WARNING: MPREG, swearing, sex, mating, mention of suicide, suicide attempts, psychological, depression, graphic description of harm, werewolf!Blaine, suicidal!Kurt and any other warnings that I can think of will be posted in future chapters

Hello everyone! Here is a new fanfiction that I have been working on for some time, but never seem to have a good plot to fully develop the story into something. I honestly do not know how long this story will be because originally it was going to be a one-shot, but I'll try to make it a long story. Anyways, I hope you enjoy!

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Chapter 1: Fog






The clock continued to move forward in a dull grey room by the shimmering lights. Three people were sitting in this room. One was sitting in an arm chair, while the other two were sitting on a couch. A pair of grey/blue eyes flickered at the clock, slowly watching time pass waiting dreadfully for time to stop so he could just sleep and never wake up. The boy sighed again not paying attention to what his father and his shrink were saying, just wanting to desperately leave this room, go back home and crawl in his bed to sleep. The boy stared at the clock again watching the hands on the clock tick and tock.

"There's gotta be something you can do Doc," Burt Hummel said to Dr. Patria Moore.

Dr. Moore sighed at the desperate plea of Burt. Working with suicidal teens and adults to help them get better was her job, but somehow she just couldn't seem to crack this Kurt Hummel kid. Ever since they started their sessions, Dr. Moore could never tell what Kurt was. It was as if his mind was blank, like there was nothing but fog. Usually if this was someone other teen, she would have them figured out by now and would know how to help them, but Kurt has been seeing her for three months and still nothing. This frustrated her more because for once in her life she didn't know how to help someone.

"Mr. Hummel, I'm sorry, but I've tried everything I could think of to help your son. We did one-on-one therapy sessions, group therapy, and I've even tried asking another teenager to help to see if they could get along," Dr. Moore said softy because she really did try everything she knew to help Kurt, but Kurt would never respond to any of her treatment.

"Are you sure Doc? Maybe if we try your one-on-one sessions again Kurt may open up to you," Burt responded getting another weak smile from Dr. Moore.

Dr. Moore looked at Kurt, who since they started this meeting has been staring at the clock ticking by. She knew that Kurt didn't want to be here, that he's in pain and is shutting everyone out of his life, but god damn it what could she do?

"Mr. Hummel, perhaps Kurt may like it if I-" Dr. Moore stopped herself midsentence seeing a flyer out of her window, a sudden rush of thought came to her mind.

"What Doc? Perhaps Kurt like what?" Burt questioned.

"Perhaps Kurt may like having a therapy dog," Dr. Moore suggested glancing back at the poster of a lost dog. Of course! Why didn't she think of it before?!

"Therapy dog?" Burt questioned.

"Yes, a therapy dog. Kurt might like having a therapy dog because often time when people suffer from depression we offer them therapy dogs for help," Dr. Moore said, "Therapy dogs provide affection and comfort to people and I think Kurt may like that. He won't have to deal with actual people. Let's say that Kurt gets into another episode, if he were to have a therapy dog the dog would be able to give comfort to him and would calm him down. Lots of people have been recommending this saying that it really does help people or it puts them on the right track to them getting better."

Burt nodded at what Dr. Moore is saying and glanced at his son. Kurt hasn't taken his eyes off the clock and by the way he's reacting about the therapy dog shows Burt that Kurt isn't even paying attention to their conversation.

"Sure Doc. Let's try this therapy dog. When can we get one?" Burt asked willing to try anything at this point to bring back a smile on his son's face. Dr. Moore smiled widely and grabbed a pen and paper.

"Here is the number to call to apply for a therapy dog. I also listed the address as well in case you ever want to see the dogs they have. If you do call, ask for Michelle and she will know what to do," Dr. Moore said handing the paper to Burt.

"Great! Thanks Doc," Burt said shaking her hand with a smile. "Hopefully this will help Kurt."

"Hopefully," Dr. Moore prayed because if it didn't then she feels that Kurt might be a loss cause. Burt nudged his son who seemed to blink and realized that the meeting is finally over. Kurt glanced at Dr. Moore who weakly smiled at Kurt. Kurt's expression was emotionless as he followed his dad out of her office and to their car. Honestly Kurt felt relieved when the meeting was done. God he hated going to Dr. Moore, like really? Why do they want to help him if he only wants to die? Wouldn't he just help them by dying so that they don't have to deal with him?

Getting in his dad's truck, Kurt slammed the door shut to keep the warm air inside and the cold January wind outside. Burt looked at his son who just stared at the window, his eyes dull and holding no emotion as people walked by. Burt sighed and turned on the car to drive to the pound. Burt is not a religious man, but right now he prayed to whatever divine being there is that this dog would help his son smile again.

"You passed the exit we were supposed to get off of," Kurt murmured weakly.

"I know. We're not going home," Burt responded.

"What?" Kurt asked confusedly. Burt looked at his son and saw that he was looking back at him, alarmed.

"Dr. Moore recommended that we get a therapy dog for you. I'm driving to the place right now so that we can apply for one," Burt said looking back at the road.

"You can't be serious."

"Oh I am."

"Why?! I don't need a therapy dog! Just like how I don't need to go to the fucking shrink twice a week!" Kurt shouted annoyed.

"Watch your tongue Kurt! We're getting you a therapy dog and that's final," Burt said sternly. Kurt just sighed and kicked the back of his seat and looked out the window. During the rest of the drive there Kurt ignored his dad. Burt parked his car at the parking lot and got out of the car and saw that Kurt didn't even move an inch. Burt sighed and opened Kurt's side of the door.

"Let's go Kurt."

"I'm not going in," Kurt said stubbornly.

"Get out of the car Kurt," Burt demanded.


"Damn it Kurt why not?! We're getting you a therapy dog!" Burt said annoyed at his son's behavior.

"I don't want the damn therapy dog dad! You're the one wants it! I don't!" Kurt snapped bitterly at his dad.

"Get out of the car Kurt," Burt commanded seeing Kurt not following his order, "Now." Burt looked at his son's blue eyes, the blue eyes he got from his dead mother, as they kept the staring contest with one another.

"Fine. Happy?" Kurt said unbuckling the seatbelt and slamming the door shut. Kurt walked past Burt and into the building leaving Burt to only sigh again at his son's childish tantrum. Burt walked into the building to see Kurt sitting down on a chair ignoring everything else in the world again. Burt walked up to the front office and saw a mid-thirties woman smiling at him.

"Hello, how may I help you?" she asked.

"Yes, I'm looking for Michelle? Is she here today?" Burt questioned seeing that there was no one else working at the front desk.

"Oh, I'm Michelle. What can I help you with?" Michelle asked smiling.

"Dr. Moore told me to talk to you about getting a therapy dog for my son over there," Burt said pointing at Kurt who was just glaring at them. Michelle nodded her head and went to the computer as she gathered the paperwork to give to Burt along with a pen.

"Of course. If you could fill these forms out please, it will give me a better idea as to what dog we have that might be best match for your son," Michelle said already knowing what to do from the text she got from Dr. Moore.

After a few minutes of silence, except from the sound of Burt's writing, did Burt hand back the applications. Michelle took them and read the report as to what kind of dog Burt wanted for his son. Burt wrote that he wants a dog that is not too hyper, that has a history of dealing with depressed kids, not a too small dog, but also not a big dog either. Michelle looked closely at Kurt who was staring at the door. The look on his face clearly showed that he did not want to be here adopting a therapy dog. Then Michelle smiled again, knowing exactly what kind of dog would fit best.

"If you could please come with me Burt, I think I know the perfect dog for your son," Michelle said stepping from behind the front desk to show Burt to the back of the building where the therapy dogs were kept.

"Come on Kurt, let's see what kind of dog they have here," Burt said looking at Kurt.

Kurt rolled his eyes and sighed following Burt and Michelle. They walked until they reached the cages past the cats and rabbits to the dog section. Michelle led them to the cage of a beautiful Golden Retriever.

"Meet Stella. She is a Golden Retriever and is about four and a half years old. Her personality is calm and happy. She loves food and she has a great history in dealing with depressed kids. Why don't you pet her?" Michelle asked Burt to reach his hand out to pet Stella. Stella immediately responded by wagging her tail around causing Burt to smile.

"Why don't you try and pet her Kurt?" Burt asked looking at Kurt. Kurt didn't even pay attention to the golden retriever and walked away from her looking at the other dogs.

Kurt saw lots of Golden Retriever's, Labrador's, Shepherd's, and other mixes that Kurt couldn't identify. All of the dogs here somehow seemed boring to Kurt, they didn't possess the spark of life that Kurt liked. How ironic. After all, if his dad is forcing him to get a therapy dog the least Kurt can do is pick his own damn therapy dog. But after looking at all the selections, Kurt didn't seem remotely impressed by the dogs. As Kurt got to the end of the aisle he saw something black move. Turning his head Kurt saw the most beautiful golden eyes. Kurt felt his breath hitch in his throat as he just stared at the beautiful black furred dog. The eyes were the most captivating thing Kurt has ever seen. The fierceness of its gold eyes shining is stunning. The dog's eyes held so much life and power that Kurt is baffled by it. Just the way the dog is sitting on its hind legs makes it have the presence of dominance and authority. The fur looked so soft to touch that in the light it shined giving it a glossy look. The dog was big though, but this dog stood out from all of the others. Kurt felt like he was in a trance from looking at this dog as the dog looked back at him with the same amazement, almost as if he knew what Kurt is feeling. Slowly Kurt walked up to the dog and in his trance, he reached out his hand and stroked the dogs head.

"Soft," Kurt whispered stroking the dog again. The black dog seemed pleased with the way Kurt is petting its head and stood up to walk closer to Kurt so he could have a better view of Kurt's face. Kurt couldn't help but stare at the dog's face. The dog had a strong framed face as if he was presenting itself to Kurt.

"What's that dog?" Burt asked walking behind Kurt. Kurt snapped out of his trance and quickly retrieved his hand away from the black dog. The black dog seemed surprised by Kurt not petting him anymore and looked at the new person behind Kurt. The black dog jumped on its hind legs as it pressed its front paws of the cage to stare directly at Burt. Burt seemed surprised by this as the black dog stared directly in Burt's eyes.

"Did you find a dog that you like?" Michelle asked walking over to them.

"Yeah, I think Kurt found a dog that he likes," Burt said seeing the black dog jump off the cage and back down on all fours as Michelle walked by. Michelle looked at the black dog and smiled brightly.

"Oh great! I'm so happy you choose Toby," Michelle said.

"Toby? Is that his name?" Kurt asked never taking his eyes of the black dog. The black dog stared back at Kurt and Kurt felt his heart skip a beat. What? It's almost as if the dog could read Kurt's mind before barking at Kurt.


Kurt's eyes widen. Huh?! Who said that? What's is that's voice? Blaine? Who is Blaine? Kurt stared more at the dog as the dog just wagged his tail around and sat on his hind legs. Is the black dog, Blaine?

"You see not many people choose Toby because they find him to be scary or intimidating. Also they don't like the fact that he's part wolf too, so they think he's dangerous because of his animal instincts. But I think he's a great dog to have," Michelle said snapping Kurt out of his thoughts.

Kurt reached his hand out to touch the dog once more, but the dog decided to have other plans and lick Kurt's hand.

"Gross!" Kurt yelled quickly pulling his hand away. Toby seemed to find Kurt's reaction funny and just wagged his tail more almost like he's laughing at him!

"Haha! I think Toby likes you!" Michelle said with a laugh causing Kurt to glare at her.

"Yeah well I don't like him," Kurt said sharply glaring at the dog whom seemed to have stopped wagging his tail.

"Oh come on Kurt! Lighten up! Toby seems to love you!" Burt said.

"I don't like dogs licking me," Kurt responded looking at Toby. The dog did not look like a Toby. Instead he really did look like a Blaine.

"Then what dog do you want Kurt?" Burt asked frustratingly.

"None. I don't want a therapy dog," Kurt said looking away at Blaine who seemed to be giving Kurt his puppy dog look.


Toby barked causing Kurt to swing his head to look at him. It was that voice again! Kurt saw Toby on his hind legs again as he front paws were pressing against the cage making him look taller coming around Kurt's chest area. Kurt looked at Toby who seemed to have one of his paws through the cage, moving it up and down, almost as if he was calling out to Kurt to come closer. Moving closer, Kurt looked at Toby who stopped moving his paw and brought it back into the cage, sticking out his snout instead asking Kurt if he could pet him. Kurt brought his hand out and touched Toby's head again and Toby nuzzled into the touch.

"I think we will defiantly take Toby," Burt said to Michelle who nodded. Burt watched the whole interaction between Kurt and Toby and was amazed by how Kurt's eyes were shining just at the few seconds of petting Toby.

"Blaine," Kurt whispered running his fingers through the thick black fur.

"Huh?" Michelle asked.

"I think he's more of a Blaine than a Toby," Kurt responded continuing to pet Blaine.

"Yeah, I think so too," Michelle said beckoning for Burt to follow her to sign the paperwork.

"Can I unlock the cage he's in?" Kurt asked Michelle whose smile widen.

"Of course! We have a special room for you if you can to pet more of Blaine," Michelle said grabbing the leash and unlocking the cage. Blaine instantly ran out as Michelle grabbed his collar and hooked on the leash. Tugging on the leash Michelle led Blaine and Kurt to another white room that has a couch. Michelle opened the door and unhooked Blaine who trotted in with Kurt behind him.

"Have fun! I'll send your dad here once he's done with completing the paperwork," Michelle said closing the door and leaving.

Kurt walked to the couch and sat down looking at Blaine who followed him and jumped on the couch and sat down next to Kurt. Kurt looked at Blaine with a confused look before Blaine brought his nose close to Kurt's cheek and began to sniff him. Kurt is surprised with himself that he's actually allowing an animal to smell him. Blaine continued to sniff and went up to sniff Kurt's neck and then his eyes which caused Kurt to giggle a little when Blaine's whiskers tickled his cheeks. Blaine went back down to sniff Kurt's neck and Kurt became tense when Blaine nuzzled between his neck and shoulder. Somehow Kurt thought that Blaine must have known that Kurt is uncomfortable and began to make sounds. It is a weird sound, yet it is soft almost as if Blaine is doing a dog's version of purring. Kurt petted Blaine's back feeling the vibration of his attempted purring and Blaine continued to sniff Kurt. Kurt realizes that he isn't grossed out by this. Usually, he avoids them like the plague, but with Blaine, Kurt feels his presence comforting, as if he's done this before. Blaine stopped sniffing Kurt and looked at Kurt's blue eyes before crawling down on the couch and resting his head on Kurt's lap. Kurt lightly smiled at this and went to pet Blaine's head brushing his fingers in the soft silky fur.

"Part wolf huh?" Kurt said looking at Blaine's body. The dog really did have a body of a wolf. Blaine is a big dog too; his size is like a German Shepherd but only bigger. Kurt continued to pet Blaine's head feeling surprisingly calm right now.

Maybe getting a therapy dog isn't so bad?


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