"The Detectives Kamiya: Backstabbing Brits," written by Freedom Fighter

Summary: Tai and Kari head to London, after Mina has identified the person who killed the siblings' mother. Before they can apprehend the guy, the two are wrapped in a Scotland Yard scandal of epic proportions! Well, at least for the three officers involved...

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters in this fanfic.

Rating: R, contains profane language, violence, and implied sexual situations (though not all may be present in each episode). Do not read this if you are too young or you are against reading fanfics that contain this type of stuff.

The conclusion at long last! Is Yamaki really the killer of the Kamiyas' mother from ten years ago? And is he now involved in the security conspiracy that may include his co-workers Reika and Megumi? Read on to find out!

London, England

Having taken a taxi cab to the outskirts of the city, Kari and Gatomon were on route to the residence of Reika Ootori, one of Mitsuo Yamaki's two accomplices. Yamaki was believed to be the person responsible for killing Tai and Kari's father ten years ago. But now, he and his cohorts were under suspicion of being spies for the Japanese government.

Kari and Gatomon were examining the files given to them by Scotland Yard. They wanted to make sure they knew what they were getting into.

"Reika Ootori, 25. Fifty months as a Scotland Yard officer with an expertise in undercover work and information gathering. Has Top Security Clearance in regards to landmark and international security."

"Talk about a lengthy resumé," Gatomon noted after Kari had finished.

"The one for Megumi Onodera is rather similar, except her experience is slightly limited thanks to her difference in age. Hmmm... they both sound very intelligent. They'll be hard to catch in the act."

"So, what exactly are we going for? What are we trying to accomplish?"

"We're trying to see what they know about Yamaki and to see if they have any evidence linking to my mom's murder."

"And what if they don't?"

"Then I guess we can help out Scotland Yard with their investigation. After all, they're helping us out, so it's only fair we help them out."

"I see."

Kari sighed. "I just hope Tai and Agumon aren't in over their heads. If the file we got on him is right... their lives could be in real danger!"

"Hello?" someone yelled from the top of the house's staircase, just off to the side and out of Tai's line of sight. "Is someone down there?"

Tai and Agumon gasped, knowing that they could very well be in trouble. They had entered Yamaki's house through force, believing that it was empty. But now, they were in danger of getting caught.

"Quick, hide!" Tai ordered, as he and Agumon ran into the nearest room.

That room happened to be a makeshift bedroom of sorts, as there was a fold-up bed and a closet full of suits and other articles of clothing in the corner,
along with a few dresser drawers and makeshift clothes racks. But there's no time to do any more observing, as Tai ducks into the closet and Agumon squeezes himself under the bed.

Both were trying to keep themselves from making any noises or sudden movements as the sound of footsteps filled the air. Matters weren't helped much when a second sound was heard. The one of a shotgun cocking.

"I don't take too well to trespassers," rang Yamaki's voice, ever threatening.

"Aw crap!" Tai exclaimed under his own breath. "If he finds me or Agumon hiding out down here, we're dead!"

(Begin theme song - Limp Bizkit's "Boiler")

The siren of an ambulance wails in the background. Younger versions of Tai and Kari are standing with their father and a hundred other mourners, all dressed in black. A gravestone marked with their family last name, Kamiya, is on it. Kari weeps openly into her brother's arms as a coffin is slowly lowered into a hole in the ground and then promptly buried in dirt.

Now in present time, Tai, dressed in a gray suit with matching pants along with a white buttoned long sleeve shirt and plain orange tie, walks out of a police station. Kari is walking next to him, wearing the same clothes as her older brother, with the exception of a knee-length skirt in place of pants.

Meanwhile, the title screen appears...

"The Detectives Kamiya"

Starring Tai Kamiya...

Tai laughs as he chats with an Indian girl.

Kari Kamiya...

Kari drives up to a house in her Honda Prelude.

Also Starring Matt Ishida as the Chief...

Matt fills out some paperwork at his desk, which has a framed picture of TK on it.

And Yolei Inoue as the Informant...

Yolei pulls a white and black one-piece swimsuit out of her closet.

Fanfic Written and Edited by Freedom Fighter...

In one scene, Kari is seen handcuffing Davis' arms behind his back. In another, Tai and Sora are grappling with each other. And in a third, Greymon and Gatomon are digivolving to MetalGreymon and Angewomon, respectively.

As the song comes to an end, Tai and Kari stand in front of their mother's grave. Kari sheds a tear as she places a bouquet of flowers next to the tombstone. Tai hugs his little sister as he looks up to the sky, knowing that their mother is now in a better place.

(End theme song)

Season 2, Episode 5 - Backstabbing Brits, Part 3 (10.29.04)

Ding dong! Ding dong!

Kari rang the doorbell as she stood in front of Reika's house, waiting patiently for the first of Yamaki's two 'girlfriends' to answer.

"Maybe she's not home," deduced Gatomon.

"It could be possible," Kari replied. "She might be hiding out with Yamaki if she thinks she's not safe. Of course, that would make her seem even more guilty of treason and possibly of murder as well."

From inside, Reika was seen viewing Kari and Gatomon via her perimeter security system, which was spying on them from the doorknob.

"Megumi was right! Scotland Yard did send someone to tail us! But I don't recognize this woman. Or that... wait a minute! Is that a Digimon? But I haven't seen any in this country since... since..."

Hundreds and hundreds of small baby-level and rookie-level Digimon are shown being herded out of the city by soldiers of the English army. By foot, by flatbed truck, and by small planes, they were being escorted out. As they marched out, almost twice as many children were seen crying out to their departing friends. The sound was deafening as they tried to save their friends, the Digimon. But their parents weren't holding them back for their own safety. Most didn't agree with the government's decision, but they didn't want to risk their kids' lives to save the Digimon's.

Off in the distance, the Digimon were separated into very small groups and then surrounded and shot at. Shot at brutally. The young Digimon fell in bunches, but at the same time, they weren't going quietly. Using their variety of elemental attacks, some of the stronger monsters were able to take revenge, killing a soldier here and there. But in the end, the army's firepower was too much, and piles among piles of dead Digimon began growing all across the battlefield.

"It was probably the biggest number of Digimon ever lost in one day. And it all came because of a stupid decision that the government made." Reika began shaking her fist in fury. "We will get revenge for that massacre! They never should have approved that slaughter! We'll win in the end... even if we have to drag another country into it!"

Reika turned her attention back to the security camera, as it seemed that Kari was about to give up.

"Dang," Kari scratched her head. "What good is a search warrant if you can't even get into the house to search it?"

"Couldn't we just barge in anyway?" Gatomon asked.

"We could, but what if she's hiding, waiting to get the jump on us? We'd be walking right into a trap."

"So why not call for backup? Scotland Yard said they're with us!"

"I think we should try Miss Onodera's place, first. Maybe we might have better luck with her."

Kari and Gatomon walked back to their waiting cab. Reika watched as the duo's vehicle pulled away, heading towards Megumi's house.

"I'd better call Yamaki and tell him what's up," Reika said aloud, reaching for the phone.

Back at Yamaki's house, Agumon trembled in fear underneath the bed, watching as Yamaki entered the room. Agumon could only see his bare feet, but wasn't going to risk lifting the sheets for a better peek, for fear he was going to be spotted.

Suddenly, the phone began to ring. Agumon peered on as Yamaki's feet drew him closer... towards the phone, on the table next to the bed. The dinosaur Digimon then heard a thump overhead, which was the sound of Yamaki tossing the shotgun onto the bed.

"Hello?" answered Yamaki upon picking it up. "You don't say."

Yamaki started walking towards the closet, as Agumon breathed a sigh of relief. That is, until he remembered that Tai was hiding there.

In the closet, Tai, hoping that all of the clothes would bring him enough cover to avoid being exposed, waiting for the moment of truth. Yamaki was coming right towards him, and in a moment, Tai would know if he would live to see another day.

"Could it be that Scotland Yard has hired a detective?" Yamaki continued as he opened the closet doors.

Tai got the shock of his life when the doors opened. Not one of fear as if Yamaki had pointed his gun at him. In fact, it was one of dismay as Yamaki was instead presenting his 'piece' to him.

"And she has a Digimon? They're very rare in these parts, especially after..."

But Tai was barely able to keep track of the conversation, as the man he was chasing after and simultaneously attempting to avoid being caught by was right in front of him. With no towel on. Or underwear either. He was naked. Buck naked, and with his most sensitive part staring Tai in the face.

Tai wanted to scream so badly. But he knew he couldn't, especially if he valued his life.

"Don't worry. Megumi knows the protocol. If that detective dares to interrogate her..."

Yamaki finally pulled a suit out and walked off, closing the closet as he departed. Tai had managed to stave off death, but at a horrible visual price. Still, Tai had to maintain his silence until Yamaki's footsteps disappeared. Which was rather slowly, as the accused murderer ascended the steps above him.

Once it had all gone quiet, Tai and Agumon burst out of their hiding spots simultaneously.

"Did you hear that?" Agumon said aloud. "We've got to go save Kari and Gatomon!"

"Man..." stated a red-faced Tai, breathing heavily. "Now I know how Rally Vincent felt in that scene with Bean!"

"Tai, focus! Did you hear what I just said?"

"Uh... yeah! Let's roll!"

Tai and Agumon went out through the front door, more concerned about Kari and Gatomon's safety instead of their own. Yamaki was standing at the top of the steps, still clothesless, but fully aware of the situation at hand. That he had them right where he wanted them. "Attention all available officers of Scotland Yard!" came the message over the walkie talkie that Kari had attached to her right hip. "Reports of gunfire being exchanged on Baker Street are confirmed! All available units converge on the scene!"

"Baker Street?" Gatomon wondered as she glanced at a file. "You don't think..."

"It's gotta be," Kari nodded, turning to the driver. "Baker Street, on the double!"

"Are you kidding?" the cabbie asked in response. "That place will be swarmin' with Yardies!"

Kari pulled out a badge and showed it to the driver. "I'm Detective Kari Kamiya of the Tokyo PD, working in conjunction with Scotland Yard on a case! Now step on it, and I promise double... no, triple your fare!"

"You've got it, lass! Here we go!"

Stepping on it, the cab driver sped Kari and Gatomon to the scene as fast as it would go. Meanwhile, Tai and Agumon had also heard the call from their own talkie as their driver sped them towards the shootout.

"We've got to hurry!" Agumon screamed.

"Many lives, including our own, could be in danger!" Tai yelled, leaning over to the driver's side.

Suddenly, Tai was knocked out of his seat and nearly out the front winshield.

"What the hell is your problem?" the cabbie exclaimed, screaming out loud even though his window was closed.

Tai turned to his left to see that the driver was yelling at a gray BMW running right next to him. It had banged into the taxi cab from the side... and it was prepared to do so a second time as it swerved right at Tai's side.

"Ow!" Agumon cried. "What the..."

"That guy is trying to run us off the road!" the cabbie exclaimed, sticking his middle finger out at the other driver.

"I don't think that's going to help!" Tai told him as the BMW sideswiped them once again.

Tai looked over and finally managed to catch a glimpse of the attacking driver. He gasped as he saw it was none other than Yamaki! "Digimon-loving freak!" Yamaki shouted, turning the wheel for another attempt at pushing the cab off the road. "You don't belong here!"

"He must have seen us leaving!" Tai exclaimed. "And from the looks of things, he must have recognized us! He must be the one! We've got to take him down!"

"We've... ow... got to survive this first!" Agumon replied.

"Wait... I have an idea!"

Tai quickly rolled down his window and motioned for Agumon to come over. His Digimon partner unbuckled his seatbelt and took a squatting position on Tai's lap.

"Attack, Agumon!" Tai pointed at the BMW with furiosity.

"Aaaahhh... Pepper Breath!" Agumon cried out, launching a giant fireball from his mouth.

Agumon's Pepper Breath hit the right front passenger side, causing enough of an impact to disturb Yamaki's concentration. The result was Yamaki losing control of his vehicle and being able to do nothing but hang around for the ride.

Tai and Agumon peered out the rear window of the taxi as after a 360-degree turn, the BMW came to a stop, crippled and now with its engine on fire. The duo watched as they saw a figure jump out in the nick of time, as the car exploded in a ball of flames.

The two detectives were motionless as the taxi quickly pulled away from the crash site. At the entrance to Baker Street, London patrol cars had blocked it off, keeping anyone from getting in or getting out. Having just arrived on the scene, Kari and Gatomon were in the process of circumventing that very order.

"Alright you," said the first officer, stepping in front of the duo. "Just where do you think you're going?"

Kari glanced at his right shirt pocket and saw his name badge pinned right above it. It read 'Stein.'

"Is that a Digimon?" the second asked, as Kari noted that his badge said 'Harrison.'

"What'd ya expect, Sherlock Holmes?" quipped Gatomon.

"Why don't you just take your pet home, lass?" Officer Stein said to Kari. "This is no place for a young woman like yourself."

Kari took out her badge and flashed it to the officers. "I live for these moments. It's why I took this job."

"Tokyo PD?"

"She must be one of those detectives the chief assigned to help on the Yamaki case," Harrison noted. "Okay, you can pass."

"Thank you!" Kari and Gatomon said in unison, bowing to them.

The two then ran past the barricade, towards where the main forces had gathered in front of Megumi's house.

"I didn't know Japan still had Digimon running about," stated Harrison.

"And they call us slow," Stein replied. "Why don't they get with the times already?"

Kari and Gatomon instantly slowed up when they saw that several officers were exchanging gunfire with whomever was in Megumi's house. Running for cover, they found a place to shield themselves from the gunfire behind one of the patrol cars. Two officers were there as well. One was reloading his gun while sitting on the ground, and the other was on his knees facing the house, ready to fire on a moment's notice.

"Who are you?" the reloading one asked.

"Detective Kari Kamiya, Tokyo PD," the younger Kamiya sibling told him.

"We've been waiting for you," he replied. "I'm Officer Polansky, and I'm in charge of this operation. This guy next to me is Officer Sanders. He'd say hi, but he's the type of person who never wavers from his duty until it's done."

"I'm sure we'll forgive him for foregoing the greetings," Kari replied.

"So what's with the gunfire?" Gatomon asked, as the group heard another round of shots being fired from the Scotland Yard side of the battle.

"One of the suspects in the London treason case, Megumi Onodera, is holed up in this house. Two of our officers had come to this house about forty minutes ago to conduct a new round of questioning based on some new evidence in the case. But the moment they stepped out of the car, she opened fire on them. One of them was hit in the shoulder, but otherwise, they're okay. After that, she ceased firing.

"They called for backup, and once again, upon approaching the house,
gunfire resumed. It's been back and forth like this ever since."

"Have you tried sending a couple officers through the back to surround her?" questioned Kari.

Officer Polansky shook his head. "We still haven't determined if she's alone. She might have others in there, waiting to get the drop on us." Inside, leaning back against a wall near one of the front windows, Megumi breathed heavily as she double-checked the bulletproof vest she was wearing, then the handgun she was clutching with her left hand. She then reaches into her pants pocket with her right hand to check how much ammunition she had left.

"Only eight left," Megumi noted. "Looks like this'll end one way or another. And no matter what, I know this won't be in vain. For my leader, Yamaki, this is my sworn vow!" Another taxi pulls up to the barricade leading into Baker Street. But before Stein and Harrison can even question the arrivees, they were greeted by a badge to the face, knocking the former to the ground.

"Another Digimon?" Harrison stated as two figures ran past them.

"Figures," Stein said, getting up and pulling off the badge from his face. "Those Tokyo police officers are savages!"

He began to rub his red nose, the point where the badge had hit him. Meanwhile, the two arrivees, Tai and Agumon were running towards the main officer area, where gunfire was still being exchanged. That is, until a piercing scream filled the air. A woman's scream.

"Hold your fire!" Polansky yelled, whom Tai saw was with his sister and Gatomon. "Alpha team, approach with caution!"

A small group of about four officers, with guns still drawn, slowly creep up towards the front door and the window from which Megumi had fired her gun from.

"This is Alpha 1," the leader of the team said through his walkie-talkie. "Procceeding to go through the front door."

Meanwhile, Tai was sharing a hug with his younger sister, relieved that she was unharmed. Agumon and Gatomon exchanged a high-five or two as well.

"What's with all the emotion, bro?" Kari asked.

"I'm just happy you didn't get hurt!" Tai exclaimed. "But even more happy that this nightmare will finally be over!"

Kari nodded. "Finally, our mom's soul can be put to rest!"

Polansky smiled at the siblings' elation, but that wouldn't last long as a voice started shouting through his communicator.

"Alpha 1 here, we have the suspect in custody, but she has three gunshot wounds. Two to her left hand, a third just above her heart. Requesting an ambulance on the double!"

Tai and Kari gasped in shock. Here they were so close, and yet one of their best leads was about to go to waste thanks to an unnecessary gunfight. A few hours later at Scotland Yard, Agumon and Gatomon were busy relaying the details of their victory back to Tokyo to Gabumon, Matt, and the rest of the squad.

"It looks like we'll finally be coming back home!" Agumon shouted.

"Mission accomplished, I'd say!" Gatomon added, as she watched her fellow officers jump for joy.

But Kari was anything but elated. Although they had managed to get Reika before she could pack all her things and leave the country, Megumi was lying in the hospital, injured from her wounds, and Yamaki was nowhere to be found. The mission was far from complete in her eyes.

Through the darkly tinted window of the door leading into the interrogation room, Kari could see her brother and a few Yardies grilling Reika on both of their respective cases. But despite all the yelling, Kari couldn't make heads or tails of what was being said.

Finally, after a long wait, Tai emerged from the room disappointed. The Yardies still had questions for Reika, but as for him, he was done.

"Please tell me it's good news," Kari said hopefully.

Tai shook his head. "She claims she knows nothing of the incident. She said that she never met Yamaki until almost a year and a half after the shooting. And he's never told her anything about it... this was the first she had ever heard of it."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes. And she's absolutely sure Megumi doesn't know anything either. I'd say they're lying just to cover up their boss's tracks... but my instincts tell me that Reika would tell the truth about something this serious."

"So our only hope is getting our hands on Yamaki?"

"Don't worry!" Tai said cheerfully, trying to perk her sister up. "Every car, boat, plane, and anything with wheels that's leaving the city is being checked. There's no way Yamaki'll get through that extensive dragnet!" Meanwhile, halfway across the Atlantic, Yamaki, looking calm as ever, was strapped securely in his first class seat, enjoying the steadiness of the ocean below.

"Don't worry," he said as he held up a picture of himself, Megumi, and Reika in it, "I'll be back to free you girls one day."

Putting the picture away, he sighed and leaned back, deep in thought over the two young detectives that nearly foiled his plans.

"As for those two Japanese detectives, if they're who I think they are... then the past is doomed to repeat itself. This I say with a heavy heart, but I never wish I was in that neighborhood on the fateful day."

Yamaki remembers the sound of a gunshot. The gunshot that killed Tai and Kari's mother ten years ago. One he remembers so vividly... because he had watched it happen right before his eyes.

Slowly snapping out of it, Yamaki bows his head and begins to pray. For whom,
we'll never know, as the plane zooms away, off to its scheduled destination.

New York City. After seventeen months, the conclusion of this arc is finally posted! Although there is still more to go in this story, I'm afraid to say that this fanfic is the first official casualty in my semi-retirement plan. It was my intention to write and post this part before calling it quits on this story. Now that it's been accomplished, I've gotta say goodbye to this fanfic.

I don't remember if I mentioned it, but this series was written as an homage to "Gunsmith Cats." So for kicks, I put in a reference to the manga in this episode. Wanna know exactly what Tai was talking about? Then check out the GSC graphic novel 'Bean Bandit,' from Dark Horse!

Thanks to everyone who supported "The Detectives Kamiya." It's been a great run, but it's time to depart. I appreciate all the praise you've all given me over the course of this story. Thank you!

- Freedom Fighter