do it alone and they said no.

Of course, what is Jane going to do? I didn't see her ask anyone else to do the project.

Yo, Journal

I'm done. I can't be friends with him anymore. I want to be more than friends but that will make it awkward. He's my friend but I can't be around him without thinking about... I mean, I touched his arm and my mind just screamed at me to kiss him.

He tries. He is so kind and thoughtful when it comes to me. Why? What is it about me? He had no friends before me. His aunt Amy confirmed that. So why me? Why must I screw up a really good friendship by wondering what it would be like to hold hands? Feel his arm around my shoulders as we watch a movie?

He wants to do the movie for class together but I can't do that with him. I can't be close to him without hating myself for ruining our friendship.

Am I crying? I better stop writing before I get the pages wetter.

Dear Diary

Jane doesn't seem to be doing a project so I got the bright idea to do mine alone and just claim she was my partner on it.

Of course, now I need an idea.

Dear Diary

I was right. Jane didn't do a project. I have no idea how she thought she would pass the project without doing it.

She stood next to me, silent, as I went over our video. Thankfully, my sister is shallow and didn't understand I meant to do this video to make fun of her.

Instead, the big brother in me came out, and didn't trash her.

Yo, Journal

Drake and his sister don't get along. At all. And yet he did a video about her that put her in a good light. That's just how nice he is.

Even more, he said I was his partner on it, even though I did nothing. Why did he give me credit for this? Did he know I wasn't doing a project?

I ignore him and he still looks out for me. He's such a nice guy, gah, is it any wonder I like him?

Dear Diary

My mom is making me join the yearbook. I tried to protest but she noticed I have been home a lot.

That's because Jane is still ignoring me. What I did to piss her off this badly I have no idea. I wish I did. I'd ask but she won't talk to me.

Maybe I could ask Quinn to talk to her.

Oh hell, no way.

Dear Diary

Yearbook isn't as bad as I thought it would be and that's because of Ted. A home schooled kid who is almost as weird and brainy as I am.

He invited me over and while his parents have poor taste in house d├ęcor he seems pretty cool. Of course, he never had gum or heard of the Beatles, so maybe he is weirder than I am.

Yo, Journal

Now what do I do? He made a new friend. The new kid, Todd or something, and Drake work on yearbook together.

Of course, why shouldn't Drake make a new friend? I've stopped being friends with him.

Dammit, stop crying!

Dear Diary

Wow. Ted's parents hate me. Even better.

I took Ted to the arcade. He'd never been but he kicked ass at the medieval knight game. Probably because he's trained with real swords or something.

The more I hang out with him the more I like him. It started off as the two weird kids taking over yearbook but now I think I made a new friend.

It helps, but I still miss Jane. Ted is great and fills a part of my life I didn't know needed filled but Jane still ignores me.

Are we not friends anymore? I'd love to talk with her but she won't talk with me.

Maybe I should tell Ted about it.

Yo, Journal

I like running. Now I want to run and not stop. How far can I go? A marathon is twenty six miles. I've never done one before. Could I go that far? Farther? Start running west and don't stop til I drop.

It would be better than being here and watching Drake make new friends with Todd.

Dear Diary

I waited for Jane to go out for a run. Trent is her brother and maybe he'll tell me why she hates me.

At least, that was the plan.

Instead, I knocked on the door and he didn't answer. I tried the handle and it opened.

He was sleeping and never heard me.

Being inside, I decided, this was it. I'd wait for her and make her tell me what is going on.

She left a sketchbook on her bed and I opened it.

It wasn't a sketchbook. It was her diary, or journal.

I should have closed it. Any other time I would have. But I had to know why she hated me.

Only to find out she didn't hate me. She liked me. Really liked me. More than friends. She didn't know how to be around me when all she could do was think about holding hands or kissing.

I left before she got back. I can't let her know I read her journal. It is a total violation of her privacy.

Now I need to figure out how to let her know I don't care that she likes me as more than friends.

Because I do too.

Yo, Journal

Drake is avoiding me now. Good, it makes it easier for me to avoid him.

I thought he'd hang out with Ted, not Todd, more but his parents took him out of the school. Said we were all a bad influence on their precious child.

Hell, he's avoided me so well I didn't even know he got an offer to Grove Hills. A super brain school that would really help him get into any college he wants.

It would also get him away from me.

The only reason I even found out about it is because his sister came over looking for a place to stay. Her friends kicked her out and she was too scared to go home alone.

Did she not notice Drake and I haven't talked in weeks? Maybe not. We're both unpopular so we don't exist in her circle.

I let her stay. Made sure to tell Trent to wear pants if he left his room.

So many things I want to ask her about Drake but why would she know any of the answers?

Dear Diary

Grove Hills would be great. The people are snobby and assholes but the education I'd get would put me in front of the line on my college applications.

Except Jane wouldn't be there.

The girl who likes me but won't acknowledge my existence. She doesn't want to ruin our friendship but she is because she won't talk to me.

If I don't have her as a friend, why stay at Lawndale?

I need to keep Jane.

Yo, Journal

I can't believe he did it. Drake, he came over, and pounded on the door. He knew I was home and wasn't leaving until we talked.

I was nervous and worried but happy to see him. This was the first time I had him over in weeks.

He was calm. Calmer than I would have been. When he asked me why I was avoiding him.

I couldn't tell him the truth.

So I stayed silent.

He got close to me, stared me in the eyes, and asked again.

Looking into his eyes, his lips being right there, I threw caution to the wind and kissed him.

Imagine my surprise when he kissed me back! We kissed for a few minutes in the kitchen before we took a break.

I admitted I liked liked him, since the wedding. Why I had been avoiding him.

He told me he liked liked me too but didn't know how to tell me.

We went up to my room after my brother came down for some leftover pizza.

Sitting in my room, something we've done a hundred times before, was different now.

Now that we've kissed, admitted our feelings to each other, everything is different.

I can't believe how happy I am now. I've been beating myself up for weeks over this. Wrecked my life and sleep and everything else because of this.

I hope this isn't a dream. Please let this be real.

Dear Diary

Ms. Li is making up a fair. She made it mandatory to either be in it or buy tickets.

Jane and I bought tickets but weren't planning on going. Until my sister got a part in the play.

Jane and I, at least I haven't, told my parents about us. My mom acts weird enough when Jane is over. If she knew we were dating she'd be even weirder.

Yo, Journal

Drake acts weird when his family is around. When we're alone he holds my hand and stuff but when his family is around he puts up a wall. Is he embarrassed by me?

At the fair, once we got away from his family, he went back to being himself. I like him when he's like this. Not so much when he's near his family.

We even went on the Ferris wheel. It may have been a bit more romantic if Stacy hadn't gotten on and cried about... Some guy.

There was a food fight that we missed. Good thing. I have been avoiding doing the laundry and if these clothes had gotten dirty I'd be down to one outfit for school.

Dear Diary

Jane signed up for track. Why? She says she's trying to make a point. Her sister or brother got crap from the gym teachers.

I know she can run. She runs pretty fast. Maybe she'll do well. I might, hell, I'll go. She's my best friend and my girlfriend. I have to go and support her.

Yo, Journal

I did it! I won! I joined track just to throw it in Coach Bitch's face. Now I also do it for the trophies. I've never won a trophy before.

Neither has Drake. He came out to see me. I was worried he wouldn't. School sports isn't his thing but he came out to see me.

Evan seemed super excited for me. He only finished second so I guess he wanted to be around a winner. I am a winner. How weird does that sound? Jane the Winner.

Dear Diary

Jane won at her second competition! She is so fast when she's out on the track. Her track mates all seem happy for her too.

One, Evan, seems... I shouldn't be jealous. Jane is kicking ass on the track. I take her out to celebrate and we spend more time dealing with a bunch of people talking to us. It is annoying but I get it. So Evan talks to her a little more than the others. He's a teammate of hers.

Yo, Journal

Dammit! What the hell? Evan kissed me. We were just getting off of the bus when he said he had something to tell me. I didn't know. I swear I didn't know he was going to kiss me. Drake is going to kill me. I, I didn't kiss Evan back but I should have known. I can't tell Drake! What am I going to do?

I can't go to school. Not like this. I can't believe I let him kiss me.

Gah, someone is pounding on the door. Who the hell could it be? School is still in session and Trent should still be sleeping.

Dear Diary

Jane keeps kicking ass on the track. Some of her meetings are away so I didn't get to go.

She didn't call me when she got home like she said she would. Maybe she was too tired to call me. I'd see her at school tomorrow.

Except she didn't show up.

During lunch, her teammate, Evan, showed up asking about her. I didn't know. He made a comment about how she must be avoiding me. I asked why he thought that, and Evan said it was because he kissed her better than I ever could.

I almost used my self defense skills in something other than self defense. Thankfully, part of training, is also about self control.

I want to wait until after school but I can't. I have to know.

Yo, Journal

What am I going to do? Evan told Drake. Drake didn't want to believe him. He asked me and I knew I couldn't lie to him. I told him the truth. I tried to explain that Evan kissed me, not the other way around.

Drake told me not to talk to him and left.

Now I'm alone.

If Drake and I weren't dating then kissing Evan wouldn't have been such a big deal. Dating Drake ruined our friendship but not in the way I thought it would. If we broke up I didn't think it would be because I kissed another guy.

I need to go for a run. A long run.

Dear Diary

Jane said she kissed Evan. Or that he kissed her. Does it matter?

She didn't tell me. If she had, right after, I could have forgiven her. If he kissed her, not the other way around, I'd forgive her.

But she hid it from me. Why? Did she like his kissing more than mine? They're teammates, they have running in common.

If we weren't dating it wouldn't have been such a big deal. Let her kiss another guy. But we were dating, are dating, maybe.

Are we? I can't let it be like this. She's my best friend. Maybe there is a reason why she didn't tell me. I didn't yell or anything. I just, walked away. I should walk back.

Dear Diary

Jane isn't home. Hasn't been to school. Her brother got a hold of me thinking she might be here but she isn't. Her birthday came and went and there is still no sign of her.

I'm getting scared. What did she do? Where is she? Please, Jane, come back. She's my best friend. I love her.

Wow, did I really just write that? Yes, yes I did.

Dear Diary

It has been almost two months now and we still don't know where she is. Local cops haven't done anything and once Ms. Li got over her star runner vanishing she's gone back to her own little world.

I don't know what to do. I asked Trent where she might go but he doesn't know. Jane never really got along with anyone else in their family.

Maybe her mom or dad would know but Trent tried calling the numbers left by them and both aren't where they were supposed to be.

Jane is gone. Just, missing.

I lost my best friend. My girlfriend. The person I love.

And for what? Because another guy kissed her and I... walked away. I shouldn't have. I should have stayed and listened to her.

A/N And so we end Season 2 on a cliff hanger! Yes I'm completely changing from the show with this but Daria being a guy, and not gay, would change things. Like this? Maybe not, but this is why I love FF!