A short story about Honomaki

Hope you enjoy! (Even if you saw some mistake)

"Maki-chan!, Tell me you love me!" shouted Honoka, "Ueeeh, why all of a sudden?!" asked Maki, "Cuz it's always me saying it~~~~!, You never say you love me Maki-chan!" Honoka pouted, Maki turned to Honoka and hesitated for a bit "Hmph!, I refuse!" Maki turn away from Honoka. "Eh!" Honoka was shocked. "You're only supposed to say it at special time!" Maki said, Honoka hugged Maki at the back. "When's a "special time" gonna be~~~?" Honoka said, Maki hesitated again "S-Sooner rather than later, I suppose?" Maki said, "I guess I'll wait until then~~" Honoka sob.


Maki: I already know that!

Honoka: Please say it while we're alone her in the music roooommm

Maki: NO!

Inside of Maki's heads "It's too embarrassing to just say "I love you" out of nowhere"

Honoka: C'mon, I really wanna her it right now~~~

Maki: I told you, I'm not saying it.

"I suppose I should save it for her birthday or something" was Maki could think of.

The end.