It was a beautiful day in the town of Elwood City. We zoom in past the World's End Park, the Mill Creek, the Mill Creek Mall, and the Elwood City Science Museum,
to an average-looking two story red house. Outside, there was a blonde-haired red monster woman with glasses & a yellow coat with a red monster boy looking outside
on their porch. The monster with blonde hair is Kerry Monster, and the red monster boy is her son, Murray. It was the morning of Friday, March 10. Kerry was worried
about her son because since they moved away from New York City to Elwood City, he hasn't really done anything but watch television since they got there. Murray was
angry about this move, because it meant he had to leave his friends / co-workers behind. All Murray did was walk around the porch, sulking. Kerry tried to reason
with him.

Kerry: Listen, Murray, I know this is a different change, but it would be good for you to get out and see the city.

Murray was incredibly angry after hearing that.

Murray: Difficult change?! I was perfectly happy living back in New York on Sesame Street! Why did we have to move? Also, I had to leave all my friends
behind…. including Ovejita.
Kerry: Murray, believe me, it was hard for me to leave Sesame Street, too. I also didn't want to leave, either. However, the producers decided to discontinue
your segments to save money, and I could find another job that paid as well as yours, so I didn't have a choice. Also, I asked Rosita to take care of Ovejita
back in New York, and she'll come visit you soon. But, were in a new town now, and I really think you should go out and explore it.

Murray thought about this, and his mother did have a point.

Murray: Okay Mommy, I'll go outside.

Kerry was proud of her son.

Kerry: That's good to hear! Now, Murray, today is, March 10th. According to the news report, spring break for school in Elwood City starts this afternoon.
You had 2 weeks to get adjusted to this move, and after spring break is over, you'll be going back to school. Today, I'll find you a school that can enroll
you in after spring break ends. Now go outside, and have fun.

Murray nodded, and then walked off the porch, and around the block.

Murray: It definitely feels different living in a new town.

A little while later, Murray saw something interesting: An old run down farm up ahead.

Murray: Wow, a farm! Maybe they have lots of animals there.

He then walked into the farm, to see that inside, it was a store. A platypus worker noticed Murray and walked over to him.

Worker: Hello, there! Welcome to the Elwood City Berry Farm. How may I help you?
Murray: Wait, what? This is a berry farm? You mean there's no farm animals here or anything?
Worker: No, I'm sorry. You have to go to the countryside to see a real farmhouse.
Murray: Oh.
Worker: By the way, my name is Will Blight, and those are my partners, Jeff Proctor, (points to a porcupine worker) and Janice Rhinestone. (points to a black-haired elephant
Will brought out the other workers to meet Murray.
Murray: My name is Murray Monster, and I just moved here from New York City.
Jeff: Brilliant!
Janice: Amazing!
Will: Murray, do you have anything to do tomorrow?
Murray: No, I don't think so. Not right now.
Will: How would you like a free tour of the berry farm?
Murray: Really?
Will: Sure. We don't get to give tours a lot because were too busy trying to keep this place open. But you made an impression on me, that I think you should
know how big this farm was. Be here at 10:00 tomorrow morning for the tour. See you then!
Murray: Okay, goodbye everybody!

Murray then walked back home. After Murray goes back inside, a silver limo passes by his house. This limo belonged to a building company that was in the edge of
town. The land developer Jackson Merrill, a raccoon, wearing a business suit, has his sights set on the berry farm, hoping to turn it into a hotel resort and
restaurant. His other crew members, who were cheetahs, were also on board with this.

Jackson: This area, I feel, doesn't seem to be getting a lot of visitors lately.
Crew Member #1: How could we make that area into a popular attraction?
Crew Members #2/#3/#4: Yeah?

After a while of thought, Jackson had an idea.

Jackson: We could buy the berry farm and build the resort and restaurant in its place. But we have to make a deal with the owner, and after it happens, we'll have
to tear down the farm and pull its bushes from the area for it to happen.
Crew Member #2: How do we do that?
Jackson: We can only give the owner a cheap amount for the land, because of economy issues. Hopefully I can convince to workers to have the owner sell us the farm
for that amount.

The building company limo drove off, while Jackson and the crew members were thinking about what to do with the situation.