Spider and the Great Power

Plot: Co-written by justimtaylor48. After the events of Homecoming, Peter takes a favor ffrom Tony to investigate strange energy coming from Angel Grove, where he meets a group of mismatched teens who are about to become of something even bigger than what he knows. He might even find love…if he can survive new threat.

Great Responsibility Accepts a Great Favor

It had been a month since the defeat of Adrian Toomes. A month since Liz had moved away. A month since he had turned down being part of something big.

Peter Parker aka Spiderman, web-slung throughout New York, looking for trouble to stop in order to take his mind off the madness that had become his life; school, crime-fighting, the Avengers…

Honestly, web-slinging made his life bearable sometimes. It cleared everything. Having the wind grace his face as he watched people go about their days….that sounded creepy, never mind that one. Anyways his spider's view of New York was one of the benefits to being a superhero

Peter also now enjoyed the freedom of knowing May now knew about his secret identity. Admittedly, she had been…less than thrilled about it; she'd already lost his uncle, and the press' less than stellar words about him did not help.

Peter made a note to have words with this J Jonah Jameson at some point.

But all in all, May had ultimately proven to be supportive of his superhero duties, although she had made him adopt a new reason for it; instead of trying to make up for not acting when he'd had the chance, Peter was now Spiderman for the sole purpose of helping people like he had always wanted to do deep down.

He'd assumed it would've been with a great scientific discovery (and it still could be), but now he was actually putting away bad buys. Sides, it had been nice to no longer have to come up with excuses for his injuries, he was pretty sure he was running out of people he could blame and she'd buy. Sides, May at least now had bragging rights that her nephew had taken a punch from Captain America and walked it off

An alarm suddenly rang through the air, and our webbed hero spied a shootout.

Speaking of bad guys…!


Herman Schultz was having a good day: While he would've prepared to have Tinkerer and the others backing him, this job was going very well. The cops were staying back and he had three bags stuffed to the brim with cash; enough for him to live comfortably for a couple of months.

Now if only the mask he'd been able to find wasn't yellow and looking like something off a couch. Oh well, no harm done.

"I thought that buzz was familiar."

Oh great. Herman knew that voice. Against his better judgement but with his gaunlets ready, he whipped around to greet the one person he hated more than anyone:

It was Spiderman.

"Shocker is that you? Shockie!" The webhead noted as he leapt over the shockwaves. "Good to see you again!"

Herman didn't say a word, instead firing his gauntlets at the man who had put his boss behind bars and allowed that creep Gargan to take over their operation.

"Not chatty?" Spiderman asked as he leapt and dodged the blasts. "Come on Shockie, you got a zinger or two in ya!"

The Shocker just growling before noting where Spidey was leaping to. He blasted the area, the rubble hitting our hero.

"Note to self….: Spiderman noted. "Limit Quips to those who quip back."

Shocker's form filled with elation at the prospect of knocking the punk who had made his life spiral so much out of control, when he heard a familiar sound and felt something on his boots. Glancing down, he saw webbing.

His foots clamped together and as he fell to the ground, more webbing brought his gauntlets together…just as he let out a charge. The webbing sent the force back, smashing his precious tools.

"You'll pay for that…" Shocker growled.

"Check's in the mail." Spiderman teased as he wrapped the criminal into a blanket of webbing. "Now, you say hi to your boss in jail for me. I got to get going, get back to my neighborhood and all. See ya!"

He then swung away to get back at a decent time: It was TV dinner night and May had promised him control of the TV until 9, when that period piece she'd been following was to conclude.

The vibrating of his phone suddenly brought Peter out his musings, and he landed onto the nearest empty roof to take the call.

"Yello!" He started, feeling a little cute.

"Here, little roos!" A familiar voice shouted over the phone.

"Oh, hey!" Spiderman started. "Um…what's up? I'm almost home and…"

"Listen, when you get a sec, swing by Stark Tower. We need to talk."


The next day, Peter once again found himself standing in front of Tony Stark, his mentor and benefactor in all matters of superheroics.

"Enjoying the suit?"

"Um, yeah. Thanks."

"No problem kid. Like I said, doesn't fit me ane the colors aren't my thing. I should be saying 'Thank you', by the way." Tony said. "Your little mature refusal helped me say something that I have been meaning to say to someone very special to me since 2008."

"You finally asked Ms. Potts to marry you?" Peter asked. "Nice!"

Especially now that, as cool as it could've been, he didn't have to worry about Tony becoming his new 'dad-uncle.'

"Kid, please." Tony cut him off, reaching into his jacket pocket before stopping. "Was it that obvious?"

"Kind of." Peter confessed.

"Well…yes, I did, so once again, thanks. And if I see one post of Facebook or whatever, I'll blame you. Paying a small fortune to keep that under wraps, last thing I need is some snooping kid airing my laundry."

"Mr. Stark, you know I wonder never…" Peter started

"I know, little roos. Just pulling your leg." Tony smirked.

"Sir?" An electronic, British-like voice mused. "The reason you asked Mr. Parker here? You and Ms. Potts do have a meeting after this."

"Thank you JARVIS." Tony sighed before turning to the younger hero. "I need a favor."

Peter oepned his mouth to ask for detais, but as usual, Tony beat him to it.

"Give me a second. And don't worry this is just a little favor, not a world saving venture."

"Although it could very well turn into one." The AI noted

"JARVIS." Tony chastised the computer. "You shut. Your mouth."

"Understood sir, here are the notes."

A series of holographic screen shot up, and Peter managed to catch a glimpse of them all; a mapped location, fluctuating line-charts, cave paintings and what seemed to be a construction site.

"Starks Industries satellite surveillance picked up unique energy readings in this area. And by unique, I do mean unique. Not gamma, not cosmic, not reactor….nothing that I know of." Tony explained, telling Peter only what he knew the kid could handle. "I've had people combing the area's history for months, but nothing solid has come up."

"And where do I fit in?" Peter asked.

"The guys that have been looking are all normal folks." Tony answered. "I need someone who is unassuming yet can pull a punch and get out. And also has brains. And when I think of people in that description, you were the first that came to my mind."

"And as it turns out," JARVIS announced. "The town closest to the area has a school that has a somewhat famous science program, and a science fair is coming up."

Tony then reached back into his coat and handed Pete an envelope.

"There's a plane ticket inside, with money for expenses. I've arranged everything with your school, and someone you can trust will be there to escort you to where you'll he staying. You'll be a temp exchange student, so try to stay out of trouble. In short, go to the town, win the fair, investigate the energy, and then report back." Tony finalized. "If things get messy, I'll pull you out."

Peter processed everything that had been dropped on him. Hed be away from home and doing this little favor for Mr. Stark, but something didn't feel right

"You're wondering why I'm asking you to do it, right?" Tony asked, seemingly reading the teen's mind, "Remember that big fight at the airport?"

"How could I forget?" Peter asked in pride and happiness, before he saw Tony's downtrodden face.

"Well, I'm in the process of cleaning up the mess that came from that. And, I still feel guilty about pulling you in. But you're the only one who can do this. I know it's wrong, but.."

Peter raised his hand

"I accept, Mr. Stark. I won't let you down."

Tony's eyes softened as he put a hand on Peter's shoulder

"I know you won't, That's why I chose you." He smiled. "Now, you shoo on out! I have a late with a lovely redhead and you have packing to do. Go on, get! Before that aunt of yours calls again; apparently I lost charming points when I held out on the fact you were going to fight superheroes."

"Got it, Mr. Stark." Peter replied as he turned to leave, only to realize Tony had left out one critical but of information. "Wait…were am I going, again?"

"Oh, just some place called Angel Grove."

Next: From Friendly Neighborhood to Grove with Attitude

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