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Rias was frustrated. It was her twelfth birthday and she was stuck here dealing with well wishers and sycophants who wanted to curry favor with her brother or father, or, at best, wanted to make an impression on her as the heir to the house of Gremory.

Sure she knew that this was expected of her as part of being the heir, and to be quite honest she actually enjoyed the attention for the most part. She also was aware that she was being unfair to the guests, many of them she knew personally and they were here only because they were friends wanting nothing more than to help her celebrate. But none of that mattered as today she had already been given the greatest gift possible and she wanted nothing more than to sequester herself away and inspect them.

For yesterday her mother and father had determined that she was old enough to begin her own peerage. Immediately they had set off taking her to the Kings Monument and registering her as a King. Then this morning after the pieces had been bound to her very soul they had given them to her, her very own Evil Pieces.

Fanciful ideas were already spreading through her mind of what her peerage would be like. They would be great warriors and loyal companions, like the characters in all that anime she had watched.

'Actually' she thought to herself 'maybe I should start my search in Japan. They already seem to have the idea of what I am looking for.'

Finally spotting her chance as the crowd reacted to her brother walking in, she made good on her escape. Going out to an isolated part of the garden she glanced around looking to see if anyone had followed her.

Satisfied she set down her case and opened it looking at all fifteen of her Evil Pieces. Slowly, almost daintily as if worried it would break, she reached in and picked up her Queen piece. It was a white piece in the Staunton style, nothing obviously important about it, but she could feel the power radiating from it, the power to reincarnate the other races as devils, the power to defy death and bring back the recently deceased, and the power to mark them as her servants.

'No' she thought, 'not servants, but companions.' Servants are people she could hire, her peerage would be her family in every way that mattered. She would be their leader not their owner.

As she was thinking right in front of her a portal opened. Not like the magic circles she was used to seeing devils use to transport themselves, but almost like a door she could not see had been opened up and now she was peering through.

Standing in the portal was a young woman who appeared to be in her late teens or early twenties. She was quite thin and had dark curly hair that went past her shoulders. She was dressed in a black bodysuit with white armored panels. Her right arm was gone entirely and her body was twitching as if she was struggling to properly control it. But it was her eyes that captured Rias the most, dark brown almost to the point of being black, and they carried an exhaustion that was almost palpable, as if she had just run a marathon towing the entire world the whole way.

Then Rias noticed that behind the brunette she could see another woman. She was older than the first and dressed in a tailored suit and hat. In her hand she had a pistol pointed at the back of the head of the other woman's head.

Realizing what she was about to witness Rias attempted to call out warning, to summon her power, to do anything to stop the situation unfolding in front of her. But she found herself stuck as if some force was preventing her from moving so much as a single muscle.

Suddenly two loud gunshots rang out and two bloody eruptions emerged from the brunette's head. As the brunette collapsed through the portal Rias found herself once again in control of her body. She rushed forward only for the portal to snap shut right in front of her leaving only the corpse at her feet.

Looking down at the body Rias felt shocked at what had just occurred and was unsure what to do next. The suddenness of the event made it feel almost anticlimactic and unreal. If the proof wasn't right there in front of her she would be sure no one could die that easily. As she idly noted how much blood was seeping through the wounds in the woman's head she noticed the white queen still gripped in her hand. Taking a deep breath she made her decision.

With a start Taylor did something she was sure she never would do again and woke up. As sensations flooded through her mind she noted that she could once again only sense insects. Breathing a sigh of relief she began to take note her surroundings.

She was lying in an absolutely massive bed in a room that looked like it cost more than her father's entire house. The room was lavishly decorated and spotlessly maintained. The entire mansion was, she noted barely sensing any insects inside of it.

She then noticed that there was a girl collapsed on the bed having obviously fallen asleep watching her. The girl appeared to be in her preteens and was quite pretty. With bright red hair and a body that was obviously going to be drop dead gorgeous once puberty kicked in.

Grimacing slightly Taylor fought down thoughts of Emma, they hadn't emerged in a while and they would serve her no purpose here. Taking a breath to steady herself, she nudged the girl awake.

The girl glanced up at her with bleary eyes and then seemed to shake herself awake. A big smile crept up on her face as looked over Taylor, and then she started talking far too fast for Taylor to comprehend what was being said.

Blinking at the onslaught of noise Taylor gestured for her to stop and put on her best comforting smile saying, "Hello my name is Taylor. Do you think you can tell me what happened?"

The girl seemed to calm down a bit as she replied, "I was at my birthday party and you came out of a portal after having been shot. You were dead so I brought you back by turning you into my Queen."

"Okay ignoring that doing so seems to have resurrected me, do you normally give political power to corpses that are dropped out of portals?"

"I don't mean that type of Queen; I am your King, and you are my Queen."

Surprised by this response Taylor replied "Thanks, but you're too young for me." Almost as an afterthought, she added "And I'm not into girls."

The girl's face went as red as her hair. "Not like that like that! Let me explain - I'm a devil. We devils have the ability to bring the recently deceased back to life as devils by using objects based off of chess pieces. I used my Queen piece to revive you, making you into a devil."

Internalizing this explanation Taylor did the only thing that made sense when confronted with a situation this absurd. She laughed hoping logic would have once again reasserted itself when she was done.

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