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Chapter 1

Sometimes fate happens when you least expect it. Sometimes it happens because you make it. Barry didn't really have any understanding of fate back then. All he saw was a little girl in a pretty blue dress sitting on a swing by herself.

"Hi!" Barry said as he approached the little girl. "My name is Barry."

The little girl was shy. She stared at his outstretched hand with confusion and a pinch of fear. Barry wasn't usually patient but for this he was. He had a feeling that told him to be patient with her. Still smiling at her, "What's yours?"

"Caitlin." She replied taking his hand.

"That's a really nice name!" He squeaked, "Do you want to play with me?"

"What?" She looked at him startled.

"Do you want to play? I brought some dinosaurs to the park today!" Barry rambled on taking a seat on the empty swing next to her. He held up the long neck dinosaur for her to see.

"Go ahead you can play with it. But you have to be my friend!" Barry reached out handing her the dinosaur toy.

Caitlin looked at it before smiling at Barry. "Thank you."

"It's a long neck dinosaur! They are one of my favorite." Barry babbled a bit before she cut him off.

"It's a Brachiosaurus."

"Ah… What?"

"The dinosaur. It's a Brachiosaurus. A long neck dinosaur." Caitlin told him.

Barry stared at her for a minute. Caitlin was worried at his lack of reaction. She was afraid she might have scared of another friend with her stupid facts.

"Wow!" Barry screamed in excitement, "You know about dinosaurs too! Maybe even more than me! That's so cool!"

Barry stood up turning towards Caitlin before pulling her up off the swing.

"Now we have to be best friends!" Barry said taking her hand, pulling her towards his mother.

"Where are we going?" Caitlin asked her hand clutching his in a death grip.

"My mom knows about dinosaurs too!" Barry smiled back towards her.

"Mom! Look I made a new friend! And she's the best! She knows about dinosaurs just like you!" Barry pulling Caitlin up to his mom while she clutched the dinosaur in her small hands.

"Barry, you don't need to scream." The redheaded woman sitting on the bench laughed before turning to Caitlin. "Hi there dear. What is your name?"

"Her name is Caitlin and she is my best friend." Barry introduced her.

"Hi Caitlin. Its nice to meet you." The woman said politely.

"It is nice to meet you too." Caitlin smiled hesitantly.

"Barry its time to go home. Your father will be home soon." Nora, Barry's mother regretfully told the two children.

"But Mom! I just met Caitlin! I can't leave now!" Barry was so sad to leave Caitlin.

Caitlin frowned but squeezed Barry's hand. "It's okay Barry. Maybe we can play again some other time." She handed over his dinosaur.

Barry looked at the dinosaur, then at Caitlin. "You keep it. That way we have to play together again!" Barry smiled.

Caitlin couldn't object. She held the dinosaur close to her heart before reach out her hand to Barry. Her pinky sticking out.

Barry looked at her confused.

"My Mommy says that a pinky promise can never be broken. Its forever. So I promise to be your best friend forever." She gave him a genuine smiled so full of hope and promise. Barry's small heart swelled with pure happiness.

He locked his pinky with hers.

"I promise to be your best friend, Caitlin." Barry smiled.

"I promised too, Barry." Caitlin giggled quickly before turning towards Nora. "Will Barry be back here again tomorrow?"

"Yes, I can bring him to the park tomorrow. Do you live around here, Caitlin?" Nora inquired.

"Yes, my house is just around the corner. I come to the park every day after lunch. We can play then Barry!" Caitlin excitedly explained.

Nora nodded at Barry. He smiled hugging Caitlin briefly before taking his mom's hand walking away.

They played together every day from that day on. They were the perfect best friends.

Their friendship continued through their earlier years. It only got stronger with each passing day. When all the boys in his class thought of girls as gross and all the girls in her class were disgusted by boy cooties; their friendship surged through. Barry still held Caitlin's hand when they were waiting for the school bus. Caitlin became far more talkative than when they first met. And Barry thought she was very smart. She was the smartest girl in her class, the prettiest if you asked him too. Unfortunately, Caitlin was a year younger than Barry, which resulted in them being in different classes during the day but that didn't deter their friendship.

Barry was always very fond of Caitlin, even early on in their friendship. Eventually, fondness turned to attraction and attraction changed to a simple crush and from that bloomed an unbreakable love.

Barry was only ten years old when he first thought of Caitlin like that. So, he turned to Caitlin, "Why do you think we are still friends?"

"Why wouldn't I want to be friends with you dork?" It was a simple reply but her dazzling smiled that came with it blew Barry away.

Yes, Barry Allen was in love with Caitlin Snow.

Caitlin Snow didn't have many friends growing up. Both her parents were very dedicated scientist. Her mother was strict and focused most of the time but her father had a warm heart. She was always very close with her father. He worked from home most of the time while her mother spent hours and hours at the lab perfecting her theories and completing analysis.

So when Barry had named her his best friend she was ecstatic to finally have a friend her age. Barry was kind and funny and so open with her. Caitlin was initially shocked at how close they became. Soon that comfort turned to companionship that she is sure will never break. Even though he was a year older than her, that never mattered in their relationship.

Caitlin had no problem falling in love with Barry.

Every day brought new experiences, and with every new experience they grew closer. They spent every day together. But one day the time would come when they couldn't see each other every day.

That day was middle school graduation. Barry Allen was fourteen now and heading to high school, without Caitlin Snow. Caitlin had cried on his last day of 8th grade. He was leaving her behind. But Barry wouldn't accept any of it. He spent the whole summer promising her that he wouldn't forget her, that she wasn't losing him and that he was only going to school 20 minutes away. The only thing that comforted her was that they would still spend time together after school. And soon Caitlin would follow Barry into high school the next year.

High school was very different for them.

They both took different courses. Barry ran on the track team and was quite popular because of it. Caitlin took every and all honors courses to ensure she would become valedictorian when she graduated. She was scared on her first day of high school but Barry Allen threw his arm around her shoulder, gave her a reassuring squeeze, and smiled his most charming smile. She never felt safer, never felt more confident.

They spent at least an hour every day after school and after school activities were completed to hang out and help each other with homework. Usually it was Caitlin helping Barry with his homework. They usually ended up watching a tacky movie on TV afterwards. And it became common to keep clothes at each other's houses in case of falling asleep there. Their parents grew used to it, were happy the two found companionship in the other. They had a comfortable, normal relationship. They were happy.

High school wasn't hard, wasn't bad, wasn't trouble as long as they had each other.

Barry found out very quickly how fast their perfect world could come crashing down.