James The Lesser Presents

Daria Gender Flip Diary

A/N I have been working on my original work, published on Amazon Seth Quillet, but want to get back to FF. But... I don't have the time to do a full FF. That, and The Other J-D did an amazing job with his own Daria GF. So I decided I would do a Daria/Drake GF, but in a diary form between Drake and Jane. Cutting out all of the side stuff/character will let me do it much faster.

Dear Diary

Jane is moving in. My mom won custody. My best friend, and girlfriend, will be living with me. My mom's already talked to both of us about being responsible and grown up. It was embarrassing but I admit there will be a lot of temptation.

Not that we've done much, we haven't, but she will be living with me. How many guys can say their girlfriend lives with them like this? If Brittany lived with Kevin, well, it isn't like they aren't already doing that.

Don't think about it. Stop it.

Yo, Journal

It's official. I am now a guest at Castle Morgendorffer. A guest under constant watch by the Queen Morgendorffer.

Jake seems cautious around me but he isn't watching me. Keeps asking me if I need anything. It's weird having a parent figure care about, well, me. My parents were always working and I understood. The house didn't pay for itself. My art supplies cost money.

Having an adult in the home is different. Having two is even weirder.

Quinn... is herself. We never really talked and so far she seems to ignore me.

Dear Diary

Ms. Li wants the school to go on a hiking trip. Well, most of us. She already told Jane she couldn't go on this so called once in a lifetime trip. Fine by me.

Quinn is going so Jane and I will be able to do homework without being interrupted.

My mom or dad will be home. If my mom then she'll just happen to be nearby keeping an eye on us.

If my dad, he tends to check on us and then leave us alone.

Not that anything would happen if they weren't here. Jane and I kiss but nothing more. Not much more.

Yo, Journal

Ms. Li hates me so I'm banned from some stupid school trip. No loss on my end.

Quinn went so Drake and I are working on homework without her constantly talking about hair scrunchies or some other stupidity.

Jake seems excited about some phone call. New client? Good for him.

He and Helen left, told us lasagna was already in the oven and would be done in thirty minutes.

Two teenagers left alone with nothing but math homework to do before dinner...

Dear Diary

Jane and I saw Kevin and Brittany at the mall. He bought a motorcycle jacket. Jane and I pointed out it was a fraud to wear one and not have a motorcycle.

So... The doofus gets one. And wrecks one. Injuring his leg or something. Not a big deal to me or Jane but the rest of the school is freaking out.

Yo, Journal

The team sucks, the town acts like it is the end of the world.

What really is the end of the world is that the majority of the football team cheated on a test. I actually got a high C on it. Now DeMartino is threatening to flunk everyone.

Drake will be fine but my grade is always one missed stroke from drowning.

Drake says he has an idea to make sure my grade isn't affected and went to talk to DeMartino.

Dear Diary

After a discussion with DeMartino, I expect this test thing to blow over.

Unfortunately, Kevin over reacted, and DeMartino actually put his hands on Kevin. I might have dreamed about killing Kevin in various ways but to actually assault him? Well, DeMartino disappeared for a couple of days.

Yo, Journal

Mr. O'Neil gave us a weird assignment. We have to fail something. What do I do? I have no idea. Maybe I should fail at failing the assignment?

When I get back to Castle Morgendorffer, I see Quinn, and it hits me. I'll try to be mainstream. Preppy. The opposite of me.

Dear Diary

Jane is scaring me. She's wearing mango lip gloss, an outfit I never saw before, and using words I associate with Quinn. The mango lip gloss isn't so bad, tastes good when we're making out, but the other parts are for the assignment Mr. O'Neil gave us.

While she does that I try on my end to get Quinn grounded. If I do it and fail the assignment then she's grounded. If I fail to ground her I pass the assignment. No matter what I win.

Yo, Journal

I'm really scared now. I was asked to try out for cheerleading. Am I really that, that, normal? Was what I thought was me just a mask? Drake says he supports me but he has to be lying. I don't even support me, how could he? What do I do?

Fail. This whole assignment is about failing.

Dear Diary

Jane had me scared for a bit but she seems to have come to her senses. She is keeping the flavored lip gloss but ditching the rest.

Unfortunately, we didn't ditch a stupid parade. My dad needed toilet paper and sent Jane and I to get some.

Only to run into a school pride parade for a football game. Having to deal with that, a lost kid, and float hopping I lost the toilet paper. My dad is stranded and I don't have enough money to buy more toilet paper.

Yo, Journal

Drake and his dad went off for some work conference. This is the first time I've been left alone at the Castle Morgendorffer.

Without Drake there as a buffer I'm unsure of what to do. Should I hide in the guest room? I have plenty of projects I could work on.

Instead I get dragged into a make up circle with Quinn, the Fashion Fiends, and Mrs. Morgendorffer. I was scared and then worried when Mrs. Morgendorffer started talking about her relationship with Jake.

Huh, why is she Mrs. Morgendorffer but Jake is Jake? Do I like him more? She's the one who used her law firm to fight for me. She saved me from being sent across the country or to a foster home. I have to like her more, right?

I think it is more formal with her. Jake is just Jake but Mrs. Morgendorffer is well, Mrs. Morgendorffer. She's the hot shot lawyer and he's a goofball who gets over excited sometimes but is pretty relaxed.

Dear Diary

My mom's law firm is having us go to some spa center. They want to observe us like we're lab rats.

Jane helped me fill out the form sent to us. Adding in vampire bat, voices in my head, so forth. Make them come at me with a straight jacket.

It was funny at the time. When we got there and they did seem ready to bust out a straight jacket it took my mom calling them off to save me from it.

Being separated with doctors was annoying. I had to deal with this when I was younger. However, I was surprised when my doctor actually seemed competent. He asked about my parents, Quinn, and finally Jane.

It was weird talking about the, temptations, we have. When Quinn was at the camping trip and my dad had a client meeting we... Made out, hard. We didn't do anything else. Clothes never came off even if hands wandered a bit.

To tell this guy how hard it is to behave. I admit being a teenage boy, living with his teenage girlfriend, is difficult at times. He says that's normal, and as long as we are careful, if you know what I mean, it wouldn't be the first time two teenagers did that.

To have an adult say that... I need to stop thinking about that.

Yo, Journal

The trip to the law firm's spa was weird. Mrs. Morgendorffer said I was family. I'm not sure how I feel about that.

After that, everything else seemed, like, not to matter.

Not until Jake almost burnt the house down. Wow, that was scary. We always said no fires in rooms without fireplaces. Maybe I should have told Jake that one.

While Jake may have almost burnt the house down, he did get us some nice rooms at Le Grande Hotel. I have to share a room with Quinn but you can't always get what you want.

Dear Diary

After my dad nearly killed us all, we get to stay at Le Grande Hotel. Jane wants to enjoy the pool and I don't stop her. I can swim but I don't have too many fond memories of it. What few memories I do have of it comes from summer camp.

Everything is going well until a knock on my door revealed Jane. It was late at night. Too late for her to be coming up to my room.

She said Quinn and the Fashion Fiends kicked her out and her only other option was sleeping in the hallway.

I only have one bed in my room. I offer to sleep on the floor but she said it was big enough for the two of us.

Remembering what the doctor at the spa said...

Yo, Journal

Le Grande Hotel will always hold the best of memories for me. I couldn't handle dealing with Quinn and her Fashion Fiends. I used that as an excuse to slip out and go to Drake's room. I may have lied and told him I was kicked out, but he let me in.

He even said he'd sleep on the floor. The bed was big enough for both of us.

Cuddling together, under the covers, I never felt like that before. I can't believe I said it. I wasn't sure I had.

When he said it back, that he loved me too, I held him closer and fell asleep in his arms.

If his mom found us like that she'd never believe we didn't do anything. That we just held each other and fell asleep.

What we did was better than, that. It was closer than that would be. I've not said those words to anyone outside of family.

And he said them back.

Dear Diary

After Le Grande Hotel, where Jane said she loved me, things were harder than ever. To control ourselves seemed to be a struggle now more than ever.

Her letter for some art camp seemed to be a great way to keep us from doing anything stupid. Well, would it be stupid if we did do anything? We love each other. Mack and Jodie do, that, but not Jane and I.


Her time at art camp will be good. Even if it sucks knowing she will be so far away.

Yo, Journal

I can't believe I got in! Yes it will suck leaving Drake behind for a couple of months but the experience will be amazing.

Phones exist, so does email, so it isn't like we won't be talking to each other.

Dear Diary

My mom has me helping Mr. O'Neil at his Okay to Cry Camp. She volunteered me against my will. This sucks.

Getting to call Jane on Fridays and email when I need to helps.

She seems to be having a good time. She made a friend, uh, I can't remember her name. Allison I think. Everyone else seems to have a stick up their ass but not this other artist.

Good for her to make a new friend.

Yo, Journal

I can't believe this happened. Allison tried to get me drunk and take advantage of me. Seriously, sexual predator much? Thankfully I was clear headed enough to push her off and run away.

Do I tell Drake? He knows about Allison. She was a friend. He'll wonder why I stopped being friends with her.

Will he be mad at me? I didn't do anything but maybe he'll think I gave Allison certain signals. I didn't, at least, I didn't think I was.

Dear Diary

Jane makes no sense. Something about getting drunk with Allison, not doing anything, but don't be mad at her. If she didn't do anything with Allison why would I be mad?

She hung up on me. I tried calling her back but she refused to answer.

I have one option, Trent.

Ever since Jane was removed I hadn't seen him. Jane went to see his sets every now and then but I avoided him. He might hate me, blame me, for what happened.

Only one way to find out.

Yo, Journal

I can't believe Drake did what he did. He came all the way out, with my brother, to see me.

Telling him what happened, he hugged me, and said he was glad I was safe. Yes, a lot of people might ignore what happened because Allison is a woman, but she still did what she did. Tried to do.

Drake asked if I wanted to go back home with him and the band but I feel like I need to stick this out. Maybe give Allison a swift kick as well.

Dear Diary

Jane is okay. That's all that matters. Hopefully the next time she sees Allison she puts her in her place.

She says she has to stick it out at the art camp. It must be a hell of a place for her to want to stay even after what happened.

So, I hugged and kissed her goodbye, before getting in the Tank with Trent and the rest of Mystic Spiral.

Just a couple more weeks and she'll be back. And then school starts. Gah, this summer went by too quickly.

Yo, Journal

Summer ended, Allison and I had a talk, and I find a whole new reason to hate her.

But, back at Castle Morgendorffer, I have Drake.

He met a kid at the camp he got roped into doing that seemed to look up to Drake. He was surprised but I'm not. I look up to him, too.

Now, school starts back up soon, and we start our final year of hell. Or Lawndale High.

Same thing.