The sisters, along with Willow and Tara, were huddled together making a plan when Britteny shimmered in.

"Time's up. Have you decided if you're going to save everyone or let your sister die?" Britteny asked, as demons started appearing all around them. As one shimmered in they heard him yell "Get off of me". When they turned toward the new voice they saw him push Payton off of him. Payton was transparent and seemed to be fading.

"You idiot," Britteny yelled.

"She grabbed me", the demon said, trying to defend himself. But as he finished his statement, he burst into flames.

While Britteny was distracted Paige had dropped down to Payton's body and placed her hand on Payon. Then she yelled "Payton!" All of a sudden Payton felt herself being pulled away. Everyone watched as the transparent Payon was engulfed in bright blue orbs of light.

"Oh no, you don't," Britteny said and threw a fireball towards Payton. Piper froze it mid way there.

They watch the orbs travel to Payton's body and sink in. Payton let out a big gasp and she bolted up. Paige grabbed Payton before she fell over. She was still gasping for air. Tara rushed over to her.

"That was amazing." Tara told Paige.

"Ahh." Britteny screamed in frustration. "That's it. Kill them!"

As the demons started to charge, Prue began throwing some around the room with her powers. Piper was blowing some up, Paige was orbing any object she could at them, and Phoebe rushed in and started kickboxing them. Willow started casting different spells she'd used in the past to fight demons. She sent some back to the Underworld, threw bursts of energy at them, and transformation curses. Tara stayed with Payton to help protect her.

When Payton glanced at Tara, she saw the vial and paper in her hand. "Is that…" she started to say in a very weak voice.

"It's a sp-p-p-pell to defeat the sorceress." Tara told her.

Payton grabbed them from her and tried to get to her feet. She got half way up and started to topple over. Tara grabbed her before she fell completely over.

"Help me?" Payton asked, almost in tears. "I need to finish this."

Tara helped Payton to her feet. They moved as fast as Payton's body would allow. The others were so focused on taking care of the demons, they didn't notice the two slip ahead of them.

Britteny saw Tara and Payton heading toward her. "Think you're clever by hitching a ride back here, don't you little one? Well I'm going to make you wish you'd stayed where I left you. Come here," Britteny said, as she held her hand out summoning Payton. Nothing seemed to happen. This angered Britteny to no end. When she tried again was when she noticed that Tara was mumbling something. "You stupid little witch! You will not stop me from taking her!" she yelled and threw a fireball at them.

Prue caught sight of the fireball out of the corner of her eye. She turned to see where it was headed. When she saw it heading for her baby sister she yelled "Payton, no!" and waved her arm in the direction of the fireball. Her power tossed it across the room into a nearby booth. Prue started to run towards Payton but was confronted by another group of demons. She called out to Piper to help her fight them off so she could get to Payton.

Piper started blasting the demons around Prue. They both saw Britteny start to throw fireball after fireball at Tara and Payton. Prue tried to throw them off of their path and Piper tried to freeze them in their path. But they were not quick enough and a few got past them. Just as they thought that the fireballs were going to crash into Payton and Tara they hit what seemed to be an invisible wall.

Tara was standing there with her hands held up casting a shield in front of them. "I can't hold this for long. Do what you need to." Tara told Payton, as more fireballs hit her shield.

Payton shakely put her hand out with the vial in it. The vial started to float out of her hand. With her other hand, Payton made a flicking motion and the vial went flying towards the sorceress. It smashed on the ground at her feet. All of a sudden Payton's sisters could feel her pulling on their powers. Each sister started feeling dizzy.

As Payton started the spell, she pulled power from her sisters to cast it. "Take this evil from before us," she said in a shaky voice. "Make a flame for this sorceress. Place her in a void where the power of five demands she is destroyed."

Once Payton finished, the sorceress burst into flame and seemed to be sucked into the ground. As soon as she was gone the crowd reappeared, as if nothing had happened. Payton let go of the power she was holding and her sisters instantly felt better. Then Payton fell to the ground, unconscious.

"...Dracula put me under his thraul," Xander finished saying. "Hey where did they go?"

"Where did who go?" Anya asked.

"The sisters we met. And Willow and Tara. They were just here." Anya gave him a shrug in response to his statement.

Xander scanned the crowd looking for the girls. He spotted Willow pushing through the crowd towards a group of people that were standing in a circle. "Maybe someone is demonstrating a casting circle," he thought.

"I see Willow." Xander said, pointing in her direction.

"That's nice, sweetie." Anya said, not really paying attention to him, since a couple people were looking at the merchandise in the booth.

"I'm going to go see what's going on," he said, and started working him way over to Willow.

Prue and Piper watched as Payton fell to the ground. They both started pushing people out of the way.

"Hey, watch it," one person said as Prue shoved them out of her. "What's your problem?" someone else said angrily. Prue ignored them and kept working her way to Payton. Piper was right behind her.

When they were finally able to reach Payton, a circle of people had gathered around her, staring.

"Prue," Tara said, as Prue and Piper bent down next to her. "I don't know what happened." The sisters gave each other a look. It was clear Payton was still burning up with a fever.

"We have to get her home," Piper said. "Leo!"

"Prue! Piper!" they heard Phoebe call. "Excuse me. Comin' through." Phoebe and Paige appeared from the crowd with Willow right behind them.

"Tara, sweetie. Are you ok?" Willow asked, not really sure what was going on. Tara nodded her head, then glanced down at Payton laying in her arms.

Willow looked at Payton, then at her sisters. "I don't understand. The sorceress is gone. That should have broken the spell."

"Hey guys. What's all the excitement?" Xander asked.

Willow jumped up and gave him a big hug. "Xander! You're okay!" she said to him.

"Why wouldn't I be?" he said as he glanced down at Payton and Tara. "What happened?"

"Long story. Demon stuff. I'll explain later. But first we need to get her some help."

"Leo!" Piper shouted again. She had no idea where her husband had gone.

"I'm here." Leo said, dropping down next to her.

"She's still sick. We need to get her out of here so you can heal her." Prue told him. Leo reached out and pulled Payton into his arms.

"Do you need help carrying her?" Xander asked.

"I've got her, but thanks." Leo said. He followed Prue towards the hallway with the exit. Everyone else followed behind.

The group found a place where no one else was around. Piper said good-bye to Willow and Tara, then went back over to Leo. She placed her hand on his shoulder as the little blue lights began to surround them. Piper gave one last wave, then was gone.

"Hey! They did that thing like you did with the cup earlier! You can move people too? Damn." Xander asked, in amazement. "So where did they go?"

"Leo took Piper and Payton home," Prue told him. "And we need to go as well."

"Are you going to start glowing too?" Xander asked.

"No," Prue said. "We came here the normal way." She held up her car keys.

The three remaining sisters gave their thanks to Willow and Tara. Phoebe and Paige gave them hugs. Willow made sure Phoebe had her number and made her promise to let them know how Payton was doing. Then the sisters headed for the exit.

As Willow, Tara, and Xander walked back to the booth for the Magic Box, the girls filled Xander in on what happened.

"There you are!" Anya said as they stepped up to the booth. "Willow, I need you to go help those people find the right crystal. Tara, go check in the boxes to see if we have any more rosemary."

"Why can't you do those things?" Willow asked.

"Because I have people waiting for me to take their money." Anya answered, sounding annoyed. Willow gave Tara a look, then they both went off to do their tasks.

Leo and Piper orbed into Payton's room at the manor. Leo gently placed her on her bed.

"Do you think you'll be able to heal her now?" Piper asked.

"I hope so," Leo said. He placed his hands over Payton. After a few seconds his hands started to glow. Payton started to whimper. When his hands stopped glowing, he went over to Piper.

"Did it work?"

"I've healed as much as I can. The potion is out of her system. Her body will need some time to heal from having been without her soul."

The sisters took turns sitting with Payton all night. Around dawn, her fever finally broke. When Payton opened her eyes, she found Piper slumped down in the chair next to her bed, asleep.

"Piper," she said, in almost a whisper. Piper opened her eyes and looked at Payton.

"Hey sweetie. How are you feeling?" Piper moved over to the bed and sat down. She felt Payton's forehead and was happy to find it cool.

"I'm thirsty," Payton told her. Piper reached over to the night stand and grabbed the glass of water that was sitting there. She helped Payton, who was still a bit shaky, get a drink.

"Well, look who's decided to come back to us," Prue said, standing in the doorway, smiling. Pure went over to Payton and kissed her on the forehead.

"Why don't I go make you some breakfast," Piper said. She got up and headed out of the room. She almost ran into Phoebe and Paige on her way out. The two girls saw that Payton was awake and ran over to her, jumping on her bed. They both wrapped her up in hugs, saying they were glad she was okay. After a few minutes, Prue sent them out saying Payton needed to rest. Payton laid her head on Prue and fell back asleep in a matter of seconds.

After a few days, Payton was back to her normal self. Phoebe had been in contact with Willow and had invited her and Tara to have dinner with them. Piper cooked a feast. They sat around for hours getting to know each other, and enjoying what they all hoped was going to be a long and great friendship.