Honesty Of The Heart By: Stephy

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Hyde began to deepen the kiss, but suddenly stopped and gently pulled away. A bewildered expression took over Jackie's pixie like features.

"Steven-" Her sentence was cut short.

"This is going to be my forth attempt, so please just listen." He could feel his sweaty palm as he wiped his forehead.

"I love you." He remained tense as he waited for her reply.

Jackie simply just stood with one hand tightly placed on her hip, sweetly smiling. It felt like the longest pause in his entire life.

"I'm not saying it back." She stated in a playfully, snotty manner as she inched closer, forming an even bigger smile.

A smirk was painted on Hyde's lips. "Jackie, that was evil." He then captured her already swollen lips in his.

When they once more parted she whispered back. "I love you too, Steven."

-A Day Later:

The entire gang was hanging in the basement, trying their hardest to ignore the kissing couple seated on Hyde's usual chair.

"Umm guys, I hear this thing called 'breathing' is extremely relevant in this day and age." Eric sarcastically pointed out.

Jackie and Hyde remained kissing.

"Oh Eric, their love is to powerful for your words of hatred."

"Fez, is there a reason why you have to sound like a damn Hallmark card?" questioned an annoyed Forman.

Donna turn to face her fiancé. "You know, you could be a little more like Fez."

"What? A horny foreigner with a abnormally obsession for candy?"

Donna just glared. "No dumbass, I mean you could be a little more romantic. I'm a girl and I need romance!"

At that, Jackie lifted up her head to face her best friend. "Oh Donna, your not girly enough to be a girl."

Donna's eyes quickly widen with shocked anger. "Jackie, what the hell? I'm girly!"

"Yeah she is! I mean I do Donna, and I only want to do hot girls who look and act like girls. Not hot girls who look and act like dudes."

"Kelso, you do anything that has boobs" Eric clearly pointed out.

"Hey! That is so not true! They don't need to have boobs!"

"Kelso man, you don't know this yet, but you just totally burned yourself."

"Oh yeah Hyde? Well I do know!" Kelso spat back while crossing his arms over his chest.

"Well, I'm glad you crazy kids worked everything out. That was way too much drama for my liking. Though sweet and non -demanding Jackie will be greatly missed."

Happiness filled Jackie's bright blue/green eyes. "Aww, thanks Eric! You are so sweet!"

A slight laugh slipped out of Eric's mouth. "Yeah, not to mention I'm not use to Hyde's new emotions such as fear, caring and-do I dare say it?"

He looked left and right of the basement before focusing on Hyde. "LOVE!"

"Shut-up Forman!" Hyde casually snapped.

Kelso had a goofy grin plastered on his face. "Oh my god! Hyde has a heart!"

"I knew our hairy friend would someday force the honesty out of his heart." Fez passionately stated.

"Hey guys, it's true. He even cried at the hospital! He thought he loose the love of his life forever!" Donna playfully added as she tried not to laugh."

"Awwww!" the gang minus Jackie and Hyde cooed together.

"Forman how much do you really like your tattling fiancé?" He said, eyes shooting daggers at Donna.

At that moment Eric got up and grabbed the TV remote then slowly brought it to his mouth to sing. "When a man's an empty kettle he should be on his mettle,"

"And yet I'm torn apart." Fez sang in replacement.

Donna then stepped in. "Just because I'm presumin' that I could be kind-a- human,"

"If I only had heart!" Eric, Fez, Donna, and Kelso all broke out together with hand motions.

"You know what? I do love this girl. And if that means catching slack from you guys, then so be it!" He replied with confidence.

"Oh Steven! You're my tin man and I'm the more cute-looking wizard who de- hallows you!" Jackie excitedly pointed out.

"Babe, don't push it." His lips curled as he said it.

A moment later, their lips met again.


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