"The Detectives Kamiya: The Getaway," written by Freedom Fighter

Summary: Tai, Kari, Agumon, and Gatomon have flown to Hong Kong, pursuing a
lead which may lead to the murder of the Kamiyas' own mother. But when the lead
turns out to be false, the siblings fight to keep Sora from getting her revenge
on them.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters in this fanfic.

Rating: R, contains profane language, violence, and implied sexual situations
(though not all may be present in each episode). Do not read this if you are
too young or you are against reading fanfics that contain this type of stuff.

Welcome back! Did you miss the adventures of Tai and Kari?

First off, this is the first episode of SEASON 2! If you're a random Digimon
fan that happened to stumble upon this, please go back and read all of Season
1 first! A lot of events that occur this season are dependent on stuff that
was revealed last season. You will find yourself lost rather quickly if you
fail to heed my warning.

Now, for the returning veterans, who have waited five months to see what will
happen to the Kamiya siblings, let's get started...

"The Detectives Kamiya," Season 2, begins now!

Hong Kong

In an abandoned warehouse, Tai and Kari are surrounded by three men in
business suits. Just beyond their reach, Agumon and Gatomon are being held
captive by three Octomon.

And having just entered the scene were Sora and Biyomon. They both seemed
to be pretty happy to have their prey under their control.

"Did you miss me?" Sora asked sweetly.

"The last time we saw you," Tai began, "you had eluded us in the Digiworld!"

"Ah, Tai. You know the saying. 'She who runs away, lives to fight another

"I always thought it was 'he' who runs away."

"Stupid Tai!" Sora rolled her eyes and turned away momentarily.

"What?" Tai asked, not knowing what mistake he had just made. Luckily, his
sister Kari did.

"Tai, Sora's not a he."

"She's never been a he! I've known her too long to think otherwise.
Unless... Sora's become a man!"

Kari promptly kicks Tai in the left shin, making him reach down and grab it
in pain.


"Thank you!" Sora smiled, complimenting Kari's actions.

"Who's side are you on anyway?" Tai asked Kari angrily.

"Would you rather have her come over and kick you?" his sister shot back.

Tai stopped hopping around and thought about Kari's question.

"Ulp... now that I think of it, no. I can only imagine where she'd kick me."

"Enough talk!" Sora shouted. "It's time to get rid of you once and for all."

"In that case... run!"

Tai and Kari ran off in opposite directions. Infuriated, Sora began shouting
out orders.

"What are you three dolts waiting for? Get them!"

The threesome sprints off, with the biggest of the three going after Kari,
while the other two gun for Tai.

(Begin theme song - Limp Bizkit's "Boiler")

The siren of an ambulance wails in the background. Younger versions of Tai
and Kari are standing with their father and a hundred other mourners, all
dressed in black. A gravestone marked with their family last name, Kamiya, is
on it. Kari weeps openly into her brother's arms as a coffin is slowly lowered
into a hole in the ground and then promptly buried in dirt.

Now in present time, Tai, dressed in a gray suit with matching pants along
with a white buttoned long sleeve shirt and plain orange tie, walks out of a
police station. Kari is walking next to him, wearing the same clothes as her
older brother, with the exception of a knee-length skirt in place of pants.

Meanwhile, the title screen appears...

"The Detectives Kamiya"

Starring Tai Kamiya...

Tai laughs as he chats with an Indian girl.

Kari Kamiya...

Kari drives up to a house in her Honda Prelude.

Also Starring Matt Ishida as the Chief...

Matt fills out some paperwork at his desk, which has a framed picture of TK
on it.

And Yolei Inoue as the Informant...

Yolei pulls a white and black one-piece swimsuit out of her closet.

Fanfic Written and Edited by Freedom Fighter...

In one scene, Kari is seen handcuffing Davis' arms behind his back. In
another, Tai and Sora are grappling with each other. And in a third, Greymon
and Gatomon are digivolving to MetalGreymon and Angewomon, respectively.

As the song comes to an end, Tai and Kari stand in front of their mother's
grave. Kari sheds a tear as she places a bouquet of flowers next to the
tombstone. Tai hugs his little sister as he looks up to the sky, knowing that
their mother is now in a better place.

(End theme song)

Season 2, Episode 1 - "The Getaway" (03.04.03)

As Agumon and Gatomon struggle to get out of the grip of the Octomon, the
Octomons' owners are searching for Tai and Kari in the wearhouse. Sora
taps her foot impatiently as she waits for some results.

"I have a tea party in 20 minutes, guys! Miyuki doesn't like it when people
show up late to her tea parties!"

Tai stops behind some crates to take a breather.

"Since when does Sora go to tea parties? She never went to one with me!"

Tai then started running off again when he saw the shadows of two of the
henchmen heading towards his hiding spot.

"He's got to be here," one of them said.

The two henchmen slowly made their way through the maze of crates. It didn't
take them long to be within sight distance of Tai's new hiding place. But
the oldest Kamiya detective was ready for them this time.

"Happy Chinese New Year, suckers!" Tai yelled as he opened a crate full of
rubber balls and started chucking them at the two henchmen as fast as he could.

"Ow!" one of them yelled after a ball hit him in the chest.

"Does this guy think he's some type of clown?" the other asked aloud.

"Not impressed?" Tai asked, popping out from his hiding place with a dart gun
in hand. "Then try this on for size!"

Tai fired, sending two darts in the direction of the pursuing duo. One hits
the shorter of the two in the neck, while the other gets it in the left

"What the..." the shorter one cursed before becoming sleepy and falling to
the floor.

"Who would have thought..." the other mentally noted before succumbing to
drowsiness himself.

After seeing the two drift off to sleep, Tai glanced at the box from which
he had pulled the dart gun from. The label read 'Tranquilizers.'

"Count on the Chinese to have everything," Tai remarked as he glanced around
at several other boxes, these being labeled 'Placebos,' 'Poisonous,' and
'Paralyzers,' respectively.

On the other side of the warehouse, Kari was breathing heavily as she squatted
down behind a group of empty oil barrels. Peering over the top, she saw the
heaviest of the three henchmen looking in her direction, though he hadn't
seen her yet. Kari ducked back behind the barrels as she thought of a plan.

"Okay, think," Kari told herself. "You've been in situations before where you
don't have Gatomon to help you. You can escape from this guy."

Kari then got a great idea. Placing her back against the wall, she sat
with her feet forward. With all her might, she kicked the two barrels in
front of her, causing them to fall on their sides on roll towards her hunter.
As Kari expected, the guy was too big to move out of the way. In his haste
to escape Kari's trap, the barrels managed to topple him to the ground.

"That worked better than I thought," Kari stated with a smile as she sprinted

"I don't give up that easily," the guy said aloud, getting to his feet.

Kari made her way over to a ladder leading up to the upper level, which she
began climbing without any hesitation. The guy reached it seconds later and
started chasing after her, looking up to see how far he had to go. But his
face went red as he got a good look up Kari's skirt.

Halfway up, Kari looked down to see her pursuer not chasing her, but rather
trying to use his hands to cover up the blood coming out of his nose.

"Hey!" Kari yelled, flattening her skirt with her hands and squeezing her legs
together. "Who told you that you could look up there?"

While yelling at the guy, Kari failed to notice Sora standing in the center of
the warehouse. There was a small gun in her hands, and it was aimed right
at Kari's head.

"Kari..." Gatomon tried to yell before her mouth was muffled by one of the
Octomon's tentacles.

Sora prepared to squeeze the trigger, ready to blow Kari away and send her
falling to the ground.

"Never send a man to do a woman's job," Sora yelled as she squeezed the

At the very last second, a dart was shot into Sora's trigger arm, throwing
off her aim just enough that Sora's single bullet shot hit a ladder rung
just inches to the left of Kari's head.

Not even thinking about figuring out what had nearly hit her, Kari frantically
climbs to the top and ducks into a control booth.

Sora, meanwhile, was more focused on who had shot her. Actually, she knew
who had... it was just a matter of calling him out.


Sora looked around her in a circle, going from the two Octomon holding Agumon
and Gatomon to the ladder where the biggest of her three henchmen was climbing
to the top. She then glanced over to the front door, then to the bunch of
crates behind her, then to third currently-not-doing-anything Octomon, and
finally back at the first two Octomon.

"You!" Sora shouted, pointing at the third Octomon. "Make yourself useful!
Find him!"

The Octomon quickly obeyed and started rummaging through the crates, knocking
them over and making as much noise as humanly possible.

"I know you're here somewhere, Tai Kamiya!"

Suddenly, a second dart hits Sora in the neck.

"Ow!" Sora yelped in pain before pulling the dart out. She then pointed off
in the direction where the dart had come from. Octomon slithered over there
and knocked the crates over, revealing Tai's hiding place.

Octomon wrapped up Tai in his tentacles before he could get away. Hanging
him upside down, Octomon went back over to Sora.

"Good job," complimented Sora. She then turned her attention to Tai.

"Say Sora," Tai began, "do you know how hot you look in that dress?"

Sora looked cross as she twirled the dart that had hit her in the neck
around her fingers, being careful as not to accidentally stab them.

"Flattery will get you nowhere... especially after everything you did to me!"

"You're still mad about that?"

"I've always been mad about THAT! I thought you loved me! But then you
made out with... her!"

"Hey, she's was willing to show the goods. You weren't."

"It's always been that way with you, hasn't it?"

Sora then stepped forward and slapped Tai across the face.

"What the fuck was that for? Oh... the whole Catherine thing."

"It's just 'The Catherine Thing' to you?"

"Catherine means nothing to me! I swear!"

"And so has every woman you've ever slept with in your entire life!"

"That's a nice way to summarize my love life in one sentence," Tai quipped

"You're just lucky I don't end that life of yours right now!" Sora threatened,
pointing her gun at Tai's head.

"And why don't you? Still harboring feelings for me?"

"Tai Kamiya! I wouldn't ever think about falling in love with you ever again,
even if you were the last man on Earth!"

"Then I guess my chances of me getting with you are slim to none, huh?"

"More like extremely no chance in Hell!"

"Then I'd better figure out a way to get to Heaven," snickered Tai.

"How can you find this even remotely funny?" Sora asked, not happy that Tai
was making light of the situation.

"Because it's in my nature. It's the charming side of me that comes out
whenever I want to get with a woman."

"You're telling me that your upper head is actually smarter than your lower
one? That's a new one!" Sora smiled.

"You tell me not to make jokes and now you make one? Who died and made you
the leader?"

"The Poi brothers."

"Say what?" Tai asked, surprised Sora gave him a straight answer.

"The three guys chasing you... they're all brothers."

"No wonder they all look the same," Tai mused. "Wait... you got three Chinese
guys to become your lackeys? What'd you do... show off some skin?"

"Let's just say I made an offer worth their while," Sora smirked.

"You promised to give them sexual favors, I see. Figures... I guess it's
hard being a beautiful woman and not having someone to sleep with."

"My offer was not sexual!" Sora exclaimed angrily, reminding Tai of his
perilous situation by cocking the gun and stick the barrel right at his mouth.

"Okay, if you're that angry, you REALLY haven't had it in a long time!"

"First you make jokes about your sexual life, and now you're commenting on
mine? Don't you realize the gravity of the situation?"

"The only gravity I realize is the one going to my head. Which is going to
make me puke all over your lovely dress if I stay like this much longer!"

Tai then smiled lecherously.

"Then again..."

"Enough of this debachery! Time to end this once and for all!"

Sora pressed the gun against Tai's lips.

"It's time to kiss goodbye to the end of your life!"

"Can I get that goodbye kiss from you and not the gun?"

Sora rolled her eyes. "On and on with the flirting! Why?"

"Because it's human nature! Men and women were made to sleep together!"

Suddenly, Sora feels her arm being pulled up into the air. She looks up and
sees an attractive metal plate pulling the gun towards it. Sora was no
match for it, as the gun flies out of her hand and attaches itself to the
giant saucer above her.

"And because I needed a few more seconds for Kari to do that!"

Sora glanced up at the control booth where the plate was operated from. And
waving from the window was Kari, happy as can be.

"We've got you this time, Sora!" Kari yelled, even though Tai and Sora
could barely hear her from inside the booth.

"Little sisters," Tai laughed, "they'll do anything their big brother tells
them too."

"Maybe so, but you've forgotten one thing."

Sora looks up at the Octomon holding Tai and nods. The Octomon turns Tai
right side up, then proceeds to squeeze the living daylights out of him.

"Ugh... you've got a pretty tight bear hug for a squid!" Tai commented.

"I know how much you think about me, so let's say this is one of your dreams
turned into a nightmare! Pretty ironic, don't you think?"

"Never thought you'd... unnnh... be the girl... ugh... who's into that type
of stuff... will you stop already?"

But the Octomon proceeded to clamp his tentacles even tighter, making Tai
scream in pain.

"Of course, I wouldn't dream of tormenting you that way. That's too
perverted even for the likes of you. So you should be glad that he'll just
crush your body before any of that crosses his mind."

"Lucky me."

"Now, to take care of that sister of yours."

"Leave Kari out of this!"

"She's already here, isn't she? She's already way in beneath her head!"

Sora looked up to the catwalk, where the eldest (and only one still standing)
Poi brother had finally gotten his nosebleed under control... and had reached
the top of the ladder.

"You've got a job to do!" Sora yelled. "Stop goofing around and get rid of

The Poi brother, still a bit disoriented, decides not to respond. Instead,
he goes right for the control booth to do his job. Unfortunately for him,
Kari was in wait with a metal chair.

"Say goodnight!" Kari shouted as she used the chair to knock him unconscious.

Kari ran out of the booth and onto the catwalk. Peering over the edge, she
saw that Agumon and Gatomon were still unable to move, and that Tai was
being crushed to death as Sora looked on.

"Tai! I'll save you!"

"Oh no, you won't! First I'll get rid of your brother, then I'll take care
of you!"

Sora looked over at Tai, whose face was beginning to turn blue.

"Then again, your brother's pretty much finished anyway. It's your turn!"

Sora picked up Tai's dart gun from the ground, then ran for the ladder.
Kari looked around, hoping to find someway to save her brother and stop Sora.
She then found her solution... the master fuse box. But it was all the way
on the other side of the warehouse.

Kari shrugged her shoulders. "No one said being the heroine was ever easy."

She took off in a sprint, hoping to get to the box before Sora could get to
her. Sora reached the ladder, but as she was about to climb it, she decided
to toss the dart gun off to the side. She knew the fastest way to get up
was to use both hands. Besides, she could use those same hands to strangle
Kari to death, if need be.

"Where are you going?" Sora asked as she climbed. "I'm not going to hurt
you that much!"

Sora reached the top of the ladder, but by then Kari was in arms' reach of
the fuse box. Kari opened the box and started flipping all the switches off.
In an instant, the warehouse became pitch dark.

"Lightning Paw!"

The sound of one of the Octomon screaming can be heard flowing through the
air. A second followed soon after, thanks to another attack.

"Pepper Breath!"

Agumon's Pepper Breath attack lit up the small portion of the room around
him, as he managed to get Octomon to release him. Gatomon appeared next to
him and pointed in the direction she remember seeing Tai in.

"It's about time we got to do more than just play hostage!" Gatomon exclaimed.

"Pepper Breath!"

Agumon fired straight ahead, right onto the third Octomon's tentacles... and
Tai. The attack made Octomon release Tai, but both were in a panic, trying
to extinguish the flames on their tentacles/clothes.

"Agumon! Put me out, put me out!"

Tai began to roll back and forth on the ground, with Agumon helping out. In
just seconds, Tai managed to get rid of the flames with just partially
charred clothes to deal with.

"Kari, let's get out of here before Sora finds us!"

"Okay Tai!"

Sounds of Kari's feet clanking on the metal floor of the catwalk rings
through the air.

"You're not getting to him if I have anything to say about it!"

Sora's feet began making the same sound, as the two young women were making
a break for the ladder. But Tai couldn't tell who was closer.

"Kari, can you hear me?" Tai yelled as he made a break for the ladder.

"Yeah!" Kari yelled back.

"When you get to where the ladder is, jump straight down!"

"Are you crazy?"

"I'll catch you!"

"You'll catch me? What kind of escape plan is that?"

"Just trust me!"

Tai, Agumon, and Gatomon arrived at where they thought the bottom of the
ladder was. It was now pitch dark again, as the Octomon had put out all of
their flames. But they didn't know where Tai and the Digimon were, so our
heroes were safe for the moment.

"Once I catch Kari, take the ladder out!" Tai said to Agumon and Gatomon.

"Got it!" the two Digimon shouted in unison.

The loud footsteps of both young women were drawing ever closer. Suddenly,
one of the pairs of footsteps was replaced by the sound of someone screaming
their head off.

"Catch meeeeeee!"

Tai, unable to see, stuck his arms out and caught whatever had fallen.


Tai backed up as best as he could with someone in his arms, as Agumon and
Gatomon worked away at the metal base of the ladder.

"Pepper Breath!"

"Lightning Paw!"

Agumon's Pepper Breath succeeded in weakening the bars just enough for
Gatomon's Lighting Paw attack to slice through the remains, cutting the ladder
off from the base.

"Timber!" Gatomon yelled lumberjack style, hoping Tai and Kari were not in
the path of the ladder.


"Tai? Tai!"


"We're alright," came Tai's voice, before realizing that whomever he had
caught had fallen out of his hands. "I think... Kari?"

The other pair of footsteps that had approached the ladder were suddenly
going away. But they could still be heard throughout the warehouse.

"Kari?" Tai asked again, wondering whom he had caught.

"T-T-Tai?" came a voice from nearby.

Things remained pitch black for another good 10-15 seconds, as the footsteps
eventually stopped clanging.

Then, the lights switched back on.

"Kari!" Gatomon shouted. "You're all right!"

Kari was indeed safe and sound... up on the catwalk, next to the open fuse

"If Kari's up there," Agumon began, "then who's down here?"

Agumon and Gatomon only had to look a few feet to their left to find the

Tai was kneeling over Sora, having pinned her arms and legs to the ground with
his own limbs.

"This brings back memories, doesn't it?" Tai asked with a smile on his face.

Sora shook her head before letting out a smile of her own.

"Stupid Tai."

Sometime later, the Hong Kong police had arrived on the scene. Sora and the
three Poi brothers were being hauled off to prison, while the three Octomon
were being sent to an animal shelter... since no one knew what to do with

Tai, Kari, Agumon, and Gatomon watch as the bad guys are taken away from the

"You know, I still don't understand why those darts I shot at Sora didn't
affect her at all," Tai wondered out aloud.

"Where did you find that dart gun anyway?" Kari asked.

"From one of the boxes. The darts were from a box named 'Placebos.' I
was hoping that was a fancy name for sleep inducers."

Kari shook her head. "Tai... placebos are useless."

"Why's that?"

"Placebos are designed to look like an actual drug, or dart in this case,
but they are either empty or filled with a harmless substance, like sugar."

"Oh. Well, that's that then," Tai said, dusting his hands off.

"Except for one thing," Kari began, raising her voice. "We didn't find out
anything about you-know-what!"

"That's right! And I know just who to blame for this!"

"I want my 4500 yen back!" Tai yelled over the phone receiver.

"I told you that I couldn't guarantee 100% reliability!" came Yolei's voice.

"Do you realize that my old girlfriend just tried to kill me? Again?"

"I told you that..." Yolei then stopped when the words 'old girlfriend'
processed through her brain. "What old girlfriend?"

"Your Hong Kong contact was my old girlfriend... she's still bitter about me
for some reason... but that's none of your concern! I want my money back!"

As Tai was commanding Yolei to refund his fee, Kari, Agumon, and Gatomon
watched from a nearby bench. The pay phone Tai was using on a street
corner in the middle of Hong Kong's open market district.

"Fresh fish!"

"Beautiful jade necklaces!"

"Parrots for sale!"

Gatomon smiled. "Now this is my kind of town! Can I borrow some money,


"Not for some souvenirs?"

"Not if you're going to eat them," Kari giggled.

Finally, Tai came out of the phone booth.

"So, you done harping Yolei for a refund?"

"She said she already spent the money on a down payment for an apartment."

"For 4500 yen? Where's the apartment? Under a bridge in East Shinjuku?"

"Besides, she thinks she found a much reliable lead on our bounty."

Kari jumped up from her seat. "You mean..."

"Yep! We're going to India!"

Kari, Agumon, and Gatomon were shocked at this revelation.

"India? Why do we need to go there?"

"Because that's where Yolei said we'll find someone who might know someone
else who's been in contact with the guy we're after there."

"Why can't she just tell us directly?"

"She's already paying for our plane ride there, which she expects us to pay
back every cent of, by that way. Telling her directly would have cost me
another 10000 yen on top of that!"

Kari sighed. "Sounds like a wild goose chase to me. Besides, won't Matt get
worried about us not coming back to Japan?"

"Yolei will take care of that."

"How come that makes me fear for my job?"

Tai grabbed Kari by the hand and began to pull her towards the airport.

"Come on... our flight leaves in an hour!"

"Slow down, Tai! What is this... a race around the world?"

Agumon and Gatomon followed close behind, making sure not to be left behind.

"You're not going on a world tour without me," Agumon shouted.

"And we're doing it in 80 days or you're money back!" Gatomon exclaimed.

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