Judith Hopps or as most called her, 'Judy' was sitting on the beach. Book in paw, and sun hat on her head. She wore a nice one piece bathing suit that hugged her every curve nicely, and defined all her calves. She welcomed the sun with open paws as it shone against her gray fur.

It was a beautiful summer day, and while most preferred to stay inside to avoid the intense heat, the doe preferred to be outside in the warm sun, by the ferocious waves that lapped at the sand from time to time.

The doe sighed softly as she read another of her romance books, the princess once again in the arms of her prince. Oh, how the rabbit wished to be that princess. To be in the arms of the one she loved. To hold a connection with someone so dear.

Judy was snapped out of her thoughts at the sound of a car door slamming shut, sweet laughter ringing in the air, her ears perked in curiosity and the gray rabbit sat up, leaning on her elbows.

Her breath was snatched from her as she spotted the source of laughter, in the form of a russet and cream colored mammal, with a tail to match and ears that fit his head perfectly. It was a fox, and although Judy had never seen one up close she couldn't help but find this one to be perfect.

As the vulpine moved, the sun glittered against his fur, the breeze brushing it in a way that made Judy shiver. Oh, how she wished to touch that fur, running her paws between it.

The rabbit felt herself growing warm (not due to the sun) at the thoughts she was thinking and she quickly turned back to her book, afraid of being caught staring and most likely mocked for thinking she could have a chance with a fine specimen such as that one.

The doe turned each page but as her eyes scanned the written text she found that her mind just wouldn't stop thinking about the fox. She wanted to know more about him, Where was he from? What school did he attend? Did he have a girlfriend?

The last thought made Judy's heart sting as she realized the hard truth. A mammal as beautiful as he, had to have already been taken. And by a vixen no less. What silly thoughts she had to think a fox would be interested in a bunny.

Judy felt her ears droop and she sighed dejectedly. Figuring a swim might cheer her up, the doe sat up and stood. Stretching her limbs she applied a spot of sun screen to bother her legs and arms, making sure no space was left without it. Then with a light job the rabbit leaped into the water. Shivering at the contact at the cold liquid that stung against her skin.

As she swam and her thoughts wondered she failed to noticed that a certain fox was thinking the same of her. Emerald eyes clouded with doubt and longing.


Nicholas Wilde or as most called him, 'Nick' sighed softly. He watched with soft eyes as the gray doe he was admiring, swam with the waves. Her fur glistened softly under the hot sun, as her tail moved behind her in the cutest of ways.

Friends forgotten, the fox could only pine over the rabbit that piqued his curiosity at first glance. Oh, how he wished to speak to her. To hold her in his arms. Padded paws running through her short and beautiful fur.

But alas he was a fox, and she a bunny. And though his mind knew this, his heart continued to stir at her beauty. He knew she would never be interested in a fox.

But his heart still beat rapidly at the thought of them together and he wondered if



Maybe it could happen, Judy pondered as she thought of the handsome fox.

She sat up, in the water. Ears perked with up as she thought and thought some more. What if…? Well maybe? Her mind was on a whirlwind of emotions and soon the doe was walking up shore. Her feet seemed to be in sync with her heart as she felt her paws heading towards the fox that sat with his friends.

She felt herself warming up with both excitement and nerves as she pondered what she'd say first. And just as she planned to speak in confidence, her breath cut short at the sight of the fox up close.

She felt her paws shake, and she did her best to swallow the lump in her throat as she reached out a paw to tap on the fox's shoulder.

Her paw touched his shoulder and he turned. And that's when she got the first look at his gorgeous emerald eyes.


And that was when he got his first look at her gorgeous amethyst eyes.

Nick had been sitting with his friends as he chatted and cooled off with a bottle of beer. Just as he was about to offer a witty remark to something his fellow vulpine had said, a paw on his shoulder had him turning.

His breath was knocked out from his chest as he spotted the doe who had been in his mind from the very first pawstep he took when he stepped on that beach.

"Hello." The doe spoke and the fox felt his heart leap as her sweet voice reached his ears. He willed himself not to be a fool. And spoke up in return. Keeping eye contact with her lovely gems.

"Hey." The doe blushed and Nick felt his heart beam with pride at the effect he had on her.

His friends had left but Nick paid them no mind as he offered a paw to the Lapine beauty, the doe taking a seat by his side.

He didn't know how or when but the two found themselves in deep conversation. Both hanging onto each and every word the other spoke.

And as the sun set and the beach grew empty, the two found themselves in deep bliss. Paws holding one another and lips attached with a simple kiss.

Neither wanted to let go. But it was inevitable that they'd have to leave soon. And who knew when they would be in each other's presence again.

As they both went in their separate directions, they knew that something had changed that evening.

When two lovers had found each other one summer night.

And knew it might be their last kiss goodbye.

But oh how, they'd never forget that one summer night.


So I'm not sure what this was, but I enjoyed it, writing it I mean. And I wrote this because I love summer and also the movie grease. If you could tell by the title.

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