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Butch and Brick were having a glaring contest and none of them is backing down. Boomer who was in between his two brother sense an immense of danger from those two.

"I think I will be going back to my room." Boomer said and leave his two brothers alone.

Butch is beyond annoyed. Brick was just staring at him giving death glare without saying anything.

"What do you want to talk about, Brother?" Butch glare back at Brick, He is still annoyed at him for almost ruining his date.

"I am going to say this again Butch. . !" Brick warned Butch not forgetting his death glare.

Butch scoffed, "NO! Who are you to tell me to stay away from Bubble."

Brick immediately grabbed Butch collar, "Leave her alone Butch! She has nothing to do with whatever your fucking plan is!"

Butch was not backing down. He continues to challenge Brick death glare, "What if I told you that I won't stop? What if I told you I actually enjoy her company."

"I will make sure to end you personally!" Brick immediately punch Butch on the face.

Butch fight back punching Brick. " TO HELL BRICK!"

"FUCK YOU" Brick was at the edge want to kill Butch. He was so angry to hear what Butch said and he does not know why he. He hates the idea of Butch liking Bubbles. They both punching and kicking each other.

"WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THE TWO OF YOU!" Boomer yelled. When he heard the commotion he immediately goes to them. Boomer was the one who separates them before they might kill each other.

Butch immediately take his helmet and when to his room. Leaving Boomer holding off Brick.

"What the hell Brick? What Happened?" Boomer asked confused.

"It's Nothing." Brick said and leave to his room leaving Boomer alone.

"Why does the two of always think I am an idiot?" Boomer sighed to himself.

It has been a few days since their last encounter Butch and Brick always ignore each other. Boomer notice this and he even tried to reconcile them but it was just difficult. Those two are a hardheaded idiot if he has to admit it himself. Boomer knows the main cause of their problem. He may be an idiot to what people perceived him but that was just a façade. Boomer is very observant and sharp on thing especially involving his family. It was not a secret for him, he knows Brick has been seeing Bubbles behind their back. He knows what kind of relationship they're having too. As for Butch, he was mainly trying to entertain himself but end up caught up in a feeling that he did not realise himself yet. Same goes to Brick. They both did not realise that they have a feeling for Bubbles. What should he do? Even he also cares for his other parts but as a brother should. He really does not want Bubbles to get hurt and he also does not want his brothers to get hurt too. What should he do? He needs to talk to them.

That night. Brick, Butch and Boomer were in the living room. There was an awkward silence in the room. Boomer decides to break the silence.

Boomer was stealing a glance to both Brick and Butch, "You guys are still not talking to each other?"

"What do you want Boomer?" Brick asked ignoring his question.

"Hurry up, Boomer. I don't want to be in the room with him." Butch said glaring back to Brick who was giving him a death glare.

Boomer sighed. This going to be hard than he thought.

"Look! You two need to stop this fight you guys have right now!" Boomer demanded seriously.

Brick and Butch is not responding to his request. In another word, they still ignoring whatever he said. He really hates what is going to come next.

"I know you two are fighting because of Bubbles, am I correct? I am not an idiot you know." Boomer said looking dead straight to both of Brick and Butch who now got their attention.

"Do Bubbles know about these? Do you two know how worried she is when the two of you have a bruise on your face?" Boomer asked leaving them speechless.

Butch and Brick remember how Bubbles react when she saw they come with a bruise on their face, leaving them speechless when they remember her worried expression.

"Butch, I know why you are trying to get close to Bubbles. And Brick I also know about you and Bubbles." Boomer stares at both of them seriously earning a shocked face from Brick and Butch.

"Wait…you know about Brick and Bubbles? What are they?" Butch asked Boomer.

"If you knew about our intention with Bubbles. Why you never said anything?" Brick asked confused.

"I won't tell you. I don't want to hurt Bubbles. But I am begging you two to stop this and whatever you had with her. If you two are only playing with her. Just Stop!" Boomer warned them. He is aware that he is the weakest in the group but he is not afraid to fight what he believed is right.

"Fine. I will stop. But I want to know what is going on with Bubbles and Brick?" Butch who was still stubborn to know the answer that he might not like to hear.

Brick was annoyed but he also had enough with Butch. He does not care to hide his secret anymore. Maybe Butch will leave Bubbles alone after this.

"You want to know so fucking badly. Fine! Bubbles and Me are SEX FRIEND!" Brick stare straight to Butch who was shocked to hear what he learned.

"You're lying. I don't believe you." Butch whose in denial after hearing Brick statement.

"It's true, Butch. The reason you get close to Bubbles for wanting to know this secret right?" Boomer replied.

"I knew it…You only playing with Bubbles good intention for this." Brick said trying to hold back his anger.

"Funny coming from you…Whose the bad guy here? You are using her for your damn hormone!" Butch said grabbing Brick collar.

Boomer comes in between the two of them and separate them before it turns to another fight match.

"STOP! We promise to talk about this cool-headed."

Butch and Brick sit back down. The glaring contest becomes more intense after they learnt each other intention.

"Look…I am warning the two of you! If you guys are only intended to hurt Bubbles. Just stay away from her. If I have to fight with the two of you I will just to protect Bubbles." Boomer seriously glares at both Butch and Brick.

"I hope you guys think about this. Bubbles will end up getting hurt. Please, guys." Boomer look at both of his brother who was busy thinking about his request.

"I…I will not stop seeing Bubbles. I will make sure to stop whatever relationship you have with her now." Said Butch seriously who staring deadly to Brick.

"What is that supposed to mean?" Brick replied holding in his anger.

"You heard me, Brick. I will make that 'Sex Friend Relationship' stop. I will make sure Bubbles will never think about it, ever again." Butch said determined glaring straight to Brick.

"Butch…Don't tell me…" Boomer knows why Butch being stubborn to continue his relationship with Bubbles despite he starts it with ill intention.

"I will tell you two now. I think…No…I know that I love Bubbles. And I will make sure Bubbles will forget whatever you two had. I will make sure of it." Butch warned taking his key.

"Come back here, Butch!" Brick yelled but Butch ignore him and left the house.

"Brick…how about you? Will you stop?" Boomer asked.

Brick was not sure how to answer. He does not want to hurt Bubbles too. But, the idea of staying away from her was something he could not do. He is confused about what to decide. It was supposed to be only based on Sex. Nothing else…no string attached…they are free to be whoever they want to be with. But why when Butch said it, he was angry with the idea of Butch declaration on stopping their relationship. What should he do? Could he bear to lose their relationship?