The shouting was unnerving. I knew the voice so well and she sounded like she needed my help. I kept looking through the darkness separating us but I couldn't find her.

"Just tell me where you are", I screamed out into the dark.

The reply was so muddled I couldn't make it out. Another voice was calling my name.

"Rhys, wake up!"

I started awake, covered in a cold sweat to see my mate looking at me with concern. I shook the sleep out of my head.

"Are you ok?" Feyre asked.

I nodded. This dream was getting to be too much. I looked out the window and realized it was almost dawn. I needed to talk to my brothers. I dragged myself out of bed. Feyre watched me carefully. I could feel the concern down our bond and I gave her a smile.

"I'm ok. I just need to figure out where this dream is coming from. Maybe Cass will have an idea," I told her.

She watched me but didn't say anything else. She knew I'd likely just brush off her concerns anyway. But what I said was the truth. I needed to see if Cass had any ideas. Or perhaps Az. Dreaming about my sister when she had been dead for centuries had to mean something. I sent messages to both of my brothers to come meet me for breakfast so we could talk.

Az and Cass were both there within an hour. My brothers were both concerned. It was rare for me to want to see them this early. So I explained the dreams to both of them. How it had been happening for nearly two months. It was always the same. Myrrh, looking for me, asking me to find her. My little sister had been one of my favorite people in this world and losing her had nearly destroyed me. It prompted me to seek revenge on Tamlin and his family. It took a lot to come back from that and I was a little afraid that I might be caught in some trap set by Hybern or one of his successors. When I finished the whole explanation, Cass was frowning. He was looking at Az with a great deal of concern.

When I looked at Az, I could see why. He had gone pale and was sitting in the chair with a look of shock on his face.

"What's wrong?" I asked him.

"I've had those same dreams', he replied. "At least, I thought they were just dreams but… if you're having the same dream, it can't be a dream. So it must be a message. But… she's gone."

He finally stopped and looked at me helplessly. Looking at his face, I could tell there was something he wasn't telling me. Silence filled the room. It was Cass who finally asked the question that I couldn't work out.

"How would Myrrh be communicating with you? She had a bond with Rhys, so that makes sense but…"

Both of us looked back at Az, who was looking slightly guilty, although it was hard to tell with him since he hid his feelings so well.

Finally his hazel eyes looked up at me and he took a deep breath.

"Rhys, I need to explain something to you."