James The Lesser Presents

Daria Gender Flip Diary

A/N I have been working on my original work, published on Amazon Seth Quillet, but want to get back to FF. But... I don't have the time to do a full FF. That, and The Other J-D did an amazing job with his own Daria GF. So I decided I would do a Daria/Drake GF, but in a diary form between Drake and Jane. Cutting out all of the side stuff/character will let me do it much faster.

Dear Diary

Jane... Went to her mom. She ran, hitchhiked, and whatever else until she got to her mom.

She's nuts. Maybe back in the seventies you could hitchhike without ending up chopped to pieces but today...

I'm just happy she's safe.

It took a bit of finangling to set up a call with her. Trent isn't the most reliable of people but he came through. Eventually.

Yo, Journal

My vacation has been awesome. Traveling south by foot or truck was thrilling. I had my hand ready to use my knife, just in case, but no one tried anything. A lot of the drivers talked to me about their own daughters back at home.

My mom was shocked to see me. I was a little worried she'd send me back but she didn't. She loves having me here. Her usual butterfly speech followed by how happy she was to see me fly on my own.

I should have told Drake before I left. Or Trent. Someone. I know what I did was insane.

It was great to hear from Drake. I figured, after the way we left things, he would hate me.

Instead all he could do was say how happy he was I was safe and to have a good time. Come back when I was ready.

School might be an issue. How many classes have I missed? I'm sure there are rules.

Dear Diary

Jane is coming home soon. What do I do? I want to hug her and hold her and keep her there forever. Will she want me to hug her? She didn't sound... That was over the phone.

All of this distracted me from what I was supposed to be doing.

I want my license but driving lessons, my glasses, maybe I should get contacts. It seemed important until Jane disappeared.

Hell, Quinn's prattle about some school dance would have been a weeks worth of jokes between Jane and I.

My mom got me out of some day with... old woman I don't know. She said it was creepy she wanted to follow an underage boy around.

There is so much I know Jane would have loved to see and be here for. I can't wait for her to get home.

Yo, Journal

I may have made a slight miscalculation.

I'm sixteen. I can drive, if I have a license and car.

I'm still a minor by law.

So running away may not have been the smartest idea.

Ms. Li is a bitch. She tipped off the authorities.

My mom and dad work and travel for a living. Trent is an adult and is my adult supervision.

He also can't pass a drug test and has no actual job.

CPS, shit, what are my parent's going to do? They're talking about sending me away to a relative. I don't hate my other siblings but I sure as shit don't want to live with them.

Aunts and uncles are all over the country, none of them here. I'd have to change schools. States.

I hope my vacation was worth it.

Excuse the tear stains.

Dear Diary

I don't know what to do. All the books I've read over the years and none of them help me.

Jane might, will be, sent away. Her parents, I can't blame them. They work hard to pay the bills. My parents... I see them, sometimes. When mom is on a big case it can be days.

Jane goes months.

I asked my mom if there was anything she could do. She gave me some BS about the legal system many cogs and wheels.

In other words, she can't do anything. Big fancy lawyer and she can't do shit.

She's as useless as all the books I've read.

Well, there are books about running away...

Yo, Journal

I'm in deep shit. Trent and my parents are too. I never should have ran off. Ms. Li tipped off CPS and is now trying to blackmail me back onto the track team. Saying she'll put in a good word for me if I rejoin it.

I'd rather die that do anything for her. Maybe changing schools will be a good thing.

Drake won't be there. Is he worth dealing with Ms. Li and Lawndale high?

Yes, yes he is. Even with his crazy idea to run off together.

Gah, the phone is ringing again. CPS, the pigs, lawyers, and more keep calling.

Dear Diary

Jane talked me out of running away together. Sure, a hundred years ago you could just run to the next town and never be found. Too many cameras now.

I would ask my dad for advice but I don't need to deal with one of his rants about grandpa.

Mom... Is on another big case. Something top secret since she won't talk about it.

Quinn is useless.

How bad is it that you, a blank book, is the only one I have to talk with about this?

Yo, Journal

All of this going on, my life in turmoil, and then Drake's dad has a heart attack.

It really makes you think. My life is going to shit but his life almost ended.

Ms. Li is still on my ass. She told me just because my parents hired some big law firm doesn't mean she was giving up.

My parents didn't hire a law firm. A friend of theirs is doing pro bono work. My dad did a wedding for them, and then a family portrait, and the lawyer guy loved his work.

All of this going on and there is nothing I can do. I'm just a kid. Less than two years from now none of this would matter. But right now my opinion means nothing to anyone.

Dear Diary

My mom sat me down and told me she had something to ask me. I was nervous. Why was she acting like this? Was dad actually worse than we were told?

Instead, she said... Well, Jane's siblings are all unfit to be guardians.

None of her aunts or uncles were in the area or wanted her. Her branch of the family is the black sheep of both sides.

So, there was another option.

Here. Our guestroom.

This was her big case. It was for Jane. For me. Us.

There would be a million rules and then some but she did it for me.

She's not always there. Lost on her cellphone with Eric more often than not.

But when it matters, she's there.

If Jane and her parents accept this deal, she'd live here.

Yo, Journal

What the hell is going on in my life? Is this a joke?

No one in my family wants me.

My other siblings all suck as people let alone parents.

My other relatives suck as scum let alone people.

One person does want me. Mrs. Morgendorffer. She's trying to work a deal where I live at the Morgendorffer castle.

With Drake. Well, in the guest room but the same house as him.

How is this going to work? They'd be my guardians and he's be my best friend and boy friend. Living in the same house.

We kissed and stuff but nothing more than that.

Being in the same house, our beds only a hallway away...

This could be interesting. Or hell.

Dear Diary

We're waiting to hear from my mom.

Jane can't sit still. She's been pacing back and forth in my living room.

My mom says she'll call as soon as she knows.

If Jane stays here or goes, somewhere else, is just minutes away.

Seconds away.

I'm burying my nose in my diary to distract myself from the time.

The phone is ringing, I want to answer it but Jane grabs it first.

All I can do is sit here and wait for her to tell me, oh no, her eyes just, she's crying. This can't be good.

A/N I liked the John Lane story by Rlobinske, but the whole "He says hello, she responds with dry humping while screaming "Date me date me!" and then his parents have no money" always bothered me.

But the aspect of genderflipped character moving in with the other intrigued me. So, I did it here. FanFiction is great that you can do anything you want. Yes this means a lot of the times weird ass stuff happens, but in this show the holidays showed up and a musical broke out. So, this isn't as weird when compared to the real show.