(Despite a slight obsession with the adorableness that is the Carmilla world I own absolutely nothing. Also I think the world needs a little more Laferry fluff in it. :b )

The moon was just starting to rise over the science labs of Silas University as a jacketed figure braves the cool night air on their way into the building. Perry was no stranger to these twisting hallways and managed not to become hopelessly lost like so many others as she made her way to the biology department. Reaching the department door she knocked once before quietly pushing the door open and entering the room.

Gadgets, animals, and a strangely catchy remix of an old jazz tune filled the lab with noise and the equipment's lights blinked on and off at random intervals casting a faint wavering light over everything. Glancing around Perry quickly found the reason for her midnight excursion napping face first on a pile of textbooks and data sheets.

"The things I do for you Lafontaine." She whispered as she took the bag off her shoulder and quickly set to work. Clearing off a corner of the table where Lafontaine was snoring quietly, Perry unpacked a thermos, two Tupperware containers, and a blanket from the bag. Finding Laf's jacket and using that to make a sort of pillow she lifted their head from the data sheets, trying not to laugh as one or two remained stuck to their cheek, and gently lowered them back down. Then tucking the blanket around them she pressed a quick kiss to the side of their face before turning to her final task of the night. After setting the thermos of coffee down and stacking the containers containing lasagna and homemade brownies so they would be the first things Laf saw when they woke up, Perry grabbed her bag wrote a quick note on an old spreadsheet and quietly slipped back to the dorms.