When Emma had kissed her son, it was the most vulnerable that she had ever been for years. Her son was dead, Gold had betrayed them and she had failed. 28 years of failure; Her family hadn't wanted her, she was kicked around various foster homes and adoption opportunities because she failed there too and now she had failed her son. Now he lay here pale and broken on a bed. The harsh lighting didn't seem right on his skin. The loud flatline nearly deafened her and it was all too much a reminder of what

She was shaking so hard, it was a wonder that she could still stand up. She wanted to kiss him, to give him a final goodbye.

"I love you, Henry," she whispered and went to kiss his forehead.

Ripples of air covered her son. Emma pulled back, confused.

Henry's eyes burst open and he came to life. Emma felt a cry stop in her throat as he looked around. Words she couldn't describe filled her heart as she stared down at him. He was alive! But how-


Henry smiled up at him, "I love you too."

"It's a miracle," Whale said as they all rushed in to see to him. Emma started to try to say something but an army of doctors and nurses rushed in and pushed her out of the way. She struggled to see him, but the bodies blocked her way.

With no where to go in the small room, Emma found herself outside the door by Regina. She gave her a seething glare. This was HER fault. Her son ate the turnover that SHE made and they nearly lost him.

"You did this," Emma seethed.

"I'm sorry!" Regina hissed back through drying tears, "I didn't intend on him to take it."

"No, just me. And you didn't care that he might be the one to find me dead, did you?" Emma whispered angry, "I'm taking him home with me the moment he's discharged."

"Over my dead body."

Emma couldn't stop seeing her son laying on the hospital bed, "That can be easily arranged."

"The curse isn't broken yet, Ms. Swan," Regina told her, "I don't think they'd take well to their sheriff killing their mayor."

Emma didn't care about the curse or why it wasn't broken yet, or what the cursed personalities thought, "You are dangerous. Henry will not go home with you. He nearly died because of your doing."

"It was meant for you."

"That changes something?"

Regina turned, so Henry couldn't see her face through the crowd of people, "You gave him up, I'm his mother. Legally, you have no right to take him away."

"And I"m the sheriff, I can remove him from a dangerous environment."

"Do you have a court order, sheriff?" Regina asked, "Do you have proof I did anything?"

"You mean do I have proof you tried to murder me and very nearly murdered your son?"

Regina's smirk faltered, "It was an accident!"

"You can try to hide through your laws and your proof but I think we're far beyond that now, Regina. I know who you are now. I know what you are now. I know what you've done to me and my family. You won't get to destroy my son further than you already have."

"And I think you forget one simple thing. I won. All this? This curse? Henry? I won. Your family didn't. This is for me."

"It was a curse made to be broken and you were just a pawn by Rumplestiltskin. Or did you forget THAT?"

"We all were pawns but this is still my curse"

"Yeah well maybe it's time I figure out why that is."

They were too busy arguing that they didn't hear the tapping of the cane as Rumplestiltskin limped in, leaning heavily on his cane. Behind him, a woman followed with a ratty jacket and messy hair.

Emma didn't recognize her. But from Regina's face, SHE did.

"The curse," Rumplestiltskin started, glaring Regina down, "It didn't break."

"Yeah, I"m getting that," Emma snapped, "Maybe because you took the egg and double crossed us."

"The egg had nothing to do with the curse."

"Just your goals."

"Indeed," he didn't take his eyes off Regina, "Then I get a visitor that says YOU locked her away for 28 years. I'm guessing you did the same the four years I believed her to be dead?"

Regina paled, "Belle? She's….alive?"

He was nearly shaking with rage, "You are….a dreadful liar."

Regina lowered her voice, "I could have killed her….but I didn't."

"Yeah, you did much worse than that. You kept her alive, so you could kill her when it suited you. A fate worse than death."

"What's going on?" Emma asked.

He threw some dust in her face. Emma jumped and drew back, on the defensive as Regina blinked at the dust in her face and then collapsed in front of them, "Woah, hey."

"Fear not, Ms. Swan," he told her and leaned heavily on his cane, "She's still alive. But she won't remember the last few hours. The last of my magic given as a gift to you. She will most likely remember poisoning the turnover, but she won't remember all this."

"Will she remember if Henry ate it?" Emma wasn't sure she believed him, and went to check for Regina's pulse. There was one. Emma wasn't sure if that was fortunate or not.

"I don't know."

"This isn't a gift."

"On the contrary, her knowing you know is far more dangerous than her ignorance to the fact."

Emma straightened, "So what happens now?"

"Now you tell Whale she fainted. It was probably far more emotion than her black husk of a heart was willing to take. You tend your son as I know you want to do and we'll talk. We have an alliance to discuss."

"You just left me in an elevator shaft."

He shrugged, "I'm still one of the best allies you can hope for. Especially now that I have your belief. We can make arrangements for you to get your son back in your care."

Emma blinked. Could that be possible with him?

"I'll see you soon," he went to help the woman out of the hospital, "I trust you'll remember where I live."