Author's: Daphne Chapter is next then its going be back in order :/

Draco slumped the body of the mountain on the table as an old man inspected the body as Tywin and Draco observed. Tyrion, the small man, had not stopped talking throughout their journey to Casterly Rock Draco almost put him out of Tywins misery if it wasn't for that perfect knight in shining armor Jamie.

"Lord Tywin" the old man grumbled Shaking Draco out of his thoughts" I must say whatever ripped open Ser Gregor's throat didn't leave much for me to fix." showing bone and flesh his hand uncovered the residue skin away almost pulling off his head in the process.

Tywin nodded and turned to Draco "Thank you Qyburn Ser Gregor was our most formidable soldier, yet you seem to have killed him with this magic of yours yes." as he frowns intently with his eyes pierced towards Draco's wand. " I only defended myself; you can imagine what I can do to help when I'm on your side," Draco said as he studied the dead body with his wand moving dead skin away from the hole across Ser Gregor's neck " I can see that you would be a valuable asset to House Lannister, with your help we can get the fat king out of the throne" he sat down across from Draco as Quyburn handed him a scroll a guard had entered with.

"Word from Cersei, my daughter " Tywin puffed as Draco watched his face turn to anger " the fat king has made a new friend and united the Baratheon brothers against my daughter, the man has red hair and just as loud as the king himself " Tywin muttered as he crunched up the parchment and threw it into the fire "one of your friends I take it, Ronald Weasley was his name " Tywin sneered just like father use to do when he said the Weasleys family name which made Draco laugh " that blood traitor give him fame and glory and watch him be yours in an instance" Draco said as he started muttering incantations at the severed neck like the vanishing cabinet he repaired in his sixth year, Qyburn looked at him oddly "you can speak High Valyrian" before repeating what Draco had been muttering at the body.

Draco held his wand at the severed neck and yelled " Epoximise " as the neck began bonding itself back together leaving only an exposed ann unblemished neck "Unnervate " Draco shouted as a red ouze shout out and landed on the neck of Ser Gregor then latched into his skin and crawled up on his mouth and entered.

"Fascinating" Qyburn muttered as Tywin stood up and strode next to Draco as they watched a red encompass Ser Gregor's body before a low boom echoed in his chest, then his heart fluttered and took off beating at an alarming rate, then his eyes open red took over his white and black looked out into the open as he sat up and roared.

"Its okay Ser Gregor your safe " Qyburn said as he patted the large man looking at him and Tywin before focusing his eyes on Draco " My headaches are gone I'm free from this horrible pain" he stammered before edging off the table and kneeling in front of Tywin " Lord Tywin I'm ready for your command" before grabbing Qyburns hand " how can I forever pay you for removing this horrible curse from me" he broke down and sobbed before the three men " Ser Gregor, I'm pleased your up I was afraid I was going to have to replace you, you will be guarding young Draco here from now on since he was the one who saved you " Tywin announced as Ser Gregor looked at Draco with a smile.

The mountain climbed to his feet still looking at Draco as he towered over the three men " You saved me, but I attacked you " he said still holding Draco's gaze with a frown "I'm forever in your debt Draco and the kindness you had shown me I could only repay you with guarding you with my life " he knelt before Draco with his hand extended out waiting for him, Draco looked at the man, he would have been the same height as Hagrid, more power for me Draco thought as his hand meet with Ser Gregor's and had taken his hand whole and rose to his feet " you will not regret this " he said as sharp jolt ran up both their arms causing them to unclasp their hands hurridly.

Tywin looked on with a frown before he walked up to both of them " Ser Gregor, go get yourself cleaned up and report back to Draco and me before sunset, we ride for kings landing " he announced as the door barge open and Tyrion and Jamie entered, and both looked at Ser Gregor with awe " the mountain I thought you dead, is it the same Ser Gregor with a tiny brain" Jamie remarked with a laughed " A man who sees nothing like you do Ser Jamie has no use for his eyes, cut them out and give them to your next King. Tell him you hope that four eyes might see better than two you betrayed with ... and if not, the man after him will have surely have your sword in his back " Gregor calmly said as walked off out the door and out of their sights.

Tyrion still staring awe let out a whimper and waddled over to Draco "You revived Ser Gregor did you not." looking between him and Tywin, Draco looked down at the man with contempt and merely addressed Tywin. " I wouldn't mind seeing the rest of your castle, and I believe we need to talk about my little problem. " Draco said ignoring Tyrion.

There was a slight muffle of a voice coming from the inside of Draco's Robes as they all looked at him oddly pulling out a gold coin that Shrieked "Ginny- Safe heading for Winterfell." as Draco looked at the coin he could see Ginny rough up face with many people standing behind her with stumps of trees all throughout the land.

Jamie broke the silence " one of your whores I take it " he chuckled as he slapped the back of Tyrion's back as Tywin's face grew an angry frown upon it " Jamie, if you do not shut up you ride early back to kings landing, now Draco this Ginny can she help the Lannister or is she a enemy " as he slapped the back of Jamie's head.

Draco always hated the Weasley's, and the thought of her as a tool against Ron had him smiling " she is in a place where all the tree had reduced to stumps before a hill" Draco said looking back down at the coin.