Chapter 1

Four years has passed since the end of the 4th Shinobi World War. Uzumaki-Ishimaru Takumi, formerly known as Harry Potter, sat on the back porch of the house he and his wife of one year lived in.

Having arrived by some unknown means in the forest just outside Konoha just over 14 years ago, he had never regretted his choice in becoming a ninja. Relaxing, he thought back on how he came to be there.


It was November, and they had had their first test in school. Seven year old Harry Potter was staring at the test that had just been returned to him. He had gotten an A on it.

This was bad. His cousin Dudley had only gotten an E on his, meaning Harry had done better. And if it was one thing the walrus and the horse (uncle and aunt) would really punish him for, it was for being better than their 'perfect, little angel'.

Harry sighed. With luck, he would only get a few smacks, and then be thrown into his cupboard without food. He doubted it would be so, but one could hope.

He was right. When they had gotten home it turned out Vernon had been passed over for a promotion, and was in a bad mood. When Vernon found out the Harry had done better on the test than Dudley, his bad mood turned to anger, and that anger was directed towards Harry.

The beating he received was worse than he had feared. His left arm was broken, several of his ribs were at least cracked, if not outright broken, and he wouldn't discard the possibility that he had internal bleedings. His nose had also been broken, and was now bleeding heavily on his dirty mattress as he lies in his cupboard. Feeling despair well up inside him, he wishes to be saved, to be taken away from these horrible people.

Suddenly, he feels as if his body begins to burn, followed by the feeling of being squeezed through a small tube, before he passes out.

Flashback end

He had been found passed out, by a chuunin returning to Konoha after a C-rank mission. Said chuunin, one Ishimaru Keiichi, had taken him to the Konoha Hospital, where he was treated for his broken bones, internal bleeding and, according to the doctors, chakra exhaustion. He was asleep for a whole week. During the time he was asleep, the Hokage had asked a Yamanaka to check out his memories, in order to make sure he wasn't a spy. The Yamanaka who had performed the deed was livid when he came out of the memories. He told the Hokage that Harry was in no way a spy, and that the injuries he had was due to him being abused by his own relatives. He claimed that Harry's so-called relatives where the lowest of the low, and that even Orochimaru was a better person than them.

When Harry woke up, he learned that he was in a new world. After learning about the world, he was asked what he wanted to do. Not wanting to be weak, he decided to become a shinobi. He also choose to change his name in order to symbolize a new start, and to fit in better. He choose the last name Ishimaru, in order to honour the man who had saved him, and the first name Takumi. He had come to love the sight of the ocean from the few pictures and snippets of TV programs he had seen with it in, so choosing a name that meant open sea felt right to him.

Once he was released from the hospital, he was given a choice. He could either live at an orphanage with other orphans or, he could be given a small stipend each month and a small apartment to live in until he graduated from the academy and became a genin, when he had to start paying for the apartment himself. Knowing how to both cook and clean due to his life with the Dursley's, he choose to live alone.

He was given an apartment next to another orphan, a girl the same age as him. Smiling, he remembered his first meeting with his new neighbour.


He had just arrived at his new home after being given the key and address to the place. The place was kind off run down, but at least it wasn't a cupboard. Walking up the stairs to the floor his apartment was on, he noticed an increase in graffiti on the walls, all speaking of the hatred its writers had for some 'demon', or such. Reaching the third floor, he saw that there was only two apartments there. His apartment was the one furthest away from the stairs, but it was the first one that held his attention. The door to that apartment was covered in graffiti, so much so that you could no longer see the original colour of the door.

As he stood there watching, the door opened and a girl walked out. She was about his age, maybe a bit younger, with sun-kissed blond hair put up in two pigtails. Her clothes was a white T-shirt, orange pants and blue shoes. She turned towards the stairs and he could see her face for the first time.

Eyes like sapphire, a cute nose, an open face with a large smile and whisker like marks on her cheeks. The only thing he could think about was how pretty she was. That thought only intensified when she saw him and her smile increased by a 1000%. It was as if he was looking at the sun with how bright it was.

She quickly came up to him and greeted him.

"Yo, I'm Uzumaki Naruko! Who are you?"

Still a bit distracted, he answered. "Ah, I'm Ishimaru Takumi, and I'm your new neighbour. Nice to meet you."

As Naruko continued to ask him questions, all he could think was 'Cute'.

Flashback end

He and Naruko had soon become friends. When he learned about how people treated Naruko, he had come up with a plan. They knocked down a part of the wall between their apartments, making them roommates rather than neighbours. He was also the one who did all the shopping, as the stores would only sell rotten or overpriced food to Naruko.

Thanks to them pooling their resources, and him being able to cook, they were both able to eat healthy meals every day, stopping the malnourishment they both had been forced to endure before. And once they both had started the academy, they found out that it wasn't just the stores that had a grudge against Naruko for some unknown reason. Many of the teachers also held a hatred for her, and she was given heavily altered books. But thanks to him letting her use his books, she was able to stop herself from falling behind.

As the years passed, he and Naruko continued to help each other. Naruko was a practical learner, but thanks to him explaining the stuff the teachers taught, she was able to do well in the written parts of the academy.

While training together, they also figured out what combat styles fitted them best. Due to her massive amount of chakra and self-healing ability, Naruko was a close-range nin/tai-user. She would be able to get up and personal with the enemy, all while spamming wide area jutsus without fearing chakra exhaustion. And after learning about the Sannin Tsunade and her super strength, she started to attempt to replicate it. Thanks to his help and the chakra control exercises he got from the library, doubled with the inherent chakra control all females had, by the middle of their last year in the academy, she was able to punch down small trees with the technique.

He himself, on the other hand, favoured long range and kenjutsu mixed with ninjutsu and genjutsu as his fighting style. Using two ninjato as weapon, he had become proficient in one-handed seals so that he could still use one ninjato when using ninjutsu or genjutsu. As a result, they both complemented each other very well.

Naruko still pranked people and places, but now she had a willing accomplice in him. Together, they pranked everything from the stores that wouldn't sell Naruko anything good, to some of the clan compounds and even the ANBU headquarter. Thanks to the pranks, they both now had stealth and endurance on a level that many Jounin didn't have, since they now could both prank the ANBU and lead them on a chase for a couple of hours without getting caught.

Then came the graduation exam. While he had graduated, the bias from the teacher had made Naruko fail, forcing her to remain in the academy for another six months before she could try again. He didn't want to leave her alone in the academy, but as he had graduated, there was nothing he could do about it.

But, some higher force seemed to disagree. The two teammates he got proved themselves to be unfit for the shinobi lifestyle, so he was sent back to the academy while they was let go.

The next six months he spent as much time as possible helping Naruko refine the skills needed to graduate. Since he had already graduated, he wasn't allowed to stay during the exam, but he waited outside for her to finish. When she came out, dejected and without a hitai-ate, he was angry. Once again she had been sabotaged by a teacher and been denied the right to graduate, even though he knew she had the skills and knowledge for it.

So, after he had taken Naruko to Ichiraku's in order to cheer her up, he went to the Hokage to complain. When the old man learned that his surrogate granddaughter was sabotaged by a teacher in order to stop her from graduating and becoming a ninja, he was just as angry as Takumi.

The Sandaime promised to have some of the ANBU investigate the two who would be Naruko's teachers for the next six months in order to ferret out any proof of foul play before the graduation. He continued to say that, since this graduation had 27 successful graduates, he (Takumi) would not be put on a team, but instead would be given an apprenticeship with a Jounin until the next graduation. Takumi thanks the Hokage and leaves.

Over the next six months, he trains with his Jounin-sensei, Gekkou Hayate, one of the few kenjutsu specialists in Konoha, and with Naruko. The ANBU was able to find out that the teacher Iruka didn't have any problems with Naruko, and would love to see her graduate, but his colleague, Mizuki, hated Naruko with all his might. After taking him to the T&I department, they also found out that he was a traitor working with Orochimaru and had been planning to use Naruko in order to steal the Forbidden Scroll.

The graduation came, and this time Naruko graduated without any trouble. She was placed on a team with Uchiha Sasuke and Haruno Sakura (Takumi had been promoted to chuunin about a month before). The Uchiha believed that everyone was beneath him, and Haruno was a fangirl of the worst kind. They could not work together. Sasuke belittled Naruko, believing her to be a worthless idiot, despite her being more skilled than him, and Sakura believed Naruko was going to take 'her' 'Sasuke-kun'. The delusions of some people were really strange…

While Naruko tried to work with them, they both refused, and by all means, they should have failed the test. But the Civilian Council wanted the Uchiha to become a ninja, and Haruno's mother was on that council, so they passed.

The following month was filled with useless team exercises and D-rank missions. It wasn't until the Uchiha snapped and demanded a C-rank things got interesting.

He had entered the room just after the Uchiha had demanded a C-rank, and it wasn't until he suggested that he would join them that the Hokage agreed.

They had been given the mission to guard a builder named Tazuna on his way back to Wave, and until he had finished his project. It later turned out that Tazuna had underrated the mission, and that it was more of an A-rank. First, they fought the Demon Brothers, a pair of Mist nuke-nin that usually worked for Momochi Zabuza, the Demon of the Hidden Mist, so it came as no surprise when they later ran into him too.

It was also what happened during this mission that proved Hatake Kakashi's inability to teach. He had been their sensei for more than a month now, and he had yet to teach them tree-climbing and water-walking. Not that it mattered for Naruko, since she had learned that back in the academy together with himself, but still…

It was only luck that had them surviving the mission. Unfortunately, Naruko lost a friend during the mission, and the Uchiha gained his pink eyes. This led Kakashi to abandon the other two in order to concentrate on the Uchiha.

Takumi had offered Naruko and Haruno training, but Haruno screeched at him and went to watch the Uchiha. So, it was just him and Naruko training again. He decided to tell her about elemental transformation of chakra. He took out two pieces of chakra paper, and gave one to Naruko before telling her about it. He said that when channelling chakra into the paper, it would react based on what type of chakra element the person had.

Channelling chakra into the paper he held, it crinkled up into a ball before starting to drip water. Seeing Naruko's look of interest, he explains that if the paper starts to burn, then it represent fire, is cut, then its wind, crumbles when its earth, crinkles for lightning and turns soggy for water.

Understanding what to do, Naruko channels chakra into the paper, and watches as it instantly splits down the middle, showing that she has wind as her element.

He decided that once they were back in Konoha, he would ask around for someone who could help Naruko with mastering wind chakra.

Once they were back in Konoha, Takumi was able to find a wind-user in the Hokage's son, Sarutobi Asuma, the sensei of Team Ten.

The following months passed quickly, with Takumi often away on missions, but he still trained with Naruko when he had time, and soon, the Chuunin Exam arrived. It went as expected, until the final, when Oto, a minor village under the command of Orochimaru, attacked with the help of Suna. They were able to defeat the attackers, but the Hokage died in battle when he sealed Orochimaru's arms. Naruko joined Jiraiya of the Sannin in order to track down Tsunade, who was to be the next Hokage.

Once they returned, the Uchiha ran away in order to join Orochimaru in his quest for power and vengeance. Naruko and four other were sent after him, with the orders to bring him back in any way possible. They failed, and were all injured when Orochimaru's elite force, the Sound Four, helped the Uchiha escape.

Once healed, Naruko went on a training trip for three years with Jiraiya, and when she returned, things changed between them.


Ishimaru Takumi, newly promoted Tokubetsu Jounin due to his skill with his ninjato and the only Konohan shinobi to hold the Ranton (Storm Release) Kekkai Genkai, was having the day off. It had only been four months since he found out that he had a Kekkai Genkai, when he attempted to create a new jutsu, mixed lightning and water chakra, and got a lightning bolt that moved like water. When he showed his discovery to the Hokage, she recognized the signs of a Ranton technique and told him about the Kekkai Genkai, which until then only existed in Kumo.

After about a month of training, he had created his first technique. He called it Ranton: Inazuma (Storm release: Lightning Whip). It worked in similar ways as the Suiton: Suiben (Water release: Water Whip) used by Kiri hunter-nins, but without the need to channel lightning chakra into it manually.

This creation cemented his promotion to Tokubetsu Jounin. So now, he was walking down the main street in Konoha, wondering what to do. Suddenly, he was hit by an orange and yellow blur, and he finds himself on his back with someone straddling his stomach. The first thing he sees is golden hair and the body of a goddess. Then he looks closer and sees sapphire eyes and whisker-marked cheeks.


"I'm back, Ta-kun!" she says, giving him a bright smile before kissing him full on the mouth. At first, he is shocked by her action, but soon he kisses her back. After about a minute, they stop and Naruko helps him get up.

"Not that I'm complaining, but… why?"

Naruko looks a bit sheepish when she answers.

"W-Well, during these years I've been gone, I've done some thinking, a-and I… I believe I'm in love with you." She says with a blush.

At this point, Takumi is also blushing.

"So, uhm…" Naruko continues, "w-would you like to be my boyfriend..?"

Right now she's sporting an atomic blush, and he can see a small look of fear in her eyes, mostly due to the possibility of him rejecting her.

"I would love to." He says, giving her a warm smile and sees her face light up as the sun due to happiness.

Flashback end

They had kept their relationship silent, as they didn't want the attention focused on them. They went on a few dates, spent time together when not on missions, and slowly but surely, grooving closer. But then, everything began to go to hell. First, a message came, telling the Hokage that the criminal organization Akatsuki had kidnapped the Kazekage, Gaara. The Akatsuki were apparently hunting down Jinchuuriki, planning to extract the bijuu from them for some kind of purpose. Gaara was saved, but he had lost his bijuu, the Ichibi.

Not long after that, Jiraiya was killed by the leader of Akatsuki, someone who called himself Pein. Pein attacked Konoha, and destroyed the village with one attack. Many died in the destruction, and even more was killed in the attempts to stop Pein. Takumi himself had fallen in battle, his last thoughts being of Naruko, his love.

He had found himself in a dark place, with a deformed baby and a red-headed woman as company. The woman had taken the baby, before throwing it out in the darkness, where it disintegrated. She had then told him that she was his mother, and that she was proud of him. She gave him a hug, and told him that 'it wasn't his time yet', and that he better give her some grand-babies before they met again. Then everything turned black, and when he opened his eyes again, he saw a distraught Naruko leaning over him.

Naruko told him that after she had defeated Pein (whose real name was Nagato), he had used his last powers to revive everyone who had died. And everyone did revive. But he and Tsunade hadn't woken up, and the medics had told her that they were both in some sort of coma. Tsunade due to her overtaxing herself during the fight with Pein, while trying to keep as many alive as possible. But they had no clue to why he was in a come too. He had not exhausted his chakra during the fight, and he had died due to a chakra-rod through the heart, so there was no trauma to the head either. All they could do was letting him rest and hope he would wake up.

That had been three day ago.

During those three days, Naruko had not left his side, fearing he would never wake up. As such, their relationship was now public knowledge, and thanks to Naruko having defeated Pein, people were happy for them.

Then Shimura Danzo manipulated his way into becoming the Hokage, claiming that since Tsunade was in a coma, a new Hokage was needed.

A Five Kage Conference was called by the Raikage, A, in order to combat the Akatsuki, but the conference was attacked by Uchiha Sasuke and a man claiming to be Uchiha Madara. Madara declared the beginning of the 4th Shinobi World War, and then left. The Kage's all returned to their villages, in order to prepare for war. Danzo was killed by Uchiha Sasuke on his way back to Konoha. Fortunately, Tsunade had woken up, and returned to her duties as the Godaime Hokage.

The war began, and Naruko was sent to Kumo in order to train with the only remaining Jinchuuriki, Killer B. The Allied Shinobi Forces were able to hold their ground in the beginning, but soon had to go on the defensive as the enemy used the Edo Tensei in order to resurrect the fallen to fight for them.

He had been wounded at that time, and as such wasn't there when everything went to hell, but he heard the stories from the survivors, and Naruko confirmed that the Akatsuki had revived a Goddess who was bent on destroying the world. Naruko had been able to seal the Goddess with the help of Uchiha Sasuke, but after they had won, Sasuke had attempted to kill all the leaders in order for him to rule the world. She had been forced to kill him for that.

The next three years were spent rebuilding. Naruko rose through the ranks and soon became a Jounin. Takumi himself remained a Tokubetsu Jounin, having decided to explore his Kekkai Genkai more, rather than getting promoted. Thanks to the peace between the Hidden Villages, Kumo had sent him copies of all the scrolls they had on Ranton, and he sent back copies of every new technique he created. He had also been given the right to sign the Owl Summoning contract, and was now one of the few allowed to summon the Kaminari no Kuni Battle Owls.

Two years after the war, he had asked Naruko to marry him. She had happily said yes, and once the rebuilding process was done, they had gotten married.

Tsunade had performed the ceremony, and a lot of Naruko's and his friends were there. Naruko had chosen Hyuuga Hinata as her maid-of-honour, and several of the kunoichi she knew had joined as bridesmaids. There was Temari, the older sister of the Kazekage and wife of Nara Shikamaru, Yamanaka Ino, who had followed her father's footsteps and joined the T&I department as an interrogator. Then there was Mitarashi Anko, the second-in-command for the T&I department, and Gekkou Yuugao, ANBU and wife of Gekkou Hayate. Coincidentally, Takumi had asked Hayate to be his best man.

He had chosen to marry into Naruko's clan, the Uzumaki, and therefore changed his name accordingly. Since she was now married, Naruko had become a member of the Clan Council, as the head of the Uzumaki clan, though it was mostly he who went to the meetings, as Naruko only fell asleep during them due to boredom. Which led to where he was now.

Having just returned to their home after a meeting in which Tsunade had announced that she was going to retire and her successor would be Hatake Kakashi, both Naruko and he were emotionally exhausted. Sitting there, enjoying the late October sun, Takumi didn't regret a single thing he had done these last 14 years.

Scene change

Hogwarts, Headmaster's office, October 20th, 1994

Dumbledore was not a happy camper. It had been almost seven years since Harry Potter had disappeared from his aunt and uncle's home without a trace, and nothing he had tried could find the boy.

When his instruments had first registered the wards around #4 Privet Drive falling, he had hurried there, expecting to find the place under attack. What he found instead was a normal (if a bit boring) house, with no trace of the wards, and no trace of Harry Potter. He had hoped that he could find Potter before he was to start at Hogwarts, but nothing had been able to locate him. Even the magic quill that was enchanted to always write out the exact address of the new students, were unable to supply a location, despite being fuelled directly by the ley-lines that powered Hogwarts wards.

The things the quill had written looked very similar to the writing style used in Japan, but once a translation spell was used, it only showed gibberish. Thus, they couldn't track him using it, and once the letter had been given to an owl, the owl simply flew around the room a few times before landing again, showing that it couldn't find him either.

Thus came September 1st, and Harry Potter was a no-show. He had been forced to explain in front of the Wizengamot that Harry had disappeared 4 years earlier, and that he had no idea where he was. The uproar had been huge. It was only by calling in almost every favour he was owned he avoided being removed from his positions as Headmaster of Hogwarts and Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot, but there was nothing he could do to stop himself from being sacked from the position as Supreme Mugwump for the ICW.

The first year went well enough. Well, if you ignore the fact that a muggleborn student had been crippled by a troll which had somehow entered the castle, and that the DADA professor, Quirinus Quirrell, had been found housing the spirit of the dark lord Voldemort in the back of his head. Dumbledore had been able to defeat the spirit, but Quirrell died as a result.

The second year didn't go any better than the first. Somehow, someone had opened the legendary Chamber of Secrets, and thus releasing the monster inside it. Three students were petrified and one teacher died before young Ginerva Weasley, a first year student, came to him and told him about a diary that wrote back and her having blackouts. Examining the diary, it turned out that it contained a younger version of Voldemort, and that it had been feeding on you Ginerva's life force in order to return to life. Thus did the attacks of the monster stop, but the teacher that had died, one Gilderoy Lockhart, was found out to have raped several of the younger female students before removing their memories of the event. All his money were split up and given to his victims as an apology (not that it helped, since each and every one of them required years of therapy before they could stand being in the same room as an older male again).

In the third year, mass murderer Sirius Black escaped from Azkaban, and the minister (in his oh so splendid wisdom) decided to place soul-sucking monsters called Dementors around Hogwarts for protection. Fortunately, that didn't last long as Sirius Black took contact with the director for the DMLE (Department of Magical Law Enforcement) Amelia Bones, claiming that he had never been given a trial, and that he was in fact innocent, and that if his safety could be guaranteed, he would give himself up so that he could prove his innocence. She had called in Alastor 'Mad-Eye' Moody, and had him take some people he trusted in order to protect Black as he was brought in for a trial. And it was lucky for Black she did that, as the group was attacked three times by Dementors, trying to kiss him. But Black was given his trial, and was proven innocent. Peter Pettigrew, the real betrayer of the Potters, had been hiding as a pet rat the whole time, and was able to escape before he was caught. Though, thankfully, an investigation showed that he at least hadn't touched the children in the family he had been hiding with.

When Black learned that Harry was missing, and that Dumbledore had put him with the Dursley's, he immediately cut all connections with Dumbledore, and publicly spoke out against the Headmaster, putting him in even more hot water. This time there was nothing he could do to not lose his position as the Chief Warlock, though he was able to remain as the Headmaster of Hogwarts.

And now they were in the fourth year. Trouble had already begun, as a group of Death Eaters had attacked in the aftermaths of the Quidditch World Cup finals. Fortunately, no-one had been killed, but the hysteria the attacked caused made things look like they did towards the end of the war with Voldemort in the 70's.

It also ramped up the security concerns for the Tri-Wizard Tournament that was to be held at Hogwarts that year. In just a few days, the delegations from Durmstrang and Beauxbatons would arrive, and on the 31st, the drawing of the champions would happen during the Halloween feast. He could only hope everything would go off with any problems…

Hogwarts Great Hall, Evening, Oct 31st, 1994

As everyone had at least had one serving of food, Dumbledore stood up and asked for silence.

"Students of Hogwarts, visitors from abroad, it is time for the drawing of the champions!" he exclaimed. Clapping his hands, the doors to the Great Hall opened, and the Goblet of Fire was carried inside by a sour-looking Argus Filch.

The Goblet was put down in the middle of the Hall, and Dumbledore used his wand to dim the lights in order to make a better show.

"At any moment now, the Goblet will chose the champions, and once it is done, can those chosen please enter this room so that we can give you some information about the tournament and the upcoming tasks." Dumbledore says, pointing towards a door to his left. "And now, get ready. The Goblet is about to choose the champions."

At that moment, the fire in the Goblet flashes bright white, and a flame leaves it, carrying a piece of parchment with it. Dumbledore grabs the piece of parchment out of the air and looks down on it.

"The champion of Durmstrang is… Viktor Krum!"

Applauds filled the Hall, and Krum stood up to the sound of cheering ("Well done, Viktor! I knew you could do it!" came from Durmstrangs Headmaster, Igor Karkaroff."), and entered the room Dumbledore had pointed at.

As soon as Krum left the Great Hall, the cheering and applauds stopped, and soon everyone was looking at the Goblet again, waiting for the next champion. It didn't take long before the fire in it flashed white again, and a new piece of parchment was spit out. Once again, Dumbledore caught it before looking at it.

"Representing Beauxbatons… Fleur Delacour!"

This time, the applauds were mixed. Almost all of the men were clapping as heard as they could, while the female students almost glared at Fleur as she left the Hall the same way Krum had. About a minute later, the next name was spat from the Goblet.

"Champion of Hogwarts is… Cedric Diggory!"

Cedric left the hall to polite applauds from the visiting schools, Ravenclaw and Gryffindor, loud cheering from Hufflepuff and sporadic clapping from Slytherin. Once it was quiet again, Dumbledore addressed the students.

"Now, the champions have been selected…"

He is cut off as the Goblet flashes white a fourth time, and everyone watches in silence as another piece of parchment is launched towards the Headmaster. Silently grabbing the offending piece of parchment, he stares at it for a while with a strange look on his face.

"Harry Potter…"

In the silence that filled the Great Hall, everyone could hear the Headmaster quietly saying the name of a person that had been missing for seven years. That was when some of the students noticed that the Goblet was acting strangely. It was pulsing, like a heartbeat, and the fire inside it was slowly growing in intensity as the pulsing became stronger. Soon, everyone was staring at the Goblet, and the professor's had their wands out and pointing at the Goblet, not knowing what would happen.

Suddenly, the fire inside the Goblet roared to life. A giant flame of pure, white fire left the Goblet and landed on the floor in front of the Head Table, where it started to swirl at high speed, before suddenly going out, leaving a dark-haired man crouched on the floor behind.

Konoha, Uzumaki Home, Evening, Oct 31st

Takumi and Naruko had just finished their evening spar, and were now sitting under a tree in their backyard, just enjoying the closeness of each other. Takumi had been thinking of becoming a Jounin in order to take a Genin team, and with the help of his loving wife, he was slowly reaching the point where he could be considered for a promotion.

"What are you thinking about?"

He smiled down at Naruko.

"Oh, just how lucky I am to have you in my life, Naru-chan." He said, giving her a light kiss. She snuggled deeper into his side, and gave a content sigh.

Hugging her tightly for a second, he then made to stand up.

"Do we have to get up?" Naruko complained. Takumi just chuckled before answering.

"Well, since I was planning to make dinner, I think we have to."

Naruko immediately got up, since she loved his cooking, and started to drag him towards the kitchen while he laughed. Suddenly he froze, a feeling of being burned spread throughout his body, and he could hear voices speaking in a language he hadn't heard for 14 years.

Naruko noticed that he froze, and turned towards him with a concerned look on her face.

"Ta-kun, what's wrong?"

"I don't know… It feels as if I'm on fire, and I'm hearing voices speaking in a language I haven't heard for almost 14 years."

Naruko then noticed that his hand appeared to be disappearing in what seemed to be white fire.

"Ta-kun! Your hand, look at your hand!"

Looking down, he saw what she had seen, and noticed that while his body seemed to be disappearing, the voices was getting clearer.

"It would seem that I'm getting summoned somewhere." He looked Naruko in the eyes. "I do not know what is going on, but I promise you, I will come back to you. When I'm gone, go to the Hokage and tell that lazy pervert what has happened. I will send an Owl summon with information as soon as I know anything."

At this point, only part of his torso and his head was left, so he leaned in and kissed her before he disappeared completely.

"And remember Naru-chan, I love you…"

And with that, he disappeared completely. Naruko rubbed the tears from her eyes, and used a shunshin in order to report what had happened to the Hokage.

With Takumi

It was a strange feeling, being turned into fire, moved to another place, and then turned back to a human. Takumi looked around. He was in what appeared to be a dining hall of some sort, possibly a school, since most of the people he could see were in their early to late teens.

Turning around, he saw a group of adults standing next to a table, pointing what looked like sticks at him. An old man with long grey beard and extremely bad fashion sense (I mean, pink robes with dark blue stars and puke-green crescent moons on it, who the hell wears that?) cleared his throat before saying a single name.

"Harry Potter?"

This is the first chapter in a story I got the idea for after reading Troubles in Time by sakurademonalchemist and several of Arawn D. Draven's stories. I plan on continue this story once I'm done with Hollow Magic, or if inspiration strikes and I write a new chapter before that.

The next chapter of Child of Light and Madness is on its way, and once that chapter is out, I will write the next one for Hollow Magic, which only has about 3 or 4 chapters more until its ended.

So until then. Enjoy.