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Chapter 4

The next morning, Naruko and Takumi joined Tsunade and Hinata for breakfast. During the meal, they discussed what to do while they were at Hogwarts.

"So, now that we are here, we should gather as much useful information as we can." Tsunade began. "That being said, I will concentrate on learning as much as possible about the different types of healing they have here."

"I think that I shall try and learn as much about their culture as I can." Hinata said, before turning towards Naruko. "If you could help me with that, I would be grateful, Naruko-chan."

"Fine, but you know I hate reading, Hinata-chan." Naruko said with a pout. "And what will you do, Ta-kun?"

"As I'm stuck in this so-called 'tournament', I believe I shall use it as an opportunity to study whatever skills they teach in this school, Naru-chan."

"Then we have a plan to follow." Tsunade said, finishing up her food. "We go about learning about this place, and we update each other on what we have learned during breakfast."

"Hai, Godaime-sama!" the three Shinobi answered (well, Takumi and Hinata said that, Naruko called her baa-san, as always).

Leaving the sitting room, they all split up, going their separate ways for the day. Tsunade went to the infirmary in order to speak some more with Madam Pomfrey. Hinata and Naruko went in search for the library, despite Naruko's pouting. And Takumi went down to the great hall in order to talk to either Dumbledore or McGonagall about sitting in on some of the lectures while he was there.

As he entered the Great Hall, he noticed that most of those gathered there were reading a newspaper of some sort, and were whispering amongst each other. Stepping up to the head table, he approached Professor McGonagall.

"Can I have a moment of your time, McGonagall-san?"

"Very well, Mr. Potter. What can I do for you?"

"Ah, it's Uzumaki-Ishimaru, McGonagall-san, and I want to ask you about the possibility for me to sit in and observe some of the classes this school has to offer, from time to time."

"Very well, Mr. Uzumaki. While I see no problems with your request, we will have to speak with the Headmaster before I can say either 'yea' or 'nay'."

Standing up from the table, McGonagall nodded towards the exit. "If you could follow me, please."

Following McGonagall, Takumi walked through the castle until they came to the statue that led to Dumbledore's office. After giving the statue the password, they began to ascend the stairs, only to hear loud voices coming from above.

"…and I don't care what you say! He is my godson, and you have no right to stop me from…"

A knock from McGonagall stopped the tirade.

An 'Enter!' came from inside the office. As McGonagall opened the door, Takumi took the opportunity to observe those inside.

Dumbledore sat behind his desk, eyes twinkling like usual. In front of the desk stood two men. The first man stood somewhat to the right of the desk. He had sandy blond hair and were dressed in well-worn clothes. From what Takumi could see as the man looked back when they came in, he also had some scarring on his face.

The second man stood right in front of the desk, apparently staring right at Dumbledore, and didn't even spare them a glance when they came in. All Takumi could see of this person was that he had shoulder-length, wavy dark hair, and were dressed in clothes of good quality.

As they entered the office, Dumbledore spoke up.

"Ah, Minerva, what can I do for you?"

"Mr. Uzumaki here has requested to be allowed to sit in on and observe some of the lessons we have here at Hogwarts. While I see no problems with this request, as Headmaster, it is you who has to agree to or deny it."

"I see." Dumbledore said, leaning back. "And may I ask why you have requested this, my boy?"

"It's simple, really." Takumi answered, though his left eyebrow were twitching in irritation of being called 'my boy'. "I am at a disadvantage compared to the other competitors in the tournament, as they have years of experience in this 'magic' business, while I don't. So, by allowing me to observe some of the classes that you teach here, I will learn more about what to expect from this tournament."

As Takumi talked, the two men that had been in the office when they arrived, where looking at him. The scarred man whispered something to the other, and a look of hope entered the finely dressed man's eyes.

When Takumi stopped giving Dumbledore his reasoning for wanting to observe the classes they had at Hogwarts, the finely dressed man spoke before Dumbledore could.


Blinking, Takumi turned towards the men.

"My name is Takumi. I haven't gone by the name Harry in 14 years."

The man suddenly hugged Takumi, shocking the Shinobi with his action.

"Umm, why are you hugging me?" Takumi asked.

The man stopped hugging him, and stepped back, looking at him with teary eyes.

"My name is Sirius Black, and I am your Godfather."

"Godfather..?" Takumi turns towards Dumbledore. "Dumbledore-san, can I have the answer for my request, please?"

"I will allow you to observe some of the classes here." Dumbledore said. "But please, try not to disturb anyone during them."

"Thank you, Dumbledore-san." Takumi says with a bow, before turning back to Sirius. "Black-san, if you follow me, we can go somewhere and talk?"

"Of course! Please, I really wishes to learn more about my Godson." Sirius hastily says.

Bowing slightly towards Dumbledore and McGonagall, Takumi leaves the office, followed by Sirius Black and the other man. Looking over his shoulder, Takumi addresses the other man.

"Black-san has told me who he is, but who are you?"

"My name is Remus Lupin." The man answers. "I'm a friend of Sirius and your father from when we went to school here at Hogwarts."

"I see…" Takumi said as he led the two men towards the suite he and Naruko used.

Once inside the suite, he indicated that they should sit down and talk. Takumi sat down in an armchair, while Sirius and Remus sat down on the couch opposite him.

"Now…" Takumi began. "You said you are my Godfather. If so, I have a question for you."

Sirius nods.

"Where were you?"

"Harry…" Sirius began, before Takumi raised a hand to stop him.

"Takumi. Uzumaki-Ishimaru Takumi. As I said, I haven't gone by the name Harry in 14 years."

"How is that possible?" Remus injected. "You disappeared seven years ago, and we knew you when you were just a babe."

Leaning back slightly, Takumi answered.

"Due to what I now know was accidental magic, I was transported to a different world, in which time apparently moves twice as fast. I was found unconscious in a forest by a man named Ishimaru Keiichi, who took me to the local hospital. Once I was well enough to leave the hospital, I was given a stipend to live on, and a small apartment to live in. I spent 14 years there, going to school, making friends, finding an occupation, fought in a war and got married. I was not happy, being brought back here, and if I hadn't found a way to contact my home, I would be very annoyed.

So I ask you again, Black-san, where were you?"

"Ha-Takumi, when your parents were killed, I went mad with grief." Sirius began, looking down in shame. "I hunted the rat who betrayed them down, but were outsmarted. When I cornered the rat, he loudly stated that I was the one who had betrayed James and Lily, before using a spell to blow up the street, killing twelve bystanders and fleeing into the sewers.

Seeing the one responsible for the death of my brother in all but blood, and Lily, whom I loved like a sister, get away, broke me. I started laughing and crying at the same time, and when the Aurors – that is the magical police – arrived, I was arrested and thrown in jail without a trial.

I was only able to escape and prove my innocence a year ago."

Finishing his tale, Sirius closes his eyes, waiting for the verdict. Observing him for a few seconds, Takumi then speaks.

"Well, at least you have a valid excuse for not being there, and I can see that you are feeling regret due to it. And what about you, Lupin-san? Where were you in all of this?"

"Firstly," Remus began, "you should know that I am a werewolf."

"So you turn into a wolf creature every full moon?"

"That is correct." Remus nods. "Unfortunately, werewolves are seen as just beasts in the magical community, and there are many laws that makes our lives far harder than they should have been. It was those laws that stopped me from taking care of you when you were a baby. If I had pushed for custody over you, I most likely have ended up in prison, perhaps even executed, if the wrong people were in charge. I had hoped that I would have been able to find out which family you had been placed with, and visit you every few weeks, but unfortunately, I was never able to do so."

Sighing, Takumi closed his eyes.

"Both of you have good reasons for not being there for me, and as such, I forgive you."

Both Sirius and Remus let out sighs of relief at that, but then Remus's brain rebooted, and he remembered something Takumi had said.

"Wait a minute! 'Married'? You're married?!"

"Yes." Takumi says with a small smile. "Since only a few months back. My wife is here too, so if you stay, you will most likely meet her."

"Details!" Sirius says, leaning forward. "How did you meet? What's she like? How does she look?"

"We met when we were seven." Takumi began. "We were neighbours, you see, and over time we became best friends. As a child, Naruko was quite the prankster, and while she still enjoys a good laugh, she has mellowed out somewhat over time. And as for how she look like, well, she is on her way here, so you'll see in a few moments."

He could feel Naruko's chakra signature coming closer, followed by Hinata. They should be arriving within five minutes. After answering a few more questions ("What's the best prank she has done?" from Sirius and "What do you do for a living?" from Remus), the door opened and Naruko and Hinata entered.

"Ta-kun! We're back!" Naruko announced with a big smile as they entered. Spotting the two men, she asked; "Oh, we have guests?"

"Yes. This is Sirius Black and Remus Lupin." He motions towards the two men. "Black-san, Lupin-san, this is Uzumaki Naruko, my wife, and Hyuuga Hinata, a good friend of ours."

The two men stands up and greets Naruko and Hinata with a 'pleased to meet you'. The two women greeted Sirius and Remus back, Naruko with a smile and a wave, and Hinata with a small bow. Giving Takumi a quick kiss, Naruko sat down in his lap. Smiling slightly at the scene, Hinata sat down in the chair next to them.

"Ne, Ta-kun?" Naruko asked. "Why are they visiting?"

Wrapping an arm around her, Takumi answered; "Black-san is apparently my godfather, and Lupin-san is an old friend of my mother and father, along with Black-san."

He could feel her tense up, so he quickly continued.

"Don't worry, they both has legitimate reasons for not being there when I was young."

"Oh? And what sort of reasons are they?" Naruko asked in a sweet tone that promised pain if she didn't like the answers. The two men swallowed at the tone.

"Well…" Sirius began. "I was in prison for a crime I did not commit, and were only able to prove my innocence last year…"

"And I," Remus continued, "were forbidden to take him due to some of the laws they have here."

Turning towards Remus, Naruko gave him a look that prompted him to explain a bit more. Once she had heard more about the bigoted laws that existed, she relaxed.

"I'm sorry I was so hard on you both, but I wanted to make sure you truly had valid excuses. Believe me, I know a bad excuse when I hear it." She finished with a dry smile.

"Yes, that pervert – good as he was – wasn't really the best choice, was he?" Takumi said, thinking back on Naruko's teacher and godfather, the super-pervert Jiraiya. Seeing the confused looks on the two men's faces, he explained.

"Naru-chan, like me, is an orphan, but her godfather didn't really have a good reason for never checking in on her. Sure, he was a Spy Master, but still… couldn't he have used a disguise in order to get to know her?"

"Add to the fact," Hinata said, "that he had the habit of peeking on women whenever he had the chance, and you have someone who is truly unsuited for the role as a guardian to a child, especially a girl."

"So, he was like a worse version of Sirius, then?" Came as a comment from Remus.

"I'm not that bad, Moony." Sirius whined.

"Perhaps not, but you do try to flirt with almost every female you see." Remus answered in a dry tone.

The pouting of Sirius made the three Shinobi smile a little. They continued with the small talk for a time, until Naruko and Sirius ended up in a discussion concerning pranks, much to the amusement of the other three. That discussion continued until Tsunade arrived for dinner.

Sirius (of course) tried to hit on her, but a finger flick to his forehead stopped any further attempts at that. Sure, he was a ladies man, but having to spend a week in St Mungo's due to a finger flick that launched him into a wall, breaking most of his bones from the force of it, made him re-evaluate his thought on the matter. Tsunade might be a beauty, but her temper was worse than Lily's had been during that time of the month, so Sirius decided to not try anything when she was close by.

One week later

Over the last week, Takumi had observed some of the classes that were offered at Hogwarts. So far, he had been to Astronomy (which was interesting, but useless in his opinion), Care for Magical Creatures (a useful class, to be sure, but not one he had any use for, as the creatures they learned about didn't exist back home), and History of Magic (and here he had though that Iruka's lectures were boring. Man was he wrong. This professor Binns made Iruka look like the most exciting thing in the world).

Right now, he was on his way down to the dungeon, in order to observe a potion class. Arriving at the classroom, he saw that the students stood there, waiting to be let in. observing the children in silence, he saw three things; 1) they stood in two distinct groups, one with red/gold ties, and one with silver/green ties. From what he had learned while at Hogwarts, the colours meant that it was a Gryffindor/Slytherin class he was about to observe. 2) There were clearly animosity between the two groups, yet only the Slytherins were antagonizing the others. When he had seen similar happenings in other locations of the school, both sides gave as good as they got. But not this time.

As the potions professor also were the head of Slytherin's house, he was most likely bias. That would explain why the Gryffindor's didn't rise to the taunts of the Slyherin's; they didn't dare to, since any reaction from them would cause them to be punished, not the Slytherin's. And 3) whoever made the house pairings was a complete moron. Putting the two houses that hated each other together in almost every class? Yeah, that's going to end well.

Not long after he had finished his observations, the door to the classroom opened and the professor, Snape, stepped out. He was about to say something when he spotted Takumi.

"Why are you here?" Snape asked with a sneer.

"I'm here to observe, Snape-san."

Snape looked even more hateful than usual at that.

"…Very well, but I do not tolerate any disturbances in my class." Snape says with an even larger sneer, before turning towards the students. "Well? What are you dunderheads waiting for? In. Now!"

Following the students inside, Takumi took up place in a corner in the back of the room as to not be in the way. As the lesson went on, Takumi could see more and more bias from professor Snape. He praised the Slytherins for the most minor things, while berating and taking points from the Gryffindors for such things as 'breathing too loudly' and 'asking questions at the wrong time'.

About halfway through the class, Takumi was glad he didn't have to go to another potion class ever again. Then came a knock on the door. Grumbling, Snape went and opened it.

"Ah, Severus. Is Mr. Potter inside, perhaps?" Takumi heard a voice say.

"Unfortunately, he is, Headmaster…"

Using a quick shunshin, Takumi appeared next to Snape, scaring both him and Dumbledore with his sudden appearance.

"I'm here, Dumbledore-san, what do you need me for?"

"Ah, my boy, there you are. It is time for the Weighing of the Wands ceremony, so the champions are to gather and have a Wand Maker look over their wands to make sure no-one attempts to cheat. Each one of the judges will be there, as well as a representative of the Ministry and a journalist from the Daily Prophet."

"I see. Then I shall accompany you there." Takumi says before turning to Snape. "My thanks for allowing me to observe this class, Snape-san. It has been… enlightening, I must say."

Snape just sneers and returns to the classroom, closing the door behind him. Takumi turns to Dumbledore.

"Shall we then, Dumbledore-san?"

"Of course, my boy." Dumbledore says with a smile and twinkling eyes, completely ignoring the irritated look on Takumi's face.

Moving through Hogwarts, they soon reached a room on the fourth floor.

"Here we are." Dumbledore said. "We are the last ones to arrive, so as soon as we enter, we can begin."

Nodding, Takumi opens the door and steps inside. When inside, he looks around the room. On the far side of the room, near the windows, stood the Hogwarts champion, Cedric something-or-another, if Takumi remembered right. To the left, near the wall, stood the Durmstrang and Beauxbaton champions, along with their respective Headmaster/mistress. Tsunade was currently sitting on a sofa in the middle of the room, drinking something (sake, if he had to guess). Opposite Tsunade sat a woman with wavy, blond hair, far too much make-up and dressed in a hideous snot green dress.

Behind her stood a man with a camera and two men who Takumi assumed was from the Ministry, as they had been there when he had first arrived some ten days past. In the far right corner, hidden from all but the most observant, stood Ollivander, his eyes gleaming with interest when he spotted Takumi.

"And here we have our last champion!" one of the men (who was dressed in yellow robes with black, horizontal bars on them) exclaimed. "Now, that everyone is here, I would like to introduce Rita Skeeter, who will do a small exposé on the ceremony."

"Perhaps not so 'small', Ludo." The woman in a snot green dress said, eyeing Takumi with a hungry look that caused both Takumi and Tsunade to have flashbacks to Orochimaru when said snake had found something interesting.

"Now," the man (Ludo) said, clapping his hands, "if the champions could gather 'round, then we can begin."

As the four champions came closer, he continued.

"In order to make sure no illegal wands are used during the Tri-Wizard Tournament, your wands will be looked over by a Wand Maker, and their stats will be logged, so that – unless your wand were to break – no wand except the wand logged can be used during the Tournament. And to that end, I would like to introduce Mr. Ollivander, owner of Ollivander's Wands, and the premiere Wand Maker in Britain."

Stepping out of his corner, Ollivanders sudden appearance scares those who didn't know he was there (that is, everyone except Tsunade, Takumi – who both know he was there due to being able to see him – and Dumbledore – the wards told him).

"Now, as I have a store to return to, perhaps we should begin. Mademoiselle Delacour, if you please?"

Delacour steps forward and hands Ollivander her wand.

"Hmm…" Ollivander says, as he inspects the wand. "Rosewood… 9 ½ inches… inflexible… and contains… oh, dear me…"

"An 'air from ze 'ead of a veela." Delacour interrupts him. "One of my grandmuzzer's."

"While I have never used the hairs of a veela in any of my wands – to temperamental, you see – if it works… Orchideous!"

Conjuring up a bouquet of flowers, Ollivander the hands the wand and the flowers over to Delacour. "Your wand is in excellent condition, Mademoiselle. Gospodin Krum, if you will..?"

Krum nods and hands over his wand.

"Ah, one of Gregorovitch, if I'm not mistaken? His works can be recognized by the fact his wands are a bit thicker than usual… hmm, hornbeam and Dragon heartstring… 10 ¼ inches… quite rigid… Avis!"

As the birds flew out the window, Ollivander nodded in satisfaction and handed Krum back his wand.

"Your turn, Mr Diggory."

Taking the wand from Cedric Diggory, Ollivander begins to speak.

"Ah, one of mine. Yes, I remember it well… the core is hair from a particularly fine specimen of a male Unicorn. He was 17 hands at least, and almost gored me with his horn when I plucked the hair from his tail. 12 ¼ inches, ash, pleasantly springy. I see it is well taken care of…"

"I polish it every night." Cedric says with a smile.

"Yes, I'm sure you do…" Ollivander says with a glimmer of laughter in his eyes. Conjuring up a fountain of wine from the tip of the wand, he then hands it back to Cedric.

"Now, Mr Uzumaki, it's time for your wand." Ollivander says and turns toward Takumi. Handing over a box, he then continues. "I finished your wand yesterday evening. Cherry wood from a holy tree, 11 ¾ inches long, flexible and with the dual core of tail-feather from a Thunderbird and hair from a Naiad. Go ahead, give it a swish."

Opening the box, Takumi looks at the wand. The wand has a slight orange tinge to it, and its grip is carved like the hilt of a kunai. Picking it up, he felt a warmth spread through-out his body, and the air suddenly smelt of ozone and rain. Flicking the wand towards the window, droplets of water flew out of it, and what looked like electricity jumped from drop to drop.

"Ah, excellent!" Ollivander said in glee. "You will find that, while the wand has a temperament, once you have truly bonded, nothing will be out of your reach. Now, let me give you some more information about the parts of your wand. The wood, as I said when you visited my store, comes from a holy cherry tree that stands in Kyoto, Japan. The feather was gifted to me by the last living member of a Native American tribe, which had guarded the feather for centuries. When the chief gave me the feather, he said that the spirits had told him that a man of water and lightning would come to me, and that the feather would help said man to become whole.

The hair, on the other hand, was found by my grandfather during a trip to Greece, almost 200 years ago. The locals told him that the pond he found the hair by, once was the home of a group of Naiads, but that the Naiads had disappeared over the years, and that the last time one was sighted was 10 years prior."

At this information, Dumbledore looked fascinated, the other two heads of school tried to look indifferent (but not really succeeding), the other champions looked somewhat intimidated, the two Ministry representatives was in shock, and that Skeeter woman looked like Christmas had come early.

"So, his wand is really powerful then?" She asked whilst brandishing a poisonous green quill.

"All wands are powerful, when wielded by their destined partner, but yes, on its own, Mr Uzumaki's wand is one of the most powerful wands ever created. While not up there with foci like the Elder Wand, or the Staff of Merlin, it still is one of the most potent foci in the world today."

Before anyone else could ask him anything, Ollivander turns to Takumi.

"I hope you are satisfied, Mr Uzumaki?"

"Yes." Takumi answers with a nod. "You have my thanks for your excellent work."

"It was my pleasure to be able to create such a magnificent wand." Ollivander says with a smile. "Now, if there is nothing else, I will take my leave."

Giving a small bow towards the gathered people, Ollivander then left the room.

"Well now," Ludo said, clapping his hands together. "Now that the ceremony is concluded, I wish you all a good day, and we'll see you again on the 24th."

"Pictures, Ludo! We must take pictures!" Skeeter interrupted him.

"Hmm? Oh, yes, right, pictures." Ludo laughed "Gather round everyone, so that Bozo here" he indicates towards the man with the camera "can take some pictures."

With some grumbling from a few people, they lined up for the shot. There were some problems with how they should stand so that everyone could be seen, but that was soon fixed. Madame Maxime, Beauxbatons Headmistress, sat in the middle, with Dumbledore and Karkaroff, the Headmaster of Durmstrang, standing on either side. The three champions were instructed to sit in front of their respective head of school, which they did. Delacour with a look of boredom on her face, Krum was simply brooding and Cedric had a somewhat empty smile on his. To their left stood Tsunade and Takumi. Takumi stood in attention, with a neutral look on his face, while Tsunade had (to the joy of most men in the room) crossed her arms beneath her chest, making her assets even more pronounced.

On the opposite side, to the right of the champions, stood the two Ministry representative, that Ludo fellow and a young man with ginger hair and glasses. It took some time, but almost two hours later, they were done and Takumi and Tsunade could leave.

Quickly leaving before that Skeeter woman could attempt anything, they both retired to their quarter, where they spent the evening relaxing with their friends and family (even though the only friend they had there was Hinata, as Naruko was Takumi's wife and Tsunade's adopted granddaughter/distant cousin).

A few hours later, Tsunade and Hinata left for their own rooms, and Takumi and Naruko went to bed. Before he fell asleep, Takumi decided that he would spend the next couple of weeks before the first task, practising as much as possible with his new wand. Having decided what to do, he hugged Naruko closer and let sleep take him.

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