Yeah, I'm gonna make my Elemental AU starting season 1. But this is linked to the original TMNT 2012 but then this starts at TMNT 2012 season 4, right before Owari and Requim. Enjoy!


April's POV:

I could see the Kraang. They charged at my house along with a wolf. At first, I thought the wolf seemed harmless but then, I was wrong. It helped the Kraang get my mother. Me and dad were able to escape but I don't know what happened to mom. I hope she's alright. I was only six years old when that happened and even if so many years had passed, that misted wolf is still haunting me in my nightmares.

When we got to New York City and we settled in our new apartment, dad found a book in the New York library and then we both found out that the wolf's name was Mist Red Wolf, a cursed wolf that was once a human. He, with the help of more cursed creatures, named Supremo and Suprema, are the rulers of the Elemental Kingdom and the Elemental Galaxy, the worse enemy of the Salamandrians and Humans.

I thought I had seen the last of him at that time but then, I was wrong. Ten years afterwards, when me and my best high school friend, Grace Irrilia R. Lemon, a.k.a Girl, went on an evening stroll around New York City, Mist Wolf attacked us, mostly Girl, and then took her up a rooftop. I was so worried about her and I got even more worried when I saw Mist Wolf open a portal and took Girl with him.

I cried that night and I swore that I will destroy the elementals no matter what...


Normal POV:

It was a peaceful night in New York City but Oruku Saki, a.k.a the Shredder or Super Shredder, was having a bad mood. Sure he was able to get more mutagen for his new mutant form but now, he wanted to gain power. He wanted so much power so he could be rid of the turtles, their friends and their father, a.k.a, his worse enemy, Splinter. He wanted power and he wanted it now.

" Master Shredder, calm down," Tiger Claw, Shredder's second in command, tried to ease his master's greed but the Shredder cried out," I need to find more power so I may be a force to be reckoned with! I want to destroy Yoshi and his pathetic clan once and for all!" Tiger Claw tried to think of a way to satisfy his master then he suddenly remembered something that he had heard about in Japan.

Master, there is an ancient scroll in the New York Museum that can summon Kavaxas, the ruler of all the demon dragons, the ruler of the Netherworld and the most powerful being in all the world," he told him." It is called the Scroll of the Demon Dragons. There is also a seal called the Seal of Ancients. It can help power up an underground demon shrine and it can also give you control over Kavaxas so he may not betray you,"

" Hmm, interesting..." Shredder said, thinking about what Tiger Claw said then he commanded his henchmen," Find that scroll and that seal and bring them both to me at once! Or face the dire consequences!" Tiger led the other foot ninjas, Bradford, a.k.a Rahzar, Xever, a.k.a Fishface, Anton Zeck, a.k.a Bebop, and Ivan Steranko, a.k.a Rocksteady, to the museum and they all retrieved the scroll and the seal.

As soon as they gave the scroll and the seal to Shredder, they all went to the underground demon shrine and Shredder placed the seal on the stand before opening the seal. As he opened the seal, little flames started to come out but that didn't stop him. He just smiled evilly and then he read out loud the written words on the scroll. When he got to the half of the scroll, huge flames started shooting out from the platform.

Even if the flames were making it harder for him to stand, Shredder continued to read until he finally finished it, making a huge boom, sending the Shredder and his henchmen flying. Once he was able to gain strength again, Shredder placed his head up and saw a red demon dragon appearing in front of him and appearing through the smoke as he opened his wings and started to breath little fire.

" Mortal, who dares wake up Kavaxas, leader of the demon dragons and ruler of the Netherworld?!" he growled, turning to Shredder angrily." I will burn you and these other mortals to ash!" He roared out fire towards Shredder, who luckily took out the Seal of Ancients to defend himself from the fiery fire of the powerful demon dragon. Once Kavaxas stopped, Shredder stood up, still holding the seal.

" Demon, you obey me!" he cried out, showing the seal to Kavaxas." AAHH! The Seal of Ancients!" Kavaxas cried out in fear as he took a step back then he looked Shredder closely, saying," You are wiser than I thought, mortal. Very well. What will you command me, master?" He bowed down as the henchmen started to go closer to their master and the demon dragon that their master had controlled.

" I order you to give me power!" Shredder demanded aloud." Not just any power. A power more powerful than anything in the whole universe! I want it and I want it right now!" Kavaxas seemed off guard with the Shredder's demand but then he was still able to say," Unfortunately, I cannot give a power such as that but I can tell you how to get powers more powerful than anything in the whole universe,"

" Really?! How?!" Shredder asked, demanding to know more and hungry for power. Kavaxas stood up and cleared his throat before saying," In this city, I sense that there are elemental crystals!" Shredder was now caught off guard as his eyes widened in shock before shouting," WHAT?! NEVER! ELEMENTAL CRYSTALS ARE UNSTABLE AND VERY DANGEROUS! I WILL NEVER USE THOSE!"

" They are the only thing powerful," Kavaxas explained." They belong to the rulers of the Elemental Kingdom," Shredder thought for a moment as Tiger Claw asked his master," Elementals?! Are they not just legends?!" Shredder shook his head and explained," Many millenniums ago, elementals, with the help of their leaders, Supremo and Suprema, had a long-term fight with our planet since they tried to take it over,"

" But now, the elemental leaders are new and they act very different than Supremo," Kavaxas pointed out, shocking Shredder." What? What are you talking about, Kavaxas?" Shredder asked and Kavaxas explained," Supremo's apprentice, with the help of Suprema and all of the elementals, overthrew Supremo and Mist Wolf from the kingdom and ever since then, the apprentice and his family ruled the kingdom,"

" But how are their powers here?!" Rahzar asked in confusion and Kavaxas explained," Supremo was enraged that he was thrown out so he tried to get his position back, killing his sister in the process. Ever since then, the new king got angry so he decided to head back to Earth with his three brothers and they all hid their powers, spreading it around the city so no one else could be able to find it,"

Shredder thought for a moment then he commanded his henchmen," Find those elemental crystals and bring them to me at once!" His henchmen bowed down before they headed out." And when you find the turtles, eliminate them!" Shredder reminded his henchmen and then they all said," As you wish, Master Shredder," as they went out to the surface to find the elemental crystals.


The turtles, April O'Neil, Casey Jones, Karai and Shinigami were out on patrol. As he went with his friends and brothers, Raphael was remembering the night he found their friends, the salamandrians, when their ship crashed on their planet. It was only two weeks ago but he still felt like it was just yesterday as he kept remembering it again and again, making him a bit unfocused on their patrol.

" Raph? Hello...?" Leonardo called out to his younger brother, making Raph snap from his trip to memory lane." Huh? What?" Raph said, still having the daydream look in his face." What did you say, Leo?" Leo chuckled before saying," Oh, Raph. It's been two weeks since we've helped the salamandrians to heal up at our lair but still act like their crash incident happened yesterday. He he he..."

" He he. Well, what can I say?" Raph said, turning red in embarrassment." Mona's just so interesting to me," He began staring up into space again when Casey teased behind him," Aww! Raph and Mona, sitting in the tree! K-I-S-S-I-N-G!" Raph blushed as he turned around to see the others staring at him while Casey was laughing his face off, shouting," Raphie loves Mona! Raphie loves Mona! Ha ha―aaah!"

Casey shouted for help as Raph pinched his ears and dragged him towards him angrily." He he. Let us be in peace?" Casey asked nervously but Raph wouldn't hear it as he started to wrestle the vigilante. Trying to defend himself and not get himself hurt, Casey tried to wrestle back as the others laughed at the wrestling match. All of a sudden, a small cold breeze suddenly blew towards them.

No one noticed a thing...except little Michelangelo. He felt how cold the breeze was as he stopped laughing and looked at the edge of the rooftop. The wind felt a little odd to him as he started to feel it properly, closing his eyes to block out any thing else.


Mikey heard the wind whisper his name, making him jolt his eyes open in surprise. Why did the wind whisper my name? he asked himself as tons of questions started to gather in his head. What's going on? Is there trouble? Does this have something to do with― But then his thoughts was interrupted when a voice from behind asked him," Mikey? Mikey? Are you alright, little brother?"

" Huh? Oh, yeah. I am," Mikey said, turning around to see Donatello, his elder brother, looking at him in worry while the others were still watching the wrestling match behind him." Are you sure? You look kinda worried," Donnie tried to say but just Mikey nodded, telling him," Yeah, I'm fine. I'm just fine, Donnie. I'm just trying to feel the cold breeze, that's all,"

" Now that you mentioned it, it is getting a little cold..." Donnie pointed out worriedly, shivering." Maybe we should..." But he was interrupted when Raph shouted to Casey," Ha! Got ya!" Both turtles turned around and saw Raph finally pinning down Casey and saying," I win, Jones! You give up now or you still holding up?" After Raph smirked, Casey sighed and collapsed in exhaustion, saying," I give up..."

The others had a good laugh before they all headed back to their patrol. A few minutes passed but Raph was still thinking about Mona Lisa, a.k.a Y'Gythgba, his closest salamandrian friend, and Mikey still couldn't stop thinking about the warning of the breeze." I really wonder if Mona Lisa's thinking about me right now..." Raph wondered with a sigh as his eyes looked like he was daydreaming again.

" I wonder if she'll still be thinking about you when she finds out our secret," Mikey told him solemnly, snapping his brother from his daydreams. Raph was so shocked to hear about their secret as he turned to his little brother, asking," Why be interested in our secret now? It's been months since..." But he stopped as he kept his mouth shut so the others wouldn't hear him talk to Mikey.

But then, Mikey ignored him with a pout as he went past him. Raph suddenly got worried as he followed the others. And then, all of a sudden, Leo stopped then motioned everyone else to stop." What's wrong, Leo?" Karai asked but then Leo just told her to keep quiet before leading the others to hide behind a nearby air vent. They all peaked out from the air vent to see what was going on.

In a clear alley way, the group saw Tiger Claw, Rahzar, Bebop, and Rocksteady, wearing hoods and acting as if they were hiding something." What are those four mutant henchmen up to?" Shini wondered so the group started to follow the henchmen up to a rooftop, where Tiger Claw took out three glowing crystals, which had the colors of blue, red and purple, from his hood.

" That kinda looks familiar..." April said to herself but before she could say anything else, Karai gasped and cried out," Those are elemental crystals!" All of a sudden, the henchmen turned to face the group, making Raph facepalm and making Leo scold," Karai! What the heck?!" Karai placed both her hands on her mouth to keep herself from shouting anything else.

" All of you, attack them!" Tiger Claw ordered his comrades." Do not let them get the crystals!" The other henchmen fought the turtles and their friends to keep them from getting to Tiger Claw. Unfortunately for them, the turtles were able to get passed them and they tried to fight the tiger assassin. Leo was just about to slice Tiger Claw when he pulled out the red elemental crystal, making fire sprout out towards the turtle.

" Leo!" Raph yelled out as his eldest brother fell with a groan. He took out his sais and tried to attack the tiger but Tiger Claw was too quick. He took out the purple crystal, making Raph levitate then crash on the rooftop with a smash." Raph!" Donnie cried but when he tried to attack, Tiger Claw took out the blue crystal, making ice sprout out and freeze Donnie's legs so he would stand in place.

" Don!" Mikey shouted out but he didn't try to attack, knowing he would lose. But then, he finally knew why the wind was whispering his name. Before he could even finish his thoughts, Tiger Claw made a tactical retreat, letting he and the other henchmen escape." No! They're getting away!" Shini yelled out but then Mikey said," Let them go! We need to get the others back to the lair!"

" Mikey's right. The others really need help," April agreed, trying to use her fan blade to slice the ice from Donnie's legs. After the rest of the group helped Donnie get free from the ice, they all headed back to heal up from their fight. I have a bad feeling about this... Mikey thought to himself as he headed back to the lair with his brothers and his friends with a worried expression.


Back at the demon shrine, the henchmen had delivered the elemental crystals to Shredder, who took it greedily. " Finally! More Power! Mwuhahahaha!' he cried out with an evil laugh.