And here we have chapter three! Enjoy!

Finding My Way:
Chapter Three:

"Is it true?" I had to ask.

"Is what true?"

"What Alice said, about you always wanting to make sure i'm safe."

I watched as he ran a hand through his unruly hair. He seemed.. embarrassed.

"I was hoping she wouldn't say anything."

"So it's true?" I say, "You do like to keep an eye on me?"

"You make it sound like i'm some kind of stalker."

I moved closer to him, so that there were only a few inches between us, "I didn't mean it like that, I just wonder why you do it, that's all."

"I honestly don't know why I do it. I find myself wanting to make sure you're alright, to make sure no one is hurting you. It started last year, when I saw that newt had you cornered in the hallway, do you remember?" I nodded, "I saw him with you backed into the lockers, his hand on your chest, stopping you from moving away."

"'s like this red haze just came over me." He continues, "One minute I was perfectly fine, and the next it was like I was having some sort of epiphany, like something was telling me to get him as far away from you as possible," He lifted himself up onto the counter, sitting with his long legs dangling over the edge, "The look on your face, the tears on your cheeks. You looked absolutely terrified."

"I was," I agreed.

"I remember walking over to him, grabbing him and shoving him to the floor."

"One minute the hallway was empty, and the next your there behind me." I say. That day was one of the most terrifying I have ever experienced in my life, "I was hoping someone would walk through, but then I remembered that it was lunch and that everyone was in the cafeteria."

"I'd asked Alice if she knew where you were, she told me that you were headed to the library to finish an assignment," He looked down at his hands, "I went looking for you, to ask if you were still coming to our house after school for dinner.. and then I saw him. He had you caged against the lockers, sneering down at you, demanding that you go out on a date with him. He wasn't going to take no for an answer."

"I'd been half way to the library when I heard him shout my name, I tried to ignore him but it didn't work. He caught up to me, made some joke about how 'blonde' I was, and asked why i'd ignored him.. he knew i'd done it on purpose. I told him that I needed to finish my chemistry assignment but he wouldn't listen." I sigh.

"It was my locker he had me against, i'd tried to put away the books I didn't need and he spun me around and slammed me backwards," I tell him, "My back was black and blue by the end of it, I couldn't lie down properly for weeks. The doctor's had to prescribe me some seriously strong pain killers, they knocked me out for two days straight."

"Well, at least getting suspended for the rest of that week was worth it.."

"Wait, what? They suspended you?"

"Yeah. But it's not as bad as what newt got."

"What did he get?"

"Six months worth of detentions with ashcroft, at lunch and after school." He laughed, "He had to pay to fix the locker, which I think was something like one-hundred and fifty dollars.. What else? Oh yeah, he had to write you a letter of apology, which he did but it was so horrible we threw it away, and he had community service for those same six months."

"Anything else?" I just knew there had to be more.

"He had me and Em houding him for the rest of the year."

"You two, you're like a dog with a bone." I giggled.

"Oh, you should have seen him," He grinned, jumping down from the counter.

"You didn't give him a heart attack or anything did you?"

"Nothing like that, but I swear he nearly shit his pants everytime one of us snook up behind him." He said, snickering.

He came and stood in front of me, looking down at me with those beautiful green eyes of his. I just barely remembered to breathe.

He had to stop doing this to me. It was so unfair.

"Does that explain why I have to keep you safe?" He asked, leaning closer.