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Harry's POV

After I finally got the balls to ask Mal out, I went back to me and Gil's dorm. It was very bright at first but we personalized it so to speak. We painted on the walls and changed all the clothes and sheets. It looks very good now. I walked in with a smile, not realizing Gil was in the room.

"What's with the smile, lover boy?" He said, suspiciously, looking up from his homework. "Did you do it?"

"Yes, I did. And stop calling me lover boy." I said falling back into my bed. I had a canopy and when we were, shall we say, remodeling our room, I painted Mal in a old VK outfit with her crest on the top blanket of the canopy. I made sure that no one would see it unless they laid in the bed. An image I can't see mm to get out of my head. She really is the most beautiful and most talented girl I know, I thought.

"Bro you really need to stop starring at that thing" Gil said half focusing on homework. "It gets creepy."

"Well if you had a picture of Freddie you would do the same" I explained grabbing my sketchbook. "By the way, did she ever respond to your texts?"

"Well kinda, she said hi. But that's a start, right?" He looked worried.

"Yea sure, mate". I replied not completely listening because I was drawing my idea for the date. I would slip Mal a note tomorrow morning telling her to meet me by the old oak. Then take her to the abandoned beach I found about a mile north. No one is ever there, so it will be perfect. I'll make sure to let ever know so that she can slip a swimming suit into the basket when no one is looking. Then I will make a nice dinner that will be good even if not perfectly hot. It will be great.

I decided to get some rest so that I can wake up on time.

The next day, @7am

I woke up feeling great. My dreams were great. Mal and I were together and doing... couple things. ;-)

I know it's short but the next will have romance and love will blossom.

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