Keira Jackson had been working at the New York City Public Library for several months after having moved to the city a few years prior. She had met various acquaintances working the long hours at the library and she thoroughly enjoyed her job. For one thing, it was always quiet and she hardly ever had to talk to anyone. She could spend hours on end with her nose buried in a book, only ever having to mark her place when someone came to the checkout desk.

After a few weeks at the job, she had settled into a routine, silently going about the chores of the library: dusting the shelves, replacing books on the seemingly endless shelves, and keeping an eye on the stocks and shipments of reading material.

One such summer day, Keira sat behind the large desk, halfway through a novel. She was trying to separate her mind from her body as the small rotating desk fan buzzed quietly, doing little to cool the hot and humid summer air. Her blonde hair was in a sloppy ponytail on the nape of her neck, tiny tendrils of loose hair flying around her face each time the fan spun her way.

"Excuse me…I'd like to check out this book?"

Keira glanced up after a moment, finishing the sentence she was on in her book. Her lips spread into a flirtatious smile as she looked upon the face of her fiancé, Matt Houston standing in front of her with a random book in his hands. His brown hair was in need of a trim, but he knew she liked small imperfections about him like that. He wore a light blue t-shirt with dark jeans. He grinned down at her and gave her a quick peck on the cheek.

"How's your day been, Keira?" He asked softly, flipping absentmindedly through the pages of the book he'd picked up. Keira shrugged and placed her own book face down on the desktop to hold her place.

"Just a regular, quiet day at the library. Can't complain too much." She said. She took the book from him and pretended to look it over and proceeded to fill out the library card on the inside sleeve.

"I know how you like your peace and quiet." Matt murmured, smirking down at her. She felt herself blush deeply as she scribbled on the library card. "Have you thought any more about what date you'd like to set as the 'big day'?"

She smiled and glanced down at the book.

"You picked Dracula again?" She asked, looking up at him, an amused gleam in her eyes as she avoided his question. He nodded laughing quietly.

"I figured if I've gotta pretend to pick something out, I need something worth reading." He said, feigning seriousness. Keira raised her eyebrows and pursed her lips.

"You could try something a little less…dark. But it is a pretty good spooky story." She admitted. She met Matt's eyes hesitantly and handed him the book.

"Well, what would you recommend?" Matt said under his breath, leaning over the desk. Keira smirked and slid the book into his open grasp. He took it with a surprised look on his face as she turned away.

"It's due on the thirteenth." She said, her eyes drifting back down to the pencil in her hand. Matt stood looking confused then felt a presence behind him.

"Keira, could you do me a big favor?"

Matt quickly stepped aside to let the other librarian, Cindy Drummond pass by him. Keira still sat in her desk chair, smiling knowingly up at Matt who waved a quick goodbye as he snuck past the unknowing head librarian.

"Earth to Keira…" The woman in front of her said. Keira smiled at her and picked up her book to place her bookmark in the pages to save her place.

"Sure thing, Cindy. I need to stretch my legs anyway." Keira said, standing and straightening her short jean skirt.

"Nice to see you Mr. Houston!" Cindy called softly after Keira's fiancé. Keira bit her lip to try and hide her smile as Matt quickly spun around and sheepishly gave the two librarians a farewell wave.

Cindy Drummond was the head librarian of the New York City Public Library and had relented to allow Keira a place in the staff when she found out that she had a knack for organization. Cindy was a middle aged woman, a little on the stout side, but with a cheerful, motherly face. Brown hair curled around her ears and she always wore a small jeweled cross necklace around her neck.

"I wondered if you would go downstairs and grab a few of the old newspapers on the Ghostbusters for me. The mayor is having a little get together with the four of them tonight and wants to have some references of their early work, I believe." Cindy paused as Keira gave her a questioning look. The head librarian shrugged. "I'm not completely sure what exactly he needs them for, but I told him we'd lend him whatever we had."

"Sure thing. Would that be under 'P' for 'Paranormal' or 'C' for "Con Artists'?" Keira asked, beginning to walk around the desk. Cindy's smile fell slightly as she regarded the girl in front of her.

"It's under 'G' for 'Ghostbusters.' They have their own category. They're a pretty big thing around here, but I suppose you haven't lived here long enough to see the big things they've done for us." Cindy explained. Keira paused as she sensed the serene tone in the head librarian's voice.

"I've heard about them." She said softly. Cindy took a breath.

"My mother was head librarian here when she saw the ghost downstairs. The Ghostbusters came here to investigate…well they weren't technically the Ghostbusters then, but they were starting out. But that encounter caused my mother to have a mental breakdown and…the position fell to me. A few years ago, the Ghostbusters came back and finally caught that ghost though, and I was so relieved when they did! Oh, Keira…" Cindy laid a hand on the girl's shoulder, smoothing down the sleeve of her white button-up blouse. "If you only knew…"

"I guess I've made it a point to stay away from the commotion they cause. I don't really…do…scary."

Cindy laughed quietly as Keira turned and headed through the maze of shelves towards the lower level of the library. She paused only a few times to help out some of the regular visitors, and pretty soon found herself casually strolling down to the rarely visited wing of the library.

"Okay…'G' for 'Ghostbusters'…." She mumbled to herself quietly as she scanned the filing cabinets along the wall. She found the drawer she was looking for and pulled it open, scanning through the tabs until she found several marked 'Ghostbusters' 1984-1991'.

"Gosh…how do I know what they'll want? There's so much to pick from…" Keira said as she walked her fingers over each newspaper, reading the headlines.

"Gozer? Vigo? Shandor? Come on…these sound like the type of things you'd name a dog!" She muttered as she selected a few of the earlier newspapers and then some from where the Ghostbusters had made the huge headlines. She stood up, struggling to hold the heavy newspapers as she nudged the filing cabinet closed with her hip and turned back the way she'd come.

The lights flickered in the dim, quiet space. Keira froze and shifted her gaze around warily. She moved forward and peered down each aisle as she walked back to the stairs. After convincing herself that she was being paranoid, she glanced down at the newspaper on top of the pile in her arms as she walked.

The headline read 'GHOSTBUSTERS SAVE NEW YORK' with the four men whose faces she had come to recognize from various television commercials in a large picture beneath the title. They were covered in what looked like some kind of white goop, huge smiles plastered on their sooty faces.

"They fought a giant marshmallow man, huh? That doesn't sound too terrible…" Keira said as she glimpsed through the article. She turned down an aisle and had almost reached the stairs when she heard a soft laugh behind her. She raised her gaze to the room around her and spun around slowly, expecting to see the source of the noise.

"Anyone down here?" She called out softly. She paused to allow someone to answer then shrugged to herself and turned back to the stairs that led up to the ground floor of the library.

A cool breeze floated towards her, blowing her loose blonde strands from her ponytail past her face. Keira quickly turned her head to where it had come from and was startled when a book fell from one of the nearby shelves and crashed to the ground. The sound echoed in the silent room.

"Okay. I'm not staying down here…" Keira said as she jogged up the stairs and out into the crowded library reading room. She slowed her jog to a walk as she neared the front desk where a long line of people were waiting for Cindy to help them. Keira rounded the desk and set the newspapers on a chair behind her before taking the next person in line.

It took nearly ten minutes for her heart to stop hammering in her chest.

When they had finally helped the last person in line, Cindy and Keira both relaxed a little and sighed in relief.

"These look great, Keira," Cindy said as she picked through the newspapers Keira had brought up from the archives. Then she glanced up as she noticed the tension in Keira's face. "What's wrong?"

Keira looked away from where she'd been staring into the distance, spaced out and she quickly shook her head.

"Did Matthew say something to you? You know I've known him since he was a little boy. He may be your fiancé but I know how much mischief he caused in here when he was little." Cindy threatened. Keira smirked.

"No, it's not him. Just…something weird happened downstairs. You must have put some ideas in my head when you told me about what happened with your grandmother." Keira said.

"What happened? The Ghostbusters confirmed there was nothing else here last time they came through…" Cindy said. Keira resisted the urge to roll her eyes at the mention of the Ghostbusters.

"I thought I heard someone, but no one answered when I called out. Then there was this weird breeze…which definitely felt out of place down there. And a book fell off the shelf." Keira rattled on. When she stopped, Cindy stared at her.

"Hm. Maybe it is time I give them a call…" She said. Keira frowned.

"I'm sure it's nothing. I just tend to let my mind get away from me sometimes. You caught me in the middle of a chapter and I guess my thoughts were still processing that. You don't have to…"

"No, I'll call them later and make an appointment for them to come by tomorrow. It might do you some good to actually meet them in person." Cindy smiled smartly at a flabbergasted Keira as she made a small note to remind herself.

"Great…" Keira said, fixing an overly excited expression onto her face. As soon as Cindy glanced away, Keira's smile slowly turned into a grimace and she groaned at the thought of meeting the famous Ghostbusters.