"Are you sure about this?" a worried Ryoga asked him.

He blankly stared at his older brother knowing that he will continue to pester him over his decision.

"Does Mom know about this?"

He just shrug his shoulders as if saying he doesn't care.

"Chibisuke, this has been your dream. Why quit now?"

He stopped what he was doing and took a deep breath. He turned to look at his big brother who haw worry written all over his face.

"I am not quitting, Aniki. I'm simply taking a break." He nonchalantly replied.

Ryoga was eyeing him. His brother knows him better than anyone else. Oh heck! He even knows him better than himself. He just had a feeling that he needs a break. He has been feeling a little empty even after every victory that he has. And an opportunity arrived when Momoshiro asked him to help out a tennis summer camp in Japan for young kids.

Ryoga sighed in defeat. Upon looking at him, he knew that his little brother needed the break. Unlike him, Ryoma is the serious one. But nothing or no one can let him leave the tennis world other than his own stupid heart.

Yes. You read it right. His brother, The Great Ryoma Echizen, is in love. With who? With someone who already gave up on him.

But why? Simply because he was stupid enough not to see how she had sacrificed everything for him. Unfortunately, the Great Prince of Tennis has to conquer the world.

How did he know this? Oh well… Blame their old man for it.

Ryoga wanted to stop Ryoma from going back to Japan. As to why, Ryoma doesn't know. He knows when his brother is lying or was trying to hide something from him. But since he wasn't the nosy type of a brother, he didn't ask. But something was telling him that he has to go back to Japan.