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Finding my way:
Chapter One:

I shoved all of my books into my locker with a huff. I was sick to the back teeth of people taking the piss out of me, namely my boyfriend. He was a complete and utter asshole, he just didn't know it.

He was always nagging at me. Always whinning when things don't go his way. Always huffing and puffing like he's trying to blow someone's house down. Like I said, he's an asshole. A childish one at that.

His name is Jake, he's two years younger than me. He's built like a brick shit house and boy oh boy does he know it. Always wearing sleeveless shirts, showing off his 'guns'. We've been together for three long ass months. My longest, and only, relationship to date. And i'm seriously regretting starting it in the first place, it's definitely more worry than it, or he, is worth.


I'm lying on the sofa, reading one of the books that is on this terms 'must read' list. I'm quite enjoying it, but I would much rather read something like a tale of two cities or othello. They were so much more.. captivating than this.

The doorbell rings, and seeing as we just have for show, I assume it's something we know and that they will just let themselves in. They don't. The ring it again and again until I answer. It's Alice, my best friend and world class pratical joker.

"What are you doing here, little miss?" I say, "I thought you had to spend the night playing monopoly with your family," I lay back down and resume reading.

She perches on the arm chair, "I had to get out of there, they are on round four because Emmett keeps cheating.. I mean, how do you even cheat at monopoly?" She throws her hands in the air and leans back with a huff.

"I honestly wouldn't have a clue."

"At least it gave me the chance to come and annoy you. Win win, eh?"

"Yeah, sure."

Don't get me wrong, I love the bones her, but by god she's annoying. She's like a sprite, or a pixie. Always fluttering around. She's a tiny thing, barely five foot two, with dark short hair, and blue eyes like her father.

I can feel her eyes on me, watching my every move like a hawk. She's the kind of person where you won't notice them unless they want to be noticed. She can blend into the background with little effort. But once she has your attention, well, let's just saw hours can go by without you even noticing. I lost half a day once, can't even remember what we were talking about.

"Do you need something, Mary Alice?"

She pouts at the use of her actual full name, "I just wanted to ask you something."

"Well go on then."

"Do you like Edward?"


"I don't mean like him as a friend, I mean.. do you think he's good looking?"

"Why are you asking me this?"

"Because I see the way you look at him."

"And how do I look at him?"

"Like you're seeing the sun for the first time."

Well, she had me there. See, the thing is, I've always had some sort of crush on her older brother.. and when I say older brother, I mean 'older' by seven minutes. They're twins, not that you would ever be able to tell.

There as always been something there, for me at least. Though I doubt he feels the same.

For me it's his personality, it's the way he would help anyone who needed it. It's the way he is with his mother, always helping with dinner and driving her around.. whether it be to the local supermarket or wherever she needed to go. It's his big warm heart, so full of love for the people closest to him, his family and friends.

It's his eyes, his smile. It's the freckles on his cheeks. It's the way he plays the piano. It's everything and so much more.

"And let's not even get started on how much better he is for you than he is, and always has been. You'd be so lovely together, I just know it. And the way he is around you, I just know he'd look after you and treat you the way you deserve to be treated."

My book falls to the ground, "Wait a minute, what do you mean 'the way he is around me'?" I ask.

"Like he's walking on clouds, always doing little things for you, he's always so polite," She has this dreamy little smile on her face, "It's the way his eyes never leave you, following you constantly, always making sure you're within sight so he knows you're safe."

I groaned, "I never noticed. How come I never noticed?"

She giggles to herself, "Then again, anyone would be better for you than Jake." She says with her hands clasped together on her lap.

She says his name like it was something disgusting and I couldn't help the giggle that burst forth. It's not like she was wrong, he's not the always the nicest person. Around me he is but around others, namely his friends, he's a bully. Picking on people in his neighborhood, stealing their lunch money. Which, I might add, is something I've have just found out about.

He likes to use his 'guns' to intimidate people, usually those younger than him. It's like he gets off on it. Which is why i'm planning on ending things with him.

I lay back down, "He's just being nice, you know he's like that with everyone."

"You know he's not, Bella. He's only like that around you," She said, "Do you remember Tanya?"

"Of course I do, I don't think there is anyone in this town that doesn't."

"Well, I can tell you that he was never like this with her," She said, her lips pursed like she'd tasted something horrible, "With her, he couldn't give a shit where she was. He wasn't constantly making sure she was okay, he didn't help her with her homework. And he didn't feel the need to keep mike newton away from her nearly everyday at school."

I'd wondered why mike had suddenly stopped hanging around..

She knelt down beside me, "And he most certainly didn't give a shit about how she was feeling when her boyfriend treated her like shit on his shoe."

I sat up, "What? When was this?"

"Last week, when you went on that date with Jake. When I texted you? That was him," She smiled, "He wouldn't let me sleep until he knew you were safe."

Well, I did not know that.